DeAndre Harris Walks Free

Watch this video:

Now read this story about what happened at DeAndre Harris’s trial in Charlottesville:

“DeAndre Harris, a black man who was brutally beaten at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., last year, was acquitted of assault related to an incident that took place moments before he was attacked.

Video from Aug. 12 showed six men surrounding Mr. Harris, 20, in a parking garage and hitting him with a metal pipe and wooden boards. Mr. Harris suffered a head wound and a broken wrist. The video was later widely circulated on social media in efforts to identify the assailants, and at least three men were arrested.

Moments before the attack, Mr. Harris had intervened in a scuffle after a friend tried to yank a Confederate flag away from a marcher, Harold Crews. A complaint by Mr. Crews, a state chairman of the neo-Confederate group League of the South, eventually led the Charlottesville Police Department to issue a warrant for Mr. Harris’s arrest, on a felony charge of malicious wounding. The charge was later amended to misdemeanor assault.

In Charlottesville General District Court on Friday, Judge Robert Downer said it was clear that Mr. Harris did not intend to harm Mr. Crews. …”

Charlottesville isn’t over. It never ended.

There are still good men who are in jail because the Charlottesville Police Department and Virginia State Police deliberately stood down on August 12th, allowed anarchy to erupt in the streets and have selectively prosecuted everyone who defended themselves trying to get out of there.

I can’t stress enough the significance of this: in some places in the United States, we’ve gotten to the point where violent leftwing mobs have been given a blank check by the state to attack citizens exercising their constitutional rights. The police stand down, watch and allow riots to happen. Some cities are allowed to nullify federal court orders. Prosecutors only charge people who don’t share their political beliefs. Judges look the other way when crimes are committed as long as the cause of social justice is served. Organized gangs are allowed to operate as a vigilante force to suppress free speech.

I could say more here. I’m not going to do so. Just reflect on the implications of that.

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    • The school walk outs by nigs cat girls and beaners to protest white men with guns is starting to bite. Some MAGA kid just had his arm broken by a pack of nogs for waving around a Trump banner during a walk out.

      Very very interesting. Move in packs white boys. The war is on.

  2. They have their nation, we have ours. When are the white pillers going to wake up and smell their own demise? They are still trying to “take back America”!!!

    (or maybe it’s “take America back” I get them confused)

  3. For how long though?

    Evens says he’s incarcerated within the next 4 years.

    • Zimmerman’s acquittal was a glorious moment in the history of (real) racial justice. In fact, the man deserves a public service medal for cappin’ Lil’ Trey Trey.

        • Hey, Simpson killed a f*c king mudshark and a jew.
          As far as I was concerned, he did the world a favor

          • @Handemhigh,

            Yeah my thoughts exactly. One vic was a Jew-the natural enemy of all whites, and the other-a filthy race traitor who helped to populate the West with yet more non white turdlings. A fuckin waste of space, the pair of them.

          • I’d have rather seen him in prison or in the ground, but the sham of a trial afterwards proved that whites do not have equal protection under the law. He is one reason why i and other whites have a sort of post traumatic stress syndrome knkwn as Negro Fatique. This one nigger has cost whites millions of dollars, when All lf them are taken into account blacks have cost us trillions of dollars since the Civil Wrong Era. This is one reason why blacks are nothing to me.

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        • @El Chapo,
          I’m afraid its come to this, but it finally needs to be said once and for all…..your posts are less than inspiring.

          • El Puto is too dumb to realize that he and his Pantyfa boyfriends are just tools of exact same “system” they think they are fighting against. He’s probably some mischling half-caste, so whatever “intelligence” he possess comes from the jew side of his sub-human ancestry.

        • What would warm the cockles of my ever colder heart would be the bootlicker El Crapo getting rendered permanently irrelevant, one way or another. His co-ethnics are making that happen.

  4. Those are them evil White man’s laws. . Sheeeit ..Why when ur attacked or jumped by niggers just shoot the fucken vermins & dispose of them .

  5. In ZOGusa, DeAndre is an untouchable. He has a plight, a victim status and a tier on the Victim Entitlement Pyramid. As long as he keeps it together and doesn’t chimp-out against the higher tiers of the pyramid – like the Faggot Offensive and (of course) The Apex of the eternal suffering sweepstakes, DeAndre has a job. He was there to do it and he did it.
    Recovery Update After the Hack and My Experience at Charlottesville

    Listen to Henrik and Lana take us back through the official narrative – which is collapsing. So much so that in the Nanny State of Oz , jewtube has blocked the Red Ice Charlottesville vid. This is desperation. The Alt Right should keep the heat on the official narrative.

  6. I really think Abusing The Public Trust should be treated as Capital Treason in the event the swamp is drained or power changes hands.

    • We need to take down the names of judges, politicians, prosecutors, reporters, activists and other white race-traitor scum who are responsible for these outrages. I’m like Stalin – I have a very long memory and I do not forgive easily or frequently.

    • That was proven through the blood of 100 million whites killed by the Kikes in Eastern and Central Europe.

  7. Worthless nigger monkey scum like this is why I couldn’t take anti-racism all that seriously even back when I was a devout little anti-racist.

    • You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig

      You can take a subhuman out of the jungle but when it gets to the civilized world it’s gonna act like the subhuman in the jungle

  8. I’m gonna enjoy voting “not guilty” whenever I get jury duty on a trial where a monkey was wiped off the earth by a white, regardless of the circumstances.

      • El Puto and Gothic Greaseball are probably one and the same cretin. I would find it exceedingly hard to believe that there could be two assholes who are exactly as repulsive as those two.

        • Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. Most probably a white Antifa faggot, an actual maricón, with some serious mental issues (that “involved” dad it goes on and on about might be a clue there). 🙂

        • Even though I agree that it’s highly possible (and credible) that they are the same trolls, I’m not 100% convinced. Yes, it’s entirely possible for there to be two separate assholes as repulsive as both usernames are. In fact, we know that there are thousands of anti-White sjws, etc., IRL… so why couldn’t a mere couple of them troll OD articles? Whatever the case, it’s not important enough to be concerned about. One idiot, two idiots, whatever… I only hope he (or they) meet a horrible end, preferably by the same “victims” of “White supremacy” that he (or they) so stupidly consider comrades.

  9. “Antifa” screamers and thugs are expendable useful idiots used by our anti-White overlords to shut down pro-White speech. When they no longer serve their purpose they’ll disappear.

      • When, Gothic Jew, when is the question. And the answer is when the EBT cards run out and/or they get their draft notice to go fight and rollback the ruthless Russian Army driving east across the collapsing EU/NATO states of western Europe. Hopefully, no whites will go fight or share stockpiled food with them. The nogs can and will revert back to cannibalism, which is how the antifa whites will end up in the cooking pot.

    • “Antifa are far left excremists.”

      Was that a misspell or were you being witty, john? Because “excremists” is a pretty apt discription considering the excrement that they in fact are!

  10. Hey Hunter, can I post the James Levine Metropolitan Opera sexual scandal blog? I think it is perfectly legal, sensible and just presents the topic of the day.

    • My classical music recordings do not include anything conducted by Levine. But Herbert Von Karajan? DEFINITELY.

  11. Here’s the simple fact that no one in the Anti White MSM will put out there…
    That if this dindu didn’t try and steal the Confederate flag away, he would have never gotten his ass kicked.

    Dindus don’t know how to do anything peaceful though. Blacks literally can’t even protest correctly because they end up burning the fucking city down and violently assault people. In this case this dindu made a move of aggression and got what he ordered

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