League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Selma, AL

The SPLC published a false story about the 2018 League of the South Conference.

Apparently, an SPLC reporter camped out at the intersection of 231 North and AL 14 expecting that the League was going to hold another demonstration at that location. When the League didn’t show up in Wetumpka, he assumed there must have been no activism this weekend.

Instead of holding a demonstration in Wetumpka, the League of the South showed up around 6 AM about 56 miles to the west on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL. We did this to make the point that in the future we can and will show up unexpectedly anywhere and at any time in the South. We’re going to start holding private, unannounced, invitation only events that deny Antifa and their allies in the national media the intelligence, targets and the time to mobilize that they need to be there.

They will never know we are coming. We can pop up anywhere and at any time to organize in their communities and be out before they even know we were there. We’re not going to walk into anymore ambushes like in Charlottesville where the opposition has nearly a year to prepare for our arrival and law enforcement agencies operate under stand down orders.

UPDATE: Do you remember when the League of the South cancelled the Murfreesboro rally last October? It turns out it really was a frivolous lawsuit trap.

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  1. FINALLY! I said this Hunter like a year ago, no more rallies, Flash Rallies, get in get out and livestream it is how we get things done. The most the Cops can do is tell you to disperse

    • That was my thinking but these Portland riots and everyone watching that antifa scum getting clocked over and over in slo mo might have been the turning point in the movement. The Brits are certainly being much more aggressive now and it very likely is related.

    • For now, telling ralliers to disperse might be all they can do, but sooner or later they will start arresting WN’s on trumped up charges. Nice execution of strategy, but the Jews spend their lives scheming against us, and they will attempt to counter flash rallys. I suspect they will resort to FBI or Mossad style surveilliance in vehicles and electronically to figure out where WN’s are going to pop up next at some point. I suggest starting to learn how to recognize if you are bring tailed. There are tell tale signsyou are being followed by law-enforcement or the government. The FBI has followed people with as many as 50 vehicles of every size and description, whose occupants will look like anybody. They wil also try to infiltrate all the harder too.

      • Infiltrate all the harder is the key phrase, here. I don’t think trumping up that much will work as well in certain areas, especially criminally.

  2. Gotta have a BRAND. Gotta have a PRODUCT you’re selling. What EXACTLY is it ? I’m already sold, so I’m not talking about “us.” I’m talking about aallll the potential Confederate converts … why should they listen to and sign up with you ? How do they BENEFIT ?

  3. Hi everyone!

    I’m the hideous, morbidly obese cat lady in Atlanta who likes to hang out in the comment section.

  4. “Keep the skeer on ’em”… Forrest knew how to fight and keep the enemy in a state of panic of not knowing when or where he would hit them the next…

    “After all, I think Forrest was the most remarkable man our Civil War produced on either side…He had never read a military book in his life, knew nothing about tactics, could not even drill a company, but had a genius of strategy which was original, and to me incomprehensible.”

    — William T Sherman regarding Forrest’s military genius

  5. I wouldn’t have thought that stalking white nationists was in the SPLC job description. Don’t they have anything better to do? How desperate and pathetic do they look with this caper? Someone ought to remind them that people have a right to an opinion, and to gather
    whenever they feel like it. If you haven’t broken the law, or killed anyone, then you’re not answerable to them, or anyone else. If you have…well that is what the police are for.

    • They have 60 million dollars from donations made by God hating white hating America hating possessed freaks who are going to hell when they die. This gives them $ to waste on meaningless intel, etc.

      So … where’s OUR 60 mill ? You need $$ and intel way more than them. Get busy with a plan a product / brand and MARKETING … or just stand there whistling Dixie …

  6. I’m going to say it as clear as I can. We do not have time and money for small scale activism and other diversions of interests.

    You go to fight on battlefields where your enemies are. Your enemies don’t show up to small scale flash mobs because there is no prize to be won. Our enemies showed up at Charlottesville because there was something to be won/lost.

    I do think Forrest’s multiple points of attacks are a good strategy, but do not make the mistake of likening flash mobs to that, they are not equals. We should have gone back to Charlottesville a week after UTR and set up camp unannounced, and in solidarity with those persecuted gone to all court trials possible.

    • Here is why I disagree:

      1.) First, the enemy shows up at these events in public parks to snap photos, which they use to dox our activists and cause them social and economic harm. This causes us to lose members of our organization.

      2.) Second, the enemy uses these events to insert themselves into the story. They piggyback on our events in order to promote their own cause. They are parasites who use our events to promote themselves as heroes who are “defending communities” from fascism. They’re using our events to recruit new members and propagate their own narrative.

