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  1. There is seriously no way these people are THAT cucked. How is this possible? The SCV was a Christian organization once upon a time…

      • obviously NOT a Christian organisation moron else they would not allow such. you would probably do well to learn something about Christianity – real Christianity, not what [[[media]]] tells you or clowns like hinn, the pope, hagee etc claim – before making uninformed statements. Maybe listen a bit to Fr John.
        although ‘all things are possible with God’ , it sounds like this denise person may be beyond help. or probably, we should just ask her/it hows the weather in tel aviv…

  2. Michael Skinner, Buggery Commander in Chief.

    Is a culture or group every made better by normalizing homosexuality and making fags leaders? Is Milo a good influence? It’s disgusting degeneracy and I find it intolerable. Fags should stay in the closet and not be leaders. If their presence is tolerated at all it is in the background in shame like drug addicts and alcoholics.

    • If you allow openly queer people into your group before long they will take it over, I’ll tell you what.

  3. Perverts are a symptom not a solution. Would ten generations of positive eugenics and equitable mate distribution cure the gay out of the Europid race? Are they actually white or crypto white presenting? Dream of a return to a genetics tier form of the now archaic Lebensborn hospitals?

  4. I was a member of the S.C.V. for 13 years. I was Lt. Commander of one of the largest camps in the area for 2 of those years. My responsibilities included procuring speakers for the meetings. Among these were authors and museum directors. I did my best to drag my camp out of the cemeteries and onto the front lines of the cultural wars. I had started to feel like we were in perpetual mourning. I tried to convince them that the best thing we could do for the Confederate Veterans was to instill a sense of pride in their descendants. I challenged them to examine the rough and ready demeanors those veterans exhibited in the daguerreotypes. I encouraged them to read their accounts of the war and its aftermath.

    I became extremely critical of the over emphasis on Negro soldiers in the South and the tendency to use that fact as a shield against accusations of racism. It’s no question that, although, Plessy vs. Ferguson was a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the South fully supported so-called “Jim Crow” legislation. The de-facto segregation that was practiced in the North was supposedly not as egregious, because it wasn’t encoded. I maintain that it was just another example of Southern honesty and Northern hypocrisy.

    There is absolutley no doubt that homosexuality would not have been tolerated by the United Confederate Veterans. I told some of my former Compatriots, if Ellen Degenerate had Confederate ancestors, and decided that she was a man, the leadership of the S.C.V. would welcome her, in order to demonstrate that they weren’t homophobic.

    It is precisely this sort of “Rainbow Confederate” inclusiveness that eventually led me to increase my vocal opposition to the hero-worship of H. K. Edgerton. I weathered a storm over that, only to be later castigated for my choice of words and conduct on another occasions. My crimes? Telling the truth and not being warm and fuzzy about it. Sadly, the S.C.V. is not up to the task of Defending the Faith. They want everyone to like them.

    • This has got to be Fake News.
      Queers are an abomination before God. Read Genesis 19. Some people in South Carolina have gone round the bend. Hindu Governors and removing the flag, etc. My Great Great Grandfather got killed at The Skirmish at Hickory Ridge,S. C. Trying to stop That S. O. B. Sherman. If this is true, I’m sure He is turning over in his grave.

      • Not, don’t read Genesis, the beginning starts with Christ, and you already think like a Pharisee….. Our enemy is more than flesh: it’s a spirit. You are rejecting the New for the old. Read Galatians. You follow Jewish law & close yourself off to the true vine. The Gentiles were under Roman law… Are you a Jew?

        A New Alexander will step forward to slay the east, the crown of our blood. Effeminate heterosexuals aren’t acceptable because they’re not gay- just be a man & your fathers before you; all of them.

  5. I will say whoever designed Cultural Marxism as the ideology of choice was a political genius. The fact they are following the playbook of the Frankfurt Institute and winning hands down battle after battle shows how politically retarded white conservatives are. The fact that the majority of them have never heard of the Frankfurt Institute proves my case. The left understands the Concept of the Political. The Retarded Right does not! Every white racial activist ought to read the Concept of the Political by Carl Schmitt.

  6. @ethnostatist,

    I am familiar with “The Long March Through The Institutions,” doctrine of the Frankfurt Institute. I am aware of their Socialist/Communist activism in Germany prior to them fleeing National Socialism and taking up residence here in the U.S. And, yes, from the Churches, the Universities, the Media and the Government, they have successfully infiltrated, and largely taken over, all of the formerly American enterprises and converted them into bastions of Marxist power and influence. Although, the Churches and the Universities were already being subverted, particularly in the North, where the religious schisms and new age thinking seemes to have first taken root.

  7. There is a huge difference between a person who identifies as Gay, but does not devalue his heritage, is not ashamed of being White, does not believe in imposing tolerance on anyone (forcing folks to bake a freaking cake) and understands the primacy of the nuclear family vs a vicious, closet queen like Miss Lindsey who is desperate to glom onto masculinity via neocon warmongering.

  8. The lgbt’s of the world can live the way they want to now but GOD will have the final say on the subject, his word states that they will die. In other words none will enter Heaven. I’m a LBGT person which means Live By God’s Testament.

  9. Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
    Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Don’t let your hatred towards these imposter “jews” of today cause you to turn on and blaspheme God. The Bible is the Word of God in print from Genesis to Revelation. For those who disregard its teachings — they will all be destroyed in the end …

  10. I can not find a ninth brigade any where. I have contacted several S. C, V. Members. None of them have heard anything about this. I think it is a hoax and do not believe it.

  11. This letter is a Hoax. I contacted the Division Commander for South Carolina. There is no 9th brigade in the South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans. There are no queer commanders.
    Some Body thought this would be funny.
    Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!

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