The Misery of July 4th

I’m usually miserable on July the 4th.

While I always enjoy the companionship of friends and family, backyard barbecues and fireworks, I am really never in a mood to celebrate American independence. I deeply love colonial America and see the American Revolution as the tragic episode that brought it to an end.

Believe me, I know how strange this perspective sounds to my neighbors. I’m reminded of it every year. I also know how foolish it is to insult the patriotism of ordinary people. I don’t fault them for their patriotism. In fact, I wish I could share these sentiments. It would make my life so much easier not to be completely alienated and feel like a stranger on Independence Day. Even the Southern Nationalists of the 19th century were comfortable in celebrating secession from the British Empire.

I don’t object to the concept of American independence. If the American Revolution had never happened, I believe the colonies would have eventually become independent anyway like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I don’t object to the concept of liberty either. No one wants to live under a despotism and liberty wasn’t a social problem before it was usurped by liberalism.

The problem with the American Revolution wasn’t the brave men who fought for American independence. It is the philosophy of civic nationalism that intellectuals enshrined at the heart of the American Revolution. The notion that “all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” is destructive to the social order. The leveling spirit unleashed by the American Revolution didn’t stop with the British monarchy. It has never been contained.

The United States has been in a permanent state of social revolution for centuries. It has proven impossible to build a stable society or to maintain a healthy, organic culture on a foundation of Enlightenment ideas like natural rights, universal liberty and equality, tolerance, individualism, democracy and constitutionalism. These ideas are incompatible with authority, hierarchy, community, moral discipline and tradition. They are a solvent that has eaten away like acid at the foundations of our culture.

It is easy to see why the American system seemed to work at first. Religious dissenters in the colonies resented the established churches. Merchants resented restrictions on American commerce and international trade. Colonial legislators resented being subordinated to the authority of a distant Parliament. Frontier settlers resented the Proclamation of 1763 which confined them to the eastern seaboard. Americans were perfectly capable of governing themselves as an independent nation.

The Founding Fathers never imagined that the rhetoric of natural rights, universal liberty and equality, tolerance, individualism, democracy and constitutionalism would be taken to the extremes that they have been in our times by subsequent generations. They enjoyed all these things in moderation in the White Republic they created for themselves, but the snowball they started rolling in 1776 has never ceased growing. Their axioms have been taken to a wild excess. We live in a very late stage in the process in which these ideas have metastasized like a cancer into open borders and transgenderism.

In the long term, the cure of Tom Paine and the curse of permanent social revolution has proven to be far worse than any short term disease of King George III. I find it difficult to relate to the Revolutionary generation who revolted over a few trivial taxes on tea and stamps. It was precisely because colonial Americans were already so free that the Stamp Act and the Proclamation of 1763 felt like ‘tyranny’.

The Founding Fathers latched on to the fashionable Enlightenment philosophy of their day to justify their break with the British Empire. They took aspects of their own British culture and traditions and tragically attempted to set them on a new naturalistic, universal basis. Instead of our rights and liberties being derived from our own unique historical experience, a clear outgrowth of the English common law and the Glorious Revolution, they were said to be inherent in mankind itself.

This intellectual rubbish has had grave consequences. Yesterday, I couldn’t relax and enjoy July the 4th because I couldn’t shake my belief that this is how we have managed to arrive in a world where FOX News spends Independence Day praising women soldiers in combat, where illegal aliens from the Democratic Republic of Congo are climbing the Statue of Liberty, where MILO is crossdressing on Facebook and where I have to witness teenage interracial couples making out in a public park.

As I have studied the 18th century, I have come to see July the 4th as a Whig holiday. I have also become convinced that the Whig tradition has been one of the driving forces in the moral and cultural degeneration of the United States. In the months ahead, we will be exploring the Whig tradition in greater detail and how it precipitated our present moral breakdown.

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  1. It’s hard for me to believe that a traditional family man like HW could be lonely on the Fourth of July, of all times. But the residents of Vicksburg did not begin celebrating Independence Day again until 1943, 80 years after it was captured by Union forces. The USSA is going to break up, perhaps sooner than any of us expect. ZOG and its mercenary forces have shown they are no longer invincible. Perhaps now would be a good time to begin serious discussion about what the South should be like after the Union occupation ends.

