Cuckservatives Want Immigrants From Shithole Countries

I’m not a conservative.

Generally speaking, I see conservatives as a bunch of spineless, virtue signaling, politically correct weaklings. Their maudlin reaction to Donald Trump’s common sense remarks on immigration from shithole countries is a vivid illustration of the conservative brand.

In 2018, I want to contrast the strength of our brand with the weakness of the conservative brand. I believe conservatism has been getting a free ride for decades off cynically exploiting the racial and cultural anxieties of White Americans. Millions of people vote for preening conservative politicians only to get things like corporate tax cuts, deregulation and this Senate DACA amnesty bill.

Conservatism isn’t the only game in town these days.

We’re willing to flat out say that we DON’T want more illegal aliens from Third World shitholes like Haiti, Nicaragua and El Salvador. We DON’T want more of this #MeToo pussyfooting around like we saw from conservatives with Roy Moore. We DON’T want neocon regime change in Iran, huge tax cuts for multinational corporations, all this sucking up to Israel or pandering to the donor class. We’re sick of these people who are nothing more than puppets of billionaires.

We should be rejecting and condemning conservatism. If conservatives want to spurn the energies of nationalism, populism and reaction, we should be happily stepping into the void to harness it. We can mold those energies into a platform far stronger than Bannonism.

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  1. He’s not a conservative, but I most enjoyed Brennan’s (Obama CIA director) suggestion that Trump’s comments would have offended the founders of the country.

    Yeah, right. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Madison all would have welcomed immigrants from Haiti and Somalia. That’s what they put in the 1790 Naturalization Act (just kidding).

    Wait a minute. Don’t these leftists also say that the founders were all racists whose statues and monuments should be taken down?

    Clown country.

    • It would appear that the founders were considering barring Jews from entering the new USA. These documents certainly would have gone the way of the British Enigma decodings.

  2. Bitch Beck and Cu&t Bee are NOT strange bed fellows. They are birds of a feather. Beck is a traitor and disgrace. She’s a far left porch monkey loving white hating CU&T. The 2 of them should be deported to Haiti.

  3. Just when I had totally given up on Trump he restores my faith. PLEASE don’t cuck this time, Mr. President!

  4. Glenn Beck should be shot at sunrise-

    for being a traitor to America, a renegade Judas to the faith of Jesus Christ by becoming a Mor(m)on, and an absolutely tacky, graceless clown that once actually made people think he was intelligent!

    For these and all his crimes, he should be shot, and sent to Kolob: Never have to have the veil removed from his face, at the general resurrection.

    (Yes, I know that’s supposed to be the women in Mormon theology, but Beck is a ‘woman’ -he has no testosterone left! He’s the Kaitlyn Jenner of the LDS!)

    • Glenn Beck, Rick Wilson, Evan McMullin……they have reached low T levels that shouldn’t even be possible.

  5. If Haiti isn’t a shithole why would Haitians want to leave there in the first place?
    Conservatives are worse than spineless and cowardly. They’re traitors.

    • Notice, if you will, how Haiti’s next door neighbor the Dominican Republic doesn’t want anything to do with Haitians and won’t let them immigrate into their country.

  6. Don’t fall for trumps vulgar crumbs he throws at his moronic supporters. It’s this kind of NOTHING that keeps the sheep in his pen. Your ideals should cost more than some disingenuous expletive. FFS!

    • I don’t get what you mean by “vulgar” first of all. Calling a shit-hole a shit-hole is just plain talk. Being squeamish about using a bit of profanity is a form of socially-correct (first cousin to political-correctness) uselessness.

      As far as selling our “ideals” cheaply, for a disingenuous expletive? All I can answer you with is his words themselves mirror EXACTLY most White Nationalist’s actual view about the turd-world… they are shit-holes, and the people are, on average, somewhat human-like turds. Whether or not his words are disingenuous remains to be seen, but I’ll have to agree with you that, based on his record so far, they probably are. But know something important about the type of folk who frequent sites like this: we, on average, are FAR from being morons… or sheeple who graze in anyone’s damned pen. We may have had at one time some high hopes for Trump, and we may have had a “smidgen” to do with getting his orange ass in the W.H., and many of us still hold out some hope that the idiot will at least accomplish a fraction of what WE’D like to have him accomplish, but the majority of us didn’t run out and get our asses tattooed with “Property Of Donald Trump”, pal. He’s on a slippery slope with most of us… and very, VERY near to fucking off his chances at getting support if he runs again after this term; he’s on indefinite probation you might say. I of course don’t speak for everyone, true. But I know A LOT of White racialists like myself, and that’s the general feeling I see and hear from em.

