#MAGA: President Trump Slides Down Slippery Slope Of Gun Control

I stirred up a big shitstorm on Twitter this afternoon.

It was caused by President Trump’s tweet this morning. I had written about the issue on Tuesday when he came out and called for a ban on bump stocks. He traveled further down the slippery slope this morning by calling for raising the minimum age to buy a gun to 21.

I wanted to see if the Trump cult would be angrier at me about it or President Trump who has actually flip flopped on gun control so I sent out a tweet about the issue. My point was that for many of these people guns along with sportsball, big trucks and religion have become the tribal markers of a surrogate ethnic identity that falls along purely partisan lines. In other words, they would be howling with outrage if HILLARY or OBAMA or the DEMOCRATS had called for these exact same policy changes, but since Donald Trump is their tribal chief they were letting him slide on the issue.

It’s also true that the Molon Labe/Don’t Tread on Me crowd is notorious for stockpiling guns and ammunition and showboating – just look at the Patriot groups like the Oathcucks which came to our rallies last year – even though they have no intention whatsoever of actually using these weapons. They are afraid to be called mean names in public. I mean come on … these people aren’t going to fight back against the tyranny of big government when simply calling them “racists” is a knockout blow and far more devastating weapon than their assault rifle.

When I expressed my doubt that people who are shamed into submission by strong words were going to unload their arsenals on the federal government, it really got under their skin. How dare you doubt that I am willing to use my freedom boner in defense of liberty?

Anyway, I stand by my position that many of these people who amass private arsenals are engaging in nothing but signaling games and base their whole sense of identity on collecting toys. They aren’t going to use those toys either in defense of the Constitution or similar such nonsense. And no, this isn’t the same thing as calling for gun control as some have insinuated.

Note: I do believe in some forms of gun control. We shouldn’t allow mentally ill people or impulsive, low-IQ populations to acquire firearms.

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  1. I don’t think white folks in America actually have the guts to use this gear on their blood enemy.

    Obama had an ironic point about “bitter clingers”. He might have been wondering why whites had not slaughtered blacks and browns then pushed other groups into the sea.

    What’s the point of all that hardware after all?

  2. Hunter you were saying Trump is headed down the slippery road of gun control. And then you postscript some limitations you would like concerning gun control.Looks like your slipping too.

    • I took it to mean that the Arsenal’s are pointless if not used. At least from the POV of racial survival. Why have all that gear? Why have all these aircraft carriers? All those F16s?

  3. “Anyway, I stand by my position that many of these people who amass private arsenals are engaging in nothing but signaling games and base their whole sense of identity on collecting toys. They aren’t going to use those toys either in defense of the Constitution or similar such nonsense.”

    Yes this 100%. Although this should be pretty obvious, so obvious I wonder who exactly they think they are fooling. Barking dogs rarely bite. Loud mouths who boast about how they are going to do this or that if such and such happens are, 99 times out of 100, full of shit. Could you imagine someone like Alex Jones or anyone from the oathcucks actually killing somebody? No, me neither.

    • Can you have a universal right to possess firearms in a state without a white majority and still have a functioning state?

    • That is presumptous. For now, the vast majority of whites thst own weapons are not going to use thr for anything but hunting or target shooting. However, threats against them or their families will invalidate that in less time than it takes to lock n’ load. Confiscation by force will be grounds for shooting to kill.

      • I don’t know where this army of paragons is hiding, but I don’t see any sign of it. I suppose there are a few people here and there who are prepared to go down fighting like Robert Matthews, but very few.

  4. I agree it’s mostly signaling and mostly toys. The majority of these people aren’t going to do shit, except maybe go hide in their bugout locations until everything is over.

    I guess if we manage to draw the lines clearly enough and get enough momentum and enough incentive to join the fight and enough of their friends were fighting on our side then…maybe.

    • Trump should propose taking away metal detectors at nigfuxated schools and have the armed guards at those Skoos be assigned elsewhere.

      That would be sensational.

    • “…I guess if we manage to draw the lines clearly enough and get enough momentum and enough incentive to join the fight and enough of their friends were fighting on our side then…maybe…”

      It’s the potential that matters. If something went down for real then within a few months all those people who were playing soldier might become real ones when one of their kin or close friends was killed. That they own them is enough.

      You can make fun of them all you want but them having them is an actual brake on those who want to rule us and it doesn’t cost you a dime if you don’t want to own guns.

  5. According to the twitter MAGA crowd, you are not allowed to question these ridiculous dog whistles that the GOP use on rural people – to do so is to be out of touch with “American values”

    Thing is, while these whistles work on deep red states – they don’t work on swing states. Swing state voters actually expect you to do the shit you ran on.

    • Heh.