    • Whatever whitish association survives the (((USSA))), it is going to require a border be maintained. I can see part of current western (((Canada))) wanting in on this also. I don’t know the South well enough to speculate but I would guess there are natural borders there also. Big Ag is going down also is my guess. The hybrids crops and synthetic chemicals used will be too expensive and difficult to produce when the grid goes down, among other issues. Sustainable farming with adequate land and irrigation will be very, very important for survival.

    • First, the idea of remaining a colony of the putrid British empire, is repugnant.
      Second, most of the Founders did not understand, despite all of history before them (like most White people), the risk of letting their mortal enemies in the door. They most certainly should have comprehended the slave issue better, but they chose greed, instead of foresight.

      As for the US breaking up, probably not. Too many Whites are now too fat, lazy, weak and stupid. Most would rather be murdered rather than risk being ostracized, or called the dreaded “R”-word. The US will slide into third world oblivion. Western Civilization has lost the WILL to live.

      • You need security forces, fire/emt and countless other sorts of people that make a society work. The USA is guaranteed to collapse UNLESS we reach the Robot Singularity. There literally is no way possible a society can hold together once its safety forces, fire departments. emts etc are in complete chaos. RIght now many cities can barely hold it together.

        Robocop or Disunion. It will be ONE or the OTHER.

      • Short-sighted greed will be the White race’s ultimate undoing. Hopefully some parts of the race can survive, somewhere.

      • The USA is not Western and has never been Western. It was founded in opposition to all Western civilization.

        Western Civilization will continue on. The anti-western tumor known as America will become what it was always destined to be.

    • She appeared to be either a mulatress, a quadroon or possibly a half-breed injun, madam.

      • It was a mulatress. Was Jeff Davis verifiably retarded? He married and bred with a High Yeller, and took the fall for a Jew.

        • Miss Varina was a Howell, her father had moved to Natchez Mississippi and owned a plantation there. Her grandfather Richard had been governor of New Jersey. Natchez, Miss, was a heavily Yankee populated Southern city, as wealthy Northern men moved there and purchased huge plantations, of which her family was one. Her mother was originally from Virginia. There is no clear evidence of any racial mixing in Miss Varina’s ancestry, in fact I would seriously doubt there would be anything but 100% European in her ancestry.

          They said the same thing about Warren G Harding, DNA Proved that wrong too

        • No, Miss Denise – The First Lady of the Confederacy had the blood of Wales, and, as some Welsh do, she had an olive complexion.

          To those familiar with Wales, and the Welsh, this trait is well known.

          Moreover, if she had been a high-yaller, The Right Honourable Jefferson Davis never would have married her.

          Our great president was a stickler for propriety, as was General Lee, and doing that simply would not have been done.

  2. The JEW is the problem. From the beginning. The English have been the willing water carriers of the Jew, and have been, for over 400 years. Long before the American Revolution. Look at England NOW. How are things going?

      • Texas has been the worst offender in the United States as per it’s business class when it comes to hard globalism. In California its basically at every level, the leftist crap is, but in Texas its literally billion dollar corporate jerks, telling the peons that yes we will have infinity Negroid and infinity Mexican and you wont do shyte about it. Think about it, almost every state in the South had major uprisings during the 1950’s and 1960’s but somehow Texas didn’t which is actually confusing how that happened. I believe this is somehow because Lyndon and the Titans of Industry so managed to stomp out any real Pro-Segregation dissent that the people literally had no one to organize behind. Worth noting, LBJ won his Senate race by using wetbacks to stuff the ballot box.

