President Trump Will Push For Swift Conformation of Anthony Kennedy’s Replacement Before Midterm Elections

This is easily the best political news of the year:

“A list of 25 names contains one person who will be President Donald Trump’s pick for the newly created vacancy on the Supreme Court after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday.

“I would think he would want to have someone confirmed before the midterms,” attorney Leonard Leo who has served as an advisor on the Supreme Court to President Trump told ABC News. “So that there can be a full nine numbers on the court beginning in October and it’s doable most of these confirmations take about 70 to 100 days.” …”

Kennedy will be gone before the midterms. His replacement should be confirmed before the midterms too. So, it is a done deal that the Supreme Court is about to dramatically change. The question before voters in November will be the composition of the Senate in the event Ginsberg dies or retires.

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  1. Does anyone have access to or seen the list of candidates for SCOTUS that Trump is choosing from?

    Jew Schumer is already screaming about not nominating a candidate until AFTER the November elections. Interesting in that Republicans are expected to pick up at least two seats in the Senate.

    • I’ll bet that short list of SCROTUS nominees doesn’t include any names that end with -berg, -witz or -feld.


    • A delay increases the likelihood of slipping an abortion loving rat in there. Hence Jew Schumer’s insistence.

  2. cuck out,

    cuck in. On every issue that matters, one (((assigned))) Republiscam will always go over to the

    (((Dark Side))). Incidentally, re that 5-4 “affirming” Trump’s “right” to ban Muslims…

    it’s Trump himself who has doubled the weekly insourcing of Black Muslim savages from Sudan/Somalia:

    was at 1,000/month, now @ 2,000/month.

    • Thanks for the information, Haxo Angmark; I didn’t know that. I have heard that we have received about 13,000 + of the Rohingya “refugees” so far. The worst of the worst no one else wants, as per usual.

  3. Just remember this Irish Catholic faggot is the reason faggots can get married in the United States. As Anthony Kennedy OBERGEFELL V HODGES 2015

    “The Constitution promises liberty to all within its reach,” the Court declared, “a liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons, within a lawful realm, to define and express their identity.”

    You heard it here first folks, Anthony Kennedy declared we all have the right to express ourselves. So if Joe the pedophile decides to walk buck naked into a preschool, he is just expressing his liberty to be happy.

  4. American politics is a clash between a a white majority shrinking in size, but growing in awareness and a burgeoning brown tide unable to maintain patient discipline.

    What a gift an early clash between these two poles would be!

    As far as the movement is concerned, we should be now well rested and ready to reengage with the Enemy – highly cognizant of the lessons from the previous bouts.

    Some may argue that now is not the time to do this, that, or the other thing;


    And they are voting that we lock shields and move forward as one.

  5. One of the fatal flaws of the Constitution, and there are many, is that they assumed Supreme Court judges would be impartial and not be swayed by the masses. That might have been possible in 18th century America when newspapers reigned supreme but no longer so in 21st century America where media reign supreme.Better yet, assuming we ever get our own nation, is a panel of judges from each state chosen by the state legislature or the governor and this could constitute an executive council that would take the place of a supreme court.

  6. Good riddance. I wonder what’s in his closet? Come on, he was nurtured under Mason Earl Warren.

    The nominees for the Supreme Court should be decided by popular vote and have a maximum of 8 service.

    • Freemasonry is considered by most Protestants as holy and pure as the Bible itself. UNFORTUNATELY it is a Devil worshipping death cult. They managed to hide well the true notions of Freemasonry even from the KKK in the beginning you couldnt join the Klan unless you were a Freemason. Most Confederate Generals and Politicians were Masons as well. Nobody really realized that Freemasonry was an ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-CHRISTIAN death cult. Confederate General Albert Pike was a Massachusetts born Yankee, who lived in the South for years, became a Confederate General. General Hindman relieved him of command after Pea Ridge, because his Cherokees SUPPOSEDLY scalped and cut sexual organs off of dead Yankees. Notice i said SUPPOSEDLY because there was no real proof.

