BBC: Diarmaid MacCulloch’s A History of Christianity

I apologize for my recent absence here.

I’ve been so engrossed in my research for my upcoming book that I have fallen out of the habit of writing. I’m studying the history of morality in the West, particularly as it relates to race, from 1492 until the present. Naturally, the elephant in the room is Christianity.

At the dawn of the Early Modern Era, Christianity was synonymous with morality in Western Europe (religious tolerance was still in the distant future), which is why this project has to begin there. I’ve been reading Diarmaid MacCulloch’s The Reformation: A History and Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. The latter was made into a BBC documentary which I watched the other day.

While I don’t really care for the author, MacCulloch’s books are a good introduction to the subject and his bibliography is a jumping off point into more specialized sources. I plan to spend the next few months here exploring a dizzying array of Western philosophers and theologians – St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Bernard of Clairvaux, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and many, many more.

In February, we spent the whole month exploring Africa for Black History Month 2018. In the past, I have written at length about the Caribbean. I think it will be fun to turn our attention to Europe and this time explore in depth the rise of the modern world.

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  1. I recommend studying Erasmus, and also don’t forget the anabaptist line, Zwingli, even leading to the Dutch Reformer Jacobus Arminius. Menno Simons is another good one.

    I am pointing out people that played more subtle roles in our American specific story.

    • Right, there were thousands of leaders of the Reformation, all but a few now forgotten.

      In the US the later day Reformers like John and Charles Wesley played a huge role in shaping White America, so did George Whitfield, Jacob Albright and many others.

      • Didn’t Sir Thomas Moore and Erasmus maintain an epistolic relationship, like Jefferson and Adams?

  2. HW: ” Christianity was synonymous with morality in Western Europe.”

    Communism was synonymous with morality in Mao’s China.

    • And to ignore the ODDITY of Western, Apostate Christianity after the Schism. Brad, if you have not yet dealt with the reality of the Schism (ca. 1054 AD) and what it meant for ALL of Christendom, you’re going to merely spin your wheels, and come to the most useless of conclusions for both yourself, and your readership, than most people do, when they try to make heads or tails of the deathwish of the West, post 1939!

      There are two, possibly three books you MUST read, before coming to ANY conclusion on this issue. First, Joseph P. Farrell’s “God, History, and Dialectic.” Secondly, Michael Hoffman’s “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.” Lastly, any book written by an Orthodox writer not enamored of Rome, on the issue of the Filioque.

      I cannot stress enough, you are unable to understand the West, until you understand that we are an ABBERATION when compared to the first millennium of Christendom.


      • Christianity was created to keep slaves in line, and keep people down and stupid, and to give the creators of it an inroad into Europa. It was designed from the outset to be rearranged at the whims of the church, and the original proto-marxism. It has been used to destroy truth world-wide, but more specifically European history, and used to justify the deaths of millions of Europeans over thousands of years. It is responsible for more European dead than all the political wars of the last two thousand years.

        Christianity is mind poison. That is all it ever was, all it will ever be, just like islam.
        Blood and Soil, or a dead non-European alien on a stick.

      • The third episode above is about Orthodoxy. He deals with it at length in the +1,000 page book. The Orthodox world has a very different history though from the West.

  3. The origins of Christianity can be found in the so-called pagan solar god cults of the Levant. Its most recent antecedents were the Essenes and Gnostics.

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    • @Spahn, because centuries ago, the White Man failed, and failed UTTERLY, to perform his chief duty – protect our Tribe. The White Man is BRILLIANT in imagining and creating amazing things – but he’s absolutely SUCKED at keeping The Other ay bay. The White Man has sold us out for Sheeny Shekels. En masse. He’s allowed the Devil Jew to infest, corrupt, and destroy every White society and institution, while he was buggering off to run around foreign lands, create all kinds of nifty things, and now fob off unions with Asians and assorted Orcs as “The New White”. Yellow is NOT White. Or White Man kills himself with drugs and booze. Until The White Man SNAPS UT OF IT – it’s only going to get worse.

      • One thing you get right about white men is the primacy of money.

        Though the common man likes to joke about Jews being money grubbers “jewing” everyone, they are not primarily interested in money, they are more likely to give it away and be generously ostentatious.

        They like to BREED money and put it to work as a “good” for the Jews.

        It’s a subtle difference but significant.

        • Jewish men generally need to buy sex. I think this has a biological root. Likewise, the role of women moves towards prostition in a jewish dominated society. I suspect the obsession with 12 year old girls comes from Neanderthal gene expression or other proto-human ancestors where 12 year old girls were fully mature.

    • “The origins of Christianity can be found in the pagan cults of the Levant.”

      I don’t know that this assertion is so accurate. What’s your source(s) for this assertion? There’s a big difference between syncretization and origin.

      But therein lies the problem regardless. Why the hell should european man worship a sandnigger cult of any origin?

        • @Capt it is only because money buys things. If money was useless then no one would want it but we need to pay our bills and buy food and entertainment. We live in a modern world with 1000s of international flights. Money gives opportunity to experience the world. Sure we could go live in the wild but we are not savages anymore. So to stay in the modern world we need money.

          • Read Ranulf Fiennes “The Feathermen”. I think it gives a good account of our flaw.

      • Paganism is the answer.

        What I don’t understand is why Christians are tolerated in WN circles when everything WNs accuse Communism of doing (being founded by a Jew, promoting race-mixing) Christianity actually does.

        • If Christianity is a sly parody of Judaism though?