        Think about it, in 1836, the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto were fought for independence from Mexico, but by 1920, the fatcats among them John Nance Garner and later Lyndon fought for infinity Mexican, literally giving the state their ancestors bled and died for back to Mexico

    • Texas is literally our version of England in the USA, Profit over Race in everything. This was rather accidental. Cattle, Cotton, irrigation making vegetable crops boom, it seemed like the sky was the limit. Big Cotton, Big Ranch, Big Vegetables, Big Grain, Big Oil, the sky was the limit and worker protection was zero. Jews muscled in big time with the Cotton and got their hooks in the Oil industry as well. The idea that profit mattered more than race among the Texas fat cats you can see with the PLAN OF SAN DIEGO in 1915. The Plan of San Diego was supposedly a plan for the Mexican conquest of Texas. However after the war, all was forgiven and the Texas delegation went to Washington to DEMAND OPEN BORDERS because in the words of the delegation, MEXICANS DO THE WORK NIGRAS AND WHITES WONT DO.
      Thus the Immigration Act of 1924 thanks to Texas, kept the Latin American and Caribbean Borders open. In fact people believe the Mexican issue in California came across the border, actually it came from Texas. Until the 1970’s most crossed at Texas then went west.

      By the 1950’s thanks to Lyndon Johnson, you could add BIG MILITARY INDUSTRY BIG COMPUTER and BIG MEDICINE to the list of bigness. By the time all these Nigerian Doctors began coming to the US, probably 60% of them ended up in Houston Texas the rest in the Maryland/DC metroplex. To entice more investment, Lyndon and his pals kept the racial integration largely peaceful. The violent riots like the North and the violent protests like in Alabama were unknown in Texas and I believe this was because BIG CORPORATIONS and BIG LYNDON got together to make sure they kept a lid on all dissent.

      Texas is a very good example, the other is California at how prosperity changes a people. In 1880, California was roughneck cowboys, largely from the South and Yankees in the cities. By 1940 California was entering prosperity and by 1980, prosperity had caused cultural implosion. Everyone was suddenly demanding infinity Mexicans to cut their grass and do everything for them.

      Texas in 1919 was still a state where men had to carry guns everywhere they went, because of bandits, Mexicans and Negroes. The 1919 uprisings were quelled quickly and harshly but then prosperity and vertical integration of big business began to change everything from the top down. It went much slower in TX than in California, because of it being a Southern State, but whats so very interesting is how people who rose up with the shotgun rope and torch in 1919 by 1964 allowed Lyndon and Company lord over them. For whaever reason, Lyndon managed to screw with the voting so much that while everywhere in the South in 1968 went for Nixon or the Deep South for George Wallace, Hubert Humphrey, a leftist managed to win. The 1976 election doesn’t count, as Ford was a leftist like Carter was.

      The mystery of how Texas, which is at the people level so hard Conservative gave birth literally to the Neoconservative Political Movement in the United States and open borders is a very difficult thing for me to understand. I have tried, read and it still makes no sense. Today you know which state’s business is the most against immigration restriction? Ironically it is Texas and California vying for one and two.

      • Rich, powerful jew gangsters in Dallas + Bush oil dynasty in Houston + stupid, gullible evangelicucks = neoconservatism.

        • The thing is I have yet to hear any Texans really do an in-depth study as to what made their business class so disgustingly ANTI-WHITE and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Big Oil Big Ranch Big Vegetable, Big Grain, Big Military Industry, Big Medicine, Big Tech, most of them HQ in Texas have done more damage to White Christian Society than Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner and the rest of the Radical Republicans could have done to our society had they all lived to be 200 yrs old. That’s saying something right there. The sad thing is many of these Texas tycoons were native Texans, they knew their history, yet they chose to sell out their own people there and globally for more Shekels.

          The mystery deepens

        • @Spahn…

          Texas Grand Dragon Louis Beam…

          ”There is no Black Power, only White Weakness – no Jewish Supremacy, only White Submission…”

      • It’s true, right around 1980 is when the Golden State began going into terminal decline.

        • Just watch the movie ET and see what I mean. In 1982 California still looked like paradise, now it is a dysfunctional Latin American nation with UBER RICH and UBER POOR, the middle class is gone. California knew that was coming, the Mexican Immigration had been going strong since WWII, but like i said, give me my cheap gardners and cheap maids, I really dont care about screwing my state.

    • I notice madam’s Celtic blood becomes quite heated whenever the English are being discussed.

      • There are a lot more English than you would imagine who are totally against what their country has become. Hence Brexit. The English did not get a vote on immigrants and last time they did a live poll nearly 85% or something were against it.

        When they get out of the EU we will see what happens then. The EU are harshly punishing the UK for daring to leave. Read the threats daily in the Dailymail from huge companies threatening them to pull out tens of thousands of jobs etc.

