Cheddar Man “May Not Be True”

Great burn.

I never wrote about the so-called ‘Cheddar Man’ because it was obvious that it would fall apart under scrutiny after all the attention it received:

“A Briton who lived 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. At least, that’s what dozens of news stories published this month – including our own – stated as fact. But one of the geneticists who performed the research says the conclusion is less certain, and according to others we are not even close to knowing the skin colour of any ancient human.

The skeleton of Cheddar Man was discovered in 1903 in a cave in south-west England where it had lain for 10,000 years. …”

This was debunked on Twitter and YouTube:

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  1. We are not going to have a clear understanding of human origins as long as the villainous, mendacious jew controls the field of anthropology.

  2. I liked the meme that niggers were the real cavemen while we arrived as farmers and charioteers!

    • It is not impossible that they “devolved” brain capacity to conserve energy. Europeans, from what I understand, use 1/3+ total energy on brain function. Imagine the famine resistance a 20% savings on that could give.

  3. “So it now transpires that two Jewish experts, Hannah Devlin and Yoan Diekmann, essentially fabricated the “#CheddarMan was black” story. Why isn’t this front page news?

    5:46 AM – Feb 23, 2018″

    “Why isn’t this front page news?”

    Because the purveyors of this story are Jews. Jews must never be exposed in their lies. Or show to be what they really are.

  4. There are also the genetic heritage testing technicians admitting that they lied and included nigger heritage in the reports of customers that they believed were “Nazis” or “Racists®.’

  5. Cheddar Man is a complete fraud:

    1) Concerning the skin color:

    In the supplemental material from the Cheddar Man paper

    The authors admit that they were missing three alleles and if those alleles were excluded (why the hell wouldn’t they be) then the Cheddar Man prediction goes from

    Intermediate 0.394 to 0.125
    Dark 0 to 0
    Dark-Black 0.606 to 0.875


    Intermediate 0.891 to 0.125
    Dark 0 to 0
    Dark-Black 0.109 to 0.875

    Whoa! A 180 degree reversal ! Cheddar man has “Intermediate” skin color, likely what lay persons would think of as Mediterranean or middle eastern, or like the pre-aryan populations of the Basque country and Sardinia. In fact, Cheddar Man seems to come from a population that migrated from Anatolia (Turkey) 14,000 years ago, a population in Turkey which may have also given rise to early farmers and the makers of Gobekli Tepe.

    2) The people that did this are affiliated with David Reich, Jewish geneticist from Harvard, and listed author on the paper. In a talk in Israel, Reich told how he was asked if it was OK to disturb someones grave just to get DNA samples. Reich replied, that his rabbi (his mother’s brother), told him it was OK, as long as you use the information to fight racism. Interesting. 41:19 of this video if you are doubting me:

    3) The Cheddar Man paper says nothing about Y Chromosomes, mitochondria, and Neanderthal admixture. Why? Why the emphasis on phony skin color guesses, but not the meat and potatoes of ancient genetics?

    4) The fight over Cheddar Man is a microcosm of the rise and fall of Out of Africa, where they tried to tell us we came from black Africa but later it was shown to be a political/religious fraud and that multi-regional evolution was the correct paradigm, as fossil evidence tells us.

    5. Science-by-press conference is a huge red flag. That’s not how real science is done.

    6. Another huge fraud is modern physics. Almost everything after the 1930s is fraud.


    So over time, populations tend to become darker, not lighter, due to contamination of the gene pool with melanin genes, which are dominant. So a black cheddar man could not have turned white over time, so is obviously a hoax.

  7. Anything but the Biblical and archeological record – or indeed any ancient record like Strabo or The Book of the Maccabees or the Aeneid.

    Ancient Hebrews in Egypt (Shasu) are depicted in the ancient Egyptian records. A White , blue eyed people – they wore kilts with tassels (tzitzit) a Biblical injunction.