          A jumped up Manual laborer turned probono Doctor who attacks the bank is executed at the behest of a malignant shadowy Sanhedrin by a goyische frontman politico…then the central story is just as fresh today as it was for non-Jewish audiences back in the day.

        • @Jijcf

          On why Christians are tolerated in WN circles.

          True change will only last in a society based on absolutes. Christian values, coming out of the Bible, provide the values necessary to thrive and not merely survive. The Bible provides the absolutes that people need everyday to make sense of life.

          Francis Schaeffer did a wonderful series you can find on YouTube called How Shall We Then Live? based on his book. He compares/contrasts the southern Renaissance leading to humanism and the northern Reformation leading to Christian worldviews that shaped northern Europe.

  4. Jesus was an Israelite, not a jew. He told many parables
    about the jews losing their blessing because they had
    started worshiping the ‘traditions of men’. Pilate had
    the sign made ‘king of the jews’.

    • The mythical Jesus was jewish, there’s no getting around that. He read scripture in the temple on the sabbath, debated the Pharisees, is referred to as the Lion of Judah, his stepdad was a descendant of David, etc, etc. And there was no “Israel” during the reign of Tiberius, only Palestine, Judea and Sumeria.

      • If he’s a literary construct (a fiction) his actions and existential threat doesn’t make the Jews look good.

        The main thing is that Christ attacked the bankers. It got the character killed. The English word “Bank” is just the Anglicization of the Italian word for Bench. Money lenders sitting at a bench making currency exchanges and loans.


        I’m sure he got in trouble healing the sick pro-bono too. He’d have been putting quack Jews out of a job.

      • Spahn- wrong again, as usual.

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew and “Israelite” or a “Hebrew.”
        – Jewish Almanac, 1980, p.3

        “Here’s a paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox; an anthropological facts; many [Caucasian] Christians…. have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of the their Jewish neighbors.”
        – Dr. Alfred M Lilienthal, Jr. (himself a Jew) What Price Israel, 1953, p.223.

        “In his article on Purity of Race, Jacobs gives several important facts that were forcing anthropologists of his day to reconsider the modern Jew’s racial claims to be Biblical Israel. In the study of craniometry which involves the measurements of the skull, the evidence was clearly mounting against the modern Jews. After extensive samples were taken from a broad spectrum of Jewish groups world-wide. The conclusion was evident. Jacobs writes; “They are predominantly brachycephalic, or broad-headed, while the Semites of Arabic origin are invariably dolichocephalic, or long-headed” (Jew. Enc. X (1905), 284).

        Simply put, all known Semites have historically been long-headed, but the modern Jews were predominantly round-headed! ”

        “It was the Protestant Reformation with its revival of the Hebrew Bible that would link the modern Jews of Europe to the ancient Hebrews of Palestine, a link that the philologists of the 18th century would solidify through their discovery of the family of “Semitic” languages, including Hebrew and Arabic.”-

        “You are apparently a Semite. And you know very well that the Russian Jews – the Ashkenazim – who control Israel and the United States are not Semitic. But you and all Arabs, who should know better, allow the weaponization of the Jewish term, ‘anti-Semitism.’ ” –

  5. Hunter, a book that is right up the alley of your project is “The Theological Origins of Modernity” by Michael Allen Gillespie.

    It is a substantive, yet accessible, survey of early modern thinkers with especial reference to religio-theological perspectives–including those philosophers who, like Descartes and Hobbes, are conventionally apprised through the lens of secular materialism. The theme of the book is the pronounced influence the nominalist conception of God–which stresses God’s omnipotence and God’s will as opposed to God’s rationality–exercised on everyone, on all sides of the debate.

  6. Germans were responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire when they immigrated inside the Empire’s frontiers escaping the Huns, procreating like rats, and plunging Europe into a millenium of misery, backwardness and darkeness.
    Germabs were responsible for the schism of 1054. Germans were responsible for “Protestantism,” the laughable cult wich worships the Jew.
    Germans were responsible for the European tragedy of two world wars, one based in the ludicrous “Aryan” infantile crap.
    Germans were responsible for the creation of Israel. Germans were responsible for the annoying Holohoax.
    Germans and Jews are responsible for the annoying suicidal current muslim invasion of Europe.
    Germans are spreading beastility in Europe, with their sick legalized animal brothels, where they “make love” with dogs, cows, chickens, horses, lhamas and so on.
    Thant’s the elephant in the room.

    • There are definitely some sandniggers in the room.

      Please, let us europeans know when you’re done stalking us and our ‘inferiority.’

      My clock has 2 Millenia.

    • The Roman Empire was an oppression for everyone north of The Alps. Also it should have stuck to the Med. Venturing into Northern Europe was too much for the technology they possessed to be a stable settlement.

      • If the Romans had invented horseshoes, or used more than two horses to pull their wagons, their Empire could have extended into Parthia and beyond.

      • Mr. Captain John, the expansion North of the Alps was for defensive purposes, the Gauls ravished Rome circa 392 BC, and the Cimbri-Teutones put Rome in serious danger around 110-101 BC
        The Cimbri even invaded Northern Italy in 101 BC with a half million mob, plus the usual dogs, chickens, cows, horses, lhamas and so on.
        Staying over 400 years north of the alps is no doubt a very stable settlement.

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  8. Your have a Christian heart and don’t stop writing because the same people who persecuted Christ are not through and brother your on there list. God bless

  9. Spahnranch, Parthia and Germany east of Rhine were for Rome what Russia was for Nazi Germany, could be invaded but almost impossible to be permanently occupied.

    • Parthia was definitely a bit more civilized than Rome. And more Horsey.

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