To Catch an Internet Troll: Inside The Downfall of Antifa Intelligence Operative Shawn Patrick Breen

UPDATE: Interesting new find.

Here’s also the IP address he used that wasn’t masked:

As the news spread that the Antifa blogger Rblee22468 (aka @don_chump) who runs the “Restoring the Honor” blog had finally been exposed, celebrations erupted across the country.

Maeve Magdalen was quick to declare victory:

This scumbag has cyberstalked, defamed, harassed and tormented hundreds of people on the internet over the years under the veil of anonymity. He has closely worked with leftwing journalists to get countless people fired from their jobs over their political views. In fact, he was in the process of trying to dox yet another victim when I exposed him.

It is typically very hard to catch a determined internet troll. While there are laws against cyberstalking, law enforcement agencies rarely succeed in identifying these people. @don_chump was very good at concealing his identity and got away it for over five years.

He made some crucial mistakes though:

1.) The Lighting the Lamp Podcast

Shortly before the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, @don_chump appeared on a podcast with his comrade Liberty Lamp. Once we had a recording of his voice, we were able to compare it with other suspects like Jacob DeNobel and rule them out.

2.) @Don_Chump Shares His Precinct With The Internet

I still can’t believe he was stupid enough to do this. @don_chump told us the area in which he lived in York, PA. I tended to believe he was telling the truth because he had trolled this blog before many times in the past and I had traced his IP address to York, PA.

3.) The Pylon T-Shirt

@don_chump’s biggest mistake was posting a selfie of himself wearing a rare band t-shirt from the early 1980s:

By this point, we knew that @don_chump was an overweight, middle aged White guy with a Pylon t-shirt who lived in the 3rd precinct of the 4th ward of York, PA in November 2016.

4.) Baltimore

As spe-lunk-er2000, @don_chump volunteered the fact that he was originally based in Baltimore, but must have and later moved to York, PA:

5.) Mogwaione

@don_chump’s fatal mistake was using the same Blogger profile to host the spe-lunk-ing blog that he had previously used for his Mogwaione blog which was visible in the Wayback Machine:


6.) Shawn Patrick Breen and Shantel Mitchell

It was a piece of cake to positively identify Mogwaione as Shawn Breen and to learn that he was in a long term relationship with another photographer, Shantel Mitchell.

6.) Shantel’s Facebook page

Shantel Mitchell Breen’s public Facebook page contained lots of photos of Shawn Breen wearing the rare Pylon