Review: 2018 League of the South Conference

I’ve been highly involved in the Southern Nationalist movement since 2012. It was in 2012 that I attended my first League of the South national conference in Wetumpka, AL.

This was the seventh consecutive national conference I have attended in Wetumpka. I believe it was the third in which I have been asked to deliver a speech. It is the most enjoyable gathering of the year because it is unique among events in the entire Southern Nationalist, White Nationalist, Alt-Right sphere. The unique aspect of the annual League of the South conference is the total absence of drama and disruption at such a relatively large scale, publicly announced event.


This is the most laid back, secure event in the entire Far Right movement. American Renaissance holds an annual conference in Tennessee, but even there Antifa tend to show up, engage in limited harassment of attendees and snap photos of license plate numbers. This has never happened at any of the League of the South national conferences because the event is held in a building on private property in a wooded rural area where there are no adjacent public areas where Antifa can congregate.

Insofar as any opposition ever shows up at this event, they are limited to driving back and forth on US 231 and trying to snap photos from a moving vehicle. License plates can’t be seen from the road. We had someone show up this year and try to hide in the woods across the street. They were chased off and we found a trail through the woods. This secure venue has implications for the movement.


This building is an invaluable asset for the League of the South. It costs us nothing to host our events there. As we have seen, Antifa are capable of harassing private hotels and restaurants until they cancel our reservations. They are capable of showing up at events which are held in public parks and on public streets and getting them cancelled by inciting violence. They can snap photos of license plate numbers and attendees of public events and use that information to try to dox people. There is nothing that these people can do though about tightly controlled events held on private property.

If you have ever wanted to attend a real world event to meet other people who share your beliefs and values, this is the ideal location. There is less risk involved than any other comparable public event. There is a great lesson for political dissidents here who have controversial views. We don’t have to be in public streets and public restaurants to engage in recruitment, organizing and networking. We can do all of these things on private property while eliminating the risks of violence and doxing. We have also failed to take full advantage of private property as a venue for organizing.

What if we owned more buildings like this one on private property in every Southern state? We could hold annual statewide conferences there and organize and build networks in the real world without any interference. Instead of raising money to fight off frivolous lawsuits caused by Antifa violence at public rallies, it makes much more sense to raise money which can be invested in building physical infrastructure that we own like the League of the South building in Alabama. Churches don’t hold their services in public streets or public parks or hotels and restaurants.

We don’t even need buildings to host publicly announced events on private property where we can engage in organizing and networking. Why can’t we organize public events on, say, someone’s ranch in Texas who is already a public figure in the movement? Is there a compelling reason why we have to host our events in hotels, restaurants, public parks and streets which are vulnerable to doxing?


If we want to continue to engage in street activism, do we have to announce our plans to the world months in advance so that leftwing journalists from Huffington Post and their Antifa allies will know where and when to show up? Why can’t we apply for permits, privately organize trusted and vetted activists and hold demonstrations without any interference? Is it necessary to host public events in which we are cordoned off from interacting with the public behind steel cages and metal detectors without any flags and the presence of violent Antifa have scared away our sympathizers? Does it make any sense to organize in communities in the way we have been doing in Pikeville, KY, Shelbyville, TN and Newnan, GA?

Why can’t we just eliminate violent Antifa from our events? The only reason that violent Antifa are capable of showing up at our events in the first place is because we are giving them the intelligence, targets and time to mobilize that they need to be there.

This is how we should host events in the future:

Pikeville, KY

Shelbyville, TN

Newnan, GA

1.) First, we should select multiple locations to visit several cities in a region of a Southern state.

2.) Second, we should quietly apply for a permit to host demonstrations in these cities. We should make a point NOT to announce these events on the internet. Most likely, the permits will be swiftly approved, or failing that we could just show up unannounced and use public sidewalks.

3.) Third, we should privately organize vetted activists who want to attend these demonstrations. If we have learned anything over the past year, it is that we don’t want people who we don’t know and can’t control showing up at these events who are a potential liability.

4.) Fourth, we should show up at the time of the permits, host the demonstrations and interact with the public WITHOUT any interference. Without the presence of violent Antifa, there will be no steel cages. There won’t be a siege mentality in the cities in which we are organizing. There won’t be mainstream media journalists who are aligned with Antifa tagging along to snap photos and give us bad publicity. The people in these communities will stilll hear about the demonstrations in the local media, but violent Antifa won’t be part of the story.

5.) Finally, we will control almost all of the images and video that come out of these events, which will cut down on both doxing and bad publicity.

