Trump Administration Will Request $719 Billion In Defense Spending in 2019 Budget

It’s true that President Trump vowed to “rebuild the military” during the campaign. It is also true this is a gargantuan waste of money when we cannot secure our own border:

“President Trump is expected to ask for $716 billion in defense spending when he unveils his 2019 budget next month, a major increase that signals a shift away from concerns about rising deficits, U.S. officials said.

The proposed budget is a victory for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who recently unveiled a strategy that proposes retooling the military to deter and, if necessary, fight a potential conflict with major powers such as China and Russia.

And it represents a setback for deficit hawks such as Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, who last year pressed for an increase in defense spending that could be offset by cuts to domestic programs.

The $716 billion figure for 2019 would cover the Pentagon’s annual budget as well as spending on ongoing wars and the maintenance of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. It would increase Pentagon spending by more than 7 percent over the 2018 budget, which still has not passed through Congress. …”

The Pentagon needs the $716 billion in case ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis needs to fight World War 3 with Russia and China. Meanwhile, we are willing to trade a DREAM Act amnesty for 1.8 million illegal aliens to get a measly $25 billion dollar trust fund for a border wall with Mexico. The United States has a colossal military apparatus which projects force to points on the other side of the world. It is used for everything except securing our own border against millions of trespassers.

As our country goes down the drain, these Boomer generals need huge battleships and tomahawk missiles and other stupid toys to blow up Israel’s enemies to expand feminism and human rights. It is pathetic. If you want to make some real budget cuts, the bloated military is the first place to start.

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  1. Naturally. The US is going to occupy Syria so the more of Syria US bestie IsRaHELL can steal the more they will moral US on the need for ‘regime change’. And of course all the terrorist mercenaries who weren’t extracted need secure zones in which to be retrained and regrouped by IsRaHELL and their us ZOG and their Saudi ZOG.

    NK may well be the cover story and diversion. The ZOG war for Greater Israel and its buffer caliphate (being handled by Turkey) is the real flashpoint for WWIII with Russia, Iran and China.

  2. Contrary to popular belief it’s not those black mammies in the ghetto who are the biggest welfare leeches, it’s the military-industrial complex. Think of all the good stuff $700 billion could have been spent on. I can’t wait for this evil, bloated empire to collapse. I think I”l buy a small cabin on the shores of Lake Baikal. To hell with the USSA.

  3. If you were unsure before, this removes any doubt-your….’democratically’ elected government is there to serve Israel-not you. Continued third world enrichment,no wall or a delayed one, massive crime and decay at home-yet more money will go to endless wars than mopping up problems at home. All the hallmarks of a government loyal to someone other than their own.
    I’m guessing most in America, and the West in general, don’t give a shit about the Middle East, and want no involvement with it. They just want…jobs, a future and stable homeland. How does attacking Iran or whoever achieve this? No fucking idea.
    $719 billion! Money that should be for Americans, not these depraved Jewish bloodsuckers.

  4. Looks like the ZOG Emperor is yapping before the front turret of an Iowa class battleship (Iowa, Missouri, or New Jersey) with its 14-inch guns laid down in 1944 and thus 73 years old. This battleship would last around 15 minutes max against a couple of hundred anti-ship missiles heading to it at Mach 12. Of course it would last longer than a modern $1-3 billion anti-missile destroyer like the USS John McCain which cannot avid being hit by a 25-knot freighter or oil tanker.

    Of course we do have tranny and homo and pregnant female sailors which ZOG didn’t have back then.

    So we can’t whup 10,000 goat herders and part-time terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we are going to take on the Russians and Chinese and North Koreans and Iranians all at once. This isn’t a delusion of grandeur — this is delusions of adequacy!!!

    Maybe these Baby Boomer generals are smoking the same sort of hashish that my comrades in the Lance nuclear missile battery smoked back when I was in the Army in Germany. But all we privates and Spec-4’s ever intended on mounting an assault on was sundry German whores the next day at Nuremburg. I think that the officers have gotten sillier since 1981-83 when I was in the Army.

    The Army has Ten Thousand killers — the rest are nothing but a Job Corps in jewniform.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  5. Wonderful. As long as we spend all $719 Billion defending our greatest ally. If we could double that expense, then our greatest ally would be even safer. Money and American lives are no issue.

