Trump Administration Reverses Obama Affirmative Action Policy

I’m always willing to give credit where credit is due:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it was abandoning an Obama administration policy that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses, signaling that the administration will champion race-blind admissions standards on campuses.

In a joint letter, the Education and Justice Departments announced that they had rescinded seven Obama-era policy directives on affirmative action, which, the departments said, “advocate policy preferences and positions beyond the requirements of the Constitution.” …”

It is great news that the Trump administration is dismantling Obama era affirmative action policies. This is more of a symbolic change to guidance documents that “do not have the force of law,” but I want to pass along the positive things that are happening as well as the negative.

As far as affirmative action goes, Anthony Kennedy has been the swing vote on the Supreme Court on affirmative action, voting rights and civil rights for decades now. There hasn’t been a moment in my adult life when affirmative action has been in real peril because of Kennedy.

President Trump has a historic opportunity to have a decisive impact on these issues. It all depends on who he appoints to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court shifts and affirmative action crumbles, his base will be very happy and will have a solid accomplishment to boast about.

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    • Trump serves a purpose and that is to troll the Left and make it socially acceptable to have our opinions, Rush is already talking White Genocide now. The minute he attacks a big sacred cow, ANTIFA will begin going terrorist and you will see all sorts of bad things happen.

      When that happens, we will be waiting to pick up the pieces

  1. Pardoning Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and the Black Woman Drug Dealer; Boasting about low Negro unemployment; Embracing Kanye West; Repeatedly trotting out the Black family whose (Gang Member?) Daughter was slain by MS13 in a school that was already overrun with Latin Kings and Bloods; Bailing the College Basketball Playing, Negro Thieves out of a Chinese jail; Failure to categorize Black LIves Matter and Antifa as domestic terrorist organizations; Throwing “Unite The Right” under the bus: etc… and, so forth… do not seem to indicate that he is a man who is particularly concerned about Affirmative Action. All signs point to another B.R.A. lackey, whose only, likely, refutation to the insanity would be to lamely ask, “What would M.L.K. do?”

    This “dismantling of Obama era, AA directives” probably has more to do with the outcry from the Asian community, than it does with any concern that he has about inequitable College admission policies disproportionately effecting White men.

    I am increasingly convinced that the Electoral College put Trump into office as a means to pour water on the fire beneath the kettle in which the “Tea Party” was beginning to boil (simmer?).

    I certainly can’t believe that a Catholic Woman is going to vote to overturn Affirmative Action policies. Women are usually too sensitive to deny an opportunity to some poor, downtrodden, minority youth, who, in their own lifetime, has overcome Slavery (NOT!), Segregation (NOT!) and Discrimination (NOT!).

    • I have heard a lot of conservatives say that affirmative action was fine when it didcriminated against Whites, but it is now being misused to discriminate against Asians so we have to get rid of it.

    • @Cowtown Rebel:

      **This “dismantling of Obama era, AA directives” probably has more to do with the outcry from the Asian community, than it does with any concern that he has about inequitable College admission policies disproportionately effecting White men.**

      That’s exactly what it is, but why is this a bad thing?

      Kievsky AKA Mindweapons predicted that the Asians not the Whites would be the ones to take down Affirmative Action. Jewish moms were the Asian Tiger Moms of yesteryear. Today’s Wonder Kids are Asian kids. He made an analogy of Asians as chicken pox to Jews as small pox. The Asians are going to inoculate the White System from the Affirmative Action plague.

      Moreover, he pointed out that the children of those Jewish wonder kids are slackers. Hard driven Jewish lawyers and doctors are producing kids who want to be activists and film producers. Not to mention several kids who are marrying out and assimilating into the various nations.

      Though the media tried to paint as another White and Black conflict when the parents at a select New York public school district protested when Hizzoner Mayor DeBlasio announced he was replacing merit tests with quotas, the parents howling the loudest were poor Asian parents. The White versus Black Kabuki Theater was cover for the internecine battle between the ascendant Asians and declining Jewish powers.

      So, the Asians ending Affirmative Action and racial quotas and pushing for a merit based system may not be because they feel particularly sympathetic towards Whites (as they vote the same as all other Non-White groups). But in the long run, this is an excellent development for Whites as long as they stay focused on finding any opportunities that they can exploit to their own advantage.

      That means not being pulled into any violent “Fa” versus “Antifa” demonstrations by (((Jason Kessler))) and probably other FEDGOV provocateurs. IMO White Nationalism set itself back the moment Richad Spencer was made its face and the Hail Victor and the Sig Heiling started by some of his (((friends))). Had Pro-White activists curbed their enthusiasm and put up a public “wait and see” attitude towards Trump, this initiative would have been put in place a year ago.

      Better to sit on our hands and watch the Antifas attack Trump Supporters and other more moderate and conservative normies whose opinions vary from theirs. Normies having to fend off attacks from Antifas and other Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome will drive more of them into our camp than anything we can do.

      In the meantime, we need to focus on Affordable Family Formation. I recommend seeking out older towns not directly on the interstate with infrastucture but no amenities that act as attractive nuisances to Vibrant Diversity.

