Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring From The Supreme Court

The Republican Party has finally produced a compelling argument for participating in the 2018 midterm elections:

“Justice Anthony Kennedy announced Wednesday that he is retiring, giving President Trump a critical opportunity to move the Supreme Court more solidly to the right in what promises to be an epic confirmation fight.

The 81-year-old senior associate justice informed the White House in a letter of his intention to step down from the high court after 30 years, effective July 31. Rumors of another vacancy have reverberated across Washington in recent months, and it comes a year after Kennedy’s former law clerk Justice Neil Gorsuch, took over the seat occupied by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Trump, reacting to the news, called Kennedy a “great justice” and said he’d begin the search for a replacement immediately. …”

Anthony Kennedy has been the most awful Supreme Court Justice of my lifetime. He is one of the fundamental reasons why I have been so cynical about politics.

I’ve sat here over the years and watched him vote for Lawrence v. Texas and Arizona v. United States. He cast the deciding swing vote in Fisher v. University of Texas, United States v. Windsor
in Obergefell v. Hodges. Whether it is sodomy, gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, disparate impact or affirmative action, Anthony Kennedy has long been one of the biggest problems in Washington. He has always been there casting the deciding vote in order to virtue signal to the media.

President Trump is going to pick Kennedy’s successor in the fall. It could decisively shift the balance of the Supreme Court on social issues. This is the ONLY reason that comes to mind that would justify holding your nose and voting for the Republican Party to control the Senate. It ought to be remembered though that Ronald Reagan created this problem by appointing Kennedy in the first place.

It was Republican presidents who nominated Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter. A bad Supreme Court pick can have devastating long term consequences. We still don’t know how Neil Gorsuch or John Roberts is going to pan out in the long run. There is a strong possibility that John Roberts could start “evolving” and move into Anthony Kennedy’s vacated role as media darling.

We’re going to discuss the political theory behind the Supreme Court when we get to the Enlightenment. I’ve always hated this system of rule by judges appointed for life, but that is an argument for another day. In the meantime, Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and replacement on the Supreme Court is something to think about for disaffected voters who don’t care about anything else Trump has done in office.

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  1. Former Justice Souter was much worse than Kennedy, though I agree that Kennedy was not good. Souter, appointed by George H. W. Bush based upon a recommendation by John Sununu. Souter was a nasty justice that always sided with government positions over the people. Souter retired in 2009.

    • Sununu was full on globalist. Listen to Charlotte Iserbyt’s comments on him about his participation in the destruction of the educational system.

      Follow the breadcrumbs and you’ll find the wolf.

      • The Destruction of the American Education System began with the Progressives in the late 1800’s. The thing was as education was Decentralized into ONE ROOM SCHOOLS the innovations hit the major cities first, then as 1 room schools closed and were consolidated into Township or County Schools, they slowly phased it in.

        Woodrow Wilson once wrote that it was very important to make sure that the American education system only educated the average people to be average things. In other words, we don’t need doctors, lawyers, physicists, scientists, optometrists, dentists, and a million other skilled occupations coming from the average. We need the average to grow up to be dirt farmers and factory workers. Only those of the privileged class must be given a good education.

        The first step to doing this was getting rid of the McGuffey Reader, Once that was gone, the Pozz was phased in

  2. “”””…This is the ONLY reason that comes to mind that would justify holding your nose and voting for the Republican Party to control the Senate…..””

    Well, the second reason that comes in my Nazi Eastern European mind is the our bad experience 100 years ago. We here in the Eastern Europe also thought that giving genetic white liberal`s full control for a while in the year 1917 is a good idea.

    After 73 years of horror and 50 million dead, we learned, that when you give power to genetic white liberals , they may change the rules so that you may not get the power back very soon.

    • Indeed, and once in power the only way to get them out if power is yet more bloodshed. I hope the horror of what happened to your relatives and mine won’t be repeated here in the U.S., but I feel a sense of dread that it will. I implore white Americans to learn and learn quickly from what happened to Eastern Europeans once the Kikes got absolute power over them.

  3. The shitlibs aren’t having a very good week. First, SCROTUS rules that Trump’s largely symbolic immigration ban on several countries passed Constitutional muster. Now that closeted Irish fairy Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Ruth Bat-Face Jewberg may be next. It’s been nonstop oy-veying on National Pinko Radio all day!

    • Irish are so anti white they are killing themselves out of existence. It’s a strange thing to observe.

  4. Jew Schumer is ululating as loud as he can already. He wants to hold off any nomination until after the November elections.

    I really don’t think that will happen.

  5. By the way, we have two suspected Communists or Jews, not sure which posting in the Calvin thread by the name of Jack Halliday and Brutus blaming all the evils of the past 2000 years on Christianity. They are from Britain or Oz not sure which, but everyone should know.

