Golfing While South Carolina Burns

“Nero fiddled while Rome burned”

I spent the month of February in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I needed a break from Chicago, not so much the Chicago winter. I’m fine with the cold. I just needed a break from Chicago – the crime, chaos, god awful Lib Dem, Black Lies Matter, La Raza sanctuary city political shit.

My father always told me the bad things about Chicago…. “they build character son.”

Maybe this is true – maybe it’s why I am the way I am. Still I needed a break. Plus, I wanted to do some research on the topic: What’s the matter with South Carolina?! Link 1 Link 2

How come South Carolina didn’t have a heterosexual White guy in the office of governor (Indian-Lib woman), US Senator (Black affirmative action “conservative” that hates the South, flaming queer, open borders immigration, neo-conservative Christian Zionist). Ok, the Lib Confederate hating Indian woman governor got pushed out of SC, pushed up to New York City where she now represents the Israeli Likud party in the United Nations. Good for our folks that pushed the dot head Lib woman out to New York City!

But, why is South Carolina politics so f***ed up? How could this be?

Well after spending all but two days on Hilton Head, South Carolina I discovered a big part of the problem.

There ain’t many Southerners on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The places is occupied by snowbirds and semi-retired, retired folks from Ohio. Their main activity is playing golf and eating. I only heard a few Southern accents on Hilton Head from some solid Uber and Lyft drivers and one very nice Cajun restaurant owner. God bless her. God bless the South.

The rest of my experience on Hilton Head, SC was terrible. These Ohio golfers might be the most boring people in the USA outside of the over 85 leaders of the Church of Latter Day Sissies. What little loyalty they show is to their NFL football team or to Ohio State football thugs. Sure, I think these folks voted for Trump but they don’t take much, any interest in South Carolina politics, culture or attacks on Southern Confederate statues, graves, history. Hilton Head, SC is supposed to be a great place for competitive tennis, but the tennis players hadn’t arrived yet and I had a hard time finding a match with anyone under the age of 70 years old. In round robin tennis socials I had to play with these old folks and it’s like being a part of the Special Olympics, you’re pressed to be all positive that someone actually got the tennis ball over the net.

On the plus side I did take some lessons from a best ever Indian tennis pro – he cleaned up all my shots and I actually beat him in a set. Though he might have given me a few points.

So it is often true in such situations of our god awful, fallen country that the best people we meet really are some hard working immigrants from places like India. I note that most of the maids and landscaping workers were Hispanic instead of Southern blacks as Southern blacks are marginalized and pushed to other less expensive coastal islands.

Hilton Head, SC feels like suburban Connecticut – another place that produces god awful GOP politicians like 3 now 4 generations of Bush Family cuckservatives. Most of Hilton Head is fenced off gated communities and one can not even ride a bicycle on the streets, but most drive on the ocean front sand.

So, this in my opinion is another region of Dante’s Inferno Hell – gated communities populated by older Ohio golfers where the place feels and votes like Connecticut.

On the plus side, I did spend the last 2 days in near by Savannah Georgia which did feel very Southern. Lots of nice Southern accents, locals Black and White Southerners pretty much agreed with all my opinions about Chicago crime, mass 3rd world immigration, Islamic terrorism and boring snow birds, retirees from Ohio.

Still some Southerners in and around Savannah and across the border South Carolina greatly appreciated the good South Carolina economy produced by tourism and airplane manufacturing. I had minor disagreements with Southern Uber/Lyft drivers about anything goes gun rights and World War II.

Well, the next time I escape Chicago in Jan, Feb or March – I’m going to avoid Ohio Golfers on Hilton Head SC and stick to the South.

The North is a direction, but the South is a place…. now being flooded with boring Northerners from Ohio, Pennsylvania and New England.

On the plus side I didn’t notice or feel the presence of Ashkenazi New Yawk, New Jersey Jews. Apparently these Js are concentrated in and around Charleston SC. I notice on some blogs that these folks complain that the public schools are not as good as in New Jersey and some local Southern Baptists are insulting them by trying to convert their children to

Jesus – King of the Jews.

