#OccupyIcePDX Gets Destroyed In Portland

UPDATE: Woah … Portland Antifa are even dropping racial slurs now!

As I said at the League of the South national conference, we should cut Antifa out of our public events. It makes more sense to let this nuisance aggravate conservatives:

“House Republican leaders plan to hold a vote on a liberal bill to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency — forcing Democrats to weigh in on a controversial issue that has divided the party just months before the midterms.

“We can have a debate,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters Thursday, adding that the vote would occur before the August recess. ….

The proposals, which have become a rallying cry on the left, aren’t supported by party leaders or moderates, who warn it threatens to alienate independent voters in critical districts they need to win back the House.

Multiple GOP sources said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) pushed for the “Abolish ICE“ bill to get a vote during a Republican Study Committee meeting Thursday, then again in a whip team huddle.

GOP members loved the idea: putting Democrats on record backing a measure that could turn off swing voters — or voting no and rebuking their own colleagues. It would also be an easy unifier for House Republicans, who are still licking their wounds from their own divisive immigration battle last month.

Republican leadership aides say a floor vote is likely later this month …”

We should stay out of it. Let them get arrested while we change tactics:

Antifa haven’t had anything to do this summer since the Alt-Right stopped engaging with them. They have been self-destructing in these anti-ICE protests. The GOP is even gleefully planning to hold a vote this fall on abolishing ICE in order to make the Democrats look bad.

Note: Antifa have been getting the soy beat out of them in Portland.

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  1. I read that Generalissimo (((Rod Rosenstein))) has asked 100 fed prosecutors to investigate Brett Kavanaugh. Unbelievable.

    Why hasn’t the utterly worthless Jeff Sessions been fired? He has allowed that smug and nasty jew bastard to take over and to flip the bird at congressional oversight.

    • Perhaps Trump will finally deal with Sessions once and for all after the November elections are concluded?

      • Perhaps he will, after the midterms. If I were Sessions, I’d be preparing for the day I get handed a pink slip.

    • @Mestigoit

      “Why hasn’t the utterly worthless Jeff Sessions been fired? He has allowed that smug and nasty jew bastard to take over and to flip the bird at congressional oversight.”

      Like Trump, he’s doing the Jews’ bidding. Anybody who challenges the Jews is putting their life at risk, or, if they’re lucky, just their social, political and economic well-being.

  2. ‘Woah … Portland Antifa are even dropping racial slurs now!”

    Erratic behavior and hypocrisy are to be expected of people whose brains are infected with Jewish neurosis, and who are led around by Jewish Kommissars.

    • It might be a case of brain eating viruses, which do exist. The degenerate ones live a lifestyle that enables them to spread like AIDS.

  3. “Antifa haven’t had anything to do this summer since the Alt-Right stopped engaging with them.”

    This proves that the Jewish Kommissars and their useful idiots aren’t invincible. Several times in Western history, they’ve been soundly beaten. Germany, Spain, Poland and Hungry come most readily to mind, in the modern era.

  4. White guy, probably drunk, in Chicago gets his charges of misdemeanor disorderly and one other upgraded to third degree felonies as hate crimes: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/puerto-rico-shirt-harassment-man-caught-on-video-berating-woman-over-puerto-rico-shirt-charged-with-hate-crimes/

    The verbally belligerent guy gets in the woman’s physical space somewhat but never lays a finger on her. Petty disorderly would have been the most any halfway objective jury would convict for.

    Recall that the Reagan Tokes Act, which just passed out of the Ohio House and into Senate committee 23 days ago, would allow for what will either be a (((judge))) or prison personnel to add on INDEFINITE SENTENCES for first, second and some third degree felonies, among other Stasi State features. The Senate version’s sentencing act, separated from the monitoring one, is even more draconian than the House’s and passed earlier.

    As predicted on this blog, hate crimes charges will be levied against white people to inflate and make indeterminate their sentences.