      At times it feels like the twitter American nationalist crowd are foreigners (Russian?) who have assembled an “American identity” out of cliches that they saw in TV and movies, and are stubbornly defending the stereotype as if was a real and sacrosanct identity, without having actually met real Americans.

      • Exactly. How I describe them is that many of them are upper middle class young men who don’t have a real identity so as you say they have constructed this “American” identity pieced from typical American boilerplate. If they actually got in their car and took a drive around real rural small town America they would see how bad shit is. White people need real help, they don’t need empty patronizing rhetoric about God, Guns, and Patriotism as they normally get from the cretins in the GOP.

  6. If religion can become a hollow consumer identity feint, and ca. 1968 it often presents as one, then why be surprised that callow modern politics are broadly similar? Anyone can see that all of the West’s leaders are — trivial naxalt proviso, plastic puppet jesters. For compound example value, girly man cuckold, and ethnic asiatic bio-weapon scion to the First Secretary of the Gommunist Party in the former nation of Canada, Trudeau-Castro utters globo-homo nonsense like this as if it were revered poetry from a foreign language. Gregoire, his very stronk wife, beats him.

    To extend some charity to whites caught in the asiatic identity matrix, maybe all these consumerist toys are equivalent to ‘gentleman’s tool sets’: organized, practical and even aesthetic in appearance; but rarely useful, used or mastered. Other than darkie sports, I trust whites with the contents of their investiture over the faux nationalities of avaricious invader races and the free markets of mongrel merchants. It’s not extraordinary to understand that there are races that should not have white things.

  7. Yeah, at this point, gun control doesn’t really matter that much. We’re screwed with or without them, so might as well give them up.

  8. Many more people are killed by hand guns, knives, bats, and bare hands than assault rifles. As far as the “killing machine” argument, the worst school shooting with the most deaths was at Virginia Tech with an ASIAN killer who used two HANDGUNS. An assault weapons ban is the Jewish camel’s nose in the tent for a total gun ban.

    • That’s why reducing proposed reforms to an age increase is best policy. Banning devices is utterly pointless. once a technology exists the cat’s out of the bag.

  9. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    There ya go.

      • The bowel movements that matter are killing cops and there’s never any town hall over that and there’s never any talk about controlling or banning their guns.

      • How do you propose to disarm Jews and blacks in that framework?”

        No one will be disarming anyone, least of you, you born subject.

        Our Second Amendment applies to all Americans (meaning not you) whether you like or not. Go back to your dreary weather Muslim colony and eat with plastic kitchen utensils alongside the rest of your congenitally cucked kind.

          • I’m quite certain my name and service number is on every watch list the U.S. government has ever kept. You wouldn’t know about stuff like that of course.

  10. Hunter, you are truly one of the best thinkers in our movement. Keep up the good work.

    Re: you position … there is truth in an off hand comment from another soldier some years ago about whites and non-whites …. A non white male in some 3rd world shit hole only becomes a man when he buys, steals, or is given his very own AK47 – whether it functions or not. It doesn’t matter if he can kill a man 100 yards away with well aimed fire, as long as it goes “BANG” when he pulls the trigger.

    Compare this to the white man’s autistic obsession with weapons safety, cleanliness and marksmanship.

    Non-whites think a AK or AR is an expression of or substitute for their manhood. A true Aryan white treats it only as a tool, designed and built to do a specific job.

    The Current Year MAGAtards and their “black guns” are a testament to effectiveness of the Jews’ efforts to turn all white men into “whiggers” and white women into mudsharks … “Tikkum Olam” is code for “Blending the Goyim”

  11. Well, this dumb ole redneck has been warning anyone who would listen that Trump is The Hammer. He is the guy who could fool the idiot Drumpfters into kowtowing just as you describe.

    They are Bushies in Trump dress. They are Obama Maniacs in their allegiance to Republican idiocy.

    I told anyone and everyone that this is just the beginning. You just wait until the antisemitism bullshit is tagged on.

  12. Realistically, how much longer can Hunter go on making failed predictions (he’s never predicted anything correctly, that I know) before people wake up to the fact that he is not a reliable pundit?

    Remember all his hysteria over DACA and legalization? None of it is happening. The lower courts are going to fuck around for a while longer, then it’s going to SCOTUS and getting over turned (SCOTUS had to send it back to the lower courts to make sure procedure is followed).

    When nothing happens with gun control – and nothing will happen with it – will Hunter admit he was wrong? Of course not. And I’m guessing his amen chorus will forgive him and pretend nothing happened like they always do.

    But for the rest of the movement, Hunter has almost burned up all his credibility. More and more you can bank on whatever the opposite of Hunter believes being true.

    • and nothing will happen with it

      Well, except for the POTUS, and Republican congress getting on board with HR 5087 Assault Weapon Ban, you are right.

      Nothing will happen.

      What a moronic dupe.

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