The only reason violent Antifa are able to insert themselves and their narrative into our events is because we have allowed them to be part of the show. They are nothing but a deranged foil that discredits and polarizes public opinion against the Left. They are already fulfilling this role though by harassing Trump administration officials and inciting riots with their attacks on mainstream conservatives. It is in our interest to encourage them to polarize moderates and conservatives against the Left while denying them occasions to incite violence that polarizes the public against us.


This weekend several of us held our own private fellowship event in Wetumpka parallel to the League of the South national conference.

A friend of mine brought a smoker from Mississippi to a nearby campground and cooked up a BBQ feast: hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, ham, breakfast sausage, eggs, chicken, smoked bologna, corn on the cob, etc. It was delicious and we spent several days eating, relaxing, drinking, chatting about religion, culture, history and politics while enjoying the companionship of old friends from across the South. Yesterday, we bought some floats and floated down the Coosa River.

It was so much fun that we decided to host more of these private fellowship events in other states. More people would be interested in travelling to attend private parties like this one where there is zero chance of violence or doxing than showing up in a leftwing stronghold like Charlottesville to be bombarded by violent Antifa hurling balloons filled with feces and urine. It is easier for political dissidents to organize and network away from the public spotlight. The vast majority of people came to Charlottesville because they wanted to have fun and attend the private afterparty, not the public rally.

Why can’t ALL our events be as safe, fun, comfortable and relaxed as this one? The presence of Antifa ISN’T required at ANY of our events, public or private, and it is within our power to cut this nuisance completely out of our events and leave them in the dark. Their goal is to disrupt our organizing and networking and prevent us from enjoying fellowship with others and they have been partially successful in this solely because we are giving them the intelligence, targets and time to mobilize.


If there was one speech that stood out at the 2018 League of the South national conference, the consensus is that it was Jim O’Brien’s speech about successful nationalist insurgencies.

O’Brien made a persuasive argument that successful nationalist insurgencies have a few qualities in common. They have a strong ethnic and religious foundation. They have political goodwill from the public. They have strong financial backing. They also have the military capacity to win their independence. It was crystal clear to me that Southern Nationalism currently enjoys none of these things.

Southern Nationalism has the potential to have a strong ethnic and religious foundation, but as I said in my speech Southern identity is extremely weak. It has been severely attenuated to the point where the Sons of Confederate Veterans argues that tens of thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy. We have lost our sense of identity and our cultural and moral self confidence.

In my speech, I argued that we were putting the cart before the horse. We’ve spent years trying to force the issue at our public rallies. We want the Southern people to rise up now before it is too late. Unfortunately, they lack all the prerequisites to do so. A successful Southern independence movement would require a STRONG sense of Southern identity, a STRONG desire to separate from the United States and a STRONG belief that reforming the system is impossible. Right now, over 90% of Republicans support the Trump administration. We’re not going to convince the Southern people to secede from the United States under a Republican president who is perceived to be successful. The ordinary Southerner is going to cling to the delusion that the Trump administration is Making America Great Again until the reality of our situation can no longer be denied.


My biggest takeaway from Jim O’Brien’s speech is that we need to be articulating a clear sense of Southern ethnic and religious identity. As I said in my speech, we aren’t producing anywhere near enough Southern Nationalist content because we have become so preoccupied with street activism. We need to be building political goodwill with the public, but we aren’t accomplishing that when Antifa are able to tag along at our events, create a siege mentality while forcing our events into freedom cages. We need to be building a strong financial base, but we are losing our access to crowdfunding platforms and doxing is causing financial stress for our own members. We need the military capacity to win our independence, but many of us aren’t even in good physical shape.

This was the largest League of the South conference that I have personally attended, but I came away from it convinced that we need to change the way we have been doing things. We’ve had the wrong priorities. We’ve been going about this in the wrong way. I now have a much better sense of the priorities we need to be focusing on and why Antifa has been such an unnecessary nuisance and massive liability at our public events. We’re political dissidents and we need to start acting like it.

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  1. I’m surprised I don’t see Hooterville and Petticoat Junction on those maps, HW.

    Come up here to the NYC area and have your LoS meeting. There are venues on Staten Island, in Yonkers and out on Long Island that would be ideal.

    • @spahnranch1969

      Why do you keep trolling these pro-Southern, pro-Christian articles? It is quite clear that you have great disdain for Christianity and good Christians who are trying to do what’s right. You also openly mock Southerners, and this site is run by Southern Nationalists. Your wasting your own time with this useless trolling and it shows me that you have too much idle time. Idle hands are the Devils workshop.

