Traditionalist Worker Party Holds Anti-Abortion Protest In Knoxville, TN

Matt Heimbach and Tony Hovater of the Traditionalist Worker Party hosted a rally in Knoxville to protest abortion and counterprotest the Women’s March:

“Before the first speaker took the stage for the Women’s March, about 20 white separatists from the Traditionalist Worker Party marched up the street, under a police escort and greeted by jeers and curses.

Protest organizer Matthew Heimbach of Cincinnati, who helped lead a far-right demonstration that turned deadly in Charlottesville, Va., last year, said his group showed up to protest what he called a pro-abortion feminist agenda. He spent the first few minutes blowing kisses to hecklers from across a metal barricade and a line of police officers on a divided Market Street.

Heimbach’s presence led police to set up checkpoints screened by metal detectors to separate the competing events. Police found no weapons on either side.

Around 1,000 people gather to listen to speakers in Knoxville on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, for the Women’s March. News Sentinel

“We have a very strong local unit here in Knoxville, and we want to show the majority of people aren’t represented by the radical feminist agenda,” Heimbach said. …”

This was a local action by the Knoxville unit.

I see that several members of the League of the South participated. If the goal here was to insert Traditionalist Worker Party into the story without the negatives of violence, it succeeded. There were no arrests or injuries. It appears that about 20 or so Antifa showed up with pink bandanas. They announced they were gay and did some trolling on social media before calling it a day.

Here is TWP marching into their zone:

Seriously, this is where Antifa march into their zone claiming to be gay:

In other news, I see that Knoxville handled this event with the ‘stadium plan’ again. TWP was disarmed and penned behind a barrier. No flag poles were allowed. This was the same setup we saw at White Lives Matter in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro and a similar event in Memphis earlier this month. It is worth noting that ALL of these events in Tennessee have been peaceful.

Note: As I have said from Day One, Charlottesville dropped the ball at Unite the Right by ordering the police to stand down so that violence would erupt.

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  1. I might have to join the TWP, with the intention of whipping them into shape and then taking absolute control.

      • The pseudo-atheists are merely indulging their desire to remain autonomous (like Liberals always do) while not realizing they are not yet on ‘our’ side. They want their degeneracy and alt-right, too.

    • I know everyone has darkness and evil inside them but the savagery is another level here folks. All this can be attributed to the FAILED war on drugs. Something needs to happen. Either invade mexihell or legalize drugs. I vote for the ladder. Drug use should be legal but not encouraged.

      • @based bemidji

        The war on drugs wouldn’t fail if it wasn’t for the failures who lead this stupid parade. I also don’t think drugs should ever have been illegal but we cannot go the direction of condoning our weak population killing themselves! They are too defeated by their addictions and lack of morality to make healthy choices for themselves. It’s also not OUR best interest to let them kill themselves off, no we must think like Adolf Hitler and have HOPE deep in our core. He said the seeds of a better generation lie within these people. We must fight to free these troubled souls and restore our future!

        • I have a lot of family addicted to drugs Oxycontin morphine and Meth mostly. I wish they would kill themselves with there drug of choice. My aunt has 3 kids and she lost parental rights to them all she is a scab on my family tree and to society. I say let the drug users kill themselves and save the rest of us grief. Kids raised by drug addicts are more likely to use drugs themselves there are few exceptions including my brother and myself.

      • Hey, Bemidj- Did you see the news item where the Libs and other losers in Collegeville/St. Joe got a dose of ‘It’s ok to be White’ posters- scared the sh*t out of them. Damn idiots, the entire lot, being shepherded by the faggot ‘priests’ at Regurgitall Press in C’ville, [North]

        • You know Minnesota is a funny place. So liberal with so many things and very conservative with others. We are finally able to buy alcohol on sundays. The marijuana law is the most restrictive in the whole country. There are only 2 places to go in the state for an abortion. But the fags are everywhere and we have the 3rd highest tax rate in the country.

  2. As for the rally, we REALLY have GOT to stop wearing all black. You can evidently see the problem of this by the man in the blue shirt on the corner as TWP passes. Let’s call him John Doe.

    John definitely knew he wasn’t with Antifa, but he didn’t warm up to the Goth Squad passing by him either. I beg the TWP and the League to really shape up!!! It is imperative. How about blue and Khaki?

    One more thing, I would rather be at an unprotected rally with defensive ability than at a “protected rally” without anything. Just my two cents on the disarming of our guys.

    • I was there with my pregnant wife and at no time felt I needed to be armed to defend myself and her. The police presence in Knoxville was professional and all-encompassing, making any weapons we may have used redundant. Honestly, when you’re escorted in by 20 riot cops, your cars are protected by 10 more TSP, and police literally surround you to keep out the unwashed masses, there really isn’t anything to worry about.

      As for the black, I thought they looked professional and slick. You can’t get a much more timeless look.

    • @professional

      I have to agree as to the point of dressing the same. I believe everyday folks are put off by such tactics. Uniformity of flags and imagery, sure thing, but clothes of the individual sets off alarms in the subconscious. I understand the whole concept thinking of what’s best for community and culture, but dressing the same spooks the heard.

  3. @mark saint

    Uniformity has always been used by successful sociopolitical movements. Letting everyone just come “as is” looks lazy and unprofessional, at best.

    If someone is that much of a radical individualist to be turned off by uniformity, then they aren’t worth our time. Let them go with the IIIpers, who always look “super cool” with their mismatched camo.

  4. The Traditional Workers Party showed up, marched without incident, and took the right side of the Abortion debate. We don’t need young, White women aborting their babies, and that is what’s happening. Blacks, Hispanics, and others have their children without a single care of who will pay for their kids. It’s always Uncle Scam, by way of the extorted White Taxpayer.

    We need our children to be born, and we need to donate to White families, or to single White mothers, who don’t have the financial resources to provide for their babies. Moral support, or volunteering to drive the mother and infant to the Pediatrician, or the Grocery Store, could make a huge difference in how they care for themselves, and their children. Let’s do more than talk, and take an active part in helping our future generations.

  5. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but pictures like the one at the top are why young guys avoided WN for so long.

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