God bless the South.


  1. ” I notice on some blogs that these folks complain that the public schools are not as good as in New Jersey and some local Southern Baptists are insulting them by trying to convert their children to

    Jesus – King of the Jews.

    God bless the South.”

    I saw what you did there, Jack! Bravo!

    Good article, too, btw. And, even though I’ve never been to Hilton Head, your assessment sounds reasonably correct.

  2. If I move to the South I can promise you I will not be boring, nor will I bring any Yankee notions of liberalism or equality with me.

    • Good for you!

      Also just try to read up on Southern history and Southern culture. Don’t try to fake a Southern accent or do like the Jews do, change your name, religion, political party affiliation and try to blend in as one of them – that doesn’t work, plus we’re just not anywhere near as good as the Jews at lying and deception.

      Instead read up on Southern history (Southern By the Grace of God) let locals know you do understand Southern History and Southern culture -you ain’t a carpet bagger or Communist from New Yawk or Hollywood.

      Maybe sponsor something Southern – a bass fishing contest or promise bringing back Southern shot gun weddings so the local Southern gals can marry the man they want.

      Have some fun out there and let’s all try not to be or enable boring, cowardly cuckservative “Golfing while the USA/West burns.

      That month I spent with those boring Ohio golfers on Hilton Head was pure torture. I pretty much prefer to hang out with Black gang bangers, at least that don’t put ya to sleep.

      • Jack, as a genuine Southerner, I can tell you that the few things we respect above all else when it comes to “outsiders” moving here is those who are 1) polite, 2) respectful of our Southern charm, and 3) are laid back (non-confrontational, non-pushy, etc.). In other words, we like those folks who are the EXACT OPPOSITE of the stereotypical Yankee! We don’t give a damn about a person’s accent, how they feel about fishing, or their lack of knowledge about Southern history. Just be a decent person, a respectful person, mind your own business… and you’ll be accepted with open arms.

        • Oh, and I forgot to add: make sure you leave the incest jokes (you know, the ones that assume we Southern ‘hicks’ are all cousin-marrying degenerates?) back home in a trash can.

          • Those are a kike invention like the Polack jokes. Seeing as Poland might be the best white country on earth, I’ld say the kike is a deceptive scumbag. There is no truth in the jew.
            It’s hysterical when niggers joke about southern incest or stupidity. Only in a bizarro w

    • I’m already in the South, spahn. Tennessee, born and bred. East Tennessee, actually. And I can tell you that plenty of Yankees, with their “liberalism”, their “equality”… along with their general rudeness and pushiness… are already starting to take over my own little town. Not that all Yanks are rude, pushy liberals, mind you (not meaning to offend!). Only the ones I’ve met, lol.

  3. Jesus (Yashua) is not King of the Jews but King of the Judeans. As Paul explains in Romans chp 9 that the descendants of Esau had infiltrated Judea and were not of Israel. The book of Maccabees also explains this and Josephus antiquities of the Judeans beginning in chapter 13.

  4. I noticed this insane amount of people from Ohio when I went to Gatlinburg, TN a couple years ago. This particular brand of Yankee is marginally more toxic than the rest of their God-forsaken ethnic cohorts.

  5. The Eternal Yankee has no concept or respect of boundaries. They think they own the world and have little care for the culture of others.

    • That is also what the Kikes do. Sometimes I think Yankees and Kikes are one and the same.

  6. Y’all gonna keep messin’ aroun’ with all this trash talkin’ about folks from Ohio and piss of AA.

    • Chris Cantwell is typical of what New Yorkers are like. Many are secretly pro-Rebel, just like they were during the Draft Riots of July 1863.

      • No matter what anybody says about Cantwell, I’ll always like him. Unless he totally cucks at some point in the future or turns into an “anti-racist’, that is. And I like Downtown White Police, too, another based Yankee (and Italian I might add, like Dio and Mussolini!).

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