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    • No, and I think at the end we’ll be thanking God for creating these apes with such a below average IQ.

      It might wind up being the only thing that gets us past the cuckold problem among our own people.

  1. LoL, I am sure he really increased his Japanese following by playing a taiga. Correct me if I am wrong but was that Lorde in the end really expressing her approval? Just when I started liking her for cancelling on the Jews….

  2. I lasted 69 seconds.

    American music. American diversity. Our democracy.

    Let it go. Cut your emotional ties to what you think it used to be. It’s gone.

    Corrupt as hell, warmongering, bankrupt, Israel’s vassal, degenerate, rapidly sinking into the Third World.

    China just needs patience.

    • “One of the most important things for us as White Nationalists to remember above all is something simple: America is already dead…

      “…We are not trying to remake America; with its congenital failures of democracy, capitalism, Masonic Enlightenment, and Jewish influence. Instead, we are working to build a new nation for our people. It is time to retire the American flag, as it is time to retire America in general; and pick up the banner of revolutionary National Socialism.

      “You cannot go back in time, you cannot simply turn back the clock to the “good ol’ days” of whatever period best suits your worldview. We must be adults in this decision, and know that if we are to go anywhere, it is only through forward motion. While we maintain our traditions and our history, we cannot simply “Make America White Again” or fix the structural problems of having a republic as the very bedrock of the national political and social reality. We’re not going to confuse the flag waving reactionaries one step closer to our radical agenda, and we are only confusing ourselves with the American Nationalist misfire…

      “…The time now is for us to raise the flag of a new nation, the one we will build with our sacrifice, labor, and martyrdom. The flag of the Masonic Empire is one that should be left in the dustbin of history, because if this flag and the values it represents are allowed to continue waving, it will be the death of us. Reject the siren song of “American Nationalism,” and be a revolutionary National Socialist, the only path forward for victory!”

      –Matthew Heimbach
      We Are Not American Nationalists
      November 6, 2017

  3. The ratings for that abortion of an awards show must have been abysmal. 5 million years of evolution have brought us to this?

  4. Imagine what one motivated individual could do with some ammonium nitrate and commitment.

    I’m waiting for the day the next Tim McVeigh targets (((Hollywood))).

    • For all you Timothy McVeigh fans here’s documentary video a guy shot at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993. No scripting, the guy doing the documentary was just going around filming. At this time the Federal Government says Timothy McVeigh was out of the service working gun shows. Who do you see at 0:45 in this video?


      Longer versions for more info and context.

      • @Spahn,
        Yes she loves them, along with Led Zep, Carpenters, Bread, ABBA, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and many more and….she loves record players!

  5. I’m sure that in amongst all that noise and racket, there was a message with real meaning.
    Nogs find it hard to be honest in America….or something.

  6. I believe we should start thinking past immigrants and Blacks. I don’t love them but we may be stuck. We can use them and us to get rid of the Jews for once and for all. None of these people have any love for the Jews and combining we can get rid of them. Boot them from the country. Even if they think the Jews are helping them move to the US they know they’re a toxic bunch.

    What’s some good Black sites where they hate Whites? I may start posting there about getting rid of the Jews.

  7. Real music is White Man’s Music- Classical Music. From Epstein and the Beatles, all ‘pop’ music is JEWED. Drop the last sixty years in the toilet.

  8. So is the System getting the USAN Niggers and Wiggers ginned up for “patriotic” war with Russia/China ? “Rotsa Ruck”

  9. I didn’t find the performance frightening. A nigger is a nigger is a nigger. Stupid, violent and mindless. The frightening, or rather dismaying element to me are the comments offered by the absolutely clueless, self-flattering, effete buffoons on the Atlantic Comments thread. The reader/commenters are allegedly educated sophisticates – but they…don’t….get….it. There is unease and discomfort in the “tone” of the comment thread. I warrant they think they are above the fray, and the real world co-niggers of this “performer” have nothing to do with them, and can’t “touch them”. Yet……….perhaps robberies are beginning in their demographic clusters, and their favorite old haunts, bars and restaurants they haven’t visited for awhile – well the streets of those places have grown seedier, or perhaps those places have closed. Something’s “wrong” about this “song”….but it’s nothing. It’s just entertainment. So old ma, how is your stock portfolio doing under that ghastly orange peasant Trump?

    Those morons are the ones that terrify me……………..

  10. Don’t worry, the poisonous mushroom isn’t just going to continue bombarding us with disrespectful, muh-dik tar monsters everywhere we look, but is also pushing communism, jew feminism, the sodomite agenda and “It gets the hose again” mental illness. It’s not all White genocide, there’s many different poisons being injected into the gentiles.

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