Koch Network To Spend $300 To $400 Million On Republican Puppets In 2018 Midterms

If you have ever wondered why elections are nothing more than substantially meaningless WWE-style personality contests, this is your answer:

“The Koch network will spend 60% more on the 2018 cycle than it did on the 2016 presidential election, the largest midterm investment it’s ever had, Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity told reporters Saturday. This includes up to $20 million on “communicating the benefits of tax reform,” along with other policy and politics efforts. The network spent about $250 million on policy and politics in the 2016 cycle.

Why this matters: Midterm elections are typically very difficult for the party in power, even without the scandals that have occurred under the Trump administration. The network sees the regulatory and legislative victories of the administration as hugely important and are going all-out to protect them. …”

E tu, Based Marsha Blackburn?

This is our fundamental disagreement with the mainstreamers. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose elections. The policies are for sale to billionaires like the Koch Brothers. What’s the point of getting so invested in partisan politics when wealthy donors make the important decisions?

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  1. “Coping with change” is really a phrase about how things don’t change. It’s really about coping with inertia or the inevitable. Voting isn’t a bad thing (as long as you organize something in parallel) but Democracy certainly does work so well in the current incarnation.

    Trump has had the effect of shoving the left over into “Resistance” styling themselves as a literal fight back against the Fascist and Nazi Trump. Lauritz Von Gildhausen on the Third Rail pointed out that these Resistance Freedom Fighters are kept strung along with the promise that Mueller will indict Trump for treason, that the house will impeach him and senate remove him.

    They are that insane.

    Once that illusion of a promise to remove Trump is gone the Leftists of the resistance (Jews, catladies, niggers, beaners, sangniggers) will go full retard and operate as a violent separatist movement.

    That’s a good outcome in a way. It’s a fight that is winnable at the moment.

  2. Oh, FFS! You know how you can know the Koch brothers don’t have any real power? YOU know their name. You don’t know the names of those that really pull the power levers. Just the name of their puppets. Its the same with Soros. “Look at them! Don’t look behind the curtain!”

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