    • Hardly. I’ve actually been on this site for ten years or more writing under the handle Brutus. I live in southeast Indiana now, though when I started I lived in south central Kentucky. Blaming all the evils of the past 2000 years on Christianity? I commented specifically about Joseph McCabe’s writings on literacy and books in the ancient, pre-Christian Roman Empire and after the advent of Christianity, specifically the Roman Catholic Church. Books and ability to read and write. I noted he covered these two subjects at considerable length with sources that contradict your assertions and hand-waving argument.

      You are being dishonest and putting words in people’s mouths.

      • I am completely honest. Personally I don’t remember you, but if you say you are who you are, then that is good enough for me. The fact is, your Mr. McCabe is an Islamic apologist. We have had this pushed down our throats for 70 years in our schools how supposedly Enlightened Saracens saved Civilization. In that respect he is posting nothing that I didn’t hear in High School or College. The thing about History is THIS, you cannot trust any history written since 1900 as most of it is either written by Marxist-Leninists or the data is manipulated by Marxist Leninists. I prefer Gibbon’s DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Pre-Marxist history writings are the only reliable ones. You can manipulate sources to form bizarre attacks on Christendom all you want. Strange that is EXACTLY what Jews do.

        • The Pax Romana ended in 180 AD when Marcus Auerlius died. From his death until Constantine the Great, you had only a handful of good emperors. Plagues hit the empire, the western end of the Empire almost went bankrupt. This was the Crisis of the Third Century as it is called. The Goths had actually sailed boats on the Black Sea and attacked Roman settlements.

          The Empire was near collapse, the religion of the Empire was forsaken, and everything had become a sick joke, Rome was in a nihilistic death spiral. Then Constantine The Great Legalized Christianity and suddenly economically Rome stabilized. Constantine then moved the Capital to Byzantium, which was torn down and rebuilt as Constantinople. It was Christianity that changed the game here. Theodosius named Christianity the State Religion 45 years later. Because of this, the Roman Empire was able to solidify itself in the Greek end of the Empire, shifting the Germanic attacks to the West and eventually the Western Empire collapsed. However the collapse wasn’t terminal. The Western Empire and most of its infrastructure survived until Islam bankrupted Europe in in the 7th and 8th Centuries. FROM about the year 700 AD until the Barbary Pirates were defeated in 1830, you COULD NOT sail in the Mediterranean in the region from the Pillar of Hercules, to Italy.After 1453 the entire Mediterranean was closed to Europe.

          Simple economics.

        • You obviously have NOT read McCabe. Your post here is comical. McCabe bears the same relation to religion, ANY religion, as William Pierce did to Jews. About any random two sentences of his writing makes this crystal clear. And, uh, almost all of McCabe’s sources are pre-20th Century, chief.

          Almost all of your writing on every subject is a jumbled mess of WTF. Seriously, where do you even get your information, exclusively from obscure YouTube videos like the one you keep posting here? Or the “source” teaching you that Calvin was a Jew?

          Lol, You’re the one I remember thinking must be about a 13 year old boy after seeing a few of your posts on that dude from Detroit’s short-lived website where he put up some porn. He talked to you like a broke dick dog here but dammed if you didn’t start posting on his site and being all giddy like you’d never seen naked women in porn. Lol, it was funny. Billy Ray Jenkins, what a name! It damn sure fits. Is that your real name, bud? It ought to be. lol.

    • So if I leave out BRJ’s comment from years back aligning with, uh, some of the RC Church’s more notorious policies will my post make it past moderation?

      The ROMAN Catholic Church imposed celibacy as a means of preventing the formation of a white middle class. The aristocracy couldn’t survive having its feudal estates divided among sons, so the older ones inherited the land while the younger ones were farmed out to the priesthood and monastery, which became the rich’s collective demesne, as it were.

      The notion that this Roman institution had anything but despotism and tyranny over native europeans in mind is absurd and flies in the face of every stance it ever took.

      • The Western Church had many reasons for promoting celibacy, but under the Feudal system under which Europe was governed a Middle Class would not have formed anyway. The Black Death made possible the formation of said Middle Class, as it forced the landowners to pay the surviving people what they were worth. If a noble had 12 sons, sending some of them into the Priesthood, kept them from competing for land and causing trouble, The Church provided three hots and a cot for them, plus the opportunity for advancement. Henry VIII had been destined for the Priesthood, until his older brother Arthur died. The name Arthur is a JINX for any English Royal which is why there will be no King Arthur anytime soon.

        The Churches’ so called despotism kept European society stable for centuries. Was the Church wrong? A good part of the time it was. However the fact that it established colleges, hospitals, charity homes, workhouses, and other things which uplifted people is still there. Only after Protestantism did the idea that the GOVERNMENT had to provide sustinence to the populace take root. Before the Reformation, the Medieval Church provided for the people. The Medieval Church also kept the cultural influence of Jewry to a minimum. Only after Martin Luther in Germany did the Jews even begin to emerge from the Ghetto. Their obstinance in Germany caused massive pogroms after Luther’s death and many of them fled to Poland. Luther was NOT to blame for this, this happened as an unintended consequence. Without the Church’s Cardinals, Church Courts and the Church’s ability to call men to arms, the Jews won their freedom in the Protestant West. Only in the Catholic and Orthodox East did they stay segregated.