    In terms of fibre, they also went in for plaids and squares. Not all of the House of Judah’s descent went into Egypt. Darda was descended from Judah and he and his house left the Covenant and went to Asia minor. The oldest Greek name for the Trojans is: Dardan. The Israelite Book of the Maccabees acknowledges the Israelite kinship with Sparta. And, of course, there would be a kinship with Rome through Troy.

    The multi-ethnic race today styling itself ‘the Jews’ – 95% of which is Ashkhenazim (a Turkic people of the land of ancient Magog) are not the Israelites of the Bible which were dispersed throughout the ancient realms of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome.

    • 10.000 years ago the inhabitants of Europe (Western Hunter-Gatherers) had dark skin and blue eyes, then came in the influx of Neolithic farmers from the Middle East(probably Anatolia), and finally the Indo-European(Aryan) tribes whose Urheimat was around the Volga that in waves invaded Western Europe circa 5.000-4.000 years ago, bringing the domesticated horse and cattle.
      The Indo-European peoples had brown skin and dark eyes, somewhat similar to a Turk in nowadays

      European countries are a mix in different degrees of these three components, Western Hunter-Gatherers, Middle Eastern Neolithic Farmers, and Indo-European tribes.
      The country in Europe wich has the strongest Indo-European component is, thus Aryan, is ironically, Poland! With the highest rate of the R1A haplogroup, the Indo-European haplogroup par excellence.
      But the gene for white skin was introduced in Europe, again ironically, by the Middle Eastern farmers of the Neolithic.

      Nevertheless there are still uneducated idiots or self-hating homosexual beaners still clinging to the delusion of blond blue-eyed highly civilized “Aryans”.
      The “Aryan” word should be applied only to some populations of Northern India and Iran, they are the legitimate owners of the “Aryan” term.

      • People should really stop using Indo-European racially. Its use is linguistic. 82-IQ Indians are Indo-European and they are not even close to white genetically. This is not a Eurasian movement.

        • That is an excellent point, Meesta Yack Burtons. But there are still trace elements of a glorious Aryan/Celtic/Scythian past to be seen in the faces of some people from North Africa, the Near East, Southern and Central Asia.

  8. Cheddar Man served his anti-White purpose. The truth about him will get quickly flushed down the Memory Hole.

  9. Some friends of mine who look absolutely Norwegian, got their results back from from and were stunned to discover what a racial fruit salad is making them out to be. Is this outfit Jewish owned or something? Apparently they have black African ancestry, despite having parents who migrated to Australia from the north of England where their families have been for thousands of years.
    Its all a ploy to make whites feel less white, and thus make them less loyal to their race in times
    of conflict. If these friends of mine are partly African, then I’m partly Martian.
    Theres nothing Jews won’t try :- wars, diversity, race-mixing, feminism, gay rights, ancestry hoaxes, pornography, control of major institutions, shutting down free speech…..they are a hate group! I wouldn’t be surprised if the cheddar man farce has a Jew behind the scenes somewhere in the middle of it all. Again-THEY ARE A HATE GROUP!!!

    • @john

      I saw on TV, were some people in Minnesota, who’s family came over from Norway in the 1870’s, and who live hundreds of miles from any Niggers, were given the same genetic testing results. The had some Nigger genes. Obviously, those technicians were truthful about fudging the results on tests where they believed the customers to be “racists.”

      • @James,

        Yes when something looks too unbelievable to be true….then it probably isn’t. These ancestry mobs are farce and are expensive.

    • @Lynda,
      Yes and I foolishly typed that second last sentence BEFORE I noticed ‘Willies’ tweet above. It looks like indeed Jews were behind it…caught out like the deviants they are.

  10. According to the known anthropological record, the white race from skull and bone fossils has existed for at least 45k years. Oh, you didn’t know they can identify race just be the long bones for example? Yeah, niggers especially are different in particular with their forearms and lower leg bones. Trained experts say they can spot them instantly.

    So it’s again Jews lying to the world with no consequences. They will pay sooner or later.

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