Republican Jewish Coalition: We’re “Thrilled” With Trump

But goy, where’s our war with Iran?

“(JTA) — The chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition said its members are “thrilled” about the performance of President Donald Trump, especially with his approach to the Middle East.

“I think they’re feeling thrilled,” said former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman in an interview with McClatchy at the weekend’s annual RJC leadership conference in Las Vegas. “If you look at the change of what has happened with Israel, in terms of moving the capital to Jerusalem, the tough approach to Iran, holding the U.N. finally accountable … I think there’s a great deal of enthusiasm in the center-right, pro-Israel community about President Trump.”

The McClatchy reporter noted that in March 2016, Coleman wrote an op-ed titled “I will never vote for Donald Trump” in which he called the then-presidential candidate “A bigot. A misogynist. A fraud. A bully.”

Reminded about the op-ed, Coleman replied, “There are things I agree with the president on, things I disagree with. When it comes to Middle East policy, when it comes to what he’s doing in Iran, absolutely I’m thrilled he’s doing it, I’m thrilled he’s here.”…”

The fact that Donald Trump self-financed his campaign and professed to be a populist who unlike his Republican rivals was independent of these people was one of the major reasons that I supported him. It seemed to give him credibility because he spoke bluntly about so many issues.

In hindsight, it was too good to be true. Trump was merely lending his campaign the money so that he could run as a populist. After winning the Republican nomination and the White House, he cut in the big donors. The ultimate result is that we got Trump as president and the donors got their policies. We haven’t gotten Steve Bannon’s MAGA agenda to offset Trump’s Zionism.

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  1. “Republican Jewish Coalition: We’re “Thrilled” With Trump”

    Why, of course they are.

    It also means that all the useful idiots and protoplasmic blobs are gonna be sorely disappointed when Trump isn’t arrested and jailed. MAGA= Many Are Getting Arrested, is just another idiot slogan that won’t come true, unless the “many” happen to displease the Jews.

    • Which is exactly what they deserve for being so blind to Jewish influence.

      Of course that doesn’t excuse our own blindness and wishful thinking about Trump’s racial policy. Maybe it did buy us a few years though. Perhaps a few more key leftists will figure out what’s going on with the proverbial nose behind the curtain in the intervening time we have until annihilation.


    Instead of caring about America and working to ban immigration, you Judaists care more about Israel.

    Next sabbath, why don’t you Judaists read: mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain.

    Please get Torah, Moses, Israel out of your heads.

    • Arnold, you stupid idiot! No JEW-I repeat, no JEW-ever thinks of Moses, the Torah, or any of the things that we consider to be the Old Testament, validly. Their holy book is the Talmud and the Kabbala.

      They are the sons of hell, and their “holy” books are merely collections of legal Arcana that tell them, how NOT to obey the law of God.

      • Arnold must truly believe that the “Judaists” thing when referring to Jews will catch on, Fr. John+. He seems to think he’s starting a trend or something… and that he’s ultimately correct (which he’s certainly not, histrionics, religiosity and semantics notwithstanding). It’s a shame that so many people get caught up in such superficial guff.

  3. I now expect absolutely nothing from Trump. No wall, no indictments of HRC, Comey, et al, no mass deportations, nada. I DO expect there to be a lot more violence against White people, though.

    Thanks, AMNESTY DON.

  4. Norm Coleburnerman, Al Frankenstein, Amy Klondikebar. Wow has Minnesota fallen were is Charles in charge Lindbergh when you need him.

  5. Praise Kek! Meme magic, lel.

    *Are there any deeper accounts of POTUS Trump’s father’s involvement in real estate neighborhood busting? I read a comment somewhere that claimed his father made money in real estate by breaking up white neighborhoods and vibrantly poisoning them with POC & pax judenübel.

    It would be interesting to read an analysis from historical account of how his father’s anti-white behaviour informed his son’s.

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