        • England will fall into a total racial uprising with the Muslims slaughtering Whites, just as the Jews decided would happen a long time ago, as revenge for Brexit. At least that is my fear. Hopefully enough have entrenched in safe areas and are ready for whats hitting.

          Thomas Chittum in his book CIVIL WAR II THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA, predicted that by 2020 America would descend into all out Civil War. He predicted that demographically the Negroes would seize the South by 2030 and have their Republic of New Afrika. Personally I don’t think thats going to happen. I personally believe with the West Coast and most of the North on fire, the Leftist Jews running our Government won’t come to the Negro’s aid and ala the Hamburg Massacre, things will just take their natural course. The only way the Negroes could take the South is if literally a gigantic military invasion happened and they were armed like a true Army and that isnt likely going to happen. This is my prediction




          Without a strong government in Washington to protect them, you will sort of see matters move in the right direction, the good direction

          • In essence, you have just about 18-24 months to prepare for the proverbial day when the SHTF. I’m in total agreement with Spahnranch ’69 that Trump will be the last POTUS. The year 2020 is plausible since he will be up for re-election. An all-out effort will be made to postpone or circumvent this for the obvious reasons.

    • “The JEW is the problem. From the beginning.”

      I agree to a point, Denise. Jews are parasites, though, and, like any parasite, can only infect someone who’s not circumspect in their diet and personal hygiene. As a nation (by that, I mean ORION) we have consumed heavily-laced junk served up by Semitic cooks… and we’ve gotten dirty again after 109+ good scrubs. Honesty is the best policy. OUR mantra, when this nightmare of a Semitic globalist bazaar comes to its inevitable conclusion, needs to be NEVER AGAIN. The jew needs to learn the true meaning of that phrase… from our perspective.

      • I respectfully disagree. I don’t think Trump will be the last president, Pence probably will be. The SHTF scenario goes down in 2025 Pence will ride into office on Trump’s coattails in 2024. Lefties who have been increasingly shut out of power by Trump will be so frustrated by then that they will start to ramp up the violent activity big time. Pence will screw up big time by trying to appease them, because he is all about compromise. In the mean time, they keep escalating the violence against Trump normies. When the Left goes all out, the Right surprises them by punching back big time. Then TSHTF and the only peaceful alternatives is formal regional secession.

  3. Very good. I might only add, that I don’t think the colonies would’ve, “magically become independent someday anyways.” In England TODAY “you” would be jailed merely for penning an article like this ! We needed the revolution, but … the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time. If we can’t restructure the country by vote … this will be “one of those times.”

  4. I think the real reason for the revolution was that a generation was born that had never been to England and had not the connection to England that their parents and grandparents had. I think a lot of the Enlightenment philosophy has been discredited with the discovery of DNA, genetics, and heredity science. However, if I had to chose between the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution give me the DOI any day! It, after all, champions the God-given right of secession and despite the mention of equality it also refers to a common consanguinity and makes some rather unflattering comments about Native Americans and Negroes. The Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says it means and therein is the problem. Far from being a sect above politics dedicated to only the public good as imagined by the Framers it veers wildly between the extremes depending upon its composition. At least this late in the game history has afforded us a unique opportunity to identify and analyze the toxins that are destroying, and will destroy, the United States so that said toxins dare not raise their head in a future Ethno-State.

  5. By lonely, I just mean that I see millions of people celebrating an event which I see as a major step in our cultural decline. Even though I am a nationalist, I can’t relate to their civic nationalism or constitutional form of patriotism. In my view, the country is clearly in decline

    • July 4th, 1860 was truly the last Fourth of July that meant anything. January 8th, 1861 was the last time the Battle of New Orleans Holiday was celebrated, called THE EIGHTH. After 1861 the Republicans purged it from the Holiday Register and even when the South was redeemed in 1877, no Southern Democrats ever tried to revive it. The last War of 1812 veteran was a Yankee from New York, Hiram Cronk who died in 1905 at the age of 105

    • You aren’t the only one, Mr. Wallace. I feel completely alone on the 4th. I see a mass of whites celebrating a flag which no longer represents what it originally stood for. All I see is a bunch of people celebrating a symbol which now belongs to a government which is willingly and openly working toward their replacement and destruction.

