Milos Zeman Reelected In Czech Republic

I’m hardly an expert on Miloš Zeman and Czech politics, but this sounds like good news:

“PRAGUE — After an election campaign centered on questions of civility in politics and the Czech Republic’s place in Europe, voters decided on Saturday to stick with President Milos Zeman and his often-caustic brand of populism that has stoked resentment toward Muslim immigrants and ruptured the country’s relationship with its allies to the west.

His opponent, Jiri Drahos, a political novice whose views were not well known, sought to present himself as an antidote to what he characterized as Mr. Zeman’s bitter and divisive leadership. In recent years, Mr. Zeman, 73, has strengthened the country’s ties with Russia and has courted China.

Mr. Drahos, 68, offered a firm commitment not just to the country’s membership in the European Union, but also to the bloc’s values. In rejecting his vision, the country was poised to continue in the same euroskeptic direction as its neighbors Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. …

Mr. Zeman was elected in 2013 in the first direct presidential vote held in the Czech Republic after it broke free from Soviet rule in 1989. Although he has a long history in politics and had served as prime minister, he cast himself as a populist savior working for the common man.

“You are not alone anymore,” was the Zeman slogan plastered on billboards and echoed in meeting after meeting in small towns and villages. His victory then was seen by many as a rebuke of the right-of-center political establishment that had grown smug and out of touch. …”

Redpill me on Czech politics. I know some of you are following this.

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  1. I’m happy. Zeman is second in importance only to the more vociferous Orbán in Eastern Europe. Just like the first time, his electoral strength was everywhere but Prague. Zeman is not anti-Russian; he was one of the few to favor Trump.

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