Portland Riot

In my speech at the 2018 League of the South conference, I cited the toleration of violent Antifa in Berkeley and Portland as the beginning of a trend where police are given stand down orders at free speech rallies in Democratic-controlled cities:

“PORTLAND, Ore. — Two opposing protest groups — Patriot Prayer and antifa — clashed in downtown Portland Saturday, CBS Portland affiliate KOIN reports. Portland police said failure to leave the area could leave to arrests, calling the demonstration a riot.

More than 100 members of Patriot Prayer group gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza for a “freedom rally,” while more than 100 counter protesters with an antifa group gathered across the street at Chapman Square for rallies before a march. Police revoked Patriot Prayer’s permit for the rally after the two groups began to clash. …

Patroit Prayer organizer Joey Gibson told KOIN the clashes “good in terms that we showed that there’s a political move right now to have the police stand down in order to impact free speech in some of these big cities.”

“Portland’s the last city on the West Coast that’s doing that, so we just have to keep hitting it — I don’t see what else to do other than that,” Gibson said. “We’ll make Portland so ugly in terms of how they allow these protesters to charge us when we have a permit. The police stood down, we were told they would not stand down, so we have to challenge it.”

Sounds familiar.

I said that this was happening this weekend and as if on cue to prove my point violent Antifa were allowed to incite another riot in Portland while police stood down and watched. It appears that several supporters of Patriot Prayer were also arrested for the crime of self defense.

This is what happened in Charlottesville too last summer. It noticeably doesn’t happen in smaller cities like Pikeville, KY, Shelbyville, TN or Newnan, GA because police are allowed to do their jobs there. In Pikeville, Shelbyville and Newnan, Antifa came to town and created a siege mentality, and the result was we were confined to freedom cages and prevented from engaging the public.

The Proud Boy who knocked out this Antifa won the fight. It is a pyrrhic victory though. I believe he has been charged with a crime. The goal here is to lure us into their political strongholds, incite violence and drain us fighting charges and frivolous lawsuits in expensive court battles.

We shouldn’t make the same mistake again. As I said in my speech, we should have private, unannounced, invitation-only public events that deny violent Antifa intelligence, targets and the time to mobilize. If we want to go somewhere in the future, we should just privately make arrangements and go. There is no reason we have to tell the world about our plans months in advance. In such a way, we can cut violent Antifa out of our events and organize without any interference.

I also said in my speech we should steer clear of Antifa and redirect their attacks to MAGApedes and conservatives. Seriously, let them go harass Joey Gibson and Stephen Miller:

If violent Antifa spend all their time stalking, harassing and rioting against conservatives, pressure will build to wake up Jeff Sessions and indict them on federal charges.

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  1. To what end!? What good is a free speech rally when it’s sequestered in terms of impact. THAT is what Antifa wants!!! Hitler said these things “should have been talked about in factories and job sites” but unfortunately they weren’t and they/we MUST take to and take the streets. Don’t stop going big….or go home.

    • Agree. Such events should be advertised far and wide on national media, to draw as many supporters as possible, and to have a high-profile event so the whole nation can see what goes on. Let Antifa and the leftist terrorists come. Let them do their worst. These days, everything is on video, so the lies and omissions of mass media won’t have any credibility.

      • I disagree.

        1.) The nation will only see the event on television which will portray us in the worst possible light.

        2.) We need to cut out infiltrators and agent provocateurs who we don’t know and trust from our events.

        3.) The truth doesn’t matter at these events. Feelings are what matter. I’ve seen guilty men walk free and innocent men thrown in jail.

        4.) We can avoid Antifa violence, doxing and lawfare by removing them from our events. They also scare people and create a climate of fear and dread in the communities in which we are organizing.

        5.) The presence of Antifa at our events isolate us from the public.

        • I find it interesting that so many people assume that invite-only events mean that nothing can be done on the street.

          I’ve always taken it to mean that the events aren’t announced, not that they aren’t in public.

  2. I would love to have Antifa and Proud Boys together in the same room. I’ve got lots of Zyklon ready for that occasion.

