1860 New York City Torchlight March

Here’s an interesting excerpt from Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped From The Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America:

“Days before the November 1860 election, 30,000 Democrats processed through New York City carrying torches, placards and banners that blared: “No Negro Equality” and “Free Love, Free Niggers and Free Women.”

Anyway, this reminded me of Charlottesville except on a far grander scale. These torchlight parades were going on in America long before in Nazi Germany or Eastern Europe.

Note: This was a few years before the 1863 New York City Draft Riots.

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  1. Too many movies depicting KKK with torches is what got the niggras woke to torches being “racist” bc they sure the hell didn’t read it anywhere

  2. To their everlasting credit NYC was pro-Confederate during the war. There’s something about a torchlight parade that stirs the Aryan soul and at the same time strikes animal like terror in niggers and jews.

    • The draft riots occurred because Irish immigrants were being sent off to war as blacks were being given their jobs.

  3. The Mayor of New York at the dawn of the Civil War, Fernando Wood, was initially very supportive of the Confederacy, to the point of advocating for the city to secede from the Union. Most of you have probably seen the movie “Gangs of New York.” If not, it is definitely worth watching. I read the book, and the roles played by DiCaprio and Day-Lewis are composite sketches loosely based on real people. The book goes beyond the time period depicted in the film, leaving off at the dawn of prohibition.
    I have to add, Archie Bunker has always been one of my favorite Yankees. Although, a fictional character, he is the archetype of the hard-hat, construction worker who kicked the crap out of Hippies in early 1970’s New York. The film, “Joe,” with Peter Boyle is another good depiction of a working class Yankee from that era. Although, Joe turns out to be a less than ideal person (the usual Hollywood stereotypical scripting), the movie does not attempt to ridicule his concerns, or minimize them as being unfounded.
    I know an ex-New Yorker who, while recently viewing newsfootage of Snow-Flakes on the march in the city, asked me rhetorically, “Where did all of these Liberals come from?” and he assured me that the city, outside of Greenwich Village, was not like that when he was growing up.

    • Except gangs of new York makes William “Bill the butcher” Poole look pure evil. He was probably the first alt-right person in this country who believed Americans first, who was not directly tied to the American revolution.

  4. I’d like to see a pure Southern Nationalist procession with colour torches. Red, for Wade Hampton. Or Red, White and Blue, for the flag(s) of Dixie. Or blue torches and Bonnie Blue Flags.
    We have a rich vexillology and symbology here in Dixie, on which to draw.

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