State Department Ranks Every Country In The World

The US State Department has put together a convenient guide of the world’s Third World shitholes:

“Planning to travel abroad this year?

The State Department has new advisories at that rank every country on a scale of one to four to help travelers make informed decisions about their personal safety. The agency introduced the rankings this month to replace its longstanding system of warnings and alerts, which many travelers found difficult to grasp.

“Frankly, I personally was tired of explaining the difference between a travel warning and a travel alert even to some of my colleagues,” Michelle Bernier-Toth, the Bureau of Consular Affairs acting deputy assistant secretary for overseas citizens services, said during a conference call about the rankings. …”

Let’s have some fun:

Trump is right. These countries are all known Third World shitholes for the aforementioned reasons. The State Department even urges Americans to reconsider traveling there.

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  1. If anyone wants to see those kind of countries u can go to the Mississippi Delta for a cultural experience without the overseas travel.

    • Fucking niggers and Kikes ruin everything. Otherwise, the Mississippi Delta would be a great place to live.

  2. For good measure, let’s compile a list of all the domestic shitholes. Shouldn’t be too difficult, since virtually every major U.S. city is now one.

  3. Haiti is on the list? Goodness who would have thought…
    In 15 years time it will be joined by Sweden, Britistan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, USA, Australia, Italy, Belgium…

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