Radical Agenda Interview


In this interview, I chat with Christopher Cantwell about the campaign to split the Alt-Right, the doxing of Ricky Vaughn and Weev’s sketchy Jewish background. The interview culminates in the revelation that Andrew Anglin has admitted that Weev is a Jew and has known it for years.

Show Notes:

[1] Weev’s past as an “anti-Semite hunter” in the early 2000s

[2] The iProphet Reverend Weevlos

[3] Full Disclosure doxes Weev in 2009

[4] Weev’s mother sends emails to Full Disclosure in which she reveals that Weev has Jewish ancestry on both sides of his family and comes from a multiracial family. She claims to be a Native American and offers to ask a local rabbi in Richmond to settle the dispute

[5] Weev describes himself as White, Other, Native American in his LinkedIn profile

[6] Weev caught in lies about his dox on Full Disclosure

[7] Full Disclosure isn’t an Antifa group and removed personal information about Weev’s family

[8] Weev’s grandfather was a Muskogee Indian who was born on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma

[9] Weev’s mom’s allegations of drug abuse and Indian ancestry verified

[10] Weev’s drug abuse is featured in the NY Times

[11] Weev admits to being Jewish on the Goatse Security website

[12] Weev was the president of the Gay Niggers Association of America

[13] Weev when he was one of the closest comrades of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street

[14] Weev claims to be White, Other, Native American in his OkCupid profile

[15] Weev describes himself as a Bavarian Jew who preys on Gentile women in his OkCupid profile

[16] Weev caught in lies about his OkCupid profile

[17] Weev tells Gawker that he has Jewish ancestors

[18] Weev’s parents attend his trial. His mom blows him a kiss

[19] Weev’s longtime friend Alex Pilosov appears at his trial

[20] Weev is released from prison, goes on his Livejournal account, describes himself as an artist who makes things he despises look ridiculous and announces his plan to cover the internet in dongs and swastikas

[21] The grave of Weev’s Indian ancestors

[22] Weev appears on CNBC after being released from prison to advertise his new hedge fund

[23] Weev is featured in the 2014 documentary The Hacker War

[24] Molly Crabapple defends Weev in Vice

[25] Breitbart notes that Weev used to be “the darling of the Left”

[26] Weev’s debut on Daily Stormer complete with American History X swastika tattoo

[27] Weev’s drug fueled speech referenced by the NYTimes

[28] Weev boasts about screwing Eastern European teenagers with your donations

[29] Weev comes out of the closet as a born again Nazi in October 2014

[30] Weev sends out of tens of thousands of flyers in which he unequivocally endorses the rape and murder of women and children

[31] Weev is the Brooklyn Nazi

[32] Weev hijacks the Alt-Right brand to associate it with Jewish stereotypes of Neo-Nazism

[33] Weev claims he has “realigned the world” in a manic episode in a recent YouTube video.

[34] Weev endorses beating, torturing and gang raping women

[35] Weev rants about the scold’s bridle and going Turner Diaries

[36] Christopher Cantwell’s domain was seized after Weev went on his show

[37] Dailystormer.lol was registered to Alex Pilosov’s NYC apartment

[38] Who is Alex Pilosov?

[39] Alex Pilosov and Weev are good buddies

[40] Alex Pilosov’s Jewish brother is a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi

[41] Alex Pilosov is Jewish

[42] Alex Pilosov’s connections to Adam Rothschild

[43] Weev hanging out in Alex Pilosov’s apartment

UPDATE: Since I appeared on Radical Agenda, more information has come to light about Weev’s background due to an outpouring of tips.

[44] Weev sometimes has a moral obligation to dox you

[45] Weev makes a video about putting Lauren Southern in a scold’s bridle

[46] Weev fantasizes about replacing women with surrogates, prostitutes and sex robots

[47] Weev became a Neo-Nazi with a swastika tattoo to discredit the Weev app

[48] Weev was still using the OkCupid profile in 2017

[49] Weev created the OkCupid profile in 2009 long before he was arrested or went to prison

[50] Weev boasts about doxing a woman with her Social Security number

[51] Weev claims to be a blood Jewish relative of Theodore Herzl on Reddit in 2011

[52] Archived post of Weev admitting to be Jewish on Reddit

[53] Weev writes a letter from prison in 2013 where he once again compares himself to Raoul Auernheimer who was a prison in Dachau. He said the same thing on Goatse Security in 2009

[54] Weev claims to have blood ties to Theodore Herzl through the Auernheimer family on Reddit

[55] Weev’s shady regular bitcoin transactions come from an unknown sugar daddy

[56] Weev talks about meeting with PayPal billionaires 5 months before he becomes a Nazi on Daily Stormer

[57] Weev is banned from Gab for making vague threats about another Oklahoma City. He has long idolized Timothy McVeigh

[58] Alex Pilosov is Weev’s connection to the MAGA movement. He is also Guccifer 2.0

[59] Weev lived with Pilosov in New York City which is how he met Jeff Giesea and Peter Thiel

[60] Weev’s ancestry

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  1. I’d like to know if TRS and DS properly vetted this degenerate before they allowed him access to the inner workings of their websites. And how much access does Weev have to the above sites? Does he have lists of donors ect.?