    Say goodbye to any vestiges of due process, our masters aren’t even paying lip service to the clause anymore.

    As for the Second Amendment, Kavanagh will lead the charge against whatever is left of its protection via abrogation of the Fourth’s ‘probable cause’ as grounds for seizure clause. I suspect the ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) will be brought before the Supreme Court in under two years.

    • @Genie

      “Recall that the Reagan Tokes Act, which just passed out of the Ohio House and into Senate committee 23 days ago, would allow for what will either be a (((judge))) or prison personnel to add on INDEFINITE SENTENCES for first, second and some third degree felonies”

      Like Mexican prison where there are inmates serving five year sentences, but they were sentenced thirty years ago, and they still haven’t gotten out.

    • And now another one: http://abc7ny.com/3752561/

      Loudmouth guinea from NYC harangues some black woman on the train but never leaves his seat or goes near her, and is still pleading guilty to one count of disorderly and one of aggravated harassment. The prosecutor extracted this plea by threatening the guy with charges of hate crimes and a jail sentence.


      Is anyone awake out there? Free speech is literally over in the USSA. Since the guy was on a train the worst he could or should have gotten in a sane world is maybe lowest level harassment for raising his voice for what was supposedly 20 minutes.


    • Hopefully, it will dawn on at least some of them that “Knaazeeee” means White person and that includes them too. No more supposed points for cucks siding with anti-Whites.

  5. I don’t imagine eastern Oregon is anywhere nearly as bad as Portland when it comes to jew-commie infestation?

  6. This is almost like sneaking into a drunken enemy feasting party, flooring one of the more drunkenly aggressive ones, grabbing your beer and ducking out to watch the ensuing melee from a safe distance. Antifa doesn’t appear to have an off switch, other than their funding sources which also seem to be on autopilot. They way they just dusted off their playbook from the 1920’s, complete with badges and branding should be evidence we are in the end game of a very long conflict.

  7. Think of a way to use the enemies weight against them, ( like in Judo. ) We want to see Antfagita CLASH WITH SOME OTHER GROUP. See ? 🙂 Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a way to “notify” (?) other groups who hate them … when and where these zeros are going to protest … then sit back with popcorn and watch the show.

    I’m just sayin.

  8. I know there are people who claim these domestic terrorists are being watched, but I’ve seen NOTHING to indicate that pro-White groups/people are creating their own databases to use as leverage against the anti-White hordes. I’ve seen nothing even remotely semi-professional and proactive in this area.

    Simply “staying out of it” and letting the cops and conservatives duke it out with them is a defeatist mentality. You have to be seen as some type of antidote and a viable entity that has the ability to fix things that are broken and address the most serious of problems that afflict society. If anti-Whites want anonymity, then you have to be the one to take that anonymity away. If they want to be able to organize and disrupt pro-White events, then you have to be a catalyst in exposing, manipulating and throwing a monkey wrench in their methods and motives. Why do Antifa types have a very hard time organizing in Tennessee and rooting out infiltrators and informants in their groups and orgs here? You think it’s an accident or luck?

    As it stands, if cops and conservatives are The Resistance to Antifa and other mentally ill and dangerous Leftists, then cops and conservatives will be the ones setting the tone of politics when the dust settles. Do you actually trust Conservatives?

      • Like I said, I haven’t seen anything even remotely semi-professional and proactive. I don’t have anything against Gab, but it suffers the same fruit-fly-attention-span dialectics of most social media sites. How many people actually see the information? How many people process the information and use it in a productive manner? How much of the “good” information ends up being negated by the sophomoric writing/comments and vitriol? How much of that good information is indexable and able to be easily disseminated to other people and other entities to properly track the terrorists?

        Much of what pro-White people put up is often piggybacking on something else. It’s dependent on something or someone else giving it a big enough platform. If it’s important enough to plaster it on Gab or any other social networking site, then why isn’t it important enough to have its own website(s) and network completely controlled by a core group of pro-White people, which can then be easily used by all pro-White people?