    • I increasingly feel the same way. Between that and the trigger happy darkies the Fourth is a good excuse to stay home. I certainly can imagine why the people of Vicksburg did not celebrate the 4th of July for nearly 80 years after the Civil War. I feel like an alien in my own land, all the brown hordes here make it that way. Celebrating the 4th is becomming an admission of condoning this.

  6. Hunter nailed it. I have become slowly 4th of July pilled to the point that I 100% Agree with Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s stance on America and feel myself wanting to say the same thing. This nation has been a Jewish bedwench since it ran up a debt with the Dutch Jews on Sint Eustatius island. After the war when the Federalists WASHINGTON, HAMILTON ADAMS, tried to have some sane governance, such as restricted immigration, nationalistic economics, etc here comes the ILLUMINATI whores

    Jefferson and Madison. Jefferson wanted 100% Open Borders, because it would grow the Democratic Party. He wanted alliances with the Jacobins in France who he regarded as JUST and RIGHT. Jefferson also came up with this cockamamie idea that Slaves were Persons and as such States could prohibit holding them. He was the main push behind outlawing slavery in the Northwest Territory, although he did leave a small out in the law for the small French settlements on the Wabash in Indiana and in Southern Illinois that they would be able to hold their slaves as INDENTURED SERVANTS IN PERPETUITY. This ended in Indiana in the 1830s and Illinois in 1848.Now if slaves were PERSONS under the Common Law they should have immediately been Emancipated. Jefferson even in Notes on the State of Virginia referred to Negroes as people. Madison did as well in the US Constitution look it up he uses the word PERSONS. Both men were fine with states allowing Free Negroes to be semi-citizens. Free Negroes could vote in 1789 in Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Only Jeffersons Virginia and South Carolina had White Citizenship laws which Jefferson and Madison saw as not being in violation of the US Code stipulating Whites Only Citizenship. This was because there were TWO Citizenships in the US, Federal and State, but the problem was Federal Citizenship was undefined. Thus nonwhites could be State Citizens but not Federal Citizens.

    Between 1789 and 1838, Free Negroes were defined as noncitizens in all of the original 13 states and Kentucky and Tennessee, it took Tennessee and North Carolina until 1835 to Deny Negroes citizenship and Pennsylvania in 1838. Negroes remained citizens in Rhode Island, Mass, New Hampshire, Vermont (they had been given it under the Vermont Republic in 1777), and Maine, who kept the Massachusetts law when it became its own state in 1820. They were noncitizens in all the new states but as local voting was lightly policed, they evidently voted in some abolitionist areas.

    The confusion over the meaning of PERSONS which Jefferson and Madison had written in their slave laws, allowed Abolitionists to grab the Constitution and using the Common Law call slaves persons. John C Calhoun strongly repudiated Jefferson and all ideas of equality in the 1840’s and demanded Constutitonal Protection of Slavery, which because of Jefferson’s open immigration shifting political clout to the North was impossible. Jefferson sold out the South for a bowl of red soup, like Esau. Madison did as well.

    Dred Scott v Sanford finally clarified the meaning of Persons in 1857 but a problem arose. The US Supreme Court had no enforcement power. In 1857 there was no FBI, a tiny US Marshals service, a tiny Army and no Marines to speak of. Plus the US Government in 1857 had no authority to impose its will upon any state. Thus States could go on about their business like nothing happened.

    The Confederate Constitution rightly redefined Persons to mean White Persons and defined Slaves as Slaves thus ending the ridiculous confusion over the Common Law. A shame Jefferson and Madison couldn’t seem to get this simple fact through their head. SLAVES ARE SLAVES WHITE PERSONS ARE PERSONS

  7. I’ll beg you like I begged Modern Heretic: PLEASE run for President! If you do, I’ll spend every waking hour pounding the pavement to drum up support. For FREE. And I’ll put together a group of men with hearts of steel to protect you, men who’d make A.H.’s “brown-shirts” look like trannies reading to toddlers. I mean it, Hunter. I sincerely do.

    • HW will eventually become the President of the reconstituted CSA but it will only be a ceremonial post. The real power will be wielded by a descendant of Napoleon III.