        I am not here to defend the present day Roman Catholic Church, I am here to defend the legacy of the Medieval Church which was a fine one. It is the very reason you can read, write, or even have modern medicine today. Without the Church, you would have none of it.

        • The medieval Church discouraged the laity from becoming literate, lest they should read the Bible for themselves and draw their own conclusions about its meaning; It also made the dissection of human bodies a taboo practice, thus retarding the advancement of medical science. I daresay your estimation of that institution is an idealized one that is not based on the historical record.

  6. This is actually such extremely excellent news it should really at least life folks spirit a bit. Honestly the power the Supreme Court has is unparalleled and IF they pick a super conservative like Thomas, many many things can be changed, challenged, and undone.

    I say get Anne Coulter up there.

    • You need a person with the maximum age of 55 to put on the court, someone who is so young and in good health enough that you can at least GOD WILLING get 15 years at least out of. I would prefer we not name anyone over 50 at all, because we need to MAXIMIZE the potential years. Unless that person is literally health wise bullet proof

  7. Why even have a Supreme Court? If America was really serious about state sovereignty each state court should be supreme. That way if you don’t like it in one state move to another.

  8. I just want to remind the world that when Trump was running Ruth said if he won she would quit the supreme Court… would be a quality time to follow through on that good faith promise.

    One more thing, I have seen like 4 comments about this being good news blah blah blah. Do you folks think a conservative judge won’t be bought? Second question, are you insane!?

    • Haven`t you noticed that this is a war and Trump knows this. This is not about court but bringing the entire global elite down.

      Like the USSR came down. Some systems are irreformable. Trump may appoint Dr. David Duke to this empty seat but the only thing he get`s is the rant “Not My Judge” and institutions refusing to obey the court orders.

      The entire liberal vs conservative judge saga demonstrates that clearly . How the hell can somebody be law abiding when every law can interpreted by everybody political preferences.

      When I shoot somebody, is this crime or defending America from Nazism ?

      “””….Second question, are you insane!?…”””

      In Poland, they fighting with their Soros appointed Supreme Court as well and one issue down there is that liberal judges claim that when you oppose mass immigration, you are clearly insane, your gun licence must be revoked, you can not work in the army, fly a plane and you can not any job demanding psychiatric examination and Mentally Healthy diagnosis..

      Xenophobia and homophobia other phobias are serious disorders.

    • Italian Catholics are actually way worse than irish, which is why they get appointed to the Court. Unlike the irish catholics who would probably need to have demonstrated at least *some* real progressive values to arrive at such a place (and whose culture isn’t nearly as corrupt generally), the italians can be counted on to hollowly virtue signal for white people while wholly empowering the globalists and corporate class. They are much more dangerous as they further white genocide while mollifying the ignorant masses.

  9. SNL asserts that white women who call the cops on black people are ‘insane:’

    I have been warning everyone for years about this, to only modest avail. But it’s finally official. White women who believe they or their children have any rights under the law are dangerous genetic deviants who need to be force medicated and locked up.

    And this was before ‘Pool Patrol Paula’ hit the cyberwaves yesterday morning or so. She hasn’t just lost her job, her privacy, her name and reputation, she’s been locked up for 65k bail for defending white children from black male invasion. The anti-white junta that is LE and the media ignore that the black teens she defended herself and others against were in fact violating the pool policies and therefore, the law. An entire fiction has been woven around her fully lawful actions.

    It’s incredible to watch as the left finally cuts loose that albatross on their back, white women.

    Smart activists would be swooping in to unite with these rehabilitated free agents, but nerds have never really been smart have they.

      • The song part begins at 40 seconds.

        Generation X’ers are, in my experience, the *most* outraged at Big Pharma for its direct crimes against them in the form of construing their reports of sexual assault and rape as some symptom of the mythical ‘bipolar.’ The vast majority of their claims, prior to around 1997 or 1998, were true, tragically, in at least some degree. By the end of the 90’s every other woman on a power trip was crying rape but before that doing so bore such a stigma and added punishment it was rarely without some justification.

        Being ‘diagnosed’ ‘insane’ was part of that punishment, just as fending off black male sexual violence and the predations of affirmative action (that mostly only benefitted non-whites by the same time) were.

        How this fits into the Republicuck attack on abortion rights eludes me at the moment but it’s gotta fit into the puzzle somehow.

        Maybe that’s how the jews will keep the wiser whites, male and female, from reuniting. Dredge up irrelevant divisive social issues to conquer once again.

      • Last, for now, is that many of these exact Generation X women – college educated and upwardly mobile, often northern and liberal-leaning – are facing having their children fly the protected suburban majority white nests that enabled their denial.

        Another hmm.

        And don’t forget that girls’ sports is now revolting against the tranny takeover, starting in Connecticut where a recent petition circulated to get these fake females out of running. White women fight back only to be deemed ‘mentally ill.’

  10. Vote Republican and get conservative justices, blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before. Realizing that conservatives conserve nothing what’s all the excitement about?

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