Congress Punts Fight Over DREAMers Until March

There isn’t much going on in Washington.

Congress is out of session until February 26. We’re done on immigration for February:

“Congress is poised to kick a heated immigration fight into overtime, with no clear path forward.

With the Senate rejecting four proposals — including President Trump’s preferred plan and a key bipartisan deal — and no viable backup plan in sight, lawmakers are poised to hit pause on the issue until at least next month as they go back to the drawing board. …

“I don’t know when it’s going to be. Obviously we’re going to have to deal with the DACA issue probably on the [omnibus] because of what has happened … and extend it,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told reporters, referring to the spending bill.

He added that he expected the mammoth spending bill could include a three-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but that it “may be longer.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican, also wouldn’t rule out sticking a short-term extension paired with some border security funding in the omnibus. …”

“The Speaker said he’s going to address this issue,” Hoyer said. “He’s got four legislative days left to do that before the fifth of March, and he hasn’t done anything.”

There is talk now of kicking the can down the road by temporarily extending DACA until after the 2020 election. There is no guarantee they will even pass that though. Instead, Congress is focused on doing nothing and running out the clock until the 2018 election cycle kicks into full swing this summer. Oh BTW … there is still no border wall or any sign one will be built on the horizon.

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  1. The most important and meaningful statement made by an American politician in this century:

    “The American people are going to get [Obamacare] whether they want it or not.”

    — Hillary Clinton

    You can bet on more war and bombing for Our Most Cherished Ally, amnesty for illegals, more migrants, gun control, crackdowns on speech, you name it.

  2. Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted nearly 1000 years. During that time, the King (who was elected) tended to listen to the popular will of the people. The elected King selected the upper house, and the people elected the lower house. If both wings of government didn’t get along, it was disbanded to try again.

    If the King screwed up too much, he wouldn’t be re-elected.

    In murica’s system, your vote pretty much doesn’t matter. The silent shadow government is in charge, so democracy becomes a sham, sanctioning whatever crime family is in power (Clinton or Bush) etc.

    Chamber of Commerce wants turd worlders for wage arbitrage. Sending jobs overseas to China is to get wage arbitrage. None of this action is within the will of the people, so America’s system is a failure. Oligarchy doesn’t give a damn about you, it can retreat to its gated community. Jews especially do not give a damn, because they are “international” and control international capital.

    Lack of a patriarchy (like a white King) means we have no control over our destiny. Jews as a parasite can easily maneuver American democracy through bribes, payola, and murder.

    It is hard for some to accept, but the great “federal experiment” of U.S. founders failed. The parasite is dug in deep and feasting on the carcass. Done. Put a fork in it. The founders should have given us a constitutional kingdom.

    • Precisely. An Ethnarch (a Royal who is of the same race, kith and kin of his people) is the ONLY biblical and historical choice for Whites.

  3. In the end I think that doesn’t matter the system, poor cows are slaughtered no matter the political system of the farm.
    Northwestern Europeans have a weaknesses in their genes, it’s inherent gullibility, naivety.
    Talking to a German is like talking to a child, you tell a joke sometimes it takes 20, 30 seconds for them to understand it. Sometimes the laughter comes 2 minutes later. It’s pretty strange. Why? They generally don’t have malice in their minds. Easy prey for bad people.
    I talked to an old German doctor in my city months ago, he for some reason has the fame of being a wise man.he likes to collect stones, he pays negroes to move huge stones to one place to another.
    The conversation was disappointing, the doctor is fascinated with stones, his son fascinated with bees.
    Something is wrong with Germans, or it’s the rest of mankind that is insane.

  4. Trump said he would end it “day one”. He lied.

    Meanwhile, Tillerson and his Turkish counterpart met in what seemed to be a frosty meeting. The Deep State does not want the New Silk Road to come to fruition, and may do something drastic.

    Trump also lied about his foreign policy.

  5. The English national socialists were not financed by The City of London and their German subsidiaries – as were their German counterparts for the world war and betrayal of the German nation.

    The English national socialists were against the WWII and against The City. They were against multi-culturalism in Europe and a European Union (whether as a 4th reich or a soviet) before Americans had even heard these terms. The English national socialists were saying that The City’s sweatshops all over the empire that had destroyed the English working class at home would result in mass migrations of the destitute. How right they were.
    Oswald Mosley – multiculturalism and the sweatshops

    For those who are unaware – The City (on the sq mi of the City in London) is the headquarters of the Judaic imperium which created the British Empire as a vehicle for its world state. It has fomented revolution, war and world war since the Charter of its Corporation of The City in the late 17th century and its War of the Succession for the formation of the UK.

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