  8. I think it started at least from when Cromwell let the Jews back into England. Though some think England was going down a bad road as soon as the Normans took over. They were the ones who invited Jews initially back in the 11th century. A lot of what is blamed on “Anglo-Saxons” was really the fault of the Normans, I shouldn’t be blamed on the working classes who are actually descended from Anglo-Saxons since the Normans have always had contempt for Anglo-Saxons.

    Also Lowland Scots are the worst British group. Their role in the creation of liberalism is legendary.

    • Yes. Jews followed the Normans around, flattering them, and telling them how great they were. The thing is, the fundamental problem lies within Whites. Do Gooderism is a centuries’ old problem. Good Old Mr and Mrs/Miss Whitey profoundly believes that we can fix everything in the world. Christianity has exacerbated this issue. If we are just good enough and smart enough and generous – especially generous – enough gosh darn it people will like us! That – and money. The Church decided we are too good and refined to soil our hands and souls with the exchange of filthy lucre . We are Above All That. Our Reward Will be in Heaven. Yup. That’s the ticket! Heaven!

      So they allowed jews to handle the money.

      Bad, bad, BAD idea.

        • “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” (Matt. 10:34)

          Yea, we’re beginning to figure that one out, Jeebus.

          “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” (Matt. 10:37)

          Your own racial family BAD… the Semitic made-for-goy-consumption death-cult, GOOD.

          “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22)

          So we come to the crux of the matter, don’t we, John? (or whoever actually wrote the mind-poison)

    • @Jijcf

      The Scots are a whiney, grouchy lot. They dislike the English MORE than the incompatible Pakis and Somalians invading their country-and its very foolish. Many Scots have English ancestry, many English have Scottish ancestry, and the border between them is symbolic, not official. They should be far more united than they are.
      Petty differences between brothers is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Sort out the little things once and for all-then focus on the actual and real threats…

  9. I hate the 4th of July. I don’t drink, not a big fan of hotdogs and bbq, late-night gunfire and fireworks keep me up too late (bad for the environment too), I have to deal with the same annoying people I’ve just started recovering from after Easter…

    …but I’m a grouch. Truth of the matter is that, for all their faults, our weirdo Masonic founders did at least give us free speech and guns. That’s one good point in their favour…

    …the counterpoint is that, without our country becoming ZOG’s handmaiden in 1941, the rest of the English-speaking world would still have these things too.

  10. America worked just fine as long as we were a British Protestant nation. Allowing in hordes of Germans, Irish papists, Italians, Greeks, and Jews destroyed that nation.

    • Thomas Jefferson’s dirty bargain with the Clinton family and New York financiers to keep the borders 100% open to have cheap labor in the North and boost the Democratic Party to such a point that no one could oppose them in an election. Remember we had 24 years of Democratic rule 1800-1824 till the party split and the Jacksonians split from the old party and formed the modern Democrats

    • You lost me at Germans. Do you have any idea how much Germans contributed to this country? I agree about the rest. Irish Catholics and southern Europeans should never have been let in.

      • Do you have any idea how much the irish catholics built in this country? The railroads, the canals, the buildings of a certain era, etc. etc. etc. How much they contributed to literature alone? And I despise their papacy more than any on here, yet the truth is the truth.

        The 1924 Immigration Act was supposedly engined by the irish and german (many of whom were also catholics) laborers who didn’t want the hordes or their scheming nobilia here.

        Papacy aside, the northwestern europeans are a race and pretending they didn’t build this country, the North and some parts thereof, is just ridiculous.

        • There was a dispatch from a Yankee reporter doing an article on agricultural production in the South during the late 1850s. He went to the docks to see how cotton was shipped out. There he found a plantation owner having Negro slaves throw bales of cotton into the hold of a cargo ship.

          The Yankee reporter looked into the hold to find Irishmen catching and stacking the bales in the hold. This was a dangerous task, as the bales were heavy and the drop into the hold was sufficient to cause considerable injury if a catch was miscalculated and a bale struck a man.
          The reporter was amazed at this and asked the slave owner why he didn’t have his slaves in the hold catching the bales. The slave owner replied, (I paraphrase from memory) “Do you know what it cost to buy and maintain a nigger? I have a considerable investment in these slaves. Why would I be fool enough to risk having them injured when I can have these micks working in the hold for pennies a day? What’s more, if one of them gets hurt, it doesn’t cost me a cent.”

