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  1. No matter when or where, there’s always a Jew data mining.

    Death, Taxes and Jews Data Mining. Three constant laws.

  2. This whole thing reminds me of that Vox Day clownshow.

    Vox Day (on his forums): Don’t answer their [ie political opponents’] statements with logic. Just call them pedophiles, it doesn’t matter if it’s true.

    Random Gab troll: Vox Day is a pedo.

    Vox Day; REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Unleash the Legal Legion of Evil Evilness Evils Evilly Evilguys on Gab! Your Darke Lorde commands! Burn it down!

    Everyone: Um, Vox, you advocated calling people pedos. Here are links to the post.

    *Silence ensues*

  3. these little jewish whores over at daily stormer did ban me because i asked in the comments what Azzmador has to say about weev being a kike and an agent. Daily Stormer is done forever, there is no comming back from being controled op like they are with weev the worthless jew!

  4. I got a virus posting at DS back in December. I had rarely posted there for some time, but when I did, I was often critical of their new direction. I wonder now if this was done deliberately by someone like Weev.

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