      • I didn’t realize one of the prerequisites to read OD was to be Christian.
        Believe it or not, someone can have a since of ethnic identity and not cling to that faith.

        • I apologize, I wasn’t meaning to sound pretentious. My remarks were solely directed at spahnranch1969. I don’t believe that Southern Nationalism, or white nationalism in general, is the sole property of Christians, but my faith is deeply intertwined with my sense of nationalism. I understand that there are highly principled and moral people out there that aren’t Christian that are devoted to the cause. However, I still believe that our future is in the hands of God and we won’t get anywhere with the cause unless it is in His plans.

        • “Believe it or not, someone can have a [sense] of ethnic identity and not cling to that faith.”

          I don’t believe it, and it’s time to call out all the bastards on this forum who continually attempt to have their paganism and live in a moral, white order, minus the very faith that informs, gives life to, and is forever incarnated into all of Western Civilization – i.e., Christianity.

          “State unity is rarely possible without a unity of religion, one that implies a unity of general moral foundations. Nothing can be “universal” including the concept itself. All things that exist occur under a cultural context. This is because human beings are social beings requiring language (in the broad sense) to function at even the most elementary level. In 2016, the west is in such a state of aboulia and lethargy that even that obvious statement requires vigorous defense.”

          The very weakness of the entire White/Alt-Right/Nationalist platform, is the fear that we must have an autocratic rule (call it monarchy) and a state Church, working in tandem with the State (the Orthodox call it ‘symphony’) in order to both: achieve a sense of community, solidarity, and a concrete alternative to the false religion of Talmudic Khazarianism!

          This is the great reason why any attempt to allow all of the sects to co-exist (along with all the heresies noted on that famous bumper sticker!) will never achieve success.

          We need to be One People, under One Ethnarch, practicing One religion, and of One mind to punish sin and lawlessness- which includes public stoning of adulterous aborting whores, unrepentant sodomites, and mad-dog Paganists.

          • No, we don’t. Believe it or not some Europeans don’t want to be turned into the United States of Europe beneath some hulking ecclesiastical bureaucracy. Christianity is a race blind, destructive creed. Many forms of indigenous European spirituality were equally as moral (Germanic paganism, Roman religion during the days of the republic, the undiluted Hellen creed of Sparta, etc.)
            Christianity is, by no means, ingrained into the fabric of western civilization. Christian civilization certainly is, western civilization has no need for Christianity or it’s absurd doctrines.

            And before you reply with “Christianity doesn’t explicitly prohibit living with your own kind” ad nauseam, you’re the one advocating stoning other whites who don’t conform to your metaphysical ideals irrespective of their moral practices.

          • Funny. Carl Jung stated that the idea of God, or more specifically, the Abrahamic God, was just a projection of failed parental interjects. That is why he is the old bearded man who punishes those who turn against him, even those who did not know of their crimes. I am to believe that the Gorgonopsid deserved to die of starvation and thirst in the desertic wastes of Siberia because they did not practice liturgy.

            It is no coincidence that the worse a victim of abuse, the more likely you are to come out with the stoning of “mad-dog Paganists”. You remind me of the characters in a book called Iron Gates.

          • Dear Friar John,
            While I very much appreciate your point of view, the fact of the matter is that we Christian Southerners very much need the help of our Pagan brethren.

            Yes, I totally agree with you that Chryst must be the centre of our prospective societies, just as they once were, because if He is not, we might as well stay with The Judeo-Bolshevist New England Yankee model we currently have, and spare ourselves the trouble.

            That said, we must allow folks the right to deny Chryst, and, even more so, we must find ways to interact constructively with our Pagan Brethren.

            Please remember that the majority of The Confederate armies were filled with pagans, this according to Alabama nurse, Kate Chapman, who, being very pious, was shockt by how many wounded soldiers did NOT want her to read from The bible, at their bedside.

            Please remember that many of The Red Shirts and Scarlets Knights of The Ku Klux kKan, which rescued us from Northern tyranny in the continuation of the war after Appomattox, were our Pagan Brethren.

            Also, please allow me to remind you that Southern Culture is a weird alchemical blend of one part totalitarianism, 2 parts libertarianism, and 6 parts local control by local White Men.

            As a whole, Southerners are not fond of concepts that bind them to a ‘oneness’ that would put them under the control of ‘one’, beyond a voluntary relationship to The Good Lord.

