Senate Unveils Bipartisan Immigration Deal

This dumpster fire is being rolled out tomorrow:

Lindsey Graham considers this triple amnesty (DREAM Act, amnesty for DREAMer parents, amnesty for TPS Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, Haitians) to be “Phase One.” He says that “Phase Two” will be an increase in legal immigration and amnesty for at least 11 million illegal aliens.

Left unaddressed is the question of why the Republicans deserve to control Congress. If all they are going to do is tax cuts and mass amnesties for donors, why bother to vote for them?

Note: This flaming pile of dog shit isn’t over. McConnell promised Flake a cloture vote on DACA in January in exchange for his support for the tax cuts. It has at least 52 votes (49 Democrats and 3 Republicans). There are likely at least 8 more Republicans willing to support this thing.

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    And neither of them have any immigration. They have negative immigration, i.e, emigration.

    This country gives more visas than the rest of the world combined.

    No more immigration–ban it completely. Just close the door.

  2. They’re taking a gigantic amnesty plus an increase in (3rd world) legal immigration to a president who campaigned most vigorously against precisely that? Outrageous. Maybe those gangsters have the numbers to override a veto.

  3. As soon as I saw Durbin and Graham in the top photo of this article I knew it was going to be bad news. I think the present political situation is intolerable but apparently the majority of White Americans are still comfortable and complacent enough not to care.

    • That will change when Generation Zyklon is asked to fight ZOG next big war. ZOG run USA is f’d, and nothing is going to change until after it gets its ass handed to it. When the 3rd worlders are fighting the dindus for the last bag of skittles in the grocery store, you and I can stand back at watch. The key is that you need to live at least 30 miles away from any major concentrations of “blackness” and/or be surrounded by like minded neighbors who have the discipline to not to talk the press (“Look baby, I’m on the TV”) or brag while drunk (“Well I didn’t take no sh*T, me and my boys took care of things”). There is a reason why the original reconstruction klan was a secret society and stayed secret.

      • I completely agree except you probably want to be more than 30 miles from diversity and even normie whites are probably not going to survive long. A few million more beaners is not going to change anything at this point and might even work in our favor.

  4. It doesn’t matter who invades the nation…as long as they support the troops, support gun ownership and acknowledge the constitution!
    With ‘Conservatives’ like the Republicans, who needs the progressives?
    Its now past the point where stopping immigration tomorrow would fix everything. Deportations across the board has to also occur as descendants of these invaders will likely outbreed and outnumber us. Its astounding how immigration continues when the demographic trends and predictions are now well known.
    These destructive Jews need to be removed from power, and from the country. Its them or us. Only then can we pick up the pieces and start from scratch.

  5. The Republicans have betrayed working class White people, yet again. Soon we will be the minority in the land our fathers settled and fought for. And heaven forbid one be a straight White male from the rural South! Why will our brothers not wake up to what has happened to us?
    Farm boys enlist to fight for Z.O.G. under the fifty starred colored rag, and evangelicals wait breathlessly for the rapture to zip them way before Christ does amazing things for the Christ rejecters! It is surreal that America has really degraded this far.
    (Note: As my blog reflects, I am anti-Christian Zionist, not anti-Christian ).

  6. The first and foremost reason Trump was elected was that he promised to get a handle on 3rd world immigration. If any of this gets to his desk and he signs it he’s done. I can’t see even the most retarded Trumpster rationalizing such a betrayal.

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