President Trump Proposes $200 Million Increase In Aid To Israel

The Trump budget was stomach turning for a populist.

Even though Mick Mulvaney’s budget is a dead letter on Capitol Hill, we have seen how it proposes to cut Medicare, Medicaid, the student loan forgiveness program and food stamps. As “welfare,” it also proposes to cut heating assistance for poor and elderly people:

“PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The Trump administration is once again calling for the complete elimination of a heating assistance program that helps to keep the homes of low-income families warm. And once again, program supporters are vowing to fight it.

The administration is using the same arguments from a year ago when it tried to abolish the program, saying it’s rife with fraud and that no one would be left freezing if the program goes away.

“These arguments are very misleading and wrong,” said Mark Wolfe, director of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association in Washington, D.C.

The program, known as LIHEAP — Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program — helps families pay their heating bills primarily in the form of a grant that’s sent directly to utility companies or heating fuel vendors. …”

These budget cuts are necessary to pay for the Trump tax cuts, the $165 billion hike in military spending and a proposed $200 million increase in foreign aid for Israel:

“Israel will receive $3.3 billion in funding from the United States under President Donald Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget request for the Department of State, a US official announced at a department briefing on Monday.

Hari Sastry, the Director of the Office of US Foreign Assistance Resources at the State Department, noted that Israel will receive a bump of $200 million in aid under the proposed budget. …

“[For] Israel, the total is $3.3 billion, which is a $200 million increase from the previous year and reflects the newly signed 10-year MOU [memorandum of understanding],” he said.

In September, the US and Israel signed a 10-year MOU providing $38 billion in defense aid to Israel through 2028. …

The budget request explains the $3.3 billion request provides “assistance to bolster Israel’s capacity to defend itself and maintain its qualitative military edge.” …

Your chances of hearing about this anywhere else but OD are about zero. The Trump administration wants to cut social programs that help poor Whites … in order to hike welfare for Israel. By all means though, keep telling us that he is so based and we should remain invested in this.

Notice how foreign aid for Israel isn’t welfare, the Pentagon isn’t on welfare, rewriting the tax code for multinational corporations isn’t welfare. This orgy of government spending is only “welfare” when it benefits someone who might actually need government assistance.

Note: As I have explained, some of these programs actually help the White working class. These are tangible benefits derived from government policies. In contrast, Donald Trump hasn’t built a foot of his notional Mexican border wall which was the reason we voted for him.

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  1. I still remember when that shitbag, Rush Limbaugh, was wanting to eliminate heating help for poor people and the elderly, I can remember him say, “They just want to keep their tushes warm.” Well, yes, you fat, druggy gasbag, few people want to freeze to death during the winter. We are getting older people dying of the cold now. Great country, isn’t it?

    • You and Flush Scumbaugh are the same age, but thankfully you don’t share his Israel First brand of baby boomer “conservatism”.

      • A lot of us don’t, you know. We’re not a homogeneous group, we have political ideas through every spectrum, just like every other age group.

        • Those alt-right kids think all you Flower Power generation types are the same.

          Imagine me and you, I do
          I think about you day and night, it’s only right
          To think about the girl you love and hold her tight
          So happy together

  2. Yeah and he also signed off 200$ Million to Tech education for Women and Muh Minorities. Because apparently white boys don’t deserve funds in their education. Even tho blacks are larger population globally.
    Trump does really alpha shit sometimes .. and then he will go and sign some Jeb Bush type of bill. Idk why he does this

  3. 38 billion dollars just imagine if that went to fix the roads bridges and railroads.

    The damn jews don’t need anymore money.

  4. It take a lot to piss me off these days, but this is sure a stinger. There is zero reason to give Israel red cent, let alone cut something like heating for the elderly so you can increase foreign aid to Israel by 200 million. Sickening.

  5. The elderly, poor and working class should be offended by this. They’ve been forgotten again.
    Last time I checked, Israel is not in America. Let Israel fix Israels problems.

  6. No matter how much tuchas kissing Trump engages in the jews will NEVER accept him as president. They don’t like the fact that they can’t buy, bribe or blackmail him with their filthy lucre the way they can with other gentile politicians.

    • “They don’t like the fact that they can’t buy, bribe or blackmail him with their filthy lucre the way they can with other gentile politicians.”

      It sure looks to me that he’s either bought, bribed or blackmailed. Or all-of-the-above. I mean, after all, he has indeed been a passenger on the Lolita Express, right? The kikes may have more shit on Chump than meets the eye, manipulating him like any other puppet, all the while playing this “We despise Trump! He’s just like Hitler!” game to confuse the Whites that voted for the fish-lipped cuck. I’ve had that feeling about it all from day-1, that White America has been “gamed” just as slick as the cons gamed the crime boss in that old movie The Sting.

      Chump is dirty. He’s totally controlled, no matter his supposed “fuck you money’, and it’s obvious to a lot of us now. No matter the (((shrieking))), no matter the “protests” against his “racism”, no matter the Fake News hostility. It’s all a show, a con. And White America were/are the marks. America was put in a catch 22 during the election between Old Evil Hag and Fish Lips… although we thaught we were going against The Swamp Creatures.