    • Interesting how an obsolete battleship is used as a symbol of our great military might. The usual suspects will never stop celebrating WWII.

      • well, I think the 1941-45 race war between the Japs and the ‘Murkans was pretty good stuff.

        as to Trumpenthal and his (counting the Pentagram’s $200 billion+ black budget) $trillion “military” budget, it’s basically about building more F-35’s and “Littoral Combat ships” in order to sluice more Jewbux into this or that Congresscritter’s district. And, of course, making sure the USS (((Harvey Milk))) gets proper care and maintenance. After getting skunked by lil’ Kim, Trumpenthal won’t be starting any wars with Russia or China.

  6. If you have sons do not under any circumstance let them join the US military. Tell them you will disown them and never speak to them again if that’s what it takes. Make it a thing of shame for yourself and them. If you allow your son to serve the interest of jews by joining the military and risking death for them, then you have failed as a parent as much as if your daughter brought home a black guy.

    • If you told them they’re serving the Jews they would probably think it was actually justified to do service at that point.

    • Why put your life on the line for a Gov. that shits all over your race and culture and just plain hates you? White self hatred is SICK!

  7. The elites of most white nations never asked the voters if they wanted diversity, free trade, endless war participation or endless foreign aid to be doled out using our money, so despite pretending to represent us, they do no such thing, and are treacherous scabs.
    We also didn’t ask for Jewish influence in the press, banks, government, Hollywood, schools, universities or publishing houses, yet there they are, driving our destiny…to oblivion.
    A total collapse will be good as it will allow us to finally act, with a legitimate motive to do so. At the next election, either don’t vote at all, or vote for the Democrats-only to speed up whats inevitable anyway. The time will come when they will just be removed, and replaced with a pro-white, single party system. The old system no longer works-they just pretend it does.
    War, bombings, regime change, assassinations-you’d think serial killers were running things in DC-and they do this on our behalf, with reflects badly on all of us, including the general populace who have no role in the decision making.
    Its past time that this nonsense was dealt with, and effectively.

  8. The ZOG war machine doesn’t exist for the benefit of White Americans paying for it. If it did we wouldn’t have a problem with illegal immigration and deportations.

  9. March the army to the border and have them dig a continuous ditch. Wouldn’t cost a fucking thing.

  10. Gnp about 19 trillion dollars, so it is 4%. Seems high in peacetime. But the Pentagon more than anyone else got Trump elected. It is time for Trump to pay up, it seems.

  11. It’s not defense spending, it’s offense spending– for Israel.

    Israel demands that Assad be deposed, so the US stays put in Syria and re-groups jihadists in these safe zones, daring Syria/Russia/Iran to attack. Do these creeps actually think that Russia/Iran/Syria will surrender in fear? This game of chicken risks WWIII.

    Sometimes I think it will take a clear defeat– not just a lack of victory– to bring this all to an end.

  12. Remember the mantra of the Bush Regime: “We need to fight them over there so they don’t come here.”

    But they bring them here by the millions.

    Everything they say is a load of crap.

    It ALL comes down to Israel– all the wars, the terrorism, the “refugees.” Our Most Cherished Ally is a huge and bloody burden.

  13. Afghanistan is heating up.

    China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and even Afghanistan will drive the US out of Afghanistan.

    North and South Korea may unite, which would push the US force containing China out of Korea.

    The New Silk Road will unite the Asian land mass, negating US Naval power.

    George Kennan is spinning in his grave.

  14. Defense spending is too high but I would not complain if we actually got anything for our money. The F-35 while advanced has a massive amount of flaws that will make it difficult in a real war to use. it will be good for a mission or two then break down. It also costs way too much. We paid the R&D to build this they should have had it done by now.

    A large amount of our missiles are old and are not the best they could be and the same for small arms, artillery and a number of weapons systems. I’m not saying their worthless just that for all the money we’re spending they should be way, way better. Of course the Jews own the Defense industries along with every thing else. That big bank bail out gave them the cash to buy everything. They own everything.

    Is it the plan to set us up for a serious military defeat?

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