            Moreover, Traditional Southern Society is one which walks the line between theocratick oneness of God and State, and Secularism.

            Something that I think is very important for every activist to remember is that our own culture has it’s own long proven views and values, and, that so, none of us needs to take on the burden of reinventing the wheel.

            No, Sir – we are fight for the reassertion of our own eternal views.

            No need for adjustments or innovations.

            I know that is scary sounding to Non-Southerners, but, that is where it is, and, I would add, is where much of The West is, as, in 2018, Retradionalization, ReChristianization, and ReNationalism becomes the primary agenda, throughout many many countries.

            The century long experiment with Scientifick Rationalism is finisht, in The West.

            Thank you for your comment and for your long support of The South.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “I’m surprised I don’t see Hooterville and Petticoat Junction on those maps, HW.”

      They’re on the old Frisco Pixley branch, off the Rolla Subdivision, in the Missouri Ozarks.

  2. As much as I would like to see a free Dixie tomorrow, I believe that Hunter is correct that the average Southerner is not yet physically or intellectually ready for it. When “over 90% of Republicans support the Trump administration” you have people *mindlessly* happy with the status quo. This must change before a free Dixie can rise.

    • @Joe Putnam

      That is very true. Also we have a population that is complacent with the evils of abortion and homosexuality. If we can’t even stand up for the most innocent and helpless human beings who are being murdered in their mothers’ wombs, then what makes some people think we will stand up for Southern Independence. I will begin to be more optimistic when I see an aggressive and widespread stand against abortion and homosexuality in the South. Only then will I think that southerners might just have the manhood it takes to seek independence.

      • The Generation of men, ESPECIALLY IN THE SOUTH born after 1920 who were children at the time of the first real mass media and who served in WWII were nothing like their Daddies. Their Daddies were raised in a more raw, isolated place and with less education RE INDOCTRINATION. You can see this in how the 1919 Rebellions in Dixie were handled versus 1955 Montgomery AL

        In 1919 massive Negro uprisings broke out in East Texas, four years after Mexican uprisings broke out in South Texas. Of course what happened was every man with a gun came and did his due diligence to put down the uprisings with some hemp rope and alot of communities and shanty towns were put to the torch. At the same time similar uprisings happened in Arkansas and the same thing happened in Arkansas. By 1920 everything was back to normal. In 1921 a similar uprising happened in Tulsa, same result and in 1923 in Rosewood Fl. Same result.

        In 1955 a small rebellion breaks out in Montgomery AL over public buses. Was the Negro section of Montgomery burned to a cinder? NOPE. Were there men with guns riding around in pickup trucks at all hours of the day and night policing the Montgomery Streets? NOPE. This is a good example of how weak the men born after 1920 were compared to their daddies. Of all the Southern Governors and Politicians who stood against Integration ALL OF THEM were born PRE 1920. Wallace was born in 1919 he was the youngest. Ross Barnett’s DADDY was a Confederate Veteran, he had survived Reconstruction in Mississippi. People wonder why Ross was so serious? He’d been raised on his Daddys knee and probably his elder relatives as well who lived through 61-65 and 65-77 and saw the truth. Those who were born after 1920, a time in which almost all Confederate veterans were either dead or in their 70s and 80s, had no recollection of them GOOD OL BOYS. They had no perspective. They were the NEW GENERATION WHO KNEW NOT MOSES OR JOSHUA AND KNEW NOT WHAT GOD HAD DONE FOR ISRAEL. What did the new generation do? As a whole they forsook or refused to fight for what was right. Mostly it was apathy.

        In 1919 Martin Luther King would have been 100% Impossible. By 1955 he was, WHY? The old men were dead and gone, the Confederate Veterans were gone, and perspective and love was gone. Families were smaller and interlocking relationships had been broken by the Depression and war.
        Ripe for the Pickin

        • I will give you a story from Old Kentucky. My Great-Grandpa’s Uncle who was born in 1843, was still living up till the time my Grandpa was 12 years old. His great-uncle, which would be my great-great-great Uncle, had survived the war, survived his brothers being impressed into the Yankee Army, survived the bloody mountain feuds and lived to see things like roads and railroads actually take the place of horse and foot paths. Much of E Ky as late as 1900 and some later, you couldn’t own a buggy or take a wagon to town. You had to have a horse and a pack animal or a pack animal just to get up the hollow, there were no roads. The roads were largely built after 1865.