    • I don’t get why anyone to the left of Daily Stormer are so jealous of each other. Greg Johnson hates Tommy Robinson, and this guy above hates Proud Boys.
      I’m not on board with Tommy Robinson and Proud Boys, they’re not extremist enough in ideology. But when I see them on the streets actually doing something I have a ton of a lot more respect for them than some petty armchair critic.

        • Portland has replaced San Francisco as the Capital of Degeneracy. I suppose nothing too bad about confronting Antifa there but it is occupied territory. After the food runs out they will probably move south.

        • And, today, and for the last several decades, ALL WHITE juries SLAMMED white guys who mixed it up with people of color attackers. Look at what happened to the guy who was head of National Alliance got into a fight with a Mexican and they threw the book at him.
          So if any white gets into any action IN SELF DEFENSE against a POC in, especially, white liberal areas he might as well be PRISON READY because that is where he is going.

          Learn what is going on in the war against our 2nd Amendment rights:

          Hunter this is a VERY tough situation and you offered a way of continuing the education of people without our folks getting either A arrested or B beaten to a pulp.
          It IS sad but the police are NOT on our side and the FBI well to quote Jack Nelson who covered the story at the time of the MURDERS of school teacher Kathy Ainsworth & the horrific wounding of her boyfriend Thomas Tarrants:
          “the FBI got together with the Jewish community. The Jewish community was very small in Mississippi at the time. This was Jackson and Meridian, Mississippi, and the community was very small but also had a lot of clout. They were people of some means. They got together with the FBI and the Meridian Police Department, and essentially what happened was that two members of the Klan were set up in a death trap.

          • I think we should continue with street activism, but it 1.) shouldn’t be our primary focus and 2.) Antifa should be denied intelligence about these events until they are already over or in progress. When we hold public rallies, there is no reason why they should know about them in advance for they can make preparations to be there.

          • Kudos to Quintas for mentioning Kathy Ainsworth, the pro-White activist who was mudered by ZOG in 1967.

          • Southern Cotton and Dry Goods Jews made good use of Southron Whites and bilked people on their cotton crops and when they had accumulated enough power, they turned against the Southern people. The sad thing was few saw it coming

  3. I agree that we should stand back and let them attack Normie Conservatives. Let them get their asses kicked for a change. More mainstream conservatives attacked means more will get their minds right and start seeing things our way. Let them fight their own battles.

    • @Donn

      Normies don’t come out to rallies you moron.

      I guarantee you that the “Alt-Lite” will be very absent from UTR2.

      • @Professional – any-one that is STUPID enough to attend UTR2 deserves what ever he or she gets. Darwinian Nature is harsh, but just.

        That said, we need to figure out what to do with Anti Fa………….

    • @James Owen

      Hitler did have a more homogenous nation but even he talked about mass foreign infiltration into Germany.

      And what’s your point? Our time clock has started, we have less than thirty years before we will need outside help. Once the boomers are too old or dead we will be too little in numbers to ever save ourselves. We MUST act now. We are not going to get more racially homogenous sulking and shrinking back.

      • “””…..Hitler did have a more homogenous nation but even he talked about mass foreign infiltration into Germany……”””

        Yes and that was the fatal mistake what doomed him and the entire Western Civilization.

        He fought the wrong enemy, the Jews. Hitler did not understand that the real enemy is on his ranks, genetic white liberal

        Hitler was not doomed from outside He was doomed because of betrayal from inside. Genetic white liberals infiltrated into army, committed all war crimes and turned Eastern Europe and Russia from friend to enemy.

        Hitler celebrated that he united German people but forgot one simple thing. With friends like white genetic liberal, you do not need a enemy.

        Genetic white liberal does not care how to hate, genetic white liberal just hates.

        Don,t like the abortions, well , white children can die in the war too, so let`s transform to Ukraine nationalists and tell that real nationalism is the war with Russia or Muslims or whatever enemy you would like.

        And when you like Christianity, genetic white liberal joins the church, takes it over and burns witches, heretics, racists, Nazis, boogeyman and xz385 too.

