OD is on The Political Cesspool

I’m honored to be a semi weekly guest on James Edwards’ outstanding The Political Cesspool radio show that airs every Saturday Night 6-9 PM Central Time.

It’s the South’s best populist Conservative radio show.

This week I’ll be explaining some of the specific ways the anti White, anti Southern cult marxists lie. This will be a discussion of logic fallacies such as the Ad Hominem attack, Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc, Slippery Slope, Straw Man, Bandwagon etc.

It’s not enough for our readers to understand that the mainstream media, cuckservative media lies. We must understand how specifically they are lying and counter their lies.


    • Precisely, and the same was and is also true EVERYWHERE else Muslims invaded and oppressed Europeans. This IS why Jews were hunted down and killed as the hostile fifth column they are time and time again in Europe. They always aid and abet non-white invaders into white nations, and that is why Jews must not be permitted to hold any power in our midst. They will use it against us any chance they get.

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