African-American men and women. Senegal is calling!

Recently, Senegal erected one of the largest statues in the entire world. The “African Renaissance Statue.” It was built by North Koreans and paid for with American tax dollars.  The money for the statue came from a “gift” that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton awarded the Senegalese government for “good governance.”

The statue is part of the re-branding of Senegal as a pan-African ethnostate. Senegal hopes to attract blacks of sub-Saharan descent from all over the Western Hemisphere and Europe. Senegal already has special rules making it easy for members of the African diaspora to get VISAs, Senegalese Passports, and Senegalese citizenship. The government of Senegal has even debated offering free land to members of the sub-Saharan diaspora.

In 2010, Senegal began offering hundreds of Haitians a free college education. They have also resettled small numbers of Haitians in Senegal.

Senegal also considers Senegalese immigrants in Europe to still be a part of their country. Starting in 2017, 10% of the entire parliament was reserved for members of Senegal’s diaspora. In other words, if your an immigrant from Senegal living on welfare in France, you can run for a seat in the Senegalese parliament. The country is truly dedicated to pan-Africanism.

Haitian college students arriving in Senegal for a free college education:

Also, Senegal has the best sport in the world. They combine grappling with elaborate theatrics. Nothing more captures the joyful spirit of the sub-Saharan African than Senegalese Laamb fighting.


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