        Who is the last one? I do not know but before you address the genetic white problem, you may be sure that genetic white liberal get`s in, takes over and turn every last thing you have to Death Cult.

        • I think White conservatives are a bigger problem than the jews, coloreds and liberals combined. I hate the god damn right wing!

      • @Professional

        “And what’s your point?”

        In addition to the Jews, we have millions of biological enemies and White race traitors and dupes to deal with. Hitler didn’t. We’ve got a lot harder row to hoe, than Hitler did. Therefore, a lot of what Hitler did won’t work in our circumstances, because the Jews in Germany had a plurality, not total control, like they do now.

        Unlike here and now, there were still segments of the Media and Government not under total Jew control. Although they were working to achieve it. More importantly, the Jews hadn’t yet passed Goy Control laws that made being a Goy all but illegal. They were headed that way, however, when Hitler defeated them. In our case, we’re well past it, and have been since before many of us were even born.

        We were born in enemy territory and Hitler can’t help us. We have to develop our own tactics, methods and ideology for defeating our enemies in the conditions existing in the present, and in North America, not 1920’s and 30’s Germany.

        • @James Owen

          I just spent the last week in your state. It has been over run so bad from foreign Invaders I thought that we are going to have to win the Alamo and San Jacinto back. I get all of your points on white race traitors but those are later victories. We must win the streets first.

          And we really aren’t that far off from the state of affairs Hitler faced. Read Mein Kampf and recognize how similar America looks to the Weimar Republic. We have the same enemies and Hitler gave us the playbook. Use it.

  4. Oh I’d just love to read a news story someday about Antfagita going up against a group that had and carried out a plan. Something like behind the good guys were pro photographers and wave one of good guys stormed the fags and simultaneously pulled off their masks at which point pictures ( with high powered lenses, ) were taken to later be put up everywhere so employers etc could see these freaks faces and anyone hurt could press charges under RICO …. then the second wave … oh I don’t know … something to the tune of, “took out the trash.” Why do we never hear stories like that ?

  5. https://blog.jim.com/war/the-feminized-police-force-and-army/

    We’re at the awkward stage now where the police in big liberal cities are feminized enough to side with commies against patriotic Americans, but not so feminized that we can kick their asses and rule the streets ourselves. The UK is approaching the latter stage though, as white people say, “The police always kowtow to Muslims — if we start behaving like Muslims, the police will kowtow to us. Deus vult!”

  6. “The Proud Boy who knocked out this Antifa won the fight. It is a pyrrhic victory though. I believe he has been charged with a crime”

    What crime? The other guy was clearly wielding a weapon and attacking him.

  7. Everybody ensure that whatever you do is not because you are being manipulated and how would you know?

    “… engaging in absolutely sterile identity politics through their whole lives, never leaving their arrested development state to look up at the feasting Elite.”

    Source: Illuminati Banker Unveiled Method of Control

  8. “The Proud Boy who knocked out this Antifa won the fight. It is a pyrrhic victory though. I believe he has been charged with a crime. The goal here is to lure us into their political strongholds, incite violence and drain us fighting charges and frivolous lawsuits in expensive court battles.”

    Released from jail with all charges dropped, last I heard. Doesn’t mean that Portland won’t look for other ways to lawrape him, but at this moment PP has a clean sweep…

    (I have some ideas of my own about how we can dissuade liberal cities from lawraping us or otherwise interfering with our right to assembly. The basis of anarcho-tyranny is that the System ignores the truly dangerous or troublesome types and only prosecutes the harmless and compliant.)

    …and I hate to admit it, because I always had a somewhat negative opinion of these PP types. I saw them as slightly edgier Oathcuckers, or perhaps the American version of Captain McButtplug and his Proud Boys. Maybe I was incorrect.

  9. “”……If violent Antifa spend all their time stalking, harassing and rioting against conservatives, pressure will build to wake up Jeff Sessions and indict them on federal charges…..:””

    But maybe conservatives caving in. Like in the 1917 in Russia and almost in Germany. Hitler got in charge only because all other politicans caved in.

