Jerusalem Post: Do Jews Control The World?

In The Jerusalem Post, Alan Dershowitz has raised the question of Jewish world domination:

“Our secret is out. The Jews control the world! We own the media. Politicians do our bidding. Wall Street is a Jewish shtetl. Hollywood moguls make secret deals in Yiddish. Jewish professors propagandize their students to support Israel. Jewish puppet masters pull the strings and their compliant puppets simply follow. …

It is true that Jews are represented in large numbers in various professions such as academic, finance and the media. That is not because they are given preferential treatment. It is because they have proved to be successful at these enterprises. Should they be blamed for that?

THE ESSENCE of antisemitism is to believe that everything positive about Jews should be interpreted negatively. Consider the hard Left’s absurd accusation against Israel of “pinkwashing.” …

The other lie that follows from “The Jews control the world” is that individual Jews who happen to have succeeded and are in positions of authority, always work together on behalf of Jewish control of the world. The reality is quite different. Consider, for example, the alleged Jewish control of the media. It is true that Jewish families have ownership interests in The New York Times and other newspapers. But those newspapers don’t promote Jewish “control” of the world. Indeed, they are often at odds with Jewish public opinion. The same is true of Wall Street, Hollywood and academia, where individual Jews hold diverse opinions on issues of Jewish concern. But to the antisemite, all Jews are the same and their goal – to control the world – is identical. …”

Woah … Ben Shapiro disagrees with Jonathan Weisman.

Alan Dershowitz isn’t denying that Jews dominate Hollywood and the entertainment media, the mainstream news media, Wall Street, elite academia, the law schools, the social sciences, major publishing houses, American foreign policy, finance both major political parties and have recently extended the tentacles of their control over social media and crowdfunding platforms.

It’s not so bad, goys. We have this chokehold over every node of power solely because we are so brilliant. It is “the essence of anti-Semitism” … to interpret a positive as a negative!

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    On this particular topic, we must realize that the US gov. (all 3 branches) are owned and operated by the Judaists.

    The US gov. (all 3 branches) are owned and operated by the Judaists.

    Gov. Owners and Operators: 50% of the campaign contributions to the Democratic party (and 40% to Republicans) are from the Judaists. This is just what is disclosed. Billions more are paid to both parties disguised in other ways.

    Supreme Court: Totally under Jewish control. 3 Judaists openly on board, destroying USA. 0 Protestants (the same Xians who worship their Jewish masters).

    Senate: 27 Jewish Senators (27%), compared with 1-2% of the population.
    House: Under Jewish Control too with campaign contributions, media threats of phoney scandals against patriots. Also see how they are taken to Israel:

    During these Israeli trips, the congressmen are wined and dined in Israel and bribed and “entertained” and pretty girls come to their hotel room to “entertain them”. These rooms are secretly wired (just like Al Gore’s was, as reported in Newsweek) so everything is videotaped. If the Congressman returns to the US and does not follow the orders of the Jewish Oligarchs (such as flooding and destroying his own country with raping murdering aliens or billions for Israel or the Oligarchs), then he can be blackmailed and the video released and he could even be criminally prosecuted, so he has no choice but to vote as ordered by the Jewish Lobby.

    Federal Reserve: Jewish controlled dollar printing press.

    Media: 90% Jewish controlled.

    See the admission by Jewish writer Joel Stein in the LA Times article of Dec. 19, 2008.

  2. If it’s true there are only 15-20 million jews in the world then I think we should be focusing our attention not on them as much as on their gentile enablers, e.g., politicians, business leaders, media figures and Israel First Christians.

    • “…If it’s true there are only 15-20 million jews…”

      I don;t believe that for a minute. They’re everywhere. There’s way, way, way more.

      • According to Poland’s (((Gazeta Wyborcza))) and the majority of other “Polish” media, only 4000 thousand Jews live in Poland. But if you dig a bit, you find Poles with the specific (((international loyalty))) on most posts of significance, even in the Catholic church. If people knew how many Jews actually live in Europe, and in Poland especially, the Shoah industry wouldn’t be able to prosper, since it was built on the magic six million that were exterminated.
        The (((geniuses))) are since a while straining their efforts to convince the world that the Polish nation deserves to share the blame for the only genocide that counts with German Nazis.

    • Yes, the gentle enabler is the bigger problem which most anti-Semites tend to overlook or disregard.

    • Yes, Spahn – I’ve been saying this for years : Jews are a symptom of the disease; it an illness in the White Soul that inclines it to sell out, usually for greed.

      You could remove every Jewish influence and control from every aspect of Western Life, dutifully noted by Mr. Griffin, yet, without an Awakening, throughout many of The White Races, it would all be for nought, this because the White traitors would CONTINUE to sell out everyone, except, maybe, their own mamas!

  3. Just because some Jews disagree on what is in the best interest of Jews, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t all working for Jewish interests. They certainly aren’t working for my interests, American interests, or the common good.

  4. Jews don’t rule the world, but their power is heavily exaggerated because they are the only powerful group in the West working for ethnic group interests.

  5. We are Anti-Philosemites. Anti-Philosemitism opposes the blind worship of Jews.

    When Jews do good, we acknowledge it. When Jews do bad, we also acknowledge it.

    But Philosemites say everything about Jews is great EVEN THOUGH most Jews are hell-bent on destroying white nations.

    So, we must be against the blind worship of any people. We must be Anti-Philosemitic.

    • I’m an anti-Semite. I don’t like Jewish culture, Jewish power, Jewish humor, the Jewish religion, the Jewish community, or most Jews I meet. Nothing wrong with any of that. It’s a matter of taste based on experience. I’d be stupid to be neutral or positive on the issue.

  6. It couldn’t possibly be that Jews cheat, as the former President of Harvard Abbot Lawrence Lowell believed? What could possibly lead gentiles to believe that. The Talmud? It’s not as though it’s possible for gentiles to understand the Talmud, that requires special Jewish expertise.

  7. When Jewish boys get their Bar Mitzvah, are they getting all those gifts because they’re just so special, or because the Jews teach egotism and group identity to their children? When it comes right down to it, Dershowitz is arguing that Jews are just special people in special circumstances. I suppose there are people who buy it. Not as many, not anymore.

    • JPS,
      All this anti Semitism by us deplorable goyims is really a tad excessive and unwarranted. I mean, ok the Jews caused tens of millions of deaths in Russia, have imposed diversity and mass immigration on our nation’s, along with white genocide, endless M/E wars, mixed marriages, feminism, gay rights, transgender ,safe spaces, LTGBQFAGCUNT and control our major institutions that brainwash our youth and control
      opinion and thought,persecute Palestinians, but other than that- they dindo nuffin!
      Yes, I hate them and want them fucking gone, but you guys need to be a little tolerant and come across in a gentler, more subtle way or they may think we’re not that fond of them.

  8. Dershowitz is peddling Jewish supremacism, which unlike “white supremacism” isn’t called “hate”.

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