      We need to focus on implementing education that makes our kids more competitive with the Asians. We take control of our local public school systems and push for courses that enable them to be not only marketable but give them the ability to make a lot of money. We teach them not only emotional and social intelligence but financial and investment literacy. We teach them the truth about their proud heritage. We teach them major self defense and fighting skills.

      We let the Asians face off against the Jews and the Mestizos against the Blacks. They no longer see Whites as a real threat, anyway, but as already in the dustbin of history. We allow the to think so, but we simply retreat and regroup stronger than ever and wait for the opportune moment to strike and take back our country.

      Right now, the Rainbow Coalition is united in their Anti-White activity to the point that they are purging all Whites from the Democrat Party. Once the Whites are purged, the various Asians, Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, and Jews will be too busy lunging for each other’s throats to notice that we are quietly purging the RINOs and Cuckservatives from the Republican Party.

      In the meantime, we no longer publicly support Trump and even make a point about belly-aching about him whenever the opportunity arises. But we vote for him and as many politicians who think like him, preferably those who are to the right of him, as possible. We focus on putting it out there that we need a new vice-president to run with him in 2020. I don’t trust Pence.

      Kievsky once posted about this Arab who noticed that civilization runs in phases. The founders create a civilization through sweat and blood and then when it’s successful, their descendants get weak and decadent and then the civilization is ultimately invaded,taken over and occupied by more feral Bedouin people. And the process repeats itself. This is what happened to Mesopotamia and this is what is happening to the West right now.

      While our dispossession has been painful, it is going to cull our weak from our strong and those of us who survive are going to be the new feral tribe, but this time with a long memory and strong grudges. We just need to let go of the America of our memories and prepare to create a new American future free of any “enlightened liberal” egalitarian sentiment rubbish.

      So, stay focused, stay optimistic, stay ready, because we are going to win this war. Peace out.

  2. The shitlibs should have been satisfied after more than 50 years of getting their way. But shitlibs, like their jew masters, can never be satisfied.

  3. I believe this is just being dangled out there to link the issue to abortion, which will then become the concrete issue, which will horrendously divide and distract whites in all sorts of ways.

    Trump was (s)elected as some say, to be the Great Appeaser as final installation of jewish tyranny transpires. Because he’s a white male. Because he’s not Hillary. Because he’s not that astute, ultimately.

    Even if affirmative action in education ended tomorrow, it wouldn’t save us.

    • I sometimes wonder if electing Hillary and seeing everything go kaput wouldnt have been better. At the time both HUNTER and ANGLIN said support Trump, worse isn’t better. I wasn’t so sure then, I am not so sure now. I am worried that Trump might have the effect of lulling our side to sleep

      • We might have more left after the collapse with Trump. At least we might have some domestic oil production and a few refineries in the Northwest which could be critical.

    • Most Whites don’t give too flips about abortion. And neither does Trump, I believe. In fact, most Whites privately support it, knowing that, without it, the Black crime so prevalent today would be a thousand times worse. Some racist White Wag didn’t call Planned Prohibition “Crime Stoppers” for nothing.

      I notice Trump is very good at playing the Loony Left like a fiddle. So he’s going to masturbate the Pro-Life Religious Right and rile up the Pro-Choice Libtards for all he’s worth while he quietly chooses a justice whose focus will be on safeguarding the constitution rather than getting jammed up in the Abortion Fight.

      Yes, I know there are a number of Pro-Life posters on this board, but it makes no sense to save little White unborn children if you don’t dismantle Anti-White systemic activity that would render them a Helot Slave class first.

      If you want Whites to produce more White children, you need to focus on creating an environment where their children will thrive and succeed. Once you do that, the rest will take care of itself.

  4. If SCOTUS brings down affirmative action, you can count on the left going all-out rabid-berserk-street-crazy.

    • The one good thing that can come out of this is more riots and ANTIFA actually going fully pyschotic. When ANTIFA begins committing lethal terrorist attacks and they will at some point, you will know our day of deliverance is nigh

  5. Are you saying that Donald Trump is the last gasp of white conservative America? No less a person than George Soros said he was not worried about Trump because he was a passing fad. In other words the Lunatic Left thinks after Trump the system will right itself and they can get back to cultural Marxism being the order of the day in a system dedicated to the incremental extinction of white Americans. If we go back to politics as usual after Trump then we deserve our extinction.

  6. more eyewash from Trump:

    the campus diversity officers will go right on rejecting White kids with 120 IQ’s

    in favor of shitskins with 70 IQ’s.

    • I sit alone in my apartment in Atlanta, chronically depressed because I am so fat and ugly, enjoying the companionship of my cat. I like to post comments on Hunter’s blog to alleviate my misery while stuffing my face with carbs. How many carbs do you think I eat a day? It takes a lot to maintain my double chin.

      • Maybe if you weren’t so self centered constantly posting pics and comments about yourself you’d find friends and not be so miserable.

    • I’m inclined to agree. Election year pandering to “conservatives”. Relief on any of these issues, like abortion, affirmative action and illegal immigration will be ended or stalled indefinitely as soon as some shitlib runs to some “judge” who shuts it down. Trump knows it. “Conservative” justices on the court haven’t made a wit of difference. It’s a tired, familiar old game going on that I don’t give a shit about anymore.

