Black History Month 2018: The Gods Must Be Crazy


Botswana is one of the most interesting countries in Africa.

This is because it is a major outlier. It ranks #108 in the UN Human Development Index which makes it the most successful country in sub-Saharan Africa. While independence has proven to be a tragedy for nearly every other country in sub-Saharan Africa, Botswana has had one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has dramatically raised its standard of living.

Consider the popular myths challenged by Botswana:

  • Africans suffer from the “resource curse.”  The Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone are notorious for their “blood diamonds.” Botswana, however, has grown wealthy because of its diamond exports. It has reinvested its wealth in healthcare, education and infrastructure.
  • Landlocked countries are doomed to economic failure. Botswana is a landlocked country. And yet, it has been far more successful than Mozambique or Somalia.
  • African countries can’t succeed because of their lack of arable land. Botswana only has 0.7% arable land. Burundi has 26.3% arable land.
  • African countries are poor because of desertification. 84% of Botswana is covered by the Kalahari Desert. Compare to Niger and the Sahara Desert which has 9.4% arable land.
  • African countries suffer from arbitrary borders. 79% of Botswana’s population are ethnic Tswana. 2/3rds of the Tswana people live across the border in South Africa.
  • African countries are plagued by corruption. Botswana isn’t known for its corruption.
  • African countries haven’t succeeded because of colonialism. Botswana was just as colonized by Britain as Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi.
  • African countries haven’t succeeded because of the legacy of slavery. Neither Zambia, Botswana or Niger were disturbed by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
  • African countries need to be ethnically homogeneous to be successful. The most dysfunctional country in sub-Saharan Africa is Somalia which is one of the most homogeneous countries in Africa. Senegal and Cameroon are two of the most stable and diverse countries in Africa. Botswana isn’t ethnically homogeneous. Most of the San people live there.
  • Low IQ Africans are incapable of thriving in independent countries. Clearly, Botswana is an important exception to the rule – WHY?


The secret of Botswana’s success isn’t hard to discern.*

When Botswana was granted independence in 1966, it was one of the poorest countries in Africa and the world. A year later, a huge diamond mine was discovered by De Beers which has been the source of Botswana’s prosperity ever since. The secret formula was a natural resource + stable government + lack of corruption. Botswana is essentially Senegal with diamonds. The first president of Botswana also married a White woman like the first president of Senegal:


Does Botswana’s relative success disprove race realism? Are sub-Saharan Africans capable of creating a high technology society like the fabled Wakandans?

No, Botswana’s success is another example of Africa’s gold rush empires. As we have already seen, Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire was the richest man who ever lived. The wealth of the Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empires vanished when their fabled gold mines ran dry. Consider the fact that Mali was sported $300 billion worth of investment capital and is today one of the poorest countries on earth.


The future of Botswana is rapid decline for two reasons:

First, diamond production is now well past peak in Botswana. The boom that has sustained Botswana’s economy is coming to an end. Diamond revenues are projected to decline.

Second, Botswana is suffering from one of the most severe HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. Incredibly, 1/4th of Botswana’s population is infected with AIDS.**


Where will Botswana be 100 years from now? I can see Botswana retrograding to the Stone Age and the San people coming out of the Kalahari to repopulate the region. The Gods Must Be Crazy to bless Botswana with a diamond boom only to take it away with AIDS.

*Barbados is ranked #54 in the UN Human Development Index. The notion that racism, slavery, white supremacy and colonialism are responsible for Africa’s underdevelopment is laughable. Barbados, which is far more successful than any sub-Saharan African country, is one of few spots on earth where slavery was the harshest and lasted the longest. Both colonialism and white supremacy endured there far longer than in Africa. Did the legacy of slavery make Bajans the most successful blacks on earth?

** Fortunately, we have already seen that The Gambia’s former president Yahya Jammeh has discovered the herbal cure for AIDS.

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  1. Botswana is the most successful nation in Sub Saharan Africa….because of diamonds?! That really says it all. At the end of the day, one of Africas many failed states has to be the….least worst-it just happens to be Botswana. Its up against some easy competition there.

  2. When The Gods Must be Crazy came out I said aha, the world acclaims something marvelous and unique from South Africa. Wrong number. When I finally found the video in a thrift shop a few years ago (I do NOT darken the door of movie theaters) it was absolutely awful. Half its duration is spent making this white character look like a total bumbling moron — where have we heard that before. But Hunter’s point (not the one in Queens) is well taken here.

    • Most of the officers in the British army were at least part jewish. Many were all jewish in terms of their ‘identity’ and true nationality. You think a bunch of jews would let a diamond mine go unappropriated? You do know who controlled the diamond trade in Europe…?

      • Captain Williams? Sounds more like a Welshman.

        The thing that’s interesting to me is that the London Missionary Society introduced the two of them. These people were running guns to Taipeng Rebels in the 1850s.