      After the war, the Yankees thought to bring Pike up on charges, but a short talk with President Andrew Johnson and the gift of a 33rd Degree Masonic Status patched it all up. Pike wrote MORALS AND DOGMA and when he died in 1891, he is the ONLY Confederate Officer buried within Washington DC inside the HOUSE OF THE TEMPLE, where his remains were relocated from Oak Hill Cemetery in 1944.

      Pike was supposedly PRO-WHITE but he wanted the destruction of all Christianity from the earth. A true paradox. a Massachusetts Yankee as Confederate General, defending a Christian people while wanting to kill all the Christians on the earth.

      • Freemasonry teaching is from the Kabbalah jewish mystery religion. That story about the Cherokee is probably true. Indian is not the proper term for them either. They are mongoloid. There were a number of Cherokee that were slave holders and very wealthy. Major Ridge and James Vann were probably the most prominent. If I remember right, in 2009 the Cherokee kicked out the descendants of their negro slaves. They were no longer recognized as Cherokee.

      • Masonry, as well as other secret societies like the Knights of Malta, is to blame for many of the white race’s woes. The Order of the Garter, which most people never heard of, is headed by Queen Elizabeth II. Many European-descended people appear to love subversive institutions that undermine and destroy blood and soil. It’s their ladder to power and fortune, the only two things that count in life.

        Another winning member of the Confederacy was Rothschild agent Judah Benjamin. I have found that a lot of Southerners have a hard time swallowing that one. Your thoughts, BRJ?

        • Judah P Benjamin was likely a Rothschild Agent. The fact that Stonewall Jackson hated him, tells me all was not right in Richmond. Another fact, he ended up in London, was made a judge then ended his days in Paris never hurting for a line of credit.

  7. I’m sure that I’m being childishly optimistic , but………….Roy Moore…maybe ? Wouldn’t that be the absolute BOMB ?

    • In actuality, that would be a great starting point. Start the bargaining at the farthest point from the center. If Trump was a great negotiator, that would be a commonsense move. I doubt he will though.

  8. Where I live, judges aren’t accountable to anyone, regardless of how poor, or leftist their performance-nor are they elected by the population. They are then free to indermine the government and go against public sentiment for 40 or 50 years. They neither speak for us, or have our best interests in mind.
    Another institution infested with kikes-and it shows-along with all the other institutions I’ve referenced plenty of times.

  9. I assume all of you are aware that Breyer, Ginsberg, lesbian Kagan are Ashkenazi and Sotomayor is Sephardic but professes Catholicism

    • An astute observation. Sotomayor’s partial jew ethnicity guaranteed her admission to (((Columbia University Law School))) while her Puerto Rican side guaranteed that she would be eligible for a spic minority scholarship. Sounds fair to me!

  10. Leftist Kagan dissent over mandatory union dues had NO basis in law!
    She said stripping the forced dues from unions would impose financial hardship.
    What part of our Constitution addresses that?
    Corrupt as they come.

  11. Putting another “conservative” on the court before mid terms should be a big election boost for GOP. I doubt Republican Senate will drag their feet on confirming Trump’s choice. After mid terms it’s back to anti-White business as usual.

  12. Just a heads up that James Fields is now up for Federal hate crimes, which puts executing him for the death of Heather “The Mountain” Heyer on the table.

    With Sessions blaring about how pro-White extremists have to be shut up because that’s not who we are.

    The ZOG Emperor speaks through his mouthpiece and demands the death of Fields for the crime of attempting to escape an Antifa lynch mob attacking his car while supporting White interests.

    Most “Alt-Right” outlets aren’t covering it. Figured you chaps might have the honor to mention Fields’ possible execution for trying to help save the General Lee statue.

  13. I can’t stand the supreme court. You have nine appointed for what often amounts to life buraucrats, that none of the public voted for, with no particular knowledge of much of anything beyond case law and court procedure, making decisions for everybody, most of this is the business of state and local government.

  14. Since Trump is not really pro-life but just fakes it, his ideal candidate will be pro-choice. The Dems and GOP donors will go nuclear if Trump nominates a SINCERE pro-lifer, one who doesn’t see Roe as a precedent that must be respected. Mike Lee is on record saying pro-lifers ought to respect Roe as a precedent. Pro-lifers must prepare for a battle royal to get Trump to nominate someone who’s really pro-life. Just look at what has happened in the past.

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