As he nears retirement, Sen. Orrin Hatch is pulling out all the stops to earn his corporate golden parachute:

“The bill, according to a draft obtained by Axios:

  • Increases the number of H-1B visas permitted to as much as 195,000 per year instead of the current 85,000 per year, including exemptions.
  • Allows the spouses of H-1B workers to legally work in the U.S. Currently, spouses of H-1B holders with a pending green card are allowed to work in the U.S., but DHS is expected to end this practice next month.
  • Eliminates the per-country caps for green cards, which has created a backlog of applicants
  • Increases visa fees to provide almost $1 billion toward STEM education and U.S. worker training programs.
  • Allows unused, but approved, green cards from previous years to be reissued.
  • Expands the cap for researchers and those who have advanced degrees.
  • Raises the minimum salary that H1-B dependent firms must pay their visa workers to $100,00 and requires that the salary be increased based on inflation every three years. This specifically targets the India-based outsourcing firms who are H-1B dependent, meaning more than 15% of their workforce are visa holders.
  • The bill makes it easier for H-1B workers to move to other companies without the threat of losing their visa sponsor.
  • Calls for a study within a year of the bill’s enactment, which would reevaluate which kinds of jobs are eligible for H1B workers.
  • Simplifies the process for employers petitioning for H-1B workers.
  • Requires that companies applying for H-1B visas be able to show that they made efforts to recruit Americans to the same positions first.”

Where do you think he will he end up next?

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  1. These so called stark republicans make me want to puke. Corporate whores. Anyone who puts foreigners before Americans should be tried as traitors.

  2. We don’t need any more ‘high’ skilled immigration. Plenty of ‘high skilled’ Americans out of work. LinkedIn has had some interesting articles about ‘overpqualified’ and such nonsense. Lots of professionals with STEM or good backgrounds looking for work.

  3. Whatever any non-white groups have to offer, be it nurses or I.T. workers, is it really worth being replaced for?
    We certainly don’t want to be replaced with low IQ Somalians or Pakis, but nor do we want high IQ Chinese or Japs everywhere. Whatever they can bring…..WE DON’T WANT TO BE REPLACED.
    in order to keep these groups at bay, we need to rid ourselves of ‘Democracy’ and Jewry and adopt their own immigration policies- that they have in their nations.
    If these people are ‘high skilled’, then why aren’t they remaining in their own nations and putting those skills to use there, where they’re needed? India needs its doctors.
    Its all just a big ploy to further enrich the white race out of existence.

    • The Chinese banned Hip-Hop on TV.

      This sort of thing is basically necessary. The Chinese know culture triumphs over politics.

    • Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted for about 900 years. The king was elected and was held to moral and legal constraints by constitutional law. This was a balanced form of government which prevented excess, unlike “democracy.” Even today, Hungary stands on its own against invaders and is much more Jew-wise than the west.

      Immigration of people is mostly for wage arbitrage. It is a perverted form of economics that forms Oligarchy, Plutocracy, or Corporatism. Each of these forms is special interests angling to take rents and unearned income. If an in-group, say our ((friends)) uses weak forms of government to promote their tribal interests; then to be a member of the out-group is to be ejected from the lands and patrimony your own forefathers built.

      Germany formed their NSDAP (national socialism) as protection against the parasite, which had wormed into German society due to former weak government. The parasite also bought up much of Germany during the hyperinflation, especially by borrowing “dollars” from parasite’s cousins in wall street and london.

      U.S. democracy is a weak form of government that is being “string-pulled” by demented in-groups, whose only interested in their own. A Constitutional Kingdom IS interested in the welfare of its subjects.

      U.S.constitutional republic as devised by the founders didn’t work out. U.S. Constitutional Republic was usurped early on by at least 1890, by the money powers and special corporate interests. U.S. constitutional republic morphed to become a “democracy” and then power centralized in Washington. Today, States have very little power and the yellow brick road points at in-group wizards behind the curtain in Washington.

      It will take a Patriarchy to return power to the people; it will take a patriarchy to put its foot in the ass of these special in-group interests and monopoly it will take a patriarchy to restore natural relations between men and women.

      History shows us what works and what doesn’t. Democracy sucks and the Constitutional Republic failed.


  4. The JewOP have dropped their masks. They are fully on board with White Genocide.

    We must save ourselves.

    FYI – Donald the Jew Trumpberg is on TalmudVision right NOW, with Bennie Satanyahu, in Davos. Trump just told Bennie that it’s an honor to be there with him. Bennie did not return the favor. FYI – Bennie is detailing Shabby Goy Deluxe Trump’s service to Israel.

  5. America was great long before 3rd world H1B visas. The traitors in charge aren’t importing the 3rd world for jobs we can do ourselves. The traitors are importing the 3rd world to perpetrate White Genocide.

    • @chan Chan studios

      “If it were doctors” comment. I really disagree. One of the saddest things in this country now is the absence of white American doctors in the medical field. There are a few, but most offices have many foreign agents. This is the most stupid thing in the world! Putting our healthcare in the hands of foreigners.

  6. The US is already a colony of Israel. The US military’s mission is serving Israel, not defending the US. Both political parties serve Israel.

    Now it looks as if illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, will constitute the voting bloc which will end the rough balance in US elections.

  7. Just more political BS. I have two nephews who are engineers, (electrical & industrial) now in their early 30’s who could be replaced by all of this. Perhaps Mormon Hatch hopes to convert these Hindus, Muslims & Taoists to his sect for good measure &/or reap a rich reward from both the church elders & corporate donors. By the way, notice how they’re all coming from 3rd world shitholes, instead of Eastern Europe, Russia or other Western countries?

  8. Orin Hatch always appears to be doped up – like some kind of programmed robot.

    Sorry to say that Orin Hatch is rather typical of White LDS Mormons. I deal with them a lot – they look good, traditional White families, managed to dodge the 1960s plagues of feminism, drug abuse, break up of families.

    But the whole LDS Mormon world now is designed to being nice and neat and agreeing with whomever happens to be in the room with them – Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, they like to go along to get along and they like how they are now accepted in places they once weren’t like

    The Ivy League
    University of Chicago – Northwester

    You know

    “The best colleges and universities”.

    I’ve never seen an LDS Mormon political leader ever question any Neo Conservative Zionist war. My god Las Vegas was founded by LDS Mormons, Nevada sits right under LDS Mormon Utah.

    Can’t LDS Mormons see what the likes of Sheldon Adelson and the hard core porn industry have done to Los Vegas?

    “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

    My experiences with healthy, wholesome LDS Mormons is like my feelings to White South Carolinians who keep re-electing lisping Lindsey Graham and who basically don’t do anything about Lindsey Graham’s immigration treason.

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