Trump Administration Announces New Russia Sanctions

I remember thinking during the campaign that we were going to have an ‘America First’ foreign policy which would avoid meddling in these overseas conflicts:

“Washington (CNN) – The Trump administration announced new sanctions Friday related to Russia’s occupation of Crimea and ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine, just days ahead of a congressionally mandated deadline for the implementation a separate, broad array of Russia-related sanctions.

In a press release, the Treasury Department said it was designating 21 individuals and nine entities under existing authorities, including Russian government officials and Russian companies connected to projects in the disputed Crimean Peninsula.

The agency also sanctioned senior leaders of two Ukrainian separatist groups, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, as well as people and entities alleged to have provided them with material support. …

Friday’s sanctions, however, fall under four existing executive orders, and are just the latest in a series of actions taken by the administration to put pressure on the Russian government.

Earlier in the day, the State Department condemned the ratification of an agreement between Russia and separatist leaders in Georgia, saying in a statement, “The United States fully supports Georgia’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.” …”

Seems like a long time ago.

We’ve since imposed sanctions on Russia, armed Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles, reaffirmed our commitment to NATO and authorized $500 million in security assistance to Ukraine. We also appropriated $100 million to the Baltic states “to deter Russian aggression.” Trump’s National Security Strategy also condemns Russia as a ‘revisionist power’.

Note: No wonder neocons are boasting that ‘America First’ is nothing but a slogan.

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  1. We all know the trump worshippers will swallow this shit and act like it’s some brilliant chess bullshit or lash out at the alt right and Russians in general (mpc et al). One major reason I voted for this prick -despite the fact that I hate adulterers – was to finally ease tensions with Russia. BTW what the fuck have they done to the US ? Instead we have Hillary Clinton’s war policy and cucking against Britain First. I’m starting to wonder if this c***sucker isn’t throwing a tantrum against what he perceives as Bannonism (erroneously conflating it with white nationalists and true America firsters) and is spiting us on purpose. I wouldn’t put it past a narcissistic cheater.

    • Is your name a reference to that British comedy Keeping up Appearances? Those were the good old days, when Britain was still British.

  2. I’m just sitting here going OMG .. imagine what 500 million plus 100 million would do for the 50 thousand homeless vets. I really don’t give a shit what’s happening outside our borders. I just know foreign aid money is bullshit. I’m not buying what they are selling. This means nothing to me bc it’s not helping the right ppl.

    • Exactly. Trump is the jews’ president, whether they like him or not. If there is another election in 2020 I’m voting for Kamala Harris of the Black Panther Party. Time to burn this bitch down.

  3. What would counter that is for Russia to sell ballistic missile technology and anti-ship missile technology to the Iranians and to end sanctions against the North Koreans.

    Make it quite clear to ZOG that the entire world is against meddling in the affairs of ZOG’s enemies and that two or three can disestablish ZOG imperialism.

    I suspect that Iran already has nuclear weapons. The North Koreans got their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology and material from the Chinese.

    • More than likely you’re right about Iran possessing nukes. They would have come into possession of them during the breakup of the Soviet Union back in ’91. Keep in mind, the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan is culturally, ethnically & linguistically related to Iran. The Soviets kept not only nukes but also biological & chemical weapons throughout Central Asia. It’s now known that some corrupt bureaucrats & even scientists sold such weapons to anybody who had the money to buy them. No one really knows what’s missing or who bought what after 27 years.

      Keep in mind, too that Russia & Iran are now allies. There is much technology transfer from Russia to Iran including nuclear. Also, there are pipelines going from Iran east into China. Putin has also made it clear that an attack on Iran is an attack on Russia. No doubt, China would intervene if their oil supply was cut off from ZOG countries.

  4. Iskandr missiles and the S-300/400/500 from Russia and Silkworms from China would end neocon plots to start a war to wreck Iran.

    A new reserve currency basket, an alternative to SWIFT, and the New Silk Road…

    But all that’s playing hardball and could prompt a dangerous reaction from the Empire.

  5. When the commies controlled Russia not one of this same crowd gave a damn about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Georgia, Crimea, Eastern Europe, etc. Funny how that works but it’s well to remember that imposing sanctions on a country is an act of war. I dread the day Putin says enough is enough.

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