      If he keeps coming to the majority of us with nothing, he’s getting nothing from us. Even the hard-core Trump-tards, the “muh Constitutionalist” run-of-the-mill MAGA base, the ones actually in that pen you are talking about, are tiring of the constant bait-and-switch game he’s been playing.

      So spare us the “advice” about our ideals and Trump’s penchant for cucking, Captain Obvious. And please… also spare us the socially-correct bullshit about Trump’s expletives. FFS.

    • Wolfsgang, if I misunderstood you (as I sometimes do with posts by folks I’m not familiar with), let me apologize up front here. But, as you ought to know, there are often people who come to sites like this who specialize in dropping little seeds of “advice” for (and barely concealed insults towards) the WN community… a hundred ways til Tuesday.

  7. Can someone please explain ‘white privilege’ to me? Is it being made a minority everywhere you are, or being raped, bashed or shot? Is it being held back by affirmative action or having your hard earned taxes spent on foreign aid or endless overseas wars? Is it having your race slandered and put through the mud by every major institution?
    Any white privilege we may have enjoyed in years gone by may have been because we…umm…earned it, given we invented, developed and built everything-that should yield reward and privilege.
    Whites have every right to be privileged in their OWN nations…not the fucking lazy, stupid inferiors who’ve never given the world anything of real importance.
    I’d like to see negros enjoy black privilege-in Africa.

    • “White Privilege” is an anti-White hate slur used to silence and intimidate White people objecting to White Genocide.

      • @Mots,
        Your so correct there. Silence genuine free speech with ‘racist’, ‘white privilege’, ‘anti $emite’ or ‘colonizers’ and it seems to work every time. The left don’t have any real arguments to back up their causes, but thats ok- slurs and name-calling will do.

    • For blacks, it’s fundamentally racist for Whites to expect blacks to act civilized as Whites do. Being White, our “White Privilege” causes us to be insensitive to black nature and it hurts their feelings. What Whites see as perfectly normal desires to succeed in our societies, blacks and other antiwhites see as White Privilege.That means schools that try to prepare black children for success in the American free market economy are not truly doing this in the best interests of everyone, but really, just for Whites. One concept in particular that all Whites would readily understand and agree with is illustrated in the statement, “I earned this through hard work and effort”. What Whites have failed to understand is this basic concept is particularly meaningless to black students. It’s White thinking. It’s White Privilege therefore, it’s racism.

    • It’s anti-white demagoguery. This has been around since ancient times. It’s jealousy of those who are better than you and have more than you. It’s hatred and envy of white people. They literally now say that if you’re white, smart, pretty or talented then you’re privileged. It’s a way for inferiors to shame their superiors and feel better about their station in life. Jews hate you, white man. Nigger women hate you, white women.

      • The famous Doll Test…
        Everyone got sssooo bent outa shape because the niglets told the truth about which doll was pretty, nice, and good… and which was ugly, mean, and bad. It’s like getting upset that little kids are able to point up when you ask them where the sky is, and down when you ask them where the ground is!

  8. Glenn “the stabbing wouldn’t stop” Beck is typical of lachrymose cucks who always reach for the moral blackmail of the Holocaust when immigration is discussed in a rational way. We must let in the entire world without formulating a value judgment regarding potential newcomers because…because…that would be as morally bad as excluding fleeing Jews during the Third Reich!

  9. Glenn Cuck is a never trumper who promised Trump would not win. He humiliated himself from 2015-2016, yet he still has a radio show and a blue checkmark. What a joke.

  10. What needs to be emphasized is that these invaders will put far leftists into power and they will gut the First and Second amendment. This is the reply to cucks like Beck who are always going on about the Constitution.

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