    • Chris Mallory: What you say is true, yet I can’t help but ask how long America would have survived if it had remained almost exclusively Anglo-Saxon and Scots-Irish? Not that I like having millions of wops and chinamen in here, mind you.

  11. If America had remained in the empire until a much later date, I’m guessing it would have made no difference to your current predicament. The winds of progress eventually brought every Western nation to the same place. Look at today’s Britain or Australia-not much better.
    Australia is still in the Commonwealth. Every Australia day-Jan 26th-we’re forced to endure tedious and nauseating lectures about how we’re now a ‘successful, diverse , tolerant nation’ that owes its ‘success’ to non white enrichment…..whilst watching the latest intake of Sudanese invaders being given citizenship in
    Australia day ceremonies they show on TV EVERY year-and treat it like a good news story.
    I think the real problems are that the Jews happened, then their takeover of our institutions, then the 1960’s.
    I’m no expert, but that’s my take on it.

    • I trace it all to the Plantagenet Dynasty getting wiped out by a scheming single mom called Margaret Beaufort.

      What about those troublesome usurping Tudors and their matriarchy?

  12. I still think everything would have been alright if the Nation had simply maintained its Northern European racial base. Different peoples have different proclivities, temperaments, and tendencies. Once they started allowing anybody and everybody in, it all started going to hell. Southern Europeans lean differently from Northern ones, and of course the Jews came in with the Eastern Euros.

  13. If you think America has problems, just take a look at that ugly country you seceded from. In the UK you go to a Muslim enriched jail for innocuous twitter posts, cops raid your street for butter knives and scissors, cops arrest the father’s of rape victims not the Paki rapists, and old women go before a judge for asking a cop a simple question.

    Be proud, be very proud you are nothing like cuck island.

  14. If somehow Brits and Americans for some God’s grace disappeared from the face of earth, Jews would return to their ghettos or would be expelled from Europe’s lands.
    Apart from the usual powerless 1-2%, Brits and Americans love Jews and quite happy in serving, killing and dying for them.
    It’s not the case that Brits/Americans are total simpletons and unaware of what’s going on, the fact is that they know who their masters are and cannon conceive a happy life without serving them.

  15. Alas I must confess that of all the holidays I like Halloween the best because I can still detect a kernel of Celtic mysticism in Samhain which became Halloween. Its just a different feel at that time of year.An old world is dying( brown tree leaves, last harvest. Brilliant orange sunsets make objects of the horizon look black) and in the South the weather is just right and sunsets are never more brilliant in the South than at October. In fact October and April are the only decent months in the south where the weather is just right-not too cold and not too hot.

  16. Just like the Jews religious celebrations of murder, bloodshed and massacre. The fourth and other American holidays of the past celebrate(d) war and destruction. It’s one thing to solemnly remember the war dead, its quite another to celebrate the battles and wars that murdered them.

    Where I live the fourth looks like a war zone. It is amazing, and somewhat unnerving, to stand on the hill and look at what appears to be another gaza “conflict” breaking out. I have however noted a marked decrease in activity this year. The Jews have also conveniently forgotten many of our former holidays pertaining to war, like Pearl Harbor, D-Day, V-E/V-J day/ The Alamo etc. No doubt to keep the white man’s military history to a minimum lest he shed his party dress and begins getting ideas.

    As for the tax stamp, that merely served as the excuse, “the match” if you will, to ignite the revolution. The big issue was the lack of representation, as in “no taxation without representation.” Disputing or appealing a legal issue required the colonist to make a lengthy trip to England to appear in the English courts. Needless to say, in an agrarian society where crops took precedence over legal issues, this put an impossible burden on the colonist. Therefore, when the crown or its administrators made their decree, the colonist had no real choice but to comply. It was a form of national indentured servitude. Of course as with any arrogant, tyrannical system like a monarchy, the royal bureaucrats administrating policy soon began levying increasingly oppressive measures simply because they had almost unrestricted powers to do so.