    • TRS and DS are full of crypto-kikes and pranksters who are “trolling” White nationalists with their edgy, ironic humor.

    • When Weev wrote his first article for DS, I contacted Anglin to voice my concerns at having such an unstable guy working with the site – I had no idea about the Jew stuff at the time.

      I was brushed off as a humorless fun-spoiler, and was ignored afterwards whenever I raised an issue.

      • One look at that picture tells you all you need to know. Put sidelocks and a hat on it and you have an inbred Hasidic Jew.

  2. This much is certain: Following Anglin, Mackey, Spencer, Enoch and Aurenheimer is going to get the White Power movement exactly NOWHERE.

    • Yeah, well… don’t take this personally, but these guys are getting white nationalists a hell of a lot further than the nut Charles Manson ever did…

  3. #27 applies to Anglin as well. They are both just trolls fleecing their audience for money. No different than Vox Day, but at least Vox is a family man. Jew Weev and nigger Anglin are just drug addled degenerates.

  4. This was just posted by our host on Gab:

    “I first met Weev in an online chat room that I visited while staying at Fortuny’s house. “I hack, I ruin, I make piles of money,” he boasted. “I make people afraid for their lives.” On the phone that night, Weev displayed a misanthropy far harsher than Fortuny’s. “Trolling is basically Internet eugenics,” he said, his voice pitching up like a jet engine on the runway. “I want everyone off the Internet. Bloggers are filth. They need to be destroyed. Blogging gives the illusion of participation to a bunch of retards … We need to put these people in the oven!”


    Weev is bad news and apparently he’s played many many people in our circles for fools. I have little doubt Anglin is doing the same thing. I’ve had bad vibes about both of them for years but had no idea it was this bad. Anyone who still donates money to any group affiliated with these two conmen are fools.

    • Considering what good ol’ Andre’s been doing with people’s donations?

      Yep – it looks worse by the minute.

      • You mean sleeping in and paying for Ukrainian hookers? He works 16 hours a day. There is all the typing, talking to people in the “movement”…..he works very hard. Send him some money!

  5. Damn. I feel very foolish posting in defense of Weev’s crazy “I believe in killing children” letter. My apologies to anyone that I may have offended. But, understand, I do NOT believe that killing kids is cool. I was only speaking from a hard-core, anti-jewish, genocidal point-of-view… basically saying that they deserve to drink their own medicine, be eliminated root and branch. It’s pretty well-established that they have no problem killing non-jewish children, babies, etc. I can see now however that Weev said all that crap in order to smear White Nationalism as “child-killing genocidal maniacs” in the eyes of Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccer-mom.

    Anglin I’ve always found to be disingenuous, immature and creepy. Both very, very bad for the movement…to say the least.

    Good show!

  6. This could be lights out for DS too. Only an idiot would send money or give support to Anglin and his Jew run op at this point. That goes for TRS too.

    Great work, Hunter and Marcus.

    Superb work, gentleman.

  7. Good stuff Hunter. Glad your back it’s been a couple days, hope you got some R&R and recharged.

    TRS and DS I have always avoided it always seemed off like a kike run shill group, too extreme pushing the white Sharia. Losers gone loco. We shouldn’t abandon our daughters. They need their daddy’s when they don’t they turn into sluts. Come on White Man and be the father that you were meant to be.

  8. The fact that weev is a Jew has been argued back and forth on Stormfront, since (((Daily Stomer))) first appeared and started trying to get free speech for Whites shut down on Twitter.

    Remember Michael Slay, AKA Joshua Goldburg? Dead give away!

    The shills from (((Daily Stormer))) who post at Stormfront didn’t deny it, when Weev’s Mom said he was a Jew. Their last fallback was to say Hitler let part Jews into the National Socialists, so its okay that Weev is Jewish.

    The 1488 crowd has always been fake. They are paid actors. (((Hollywood Nazis))) Hooray for Hollywood!