        Searchable databases and directories are fairly easy to implement, and they have enormous upside and leverage potential if used properly. It does, however, take a concerted effort by a large number of dedicated people.

        There’s a reason the SPLC continues to put A LOT of emphasis on its Hate Map and directory of supposed [White] extremists. The problem with their model is that Leftists have been so busy accusing every breathing(and even non-breathing) White person of being a racist/nazi/supremacist that being branded a racist has lost much of its stigma if you’re White and not a Leftist. Daily attacks end up making most people callous and not giving a fuck how “racist” they are. Leftist terrorists are now the ones deathly afraid of losing their anonymity and being put on a list. One of the golden rules in warfare is to keep your enemy off balance by giving him what he doesn’t want. If you’re really good, you can learn to give your enemy what they want before they come to the realization that they really don’t want it.

  9. “…Why hasn’t the utterly worthless Jeff Sessions been fired?…”

    I used to think that we were sold a bill of goods and Trump turned on us and Sessions was blackmailed or threatened somehow. Right now, may change my mind, I believe that Trump and Sessions are setting the deep state and the Democrats up for the most aggressive fall ever in history. I believe they will come out with massive court cases against them right before the elections. I also believe that Sessions and Trump planned this and had Sessions stay out of the Russia, Russia deal to hide what he was doing and completely wall him off from the idea that he is partisan as a prosecutor. Sessions has appointed Federal Prosecutors OUT OF DC to look into all kinds of things from child trafficking to money laundering. The Democrats are doomed. Sessions and Trump will destroy them.

    One example of the kind of deep trickery Sessions is doing is the plea bargain to the Pakistani democrat server guys. If you look at the end of it it says that it only applies to Washington DC area. It DOES NOT apply to any other federal jurisdiction. This means that ANY federal prosecutor anywhere in the country can try them again (but not in Washington D.C.). They are taking away the ability of the corrupt prosecutors and justices in the District of Columbia area to influence prosecutions. They are going to prosecute them outside of Washington where the trials will be real instead of just letting them go. They are just holding them on ice for the big purge before the elections. The hundreds and hundreds outside prosecutors in Salt Lake that Sessions has appointed have piled up tens of thousands of sealed indictments. I think it’s over 30,000 now. They are going to crush them into dust.

    I was very despondent for many months after the election but if you look at what is actually happening Trump has cornered these people like rats. The Antifa allowed to run wild, I believe on purpose, just showed the average person what nutcases they are. If Trump had tried to clamp down on this he could have be attacked for it. As it is they attack themselves with stupidity. Trump has all the server info, Anthony Weiner’s laptop which according to good sources has massive amounts of video and info on raping children., all Hillaries emails and tons more info. Massive amounts of former deep state controlled Senators, Representatives, FBI agents and all kinds of people the Jews and the deep state counted on to hide their crimes are being purged or forced to retire.

    Lets look at all the Jews he had running things at first. So many it drove me to believe it was all a set up. They have been marginalized and many put out to pasture but the military remains. Trump gives the Jews a few symbolic victories, Jerusalem, a bombing nothing in Syria, but at the same time he is destroying the Jews ISIS force in Syria. Slowly,,,but surely. They are just about on the ropes. Ruined.

    The press will never recover from his beating. They are permanently crippled. Doomed and defiled.

    Now maybe Trump is controlled or a Jew plant but I don’t think so. Too much of the deep states blood has been spilled. I’m betting that Trump knows if he doesn’t finish them they will kill him and all his family. They will destroy him. It is looking very like he has them completely in his power, they are corralled and he merely has to close the gate. If this is true and he succeeds then he is the greatest American ever with some debate about George Washington being better. It will truly be one of the most significant turning points in all American history. I think we will have our answer before the mid-term elections. If there is a wholesale massive amounts of indictments coming out then I think it will be the start of an open attack on the deep state. They will lose.

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