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  1. I attended two Trump rallies in 2016 and watched dozens more. In 2017 I watched a couple. One of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions is not to waste any more time on them.

    Let me guess– he’s touting tax cuts and Jerusalem.

    I read that he spoke for 80 minutes! The (((media))) is right that it puts him into Castro, Chavez, Ceausescu territory hahaha.

    Off topic: I did find it amusing that Trump is threatening to pull ICE out of California.

  2. As far as I can tell there is no one in charge of the government. Perhaps the breakup of the USSA is imminent?

  3. Seems like he’s going to throw out a few concessions to the left over guns and the house n senate will make sure that no bill passes his desk. Even if it does the Supreme Court will pass an injunction on any law passed.

    Meanwhile the left has stupidly victimized the 6 Million odd NRA members and perhaps as many fellow travelers.

    It’s subtle stuff.

    • I keep a long and constantly growing list of businesses and entities that I personally boycott. Although I’m not a member of the NRA, my usual car-rental outfit, Enterprise, is now on that list.

      • The NRA stood by and did virtually nothing (less than nothing) when all sorts of small time right wingers were chased off the net or boycotted by banking and payment services. What was done after Charlottesville to various websites and platforms was just a trial run for this.

        • NRA isn’t pro-White. Most 2A enthusiasts are Politically Incorrect anti-Whites. They’ll be the first to holler “racist” at any White person objecting to White Genocide. Still, shitlibs hate NRA because the membership is “too White”, regardless of how cucked out and useless the members are.

  4. I have attended several CPACs. The term “conservative” is now odious to me. After the National Review, neocons, NeverTrumpers, the Republican Jewish Coalition and many others have helped open my eyes I realize that I’m definitely NOT one of them and want no part of “conservatism.”

  5. You know what the problem with 4D Chess is Captain John? It confuses and demoralizes your base.

    I’ll share my experience voting in the recent Texas GOP Primary:

    I voted against the incumbents across the board to include my local Congressman, Cruz, George P Bush and the sitting governor Abbott (voting for a man named “SECEDE Kilgore” no less). Compared to voting in the general election it was super dead and it seemed like about 50-50 democrat republican when it should have been 30-70.

    I actually doubt Trump can play 4D chess because of the debacle the of AL-Sen race. What did that fiasco look like? Someone thinking they were playing 4D chess getting blown out by people who play 2D chess. Because of that fiasco, Bannon is in exile (I know he is not one of us, but for a moment he was just inside the “Overton Window” and thus a good yardstick of the times) Bannon is in exile and Romney is in the Senate with Trump’s endorsement (talk about “rigged” – the Soviet Union had more competitive elections!).

    We are back to June 2015 after a long and costly ride (three precious years). Have we gained enough in wisdom to justify that cost? The answer was and is Partition, ie building a new nation out of the wreckage of the old. Holding a Congress, posting maps, having plans for money and travel and cross border trade – in other words getting real and getting rid of the clown show. If we build it they will come, as the demographic winter is not striking the entire nation equally, and as we go into national minority status, the majority white areas will flood with whites who finally “get it” at the last minute to midnight.

    • It’s not 4D chess.

      More like Lucy pulling the ball from Charlie Brown as he takes a field goal kick.

      Besides, it’s interesting to see which politicos go wobbly.

  6. Is “European Style Socialist” a la Wayne LaPierre actually anti-Semitic or does he literally mean European Style Socialists. He only named Jews in his specific examples, but he’s given himself wiggle room to deny it all later.

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