    The Boston Tea Party was the reaction to the unfair levying of taxes that could not be disputed or appealed. But taxes were only part of the issue of representation. It is interesting that on today’s West Coast, one must travel to Alameda California to appeal a ticket or other legal matters levied by the Coast Guard. When the Coast Guard boards a boat, they have a hand held computer where they input the offenses and at the end of the boarding party, the OIC print out a ticket with the total fines and hands it to the owner.

    If one wants to contest a fine or appeal some other matter, such as seizure, then a lengthy trip to Alameda is required. So let’s say one racks up fines of $500, not an unusual sum for fines these days. Is it worth the trip to Alameda when one lives in Washington state, Oregon or Southern California to contest the fine? Once again, Americans see the same kind of totalitarian system where one has little choice but to obey the bureaucratic authorities administering the Jews’ sacred, Talmudic, american LAW.

    However, don’t hold your breath waiting for complacent goyim to rise up in protest against the owners of the greatest, greenest, goddamned pastures the sheeple have ever seen. Besides, it would just be another incident Jews drop down the memory hole.

  17. Hunter, You have to play the hand of cards you’ve been dealt and flesh out American identity through our own native traditions and historical experience. Consider the extent hierarchy, moral discipline, and community reasserted itself after the Revolution. Some study that might help in this respect might include the reaction against the French Revolution on the part of the old Federalists. Also, see the the translation of Anglicanism into Methodism and Virginia-English settlement (as well as revival) patterns into the old Northwest and further afield, taking elements of the Virginia culture to the American outback or at least Border states (including old CA and OR!). Finally, another rich subject might be the Victorian period’s emerging anglo-American alliance and convergence in cultural values. There’s also the common figure of George Washington which both Southrons and Yankees have repeatedly drawn upon. But, recall General Washington was a prototypical ‘southerner’ or Virginian– and forerunner to other patriotic Fathers like General Lee. Hope these leads might help. Much of the America you want to save is not ‘explicit’ or found on a written piece of paper. This is why preserving culture, rituals, and customs is so important. I expected more from this book, but you might want to read how this was done at the turn of the century by James Lindgren_Preservation of the Old Dominion, Historical Preservation and Virginia Traditionalism.

  18. An additional thought, Hunter– it may be that a reconciliation of revolution vs. tradition indeed occurred through the junctures I mentioned above, at least successful for a time. But, it sort of unwound in the 20th century, especially after WWI. I think electronic media is likely a huge culprit, and when I consider maintaining a traditionalist ethos in the home or neighborhood– reinforcing those implicit girds to culture which contextualize our formal documents and their various annunciations– the real challenge appears to be countering media-type influences which subvert or overthrow the meaning of older forms. Holidays are precious since they represent times to recover lost cultural forms as well as add new ones. In our family we emphasize ‘true American’ and Englishness, and how we descended from original stock and what has been bequeathed to us as well as how to keep it. Given we are Episcopalian, we use Independence Day as a religious Day, sharing old sermons for the 4rth as well as using the older collects, songs, and prayers for the same. That’s the kind of cultural resourcement we need among our homes and neighbors. We are very conscious in guarding and expanding the family ciricle in this regard, but do share using by ways of hospitality. Of course, we can no longer count on media, even public schools, to help in this regard so it falls back on more fundamental societies.

  19. “electronic media” and “mass immigration”. I don’t mean to be myopic or belittle other massive forces, but was shooting at something very personal and is likely a problem on a private level when it comes to our homes and raising children. E-phones and traditionalism seem almost oxymoronic when in comes to how each impacts family life and we spend our time with one another– not to mention what kind of content and mythos we are being exposed.

  20. Talk about the leveling spirit of the American Revolution brings me the thought that it must have been irresistibly appealing for a backcountry militiaman to draw a bead on a British captain wearing a ridiculous red jacket and lay him down forever. That’s real leveling, and all the more delicious knowing that the captain paid for his commission and thus the opportunity to be laid down. Savoring the thought of what my ancestors did in 1780 Carolina, I know that the leveling spirit is the part of the human psyche that keeps us from being ants. So I embrace it as a one-on-one response to overbearing elites. The danger of leveling arises when it defines a social movement.

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