#MAGA: The Trump Debt Is Set To Explode

Take a look at this:

“It was another crazy news week, so it’s understandable if you missed a small but important announcement from the Treasury Department: The federal government is on track to borrow nearly $1 trillion this fiscal year — Trump’s first full year in charge of the budget.

That’s almost double what the government borrowed in fiscal year 2017.

Here are the exact figures: The U.S. Treasury expects to borrow $955 billion this fiscal year, according to a documents released Wednesday. It’s the highest amount of borrowing in six years, and a big jump from the $519 billion the federal government borrowed last year.

Treasury mainly attributed the increase to the “fiscal outlook.” The Congressional Budget Office was more blunt. In a report this week, the CBO said tax receipts are going to be lower because of the new tax law. …

The belief in Washington and on Wall Street has long been that the U.S. government could just keep issuing debt because people around the world are eager to buy up this safe-haven asset. But there may be a limit to how much the market wants, especially if inflation starts rising and investors prefer to ditch bonds for higher-returning stocks.”

The federal government is going to borrow nearly a trillion dollars this year. This is an 84% increase in borrowing and the cause is the Trump tax cuts.

Consider the implications of this: this huge increase in government borrowing is due to the tax cuts, not to any one-off spending program like the Obama stimulus. This is what the fiscal picture in Washington is going to look like year after year because of the tax cuts.

How does Washington expect to pay for this? The way we pay for it now is that countries like Japan and China use their trade surpluses to buy up our Treasury debt and gain leverage over the US government. China currently owns over a trillion dollars worth of US treasury bonds.



Here we come, Kansas and Louisiana!

Note: As for all that talk about MAGAing and taking on China, it has been thrown out the window. China is now our banker just like Great Britain used to be when we were its colony.

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    • Correction. It is going to happen as long as us stupid Americans keep voting for R’s and D’s.

      Join me. Stop the bullshit.

      What if they held a sElection and nobody voted for the shills?

  1. Americans are the only people currently in the world that consume more than they produce. On top of that, they have to borrow to pay for it. Just like their government.

    By the way, don’t expect all those manufacturing jobs that went to China & elsewhere since de-industrialization began around 1970 to come back. Even if they did, you now have millions of immigrants who would work at them for minimum wage & no benefits. On top of that, you also have advanced technology that requires substantially less human input.

    • “…Americans are the only people currently in the world that consume more than they produce…”

      This is not all together the whole truth. You have to understand how money is created and how the Asia countries have control of their money and we don’t.

      First the Asian countries have debt in even higher values but it’s too themselves and THEIR banks. They use this debt to build commerce and exports.

      The Western worlds banks and debt are owed primarily to their central banks which are controlled by the Jews.

      Now what I’m going to say will sound so stupid that you will not believe it but it’s true and you can look it up.

      The USA has NO money that is not debt based. This means every single penny we have has a bond for MORE than it’s value attached to it. This means if we get rid of the debt, under the present system, we will have NO money. I swear as God is my witness this is true. There may be complications here and there but the bottom line is our money is debt based. This was done on purpose. If you have a system where the bankers can place interest on every single dollar then to pay the interest you must go further…into debt. It CAN NOT be paid off because ALL the money is debt. You can readily see that the interest will pile up and eventually consume the whole of the economy. This what’s happening right now. They have another system in place to jack us into that will “save us”. Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s) but it is the exact same and even worse because it will take away money creation in the US and give it too World institutions. Jews.

      Now the whole system is foolish and rotten and obviously stupid. It only worked for a while until the interest became too high. The idea that all the commerce and land in the country is worth nothing because it’s all debt is foolish. If we don’t get rid of the Jew system we will be living in the streets like the Germans were. If they crash the system and allow this then we need to attack them and drive them out of the country.

      The truth is that directly printing money and distributing it would be LESS inflationary than building up debt. When you print money your just inflating by how much you print. When you use debt your increasing the money supply plus creating debt on top of it with an unlimited amount of interest that we can’t compute because who knows what interest rates will be in the future.

      Lincoln and Kennedy were the only two Presidents that went outside the debt based money supply. Lincoln printed greenbacks and Kennedy printed silver certificates based on silver and you know what happened to them.

      This is one of the single most powerful tools of the Jew. They preferably lend as much money to their Jew buddies who buy up all the productive corporations with low interest debt, (on our backs I might add). I bet the Jews own everything of value in the whole country. They’ve been doing this for a long time.

      The Asians have control of their own money supplies. They sell bonds but mostly to their own people or to their own banks. Japan had the highest debt of anyone at one time but their banks just quietly wrote off their debt. They in reality just printed money.

      We’ve got to get rid of the Jews to survive. All the scams they are involved in are fairly basic at the root. They own the currency and loan it to their friends, in turn they send money to politicians, bribe them, blackmail them and in some cases kill people to control the population. Most of us would be ashamed to do what they do but their moral values do not include us. We are nothing to them so they feel tha6y can treat us as animals. We need to get rid of the Jews peacefully if we can but they must go in any way possible.

      • Thanks Sam J. I understand it quite well. Studied how National Socialist Germany was able to rebuild its economy in less than 4 years, by simply getting rid of the aforementioned. I’ve told people that WW2 was caused by the banks. NS Germany simply circumvented the international bankers & issued its own currency. Also, Germany re-introduced bartering which cuts both bankers & greedy governments out their take. The fear of this system scared the bankers because other nations would begin to adopt it. By the way, the last sentence in your blog says it all!

  2. China is aiming for true greatness.

    Not only are they building the New Silk Road, connecting Beijing to the Mediterranean, they are also pre-empting any rival beltway, such as a hypothetical Northern Alliance’s “Aryan Express” (England, Chunnel, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Bering Strait, Alaska, Canada, US)

  3. A new Silk Road superhighway, a mag-lev monorail system, manned flights to the Moon….The Chinks are getting it done, while we fart around with trannies, cat ladies, wetbacks and niggers.

  4. Sam J is right about the way money is debt. I have known for years the only way white people snap out of it is if things get uncomfortable. Trump has to know these facts about money and debt and how it all ends. I believe Trump is a patriot and a really smart guy. What other way is there to take out the (((people))) in power without tearing down the US dollar? I’m all ears but i bet no one has an answer. Trump should double down on the borrowing and then start asking why are we paying all this interest to people who do nothing for us? He might start asking if this is even constitutional? Seriously how is Trump breaking the bank a bad thing?

    Your constant harping on everything is making you look foolish Brad. My mom is a liberal and she is asking why Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are more concerned about foreigners than Americans. Trump has forced the anti white phenomena that has seized the day in our nation to the front pages. Asking the anti whites for an explanation has a cleansing effect.

    A long time ago I realized that I should ignore what politicians say and watch what they do. Perhaps you should try this approach with Trump Brad. Go back and read what you have been writing about him. Almost all of it is about things he says. He is quietly doing many things that are good for us.

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