Live Thread: ZOG’s Shutdown

Update: CR has failed in the Senate on a 50-49-1 vote. ZOG has officially shutdown now that the midnight deadline has passed.

So far, I haven’t written anything about this.

It is getting down to the last minute now. They have until midnight to get this done.

“WASHINGTON — President Trump and Senate leaders scrambled on Friday to avert a midnight shutdown of much of the government, with Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, declaring that progress had been made in a private meeting with the president at the White House.

But with the clock ticking, no votes were even scheduled before federal funds are to run out at midnight.

“We had a long and detailed meeting,’’ Mr. Schumer told reporters at the Capitol after leaving the White House. “We discussed all of the major outstanding issues. We made some progress, but we still have a good number of disagreements. The discussions will continue.” …”

The Senate will vote on keeping the government open at 10:00 PM EST.

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    • Do the military a real favor, bring them home and put them on our southern border. That is the purpose of the military—defending our borders from invasion!  No #DACA.

    • “ Wouldn’t it be nice if the ZOG shutdown and stayed that way?“

      Only if the interest on the national debt would stop the moment FEDGOV got shut down. But I’m afraid no, it’s like a Timex watch… it keeps on ticking.

  1. Hunter – did you watch Tucker tonight? The first segment? The grotesquely mannish “female” jew lesbo, wearing a tallis [sic] sporting Hebrew lettering and rainbow Star of Satan’s? Thank you, Tucker. That THING makes are the Reich propaganda posters look jew-friendly. My hubby was repelled, but he thought it was a male. It took him awhile to believe the thing is a vestigial female.

  2. I’d bet that sending money and stuff to Our Most Cherished Ally comes under the heading of essential services. It would be anti-Semitic otherwise.

  3. We’ve been through all of this political drama before. It’s BS. If only ZOG would really shut down!

  4. Why doesn’t someone ‘shut down’ Chucky the Kike? Now THAT would be ‘ Government in Action.’ But no- it’s a Prayer only- Americans are all cowards…

  5. Here’s the FAKENN takeaway.

    If the FAKENN is putting stuff like this out there – then they want us to think that Trump is making inroads against the Deep State. Doesn’t mean they won’t sacrifice plenty of their own – the ones that got the ‘bad guy’ script – for a new normal and the Jew powerbase intact behind a new schmo screen.

  6. “So far, I haven’t written anything about this.”

    And the reason for that is you’ve worked yourself into a position where you can’t cover good news without undermining your own credibility. Sad!

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