Black History Month 2018: The Zamundans


I hope you have enjoyed Occidental Dissent’s coverage of Black History Month 2018.


We started with the black fictional image that is Prince T’Challa and the Wakandans. We close with the beloved Prince Akeem and the Zamundans who will soon be returning to theaters in Coming to America 2. Neither T’Challa or Akeem bear any resemblance to real African emperors like Bokassa I or real African princes like Teodoro Obiang Nguema or Robert Mugabe Junior.

No one is starving or living in poverty in Wakanda or Zamunda. That’s only Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia. No one lives under a brutal dictator who has killed millions like Shaka. No one is being murdered by drug addicted, crossdressing generals who command child soldiers like in Sierra Leone and Liberia. No one is dying in clan warfare like in Somalia or being eaten by cannibals like the Simbas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. No one is being butchered as cockroaches by génocidaires like in Rwanda. No one is a modern day slave like in Mauritania or dying from AIDS like in Botswana.

Next year, we will take a look at how Africans live in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We will finish our search for a real world Wakanda or Zamunda where black people have demonstrated the capacity to live like they do in The Cosby Show.

Note: The president of Gabon married a black woman from California who was living on EBT.

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  1. Has anyone noticed a pattern here? Blacks are backward, corrupt, dumb, and are great at enjoying things created by the whites they hate.
    How patient will the Chinese be with them? Only time will tell.
    Whites take rubble and turn it into a city. Blacks take a city and turn it into rubble, but hey, we’re all equal….and don’t be so waycist an sheeeit man!

  2. This year’s Black History Month on OD has been the most informative ever. I can’t imagine Hunter will be able to outdo himself after this. This plus the racial history timeline make this the most information dense site regarding this material. Kudos Professor Wallace.

    • HW, you should collate, footnote, illustrate and publish this as a book- written at a junior high level, for White homeschool families, and public undergraduate freshman studies programs.

  3. Occidental Dissent’s celebration of Black History Month was sponsored by Delta Airlines, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Papa John’s Pizza.

    • OD”s black history month has been brought to you by Ebonics Airways where everything is all good as long as you don’t let the white folks find out about it.

  4. Niggers told European explorers about these fabulous civilisations in the interior, to scare them away from Africa. It failed.

  5. In spite of the niggers’ jungle savagery they must have had contact with the pre-Columbian cultures of Central and South America. For example there is an ancient step-pyramid in West Africa at the geographically closest point between the Dark Continent and South America. There are also other mysterious ruins of great antiquity scattered around Africa which could not possibly have been constructed by the darkies.

  6. Thank you for the incredible efforts you must have made in putting together details of how real-life “Wakandans” actually live in Africa. There is an uncanny resemblance between the post-colonial African, who proves he cannot even maintain the advanced civilization brought to him by Whites, and the African whose territory was never developed.

    In the once-thriving colonies, Whites continue to return, sometimes over and over again, to rebuild what was laid waste or allowed to return to nature through neglect by the Blacks.

    The articles you published throughout what I refer to as Monkey Month provided a nice balance to the lies told — all month long — about the non-existent racism of Whites and the imagined contributions to advanced civilization by Blacks.

  7. Excellent Black History Month. I think you covered the spectrum – historical facts, both ancient and modern, political history and Jew ‘culture wars’ entertainment history for Blacks.

  8. Most enjoyable and memorable Black History Month I can remember! Great job Hunter! It’s going to take me while to go back and reread the articles, watch the videos and everything. Thought I was a pretty good Africa buff – but you really take the cake. Bravo, sir!
    (Please write something about the politically-incorrect Flashman books!)

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