OD to be Featured on Tonight’s the Political Cesspool

OD will be featured as a guest on tonight’s Sat 3/17/18 James Edwards’ outstanding radio show The Political Cesspool.

It’s the South’s best populist Conservative radio show. 6-9 PM Central Standard Time.


This week we’ll be discussing the recent setbacks, resignations, sexual and criminal mess ups now plaguing American Alternative Right, Populist, Nationalists, Race Realists groups and spokesmen.

The theme of our segment will be Kenny Rodgers – The Gambler:

“If you’re gonna play the game, boy
You gotta learn to play it right”
You got to know
When to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run
You never count your money

There’ll be time enough for countin’
When the dealin’s done”

We’ll be recommending that our folks:

Not fold em, not run but yeah,

Walk away and regroup.

Please listen in and give us some honest, but OD guideline acceptable feedback.


  1. “Not fold em, not run but yeah,
    Walk away and regroup.”

    Our ideas are more widespread than ever

    But the Alt-Right as we know it is over.

    Time to step back, make a conscious effort to re-think your current assumptions and re-evaluate what the landscape looks like, what your options are, and who you want to associate with.

    Most of all re-evalute what is useful and what is useless.

    Should be an interesting episode.

  2. In terms of what’s happening with TWP, you might want to take a holiday from street fighting.

    • The TWP failed on all fronts: as a viable white rights group, since Neo-Nazi outfits have been failing regularly since George Lincoln Rockwell and Billy Roper’s cruddy “White Revolution”, which was full of ex-cons, as well as failing as a moral linchpin, since it’s leaders were sexual degenerates (who fux their father-in-law’s wife, for christ’s sake!?) so Matt HymieBach is finished in the alt-right movement for eternity. He should begin weightlifting to prepare himself for fighting off nigger rapists during his upcoming prison term.

  3. As we walk away, with our solution in hand, splitting up the United States, the broader movement will follow, first in a trickle, then in a flood as event prove us right.

    • Eloquently put, Afterthought; the concept of balkanization seems the most realistic, natural, and indeed the most likely of the possible positive outcomes…

  4. I think the part of the message we have to hit is this Communist/Globalist mandate : there is no country for White People. Every other race in its nations can have an ethnostate, but not Whites.

    Not content with their victories in the Culture War of social subversion against White, Western society, The Owners are pushing the next phase before they consolidate their victories. Irish Savant has written about this.


    In response to memes like: ‘It’s OK to be White’, Pepe, ‘Stop White Genocide’ etc, Savant quotes one Rabbi Cooper ” An entire subculture of hate is taking shape online ranging from the Pepe the Frog icon to gaming apps to T-shirts all using insider vocabulary”.. Savant comments: “How tone deaf, how lacking in empathy can you get? …something deep within even the most cucked, comatose White is going to be aroused by a Jew claiming that ‘It’s OK to be White” represents ‘a subculture of hate’. ”

    In the re-group phase, the Alt Right should focus on alterations, especially to the ‘culture of hate’ suit being stitched up for the Whites who think in terms of European nationalism, European founding stock and heritage ethnostate in declining White nations of America, Canada, Australia.

    We should be focused on publishing the realities of Black Majority (Communist) Rule as it has been rolled out in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Today , for example , Blacks unable to maintain the infrastructure of a modern state are confronting certain realities – among them the incompetence of Blacks generally. The Alt Rite should be publishing and commenting on all that. I mean: A major city in S.A., Cape Town, is going to be out of drinking water by April http://www.bbc.com/news/business-42626790. And what is the S.A. Black gov’t solution: ‘Take the farmlands and kill the Boer’. The Whites, any Whites, anywhere, of course, will comment on how this type of policy is not going to work (from whatever perspective, any perspective). Let the SPLC, the ADL et al weigh in on their favourite topic : these hateful and supremacist Whites, the poor Victimised Blacks etc. The Alt Right should be framing these discussions in terms of basic facts, like : Cape Town the first major city in the world to ‘run out’ of drinking water.

    The Communist / Globalist dictate is: “There is no country for White People”. For everybody else, but not Whites.

    In the latter half of the twentieth century, this mandate was enforced as Black Majority Rule on Republic of South Africa 1961 and Rhodesia 1965 when it declared UDI and succeeded the former British colony of S. Rhodesia. The wars of these nations for the White ethnostate on their homeland are more than instructive and should tell us that the path to partition in the US is not a civil rights or constitutional pathway. But it could be presented as a civil rights pathway just as Black Majority Rule always played to the front of the House as a ‘civil rights pathway’. It was in fact a bloody and protracted war of insurgency carefully censored for the sheeple back in the White majority namesl.

    In the 21st century, this mandate is being enforced on all White nations with majority White populations through compulsory migrant intakes from the desirable populations: Black and Muslim and non-White European.

  5. Our enemies want nothing more to see us divided and bickering on internet fora. The less action and money invested in the real world, the better, as far as they are concerned.

  6. We were on The Political Cesspool last night and at least I thought it went well. Please go to the main page and access the show at the bottom and give us some feedback. Maybe give us some $ contributions to stay on the air. The Chilldren of the Devil and their horrible cuckservative lackeys have us in their sites and they want us to fold like pretty much everyone in the Alt Right is now doing. We’re on the second hour:


    RADIO SHOW HOUR 2 – 2018/03/17

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