#MAGA: President Trump Endorses Mitt Romney’s Senate Campaign

I feel like my eyes are rolling out of my head whenever I am told that Donald Trump is our secret friend who is “moving the Overton Window”:

Yeah, he will make a great senator:

For those who are keeping track of these things, the Republican establishment kneecapped Roy Moore, but they are rolling out the red carpet for Mitt Romney who will likely be elected in November. In spite of what you may have heard, we’re not reforming this institution.

The GOP is a dead end.

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  1. I was pretty disgusted to hear this also. But I guess Mitt is virtually guaranteed to win Utah and there is really nothing Trump can do to stop it so there’s really nothing to lose by endorsing.

      • He should have to Romney to go fuck himself. Romney has been nothing but critical of Trump.

        And don’t think for a second his endorsement is going to bring Romney to Trump’s side.

  2. Cheddar Man is a complete fraud:

    Not sure where to put this (in the past we had open threads from time to time) but here we go.

    1) Concerning the skin color:

    In the supplemental material from the Cheddar Man paper


    The authors admit that they were missing three alleles and if those alleles were excluded (why the hell wouldn’t they be) then the Cheddar Man prediction goes from

    Intermediate 0.394 – 0.125
    Dark 0 – 0
    Dark-Black 0.606 – 0.875


    Intermediate 0.891 – 0.125
    Dark 0 – 0
    Dark-Black 0.109 – 0.875

    Whoa! A 180 degree reversal ! Cheddar man has “Intermediate” skin color, likely what lay persons would think of as Mediterranean or middle eastern, or like the pre-aryan populations of the Basque country and Sardinia. In fact, Cheddar Man seems to come from a population that migrated from Turkey 14000 years ago, a population in Turkey which may have also given rise to early farmers and the makers of Gobekli Tepe.

    In other words they are absolutely lying their asses off.

    I am sad that most “debunking” in the movement uses hand waving arguments, that while true, are not true methodologically.

    2) The lab that did this is affiliated with David Reich, Jewish geneticist from Harvard. In a talk in Israel, Reich was asked if it was OK to disturb someones grave just to get DNA samples. Reich replied, that his rabbi (his mother’s brother) told him it was OK, as long as you use the information to fight racism. Interesting. 41:19 of this video if you are doubting me:


    3) The Cheddar Man paper says nothing about Y Chromosomes, mitochondria, and Neanderthal admixture. Why? Why the emphasis on phony skin color guesses, but not the meat and potatoes of ancient genetics?

    4) The fight over Cheddar Man is a microcosm of the rise and fall of Out of Africa, where they tried to push our origins as in black Africa but later it was shown to be a political/religious fraud and that multi-regional evolution was the correct paradigm, as all the bones known from the 70s told us.

  3. I think having Cruz as president would have been less of a disappointment than this guy is. Maybe his wife Zsa Zsa will file for divorce while he’s still in office so we can at least have a few laffs.

  4. Why couldn’t Trump just ignore Romney and his candidacy? I couldn’t have endorsed that creep after all the awful things he said.

  5. Strump is vile scum. I said he was going to be another Bush and that’s exactly what he is. You can have Socialist Party A or B, a black, white, purple or Indonesian, an outwardly normal type or two racist queer negroes s posing as man and wife, but the communist agenda will never changes for our lifetimes.

    Expatriating doesn’t offer much hope unless you’re a multi-multi-millionaire. All 1st-world countries are committing suicide, and all the others are full of people who hate Americans for some very good reasons. The USG is busily destroying the last vestiges of offshore privacy. Like New Zealand? Prepare to pay 3 or 4 hundred USD per square foot of rudimentary housing.

    Rmoney (sic) is the worst, the worst, the worst WORST of neocon scum. See in particular the pages on him in Alan Stang’s Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush?

  6. Trump is the American Machiavelli, “keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.” Mitt is the greatest threat to Trump 2020.

  7. It’s easy to get discouraged. I detest Mittens Ronney and have vowed to personally insult and fight him. I move in LDS Mormon circles – had a close friend who was an LDS bishop with the last name of Romney. Our friendship pretty much came to an end because I mercessley attacked Mitt Romney (that and my friend accepted an LDS mission to go to the Congo in Africa to convert all the Blacks with the carrot that they can then come to the USA).

    Still I think our own Hunter Wallace is black pilling too much.

    We can do good things in GOP circles, just not all the time. The deep state system can game the system in things like US Senate primaries. In Presidential elections we can and have culled the tractors. Lisping Lindsey Graham always wins easy re elation to SC Senate seat, always happy crowds. So Lindsey Graham tried to run for US Preisdent and he won 0 %!

    Rand Paul ‘s crusade to embrace Blackliesmater in Fertuson MO and win the presidency by spreading the only true gospel of free markets and the US Constituion to Black no go zones in Detroit – our activism got American Renaissance to out Rand Paul as White traitor of the year! And Rand Paul Hispandering Black pandering presidential campaign collapsed and Rand Paul has pretty much stopped his racial treason since then.

    Back to Mittens Romney and Utah.

    We have to personally punish Romney – his family, his enables and really all the cucks in Utah. We need to do what those Swedish nationalists did at that summer vacation retreat Island for Social Democrats elites. They got a truck and blasted loud Islamic prayers at 5 AM.

    We need to get some brown Hindu Indian friends to pretend to,be Muslims and start nannying the hell out of those pro immigrant , pro Muslim Whites in Utah.

    Or else just start buying up cheap rental places in Utah and bus the worst LA gang bangers, hepatitis and Ebola plagued homeless to Utah.

    Let s find some guy names “Romney” who is on our side and start a “Romney Foundation” to fund Methanol clinics in Utah so the worst heroin addicts flood once safe all White Utah places and “Romney Foundation” will get the blame.

    We have to punish Utah for enabling the terrible traitor Mitt Romney.

  8. Joseph Smith was a bad ass! So was Porter Rockwell. The Original Mormons were Indentitarian White separatists .LDS did a Northwest migration and set up an all White ethno State I’m the Pacific Nortwest . LDS Mormon guerilla fihhters held off 5,000 Federsl troops.

    In short the original LDS Mormons successfully did everything we want to do now.

    It s just reality that the LDS Mormons are now a club of cowardly Sissies , cuckservatives etc. they re whole world view is to dress neat and agree with whomever is in the room with them.

  9. Romney looks like us but has absolutely no loyalty to us. Anti-White screamers and thugs are Mitt’s kind of people.

  10. I sincerely hope for your sake you’re right about everything. Because if the midterms end up returning a Trumpist Congress and the wall gets built, you will have destroyed all of your credibility in this movement.

    You’ve literally bet your career on Trump being a hoax, and if it turns our you’re wrong you’ve got nothing. It’s sad that you’ve put yourself in that position because it means no matter what else happens you HAVE TO root for Trump to fail, indeed you might even find yourself compelled to sabotage any pro-populist policies that come from Trump to the extent that you can. You’re now faced with a choice of the nation recovering or you having credibility: there can never be both now. If Nationalism and Populism in America succeeds under Trump, Hunter Wallace is an outcast in the nationalist movement. It really is that simple.

    You now have a vested personal interest in seeing populism fail in America, because if it succeeds you will become known as somebody who got it so wrong that no reasonable person would be insane enough to listen to anything else you had to say.

    The crazy part is that this bet you’ve made was totally unnecessary. The entire rest of the movement, TWP included, has maintained a realist perspective: one of skepticism. Yours is a position of manichean absolutism with no room to maneuver whatsoever.

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