Jewish Action Occupies Congressional Floor Demanding Amnesty for ‘Dreamer’ Illegal Aliens

Bend the Arc Jewish Action, a Leftist coalition of Jewish groups, occupied the Congressional floor today demanding amnesty for so-called “Dreamer” illegal aliens. They held signs reading “Jews for Dreamers” and “Let My People Stay.” One fat woman held a sign reading “This Rabbi Supports Dreamers.” Several of the Jewish activists were arrested by U.S. Capital Police after illegally occupying the floor, giving speeches, sitting down, singing songs and refusing to leave the building. At least one Black female was dressed in a Jewish costume and protested with Bend the Arc.

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    These Jewish Rabbis are good scammers, wanting to bring in more 3rd world garbage into USA and EU, but, in Israel, they do not let Gazans travel freely, build fences to keep the native Gazans and others out, kill Gazans for no reason, deport illegals and are building the world’s largest prison there for illegals, all of which can be confirmed from online sources.

    No wonder it is written–Jewish rabbis are worse than animals. Lying, conning, scamming, these savages promote alienism for others, while keeping Israel pure.

    Dear Judaists, if you love this 3rd world garbage, take them to Israel.

    • Sometimes they harvest the palestinians organs. I suppose that qualifies as killing them for a purpose.

  2. It has the wiff of 1960s style civil rights. Pictures of cops hauling off kippah clad Gargoyles. Like an Alien’s Rights organization.

    • Those rat-faced KIKES haven’t made any sacrifice whatsoever by getting themselves arrested, because they know they’ll be out in a few hours and no further legal action will be taken against them.

  3. And to think-a ‘crisis gone to waste.’
    Pity… No one had an AK-47, with all (((those))) targets.

    “If it were announced to you that the enemy had invaded your cities, your castles, your lands; had ravished your wives and your daughters, and profaned your temples—which among you would not fly to arms? … Will you allow the infidels to contemplate in peace the ravages they have committed on Christian people? … Fly then to arms; let a holy rage animate you in the fight, and let the Christian world resound with these words of the prophet, ‘Cursed be he who does not stain his sword with blood!'” – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

    With Jews, you lose.
    Every. Single. Time.
    Look at Calvary.

    But at least we know who’s to blame-
    as if we ever had any doubt.

  4. Anti-White Jews come front and center to lobby for White Genocide.
    Criticize Jews for this and you’re a neo Nazi anti-Semite who ought to be STFU and doxed.

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