    • When I directly asked Weev himself if he was Jewish his response was “I believe Hitler would have allowed me in under Nuremberg laws”

      That is a hand to Bible QUOTE from Weev himself. Now tell me what white man or woman would answer like that if you asked if they’re Jewish? It would be more like:

      Are you Jewish?

      No – or Good Lord NO (depending on their attitudes to Jews)

  9. Anyone with a subscription to my posting career needs to look up the post where Weev defends the killing of black churchgoing women by Dylan roof (grab her by the weev). Weev’s position was that this was the ‘intelligentsia’ of the the black world and so made sense. The other were arguing that it was a shitty thing to do and bad optics. I was always sceptical of Weev. Unearned media exposure and a geographical surname is always a sure sign of a crypto-jew. His hacking skills are really overrated. Stuff like hacking all unprotected printers in a u.s state is just not that impressive. That post made me really think. After Charlottesville my posting career hid all of its best stuff for members only but if anyone is a member maybe they can repost here. It was obvious from that post to say that he was disingenuous to say the least.

    • Printers who are set up wirelessly are generally open for anyone to connect to. (Unless they are locked with a password but even if so it’s super super easy to do with a printer, jeez do a 2 minute google search).

      That was no hacking job, I can hop on my neighbors printer and “hack their systems” too I suppose but I doubt I’d get massive Jew media coverage.

  10. The Alt-Right is a false flag operation. Notice how Southern Nationalism was shoved aside at Charlottesville, which was supposed to be about Southern Nationalism, to begin with.

    • It’s always about allowing these “Yankee Nationalists” to be involved in Southern Nationalism, but then 100% of the time turns into them forcing their way into being yo masta and then running it into the ground.

      A good lesson to learn for the 5,000th time.

  11. Oof. That’s that then. Disagreements are one thing, but when you actually cavort with Federal Informants who dox white nationalists, that’s a bridge too far. So long OD, we hardly knew ye \o

  12. Hunter Wallace doesn’t get Anglin’s journey AT ALL. Wallace cites Anglin having lived in SE Asia and sexing Asian monkeys, saying cynically that the White race should be bred out of existence, all just prior to going fascist. At that time, Anglin was disgusted with what he thought was White western culture, the corrupt nature of it, the crass commercialization, etc. Eventually what he realized is that those facets he hated were not of “his people” at all, but were due to the current jew control of Western society. And it took living among the monkeys of SE Asia for Anglin to discover that racial differences are REAL, contrary to what all of MSM indoctrinates us with. So his going from that to being a fascist is not actually a contradiction. It’s not a 180 degree turn. There’s a common sense progression.

    • Bro, Anglin was drugging and partying it up in Southeast Asia long after DS was established.

      Hell, he admitted being there in court documents relating to the Tanya Gersh case.

    • Anglin has continually lived in SE Asia and only took a small break to come back and vote for Trump. Of course Greece kicked him out for setting up the Golden Dawn and then was kicked out of Eastern Europe for attacking too many Slav girls.

      • This is messed up layers of deceit.

        I can tell you as a long time stormer reader forbesmag
        was a troll and I believe banned for it, he is not white,
        he was not a fan of DS, he did out the jews and neocons
        but caused a lot of problems and even went after Striker.
        He is probably a moslem or Turk or some mudslime.

        The only thing he is doing here now is piling on and laughing.

        We find all of this disturbing, his ilk are happy, maybe he is
        pro DS now because he realizes how damaging it is.

      • Hunter Wallace can ask Striker about forbesmag,
        hopefully everyone is communicating, you have a
        deceitful troll on here playing all sides against each

        I am personally terribly disappointed in Andrew Anglin,
        reading what is on here is terribly disturbing, the links
        and the Hunter Wallace explanation of what the trolls
        ” weev ” are doing, I have always suspected AA is playing
        his readers and making fools out of them.

      • Looking at the updates, I haven’t even had to to look a the originals.

        Total Destruction of ” weev ” , very disturbing how this thing has attached
        itself to Daily Stormer and apparently TRS .

        Someone needs to do a copy and paste of all links to Stormfront.

        They have the views it will be seen by all.

        This is a case study of how jews operate, infiltrate , etc .

        ” weev ” got into the DS I believe because of technical issues with site.

  13. Wow. This was emotional to listen. I feel gaslit, black pilled and confused…not sure where to go from here. I always thought weev was shady, but always took him at his word (yes, you could rightly call me naive). However, I never considered the implications of the allegations being true.

    Where do we go from here?

  14. For decades we have been spinning out wheels because the public thinks we are neanderthals, and then Anglin, DS, and Weev come along with their White Sharia Thot meme and confirms the cave man stereotype.

  15. Awesome job of nailing a jew and a traitor! You have character, Hunter. That matters above all else.

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