      3.) Third, the enemy uses these events to incite violence and create a climate of fear in the communities in which we are organizing, which fairly or not ends up being associated with our activism. As a result of this, police departments have to spends tens of thousands of dollars to contain Antifa, and the siege mentality discourages people who are curious about us from entering a potential war zone.

      4.) Fourth, we are unable to interact with the public when we are segregated behind steel cages, and the public only hears about us in hostile mainstream media stories from the journalists allied to Antifa who tag along (Mic, Huff Post, Vice, Daily Beast, etc.). We don’t want communities to breathe a sigh of relief when we are gone.

      5.) Fifth, our enemies showed up in Charlottesville because they knew where we would be two months in advance. They knew when we would be there. This is why they were able to mobilize their violent followers from all over the country.

      6.) Sixth, the cost of their violent followers being present at our events is getting hit with criminal charges when we are forced to defend ourselves when we are ambushed and attacked by Antifa, not to mention frivolous lawsuits. Then we have to go before unsympathetic juries in hostile cities while Antifa get a pat on the head and raise tens of thousands of dollars like DeAndre Harris. The SPLC raised millions of dollars off of Charlottesville.

      7.) Seventh, I am not participating in anymore of these unity rallies, and the reason why is that they attract unvetted people who we don’t know, who we can’t control or trust, who have their own agenda and whose actions we are blamed for in the press. We can’t trust the police to handle people who misbehave and get out of line.

      8.) Eighth, we saw last year how foolish it was to trust people who have no experience in organizing these large scale events. We got burned in the process and have no desire to repeat that mistake in the future.

      I don’t want anymore events like Charlottesville. I don’t want anything to do with Antifa. We don’t require their presence at our events. They are nothing but a liability and need to be excluded. We’re better off with them rioting against conservatives.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        Why do you divide your goals from those participating in the UTR? We are the same persecuted people! The UTR proved one thing, we need unity more than ever. In my list from another thread I talked about the failures post Charlottesville. I would put number one was our not signing a compact or treaty in traditional white man fashion. Our battles and enemies should have become singular.

        This is the scourge of the white man, that we all try to operate independently. It’s good in good political climate and horrible practice in real life.

        • I don’t believe that anymore.

          We barely knew most of those people and subsequent events showed that unity rallies are ill conceived. Those who criticized UTR last summer and predicted the “unity” wouldn’t last two weeks were proven right. I’m not attending any further unity rallies with unvetted people who I don’t know and can’t trust.

        • Dear Professional.

          Mr. Wallace is right – publick events are solely to generate positive publicity, and, if you cannot control either the event or the publicity, you are essentially having an event to help our foes.

          There is no sense to that.

    • Professional:

      You are absolutely right. Just ‘showing up’ someplace insignificant (and then quickly scurrying away) shows how strong our enemies (antifa and the liberal elite) really are – and how uncomfortably weak the white patriot movement is – at this point in time.

      The present commentator resides deep in the Marxian-Liberal milieu of a major North American city. From my perspective of the impact of Charlottesville upon our various enemies is that it scared them tremendously. It was event that they did not anticipate; a ‘Unite the Right’ movement – the coming together of the many factions within the broad “white nationalist” movement. That is the reason they moved so precipitously (and with such violence) to derail it!

      The last thing the Jews; Liberals; Democrats; ‘the Left’; and political establishment want to see is any kind of unity among traditional white nationalist oriented groups. Be assured, they are scared of what happened at Charlottesville and will do what-ever they can to prevent unity movements among the right. The best approach might be to make Charlottesville an annual event in the cause of traditional white nationalism.

      • Going back to Charlottesville to “unite” with total strangers and counting on the Charlottesville Police Department to maintain law and order sounds to me about like the worst thing that can happen to White Nationalism. Did we learn anything there the first time?

        • @Hunter Wallace

          No one is counting on the police department. We need to bring Law and Order. We need more men, more people with the grit of the Charlottesville 7, and we DO need to make this annual.

          • And I need deer to walk past by my tree stand everyday that I am out hunting during gun season.

            Are you working for the cops or feds and get some kind of bonus for every “bad white” you help “put away” … maybe knocking down that meth conviction, 30 pieces of silver at a time, right?