  7. Whenever organisations or societies are organised on the basis of merit, the Negro naturally and automatically ends up at the bottom.

    The Jews demanded equality of opportunity and access for Negroes. Which was granted. But merit kept Negroes out of certain schools and career paths for which, they are temperamentally and intellectually unsuited.

    Therefore, merit had to go. Affirmative action and other such dispensations are not about preventing discrimination. They’re about suppressing merit and it’s natural exclusion of the unfit.

  8. “This is more of a symbolic change to guidance documents that “do not have the force of law.”

    Jews and their Leftist minions are notorious for their disdain of the Law. They simply ignore it when it’s a nuisance or a foil to their schemes. Or they use the Law as a weapon, using or subverting existing laws, or pretending that nonexistent laws have real force. They even go so far as to maliciously prosecute individuals for having committed nonexistent and fictitious crimes.

  9. @Billy Ray,

    Yeah, I know, and you’re right about the J.R.A. Still, the invisible hand is powerful, yet minute compared to the hordes of B.R.A. footsoldiers and their ever increasing number of inept, but belligerent, administrators in the forms of police chiefs, mayors and congresspeoples. Even more frightening, is the ever increasing number of Latinos in these positions. Most of the Negroes are certainly too obtuse to fully comprehend what this means for them (No more welfare; habla Espanol; turf wars; Black flight ), but the Mexicans understand and they are acting accordingly.

    There are alarm bells sounding within the Jewish community. According to Alan Dershowitz, there are fears that the Jews are intermarrying and assimilating at a rate that, as he so aptly puts it, “The era of enormous Jewish influence on American life may soon be coming to an end.” Let us pray that his assessment is correct.

    I haven’t encountered too many Jews who struck me as being formidable adversaries in a brawl, but the Negroes and Mexicans are much more inclined towards fighting, assaulting, and killing (Israeli tanks and planes and Jewish serial killers excepted). And, I’m not sure that the Jews can continue to control them. Plus, the Blacks and Mexicans think Jews are White. There are some serious cracks in the foundations, and, as the structure begins to crumble, it is very hard to say where the pieces will fall.

    • The Negroes need the Jewish money. Without Jewish funding, there would literally be no Negro politicians, musicians, actors, nothing. Everything is propped up by Jewish finance, A good example would be Detroit Michigan. Detroit was run by Negro Mayors since Coleman Young in 1973. The thing was after the Coons elected Kwame Kilpatrick in 2002, investment in Detroit dried up and the city was literally bankrupt. Kilpatrick was thrown out of office in 2008, replaced temporarily by Kenneth Cockrel then former NBA Player Dave Bing served four years but the damage Kwame had wrought was so bad, in 2014, the Jewish financiers put up a White man, Mike Duggan, the first White Mayor since Roman Gribbs and he won.

      The result of Duggan’s election was enough stability so that the Jews could begin getting outside investors into Detroit. A white man in charge leads to a good credit rating.

      As to Jews, 1+Jew=Jew it has always been that way. Dershowitz may be saying that, maybe so the Goys listening don’t understand this but assimilation just aids the Jews. If they do not stick out as peculiar, they can pretend to be Liberal Whites and other things. The thing you have to remember is they are more powerful than ever racially assimilated, because they can put themselves forward as White Leaders and no one is the wiser.

      The Negroes only exist as a danger with Jewish Money and Jewish Legal protections. PERIOD. They cannot function without those two things. Once the Jews pulled the original Black Panther’s funding in the 1970’s it dried up and blew away. The New Black Panthers are an arm of the Nation of Islam, all that connects them to the original is the name. Still they use Jewish attorneys and Soros will aid them if they get into trouble.

      The Mexicans are another issue, because they have a foreign government behind them with oil resources and manufacturing. The Mexicans can support themselves in any uprising against us, they always could. Unfortunately those Texas Businessmen Assholes, thought even after the Plan of San Diego in 1915 that unlimited Mexican was good for Texas, when all it did was make White Texans poorer. Texas Big Business has done more to destroy the White Race than the worst Abolitionists and it has done it solely for the $$$$$$$$$$. Look up the Committee to Admit Illiterate Mexican Labor 1920, the State of Texas represented by Congressman John Nance Garner later FDRs Vice President 1933-1941 makes the statement that if Texas didnt have Mexican Immigrants, the people would literally starve the cattle would all die, because the farms needed Mexicans to clear the land and the Ranchers needed Mexican vaqueros to drive cattle.

  10. The thing I like best about Trump is his willingness to tell the mainstream media off, and to get in the face of libs like Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren. On the other hand he brought a fair number of disreputable characters to Washington and gave them federal jobs, Scott Pruitt was arguable the worst of these, he was an oil company hack and a climate change denier. I’m glad he’s gone from EPA, of course Trump will just bring in another oil or coal company lobbyist and put them in charge.

    Putting these oil and coal company fuckers in charge at EPA is kind of like putting a mass murderer in charge at an orphanage.

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