        • I don’t think most brits understand how incredibly orchestrated the British Empire was by jews. They were the upper class colonialists, not as much the native englishmen. This is fact but you’ll only hear it from insiders, like a friend’s father who was ethnic indian in the british navy. He observed this easily. That England’s jews were largely crypto has been written about, although it still seems arcane to many.

          Cryptos don’t use jewish names!

          • This particular marriage appears to have helped make sure that black Botswanans got a share of the cash from the mine. Botswana reminds me of Libya in that the mineral wealth actually was ploughed back into justifiable social spending and infrastructure. Quite unlike the post colonial settlement elsewhere in Africa.

            Typical Welsh Baptist approach.

        • And I’ve said this before, but will again. Part of Hitler’s military miscalculations were based on socio-political projection. He didn’t realize how hidden the jewish hand was in England and assumed the true english wouldn’t devote themselves to fighting their brothers so hard in defense of a largely jewish oligarchy. The jews were not crypto in Germany and so germans took to his platform more easily (there were other reasons of course), but the english couldn’t discern between their own people and the jewish ruling class, hence their storied stalwart defense of jewish occupied England.

          • The point about Botswana in this case, is that the wealth wasn’t extracted and spent by insane family members like next door in Zimbabwe by Mugabe’s apes. Whites, and I mean actual whites look to have been welcome in Botswana in the post colonial era. The diamond mine also appears to have been a national asset like the oil in Libya and the rulers spent the revenue on Schools, Roads etc. There are probably white farmers there who aren’t being murdered.

            Now that I’ve looked at the map Botswana featured so little in the conflicts in the 70s and 80s that I had thought it was a tiny Bantustan like Swaziland or Lesotho. It’s actualy a real country.

            The President grew up in Chertsey, county of Surrey. I had no fucking idea no wonder you don’t hear about Botswana, it’s run by a Home Counties half-nigger who went to college at Sandhurst.

          • There was an opinion poll I have heard about that shows the English response given to “why are we at war

            “To Rescue the Jews”

            Was the top response.

            That answer can be seen as ambiguous I guess.

  3. Please read, this is a VERY IMPORTANT link for all true white/european nationalists. This is NOT optional! It chronicles the true history of the jews in England and Scotland, how they convinced the world that we whiteys committed their heinous crimes:

    Brad Griffin has a virile, agile and brilliant mind but a semi-castrated spirit, I’m sorry to have to say. His guidance on the issue of the slave trade in America, coming from England, is just way off the mark.

    • @ Captain John

      Note the derivation of uber-WASP names like ‘Ashley’ from the Assyrian form of it, etc. Quite fascinating stuff. Much of this book is extrapolates from established concretes into larger theoretical patterns based off of what is known about Scottish society (into English) because of just how crypto jewish England’s ruling class was.

  4. I love “the Gods must be crazy” – one of my favorite movies. The White characters are presented in a positive, honest way. The lead White guy, like Tarzan and Peter Pan are overwhelmed by the beauty and charm of a pretty White woman.

    The Bushman character is excellent.

  5. The Puritans took Irish, Scottish, and even some American Indian slaves to Barbados. It was called “being Barbadosed.”

    So the black population has a high amount of non-black ancestry.

    Then the big resorts are run by white foreigners. The merchant class in Barbados are Chinese, Lebanese, and other various immigrants. I was in Barbados once and it was shocking how all the stores are run by various Asian and Arabic looking people. None of them black.

  6. Here’s one for Black History Month.

    Columbia “Race Riot”.

    A Black man accompanying his mother (the customer) tosses a radio repair shop clerk through the shop window after refusing to pay the bill. The Black pleaded guilty and is fined $500 by a magistrate. Was the fine paid? I doubt it.

    The clerk’s father pursues then assault felony charges.

    The local police attempt to arrest the black enter a black area and 5 police are shot from a window.

    The police retreat and a white posse forms around the district and the police throw up a cordon.

    The police now in force, backed by a white “mob” then sweep the approx 4 block area for weapons and confiscate 300 pistols, rifles and shotguns arresting 100 blacks. (No deaths or injuries). This is reported as a race riot.

    Then the NAACP swoop in and make a civil rights case of it.

    Has anything changed with blacks and BLM since? The cops discovered an armed camp right their noses.

    This sweep through a black area for guns actually sounds like a public good and the cops were cleaning out a real nigger nest of criminals.

  7. Maybe the reason Botswana isn’t quite as bad off as other African states is because the population is comprised largely of aboriginal bushmen and not violent East African blue-gums?

  8. Botswana is culturally homogenous — they’re one tribe — the Tswana. The bushmen play a role akin to Red Indians in America — a despised and abused indigenous people (they were there before the Tswana) with zero political power.

    Botswana’s success (by African standards) is yet another argument against ‘diversity’ — even Africans do better without it.

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