  7. Never walk the obvious path that gives away your destination. Never return the same way you came.

  8. We desperately need some organizing and visibility.

    Stephanie Sebby-Strempel had the audacity to defend white children – real children, not 15 year olds – from interloping teen males in South Carolina and is being crucified for it. The jewish media blares out blatant lies, like that she hit one of the trespassers when in fact she merely swatted at his camera that was filming children bathing on private property. Or that she called them racial epithets when none can be heard on the edited video being circulated.

    A quick google search revealed that just weeks before a 25 year old black woman named Cassandra Smalls had been shot twice and murdered in a nearby restaurant by a young black male in the same town, where another shooting took place in January of this year.

    I suspect an overall sense of covering up for black violence and extreme jewish control of the Charleston (the seat of Southern jewry) suburb informs the cops’ claims that she resisted violently when they went to arrest her for no good reason.

    The pool was not public and required that any minor be accompanied by an adult. It’s very likely that no one will even vouch for the alleged victim’s claim that he was invited.

    There are bathrooms and showers in pools, often, where little kids might go without a parent, especially if it’s one of the opposite sex. And pools have teenage girls swimming who don’t need to be filmed by trespassers who won’t identify themselves; the black teen males do not live in the community.

    All this and the controlled opposition attempts to conjure the ‘white men scapegoat’ meme so that white women are repelled and white men continue to sulk in their narcissism.

  9. The (((enemy))) has used the Edmund Pettus bridge as part of its anti white propaganda for over 50 years, so it’s great to see it has been “liiberated” by the good guys, even if only for a few minutes. We shall eventually hold a number of Unite the White rallies, but they will occur during the natural course of time and events, as the jews, coloreds and other Red rabble are forced to cede more and more ground.

  10. I’m looking forward to the day when we can turn the Lorraine Motel in Memphis and the Confederate White House in Richmond into field command posts.

  11. I have frequently operated as a Lone Wolf from the start of my political/social activism.
    I, alone, bear the responsibility, renown and possible consequences for my actions. I am often spontaneous, and, although, I sometimes invite others to join me, they seldom accept my invitations. I do not know what will become of me, and I try very hard not to care. I only know that someone has to do something pro-active, and that a random act of violence (Dylann Roof) can only achieve so much, and will be misinterpreted and misrepresented.

    Therefore, my Modus Operandi is rooted in information. Whatever I can find that validates my position and legitimizes my presence is what I present to the public. I come and go according to my own timetable and sense of atmosphere. If I go into a potentially hostile environment, I do so with full knowledge of the situation and what it may portend.
    I firmly believe that God placed me in a hazardous environment in my childhood, so that I would be ready to encounter and face danger as an adult. Going to school everyday and wondering if you were going to be set upon sort of numbs you and prepares you for the eventuality.

  12. Hunter Wallace is correct in this new strategy. It is a strategy of irrelevance. It is one in which I have thought would be very successful if implemented correctly.

    The enemy is irrelevant, don’t let them make themselves relevant with their insertion into our narrative. By this method, Mr. Griffin pushes those antagonist aside and moves forward without engaging them. Fighting these types of skirmishes ties us up in litigation and potential incarceration of valuable members.

    We, the Southern Nationalist, must build the movement to the point to where we are the majority who ignores our enemies and turn our backs on them with non compliance. I have often liked the concept of the Confederate National Congress. Build an infrastructure with no actual legal authority, but have it there in the people’s minds. A pseudo government in exile.

    I understand the opposition’s desire, within our sphere, to confront our enemies in the public square and engage them in non lethal combat, it’s an outlet for the rage against modern conformist society. These skirmishes are like talk radio for conservatives and act like a blow-off valve and in the end will not be effective in attaining our end goal.

    I wholeheartedly believe we should back Mr. Griffin’s strategy.

  13. Maybe now all these Soros frauds providing all the bad optics at these (((planned))) white-nationalist-bait rallies will get “caught” … for them it will be “catch and release” though … May the current political prisoners in Charlottesville all be released … maybe a pre-election trick-the-right-in-to-voting-for-him again pardon by Donald Trump will set them free … maybe NOT …

  14. For several reasons, small, unannounced demonstrations are the way to go today. The best reason IMO is to deplatform antifa. We do not need them-they need us. Second, it is an unfortunate fact that vetting those who attend WN demos is mandatory to have an orderly and safe demo. The cost to this is numbers. So a small demo makes sense. Third is flexibility. A small group can move quicker than a large group if necessary if plans change. Many will take these ‘flash rallies’ as we are scared. Not true. However, we are playing against a stacked deck. Charlottesville damn sure should have taught us that. This way is necessary to avoid violence, lawfare and prison. This pic is a classic BTW.

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