      • Jim Beam: I supose you are right. It’s highly unlikely that Trump, a billionaire from NYC, doesn’t have some dead bodies buried somewhere. But if he does his enemies thus far have been unable to locate them. Maybe some Israeli mobsters bailed him out of a few of his financial setbacks, maybe he took a few trips with Slick Willie on the Lolita Express, maybe some adult movie actresses he fooled around with know something about his personal life that he doesn’t want to share with us….

        But the bottom line is Trump is not going to save America or the White race. We shall have to do all of that ourselves.

        • “But the bottom line is Trump is not going to save America or the White race. We shall have to do all of that ourselves.”

          Very true, spahn. We do need a leader, though, someone to galvanize the movement. I believe that there exists such a one, a few of them actually, and they’ll shine like beacons once things get as bad as SA-meets-Haiti. Shame it has to get to that point, though…

  7. Just to be worthy of giving g_dz Chosen $200 million more – ZOG will have to increase its prostrations in both Houses of Congress. No less a shabbas goy than the ZOG president will have to fly over there – kiss the collective tuchi , lay a wreath, bang the wall, plant a tree and ask permission – please, oh please Mighty GOG can we give you an extra 200 million in aid.

    GOG will continue to bomb Syria and is now going to attack Lebanon. 200 mil for the JWO empire state will come in handy. Gotta have greater GOG, gotta build that buffer caliphate of GOG sunni co-ethnics, gotta send the Muslim shi’ites to the West, gotta put more $ into White eradication, gotta ship those Cushis out of g_dz own country. Long list of ‘things to do for GOG.

  8. Hunter thank you for this #MAGA update. What’s the saying “If your not pissed, you’re not paying attention”
    I don’t know who I despise more, the gullible goyim who support this madness or the jews themselves?

  9. There is a high percentage of Baby Boomer and Generation X rural, Midwestern white men who are fully on board the “End Welfare” train. This group–and I am one of them, age wise only–as a whole, has become as distasteful to me as the liberals and Jews. There are exceptions and degrees, yes, but as whole they are simply a roadblock when they are not actively an enemy to the white race. The sooner this is realized, the better. I don’t care if you and some of your hand selected buddies who are Boomers or X’ers are not like this. As a group they have been and are catastrophic. We must recognize this.

    They are military worshippers, sports worshippers and far too many are full on or might as well be nigger lovers. Their stupidity destroyed unionized blue collar work such as our fathers enjoyed and what made our lives as they were growing up possible. Where our fathers and uncles retired after 30 years with good pensions, my group and the later (born after about 1955 or so) boomers have listened to people like Rush Limbaugh and Neal Boortz and made a virtue of having to work until we are 80. My Dad and uncles made more money back in the 80’s than I do today DOING THE SAME KIND OF WORK. Not more money in adjustments and 2018 equivalent, MORE MONEY. Literally. As in their paychecks were bigger. The buying power they had was literally probably five times what mine is today. One uncle, for example, a coal miner in Southeast Kentucky, bought new Ford full size XLT 4-wheel drives each year and a new car for his kids about every two years while they were in HS and the payments were less than half of one of his weekly checks. He paid over 2500 bucks for a coon dog in the late 60’s. When he decided to remodel his house in the early 80’s he simply paid out the 30 or 40 grand from his savings account and apparently never fazed him. By the late 80’s he paid cash for trucks, and usually went ahead and bought another one to drive to work, too, that he made payments on (usually a fully loaded Ranger STX). He was the first person I knew who ever had a satellite dish, one of those big ones that first came out and cost about two grand. Of course his wife never worked a day. Yes. Yes. Guys today have all this, too. But it sure as hell takes more than about half of one weeks pay. And of course it is a laugh to even imagine more than a very few have tens or more grand in the bank they can pay cash for a house, big garage, etc., with and not need yet another loan. Nor will they be living the same lifestyle when or even IF they can ever retire. No three grand a month pensions for us.

    Maybe even worse, the people today suck in every way. Virtually extinct are the “Characters” as some people were called when I was growing up. The men who we all knew were bullshitters, but man! I didn’t realize at the time how interesting and entertaining they were. The stories they could tell! For example, I’ve never been a hunter, and today would rather be getting me teeth cleaned than to listen to the Cabellas and Bass Pro Shops trendies and pop culture asswipes of today. But I could listen to these old men for hours elaborating on a hunting or fishing storey. They had some life in them and imagination and … something. Today’s guys are much too pragmatic for any of “The bullshitter” type of yesterday. They are a cross between a damn 16th Century Puritan with the Righteous BS and the pseudo sophistication, and a New York Jew wannabe financial shark. Flat and boring is what they are. And generally a wet blanket and stick in the ass.

    Go to a McDonald’s(!) and listen to the table of old folks there. I compare that to the “coffee table” at the restaurants my Mom ran and that I grew up in.

    I could go on, but the above is enough.

    • Excellent comment…I am also a rural Midwestern Boomer, and get annoyed at the snark about Boomers. But then I reflect that any argument I have had with a “conservative” over Israel or race, it has been with a Boomer. (Sigh)

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