          My Uncle’s father, had been born in Goochland Virginia in 1815 and came over the mountains as a little boy. He was born when James Madison was President, when most of the Revolutionary Generation was still alive. My Uncle was born when John Tyler was President, a Virginian. He lived to see FDR in the newspaper. He was born largely in a time with no education, no churches, no outside news, nothing. He grew up raw and hard, and saw the world the same way. In fact as my Grandpa told me, the man was 90 and still trying to get under young girls skirts. He was raised without the extreme Baptist Influence that my great grandparents were raised under. A Puritanical world in which sex and cursing were absolutely forbidden.

          The difference was clear. My Great-Grandfather was a decent law abiding man, even tried to run for Sheriff at one point. He wasn’t violent, never said a bad word to anyone, though he did shoot a man once for getting in his chickenhouse, but didnt kill him. His Uncle lived in a world where you didn’t know what rock bandits were hiding behind, if you were going to have to kill them or run, whatever.

          This was the basic difference with the War Generation. They understood talk was cheap and they did their talking with fists, knives or their guns. They gambled, whored, shot one another, it didn’t matter. Then their children were raised up going to the Baptist Church and the rest is history. They slowly got cucked by the Baptist Church, until by the 1950’s they wouldn’t get violent anymore, in fact violence which was once a Southern Past time like NASCAR is today, was in disrepute. As my Dad told me, by the 1950’s all the violent old men were dead or dying, and all the shootings, murders, etc, all but disappeared. As late as 1940 there was literally a few murders in a small KY town of less than 2000 every weekend. By 1960 there were zero

          • Yes Krafty, because the old men were DEAD AND GONE by 1950 or so. You had 1-2 generations who had been indoctrinated by then and lost their bloodthirsty edge. That is the reason why in 1860 a mere election could cause Secession but by 1965 Niggers could literally taunt the Alabama State Police along the Selma to Mongtomery march with Muh Dick in these (((White))) bitches stories. (ALMOST ALL THOSE INVOLVED WERE JEWESSESS ON THOSE FREEDOM RALLYS BUT NOGS CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE)

            What had changed? Southern Men had lost their bloodthirsty edge, their fangs had been pulled and they were no longer the ravenous wolves they had been in 1860, who at times killed other men for sport. They were Civilized by 1965 and with Civilization comes weakness. Thats the real story of the Civil Rights Movement

  3. Good. Goood … but don’t think like a sergeant or lieutenant … think like a President. You begin with a think tank meeting regularly. You’ll need $$$$ and intel. Your properties will need SECURITY. High tech night vision cameras waaayyy off in the woods to detect those fanatics sneaking up on you. You’ll also need intel to weed out the Feds and Anfagita scum trying to infiltrate. What you really need though is a goal.

    • @Mark Saint

      “The takeaways are correct, especially when viewed by comparison to other nation’s protests. This new strategy sounds very reasonable.”

      The public actions in Poland in particular, and to a lesser extent the Czech and Slovak Republics and Hungry, were possible because the populations in those countries are still fundamentally White, and almost all free of total Jewish control. For now. NATO will see to it that that changes.The move up to the border with RUSZOG is for just this purpose. Not to counter (((Putin’s))) supposed “aggression®©.”

      • Poland , Czech Republic are Jew controlled. That’s why they don’t want Arabs in Europe. That’s why they are all pro ZOG . Putin is the biggest murderer of Arabs[ Syria] and other Muslims. Russia is also Jew controlled. Putin is another gullible goy.[ can’t say about Hungry].

  4. I believe this is your second article of late in which you say Southern Nationalism is pulling the cart before the horse. You are correct. I believe the horse is a SN economic system. Until we have our own start up of a Southern Nationalist economy, our movement will continue to pull the cart before the horse.

  5. “As we have seen, Antifa are capable of harassing private hotels and restaurants until they cancel our reservations. They are capable of showing up at events which are held in public parks and on public streets and getting them cancelled by inciting violence. ”

    Antifa is a Jewish organisation from start to finish. The reason they’re able to do what they do, is because the Jewish political machine does it for them. They just have to be transported to the target and turned loose, under the careful supervision of Jewish controllers, to do their destructive deeds.

    Or did you think a bunch of disorganised, undisciplined punks were really capable of sophisticated planning, political thinking and meticulous intelligence work?

    • “They just have to be transported to the target and turned loose, under the careful supervision of Jewish controllers, to do their destructive deeds.”

      I want to correct my comment by saying:

      They just have to be transported to the target and turned loose, under the careful supervision of Jewish Kommissars, like the old Red Army penal battalions, to do their destructive deeds.

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