Cuckservatives: Jeff Flake’s Latest Grandstanding Speech

This guy is so tiresome.

President Trump was absolutely right to describe the “free press” (i.e., the handful of Jewish-owned media conglomerates) as the “enemy of the people.” These people really are a hostile elite dedicated to poisoning our culture and fostering our racial displacement through mass immigration and political correctness. It is one of the few things Trump has done in office that I agree with.

Note: Last night, we saw how the “free press” is poisoning our foreign relations with Russia.

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  1. Flake was a congressman from 2003 then entered the Senate in 2013! What a shame he didn’t make this amazing denunciation of Bush in 2003 when it might have prevented a decade of bloody useless wars.

    Better late than never though.

  2. So Flake is comparing Trump to Stalin…lol…Stalin was one of the United State’s great “allied” friends of WWII

  3. They think that they can control the dusky hordes. They really believe these people won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

    • They really do think they have to have another 500,000,000 peons as a red base to compete with China and India going forward…

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