    Zman blog has very good article and very good comment section today. People finally understand that they dealing with communism and discussing that Antifa may turn full Cheka or NKVD very fast and right is too desorganized to avoid it.

    Lenin got to power with few hundred men despite entire Russia was full of guns and war vets. Only in Petrograd there were at least 30 000 Russian Army officers.

    There Will Be Blood

    • This is something I’ve been saying for awhile: I used to say that we’d probably lose if Civil War II, came tomorrow. Not sure if I believe that any more, but I still think the Left would put up a MUCH better fight than a lot of the 2nd Amendment wonks tend to believe.

      • This will be not Civil War. This will be Global War. We dealing with Global Elite , not Local Elite.

        We down here in The Eastern Europe preparing too. And one part of preparation is explaining ignorants that this will be not our popcorn time.

        Some our Eastern European people claim that Western Europe and US are not our problems and Eastern Europe should just get out from EU and NATO.

        We keep telling that Mr. Soros and Global Elite will take good care to make it our problem like they did in 1917.

        Paraguay Airport is local issue, taking down World Government is not. We have Global Communism.

        Soviet Union was only a health issue. Lenin died and Stalin took over before they could arrange us some kind of Bush Clinton clown show.

    • https://status451.com/2017/01/20/days-of-rage/

      “People tend to think that the Right will be an awesome, horrific force in political violence. The SPLC’s donations depend on that idea. Righties tell themselves that *of course* they’d win a war against Lefties. Tactical Deathbeast vs. Pajama Boy? No contest. Why, Righties have thought about what an effective domestic insurrection would look like. Righties have written books and manifestos!

      It’s horseshit.

      The truth: the Left is a lot more organized & prepared for violence than the Right is, and has the advantage of a mainstream more supportive of it.”

  10. The “Nazi” slander, the anti-White’s most hateful and powerful weaponized word, is now being used against the president and White normies. I think this is very significant. After Nazi they’ve got no more words to go to.

  11. There is no way any charges are going to stick. Any jury could easily see that the antifa guy attacked first. I don’t think any prosecutor would even attempt it. Luckily for the proud boy the entire thing was caught on tape. And he was smart enough to let the antifa guy take first shots.

  12. I will support extremists like NSM and Atomwaffen but no more of those politically correct conservative groups that try to appeal to normies and “based” Negroes.

  13. Urban police are useless. The only way to have a peacefull pro white rally, restore order with national guard.

    • Even when police are successful at containing Antifa (Pikeville, Shelbyville, Newnan), we end up locked up behind metal detectors and steel cages and prevented from interacting with the public except through the hostile mainstream media. Most curious people steer clear of violent Antifa because they don’t want to get near a potential riot.

  14. Not so sure, Hunter . . . . Those folks fighting Antifa give courage to our people. Maybe what went wrong in Charlottesville is that we didn’t stand our ground–not against the cops, but against Antifa. If a thousand of us were in jail and hundreds in the hospital, THAT could have changed the narrative and exposed a deep-state set-up no one could ignore.

    • @Alan Joseph Keck

      Thank you! I finally feel like someone else gets IT.

      Here’s what we did wrong the past year:

      1) We didn’t vigorously attend court sessions in Va together in solidarity. We did Charlottesville right but not legal action post Charlottesville.

      2) Tennessee is a much safer place if we are going to fight Commies in courtrooms. We should never have backed down from Murfreesboro, but instead we should have gone there specifically to pound antifa to the ground and settle it with a mixed bag of courtroom results. The people in TN are a better more supportive population. Proof – of all the states tearing monuments down we are one of the only ones to defend ours.

      3) We didn’t force a signed pact of unity among UTR attenders. This is IMPORTANT!!!!!!

      4) We have split among ourselves on issues that are most important like religion, but never coming to a resolve.

      5) We failed to hold divisive individuals accountable for their actions. The internet is our real enemy in this bullet point. Some people can be divisive 1,000 miles away and risking nothing of theirs. Personal meetings would curtail this problem a lot and public shaming (Not Doxing)

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