President Trump Remembers The 6 Million and Offers DREAM Act Amnesty

Check out the ZOG Emperor’s latest tweets:

Maybe they do need to take away the phone.

Do we really need to stop everything we are doing in order to become Republican cheerleaders for the GOP Congress which is owned by the Koch Brothers anyway?

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  1. Sometimes it seems impossible to imagine. Yet, it happened. The Nazis killed six million Jewish people, along with five million non-Jews, during the Holocaust.

    The ways in which the Nazis murdered these innocent souls was unbelievable. In the vast majority of cases, the Nazis used an insecticide to kill these folks. But the Nazis used a number of devilish ways to kill people. In certain locations the Nazis used gigantic steam chambers to kill their victims. In other cases the Nazi employed electrified floors to electrocute these folks. Many victims were killed by pedal powered machines that would smash the victim’s head. In many cases, the Nazis would use captured soviet diesel engines to kill their victims with deadly diesel fumes. One of the most awful modalities that the Nazis developed involved small open train cars that would dump their victims into gigantic furnaces. Witnesses tell us of Nazis that would split Jewish babies in half with their bare hands, or throw babies into the air and stab them with their bayonets. A famous Jewish survivor, Eli Wiesel, explained that the Nazis would dump truck loads of Jewish babies onto huge fires. Other Jewish survivors describe Nazis using Jewish infants for target practice, trying to kill two or three with one bullet.

    It gets worse. Many survivors report that the Nazis would throw Jews into a cage with a bear and an eagle. The bear would kill the victim and then the eagle would tear at the remains. This occurred all over occupied Europe during the war years.

    Why won’t President Trump address the true horror of this? His statements don’t help us understand the true depravity of the Nazi regime. Honestly, the President’s words do nothing but sanitize the true horror of the Holocaust.

      • I liked romance by the electric fence which later proved to be a lie. It was a whopper of a tear jerker. So what if it wasn’t true? Then the poor woman who had to swallow her diamonds every night and shit them out the next day. This went on for a year and a half. I guess she’ll never have to worry about colon cancer.


    Prof. Arthur Butz summed it up well when he called his book “the hoax of the century.”

    All of the greatest Jewish myths are lies and hoaxes.

    Moses, their greatest prophet–never existed.
    Exodus–never happened. See: mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain.

    Holohoax, their greatest tale–never happened.

    • The Dark Repulsive Force to which you refer ‘call themselves Jews but are not” – the Synagogue of Satan. Apoc 3.9. The ancestors of these people are Ashkhenazim out of the lands of Magog and Khazaria. Gog is the demon god of their ancestral lands, not YHVH of the Hebrew scriptures. They never so much as dipped a toe in the Palestine until they took it through their Empire of the City – HQ in The City on the sq mi of London.

      Their Talmud blasphemes the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother and they lie, lie, lie.

      • Yadda, yadda, yadda.. Hebrews, Israelites…. Blah, blah, blah… the bible, revelations, fake jews…. satan, jewhova, jay-zus…

        Got it.

    • Hey Arnold, It makes no never mind to me either way. However, I was stationed just south of Munich, Germany. I visited Dachau. My Uncle was an officer in the 9th Infantry division. He related stories to me about discovering and liberating a concentration camp. He discussed the ovens, etc.,with me. I do not think he would lie about something like that 27 or so years later. I spent time with him and my cousins and aunt while I was at Fort Ord.
      just a thought. Best, B.B.
      Semper Fi Good Night Chesty Puller Where ever you are.

      • Ovens to cremate those who died of typhus, dysentery, and other illnesses – not ovens for “gas chamber” dead.

        Illness was the main killer of the 200,000 or so Jews who died during the war – mostly during the last few months after allied air raids stopped supplies from getting to the camps.

  3. I wonder how many of those tweets are sent by Trump and how many are the work of his jew speechwriters? I dread to contemplate the next disappointment Trump is going to dump on us.

  4. Speaking of the Holohoax, let us not forget that the Judeo-Bolsheviks who ran the U.S.S.R. killed many more real people than Hitler is (falsely) accused of killing -way more than the fantasy 6 million. Dr. David Duke mentioned this, including the Holodomor destruction of the Ukraine, in his book “The Secret Behind Communism”. I did a very positive review of this book at Identity Dixie last summer for anyone who wants to know more about the book.

  5. Man, this crap is so f-ing depressing, the way everyone has to solemnly stand with bowed head for this absolute CRAP while Rabbi Sixzillionstein beams triumphantly from above and behind. I hate this degenerate, retarded clown-world system so much. Black Hole Sun…. won’t you cooommme?

  6. “Oy vey, there’s so much anti-Semitism out there, even questioning The Holocaust! Quick, Hollywood, make more Holocaust movies for the goyim!”

  7. This is what happens when Holocaust Survivors are put in charge of civilian populations invaded by the Jew Soviet in WWII – all the horrors of their Holocaust Mythology only documented by the relevant international bodies.
    Louis Marschalko – The World Conquerors.

    The Crown assets (the Western ZOGs) may have been spared these horrors in in the decade of the 1940s for their role in the Kinslaying of Central Europeans and the destruction of the Christendom. But their time is coming.

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