Congress Passes Dodd-Frank Reform

Do you remember when President Trump vowed to “Make America Great Again” at his rallies?

Did you ever think that would mean failing to build his promised border wall and allowing a caravan of illegal aliens to march from Central America into the United States, but delivering on corporate tax cuts, a massive increase in military spending, pulling out of the Iran deal and Dodd-Frank reform?

“WASHINGTON — A decade after the global financial crisis tipped the United States into a recession, Congress agreed on Tuesday to free thousands of small and medium-sized banks from strict rules that had been enacted as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law to prevent another meltdown.

In a rare demonstration of bipartisanship, the House voted 258-159 to approve a regulatory rollback that passed the Senate this year, handing a significant victory to President Trump, who has promised to “do a big number on Dodd-Frank.”

The bill stops far short of unwinding the toughened regulatory regime put in place to prevent the nation’s biggest banks from engaging in risky behavior, but it represents a substantial watering down of Obama-era rules governing a large swath of the banking system. The legislation will leave fewer than 10 big banks in the United States subject to stricter federal oversight, freeing thousands of banks with less than $250 billion in assets from a post-crisis crackdown that they have long complained is too onerous. …”

I know that I said I was tired of belaboring the point, but still by what stretch of the imagination has this been the “nationalist-populist revolution” we were sold on during the 2016 campaign? The Trump presidency has been nothing but policy victories for mainstream conservatism while the agenda he ran on that we all found interesting and refreshing disappeared over a year ago.

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        • It wouldn’t matter how high the IQ of the voter is, the oligarchy ignores them and does what is good for the oligarchy.

          All governments are oligarchies. If you want good outcomes for Whites, you have to install an oligarchy that doesn’t hate Whites.

  1. That’s why he’s out of office come 2020, and the GOP is getting slaughtered in the midterms. Nobody voted for this shit in 2016. Trump and the GOP deserve to be punished at the urns.

    • The oligarchs get what they want, the voters get the shaft. Same as every election.

      There is no punishing the Republicans. Republicans and Democrats are good cop, bad cop.

      • The wall was always scam. Even if it was built it was a scam, for the reason they are bringing in 1.5 million people a year legally, most of whom are non-White. The ones coming in illegally are a small fraction of that.

        Conservatives pull the same scam in all White countries. Run against illegal immigration/flood the country with massive legal immigration.

        They are not our secret friends.

  2. Banking reform. Deregulation. Tax cuts for the rich. More “aid” for Israel and its terrorist proxies. I never dreamed I could be so happy.

  3. There is only one solution at this point: National Bolshevism. The Jewish occupation government fears nothing more than Aryan working class rebellion against (((capitalism))).

    • Why does every new communist state immediately become a prison?

      Berlin and other communist walls: if it has a border it’s a country, if it has a wall to hold people in, it’s a Prison.

      Every communist country in history that has to wall people IN is a failure.

  4. Here is another example of bait and switch from the Trumpster. Never democrats never republicans. Vote for nationalist candidates.

  5. No wall, more funding for Israel, and banking “reform” are brought to you by The Best Congress That Money Can Buy, not Trump and Trump alone. Punishing Trump and the Republicns by allowing the batwing nutjob contingent of the Anti-White agenda, i.e. Democrats to take control means that gun grabbing legislation and all but shotgun marriages with Vibrant Diversity are all but a done deal is cutting off your noses to spite your own faces.

    May be worth it to you, because “worse is better.,” but not to me. All I do is reference South Africa and Rhodesia to come to that conclusion.

    I will be voting Republican – preferably primarying any RINOs – to beat every Democrat I can.

    In the meantime, I strongly urge you to move your money to any four star credit unions you can find. Preferably those that do not take the Matricular Consular cards from illegals as identification if you can find any anymore. But the key is to quietly and quickly get your money out of the banks less you face another “haircut” like Cypress.

    • @Clytemnestra57

      I understand your beliefs that we shouldn’t hope for worse, but our people do not have time. We must hope they see a soul-stirring level of tyranny now to get them moving the right direction while we still have the numbers to be effective. Once the boomers are gone (20-30 years) all hell is going to break loose because we will be a strong minority in our own land.

      I can say this now with unfortunate authority, it ABSOLUTELY would have been better if Hillary or Sanders would have won. It would have stirred more people into action and our street rallies wouldn’t have seemed so out of place. Now we likely have 8 years of less time to prepare our people for the South African Scenario. The Jews News networks have all the blue collar bills feeling like Trump is doing wonderful and Merica is better than ever.

      I don’t mean to sound pessimistic so I will end on a positive note and say we CAN and MUST win this war! I have woken 6 people up in my immediate family about the JQ and our current climate since Charlottesville. Keep chipping away at all times. Never ceasing to use every opportunity to attack the cliches and total failures of our enemies. It’s their weakness! All of the shouting and hooplah in the world can’t build up our crumbling road system and boarded up town squares. The drug epidemic could have been resolved many times over!! Let these diversity slugs answer that!

  6. I used to tell the VDARE people that the white nationalists needed their own political party, that the Republicans were just scamming them every two years. Nobody with any stature at all has ever been willing to take the lead and try to form something. It’s not going to form itself. Trump has turned out to be one of the worst of long line of pretenders, Reagan made the template I would think. The Reagan era was when the modern Republican Party was forming, and the Southern Democrats were leaving the party in droves. sadly the Republican Party has never had the piss and vinegar that the southern Democrats had when people like Theodore Bilbo were around. They’ve always been way too concerned with looking ‘respectable’.

    • “I used to tell the VDARE people that the white nationalists needed their own political party, that the Republicans were just scamming them every two years. ”

      On Stormfront they use the excuse that it is too hard in America, then they go back to weaving fantasies Trump is playing 1488 degree snakes and ladders. When Bob Whitaker ran as Pro White, the American Freedom Party stabbed him in the back to support Trump!

      IMO much of the movement is a money raising scam. It is mainly people who like to sit at home blogging, tweeting, and begging for donations. I recently learned that writing is next to impossible to make a living at and the most famous authors are on not much money at all. So the activity makes a lot of sense. They figured out how to get paid for their writing and news reporting, and they aren’t going to change.

      So the death spiral will continue: Eat your red pills. Vote cuckservative. Get more White Genocide.

      • Yes, you can literally count on your fingers the number of writers that become wealthy from their writing. Even making high up on the Best Seller list these days still leaves all but a few needing a job to make ends meet if they want to do more than live out of a cheap boarding house and eat canned soup. People like Stephen King, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and Dean Koontz have been extreme outliers in making tens of millions of dollars by selling millions of copies of their books and thus being able to dictate decent deals with publishers over the money split. Today, you can be in the high single digits of the bestseller list by selling 30 thousand copies of a book. And most authors only get peanuts from the publishing houses per copy sold.

  7. I never really expected or wanted the wall. It won’t stop the influx although it might cause a short term suppression until they start sailing up to California where the shitlibs will have refreshments and a welcoming party for them.

    All we need to do is start offering a hundred dollar bounty for each dead mexican delivered to the local sheriff’s dept and they will leave so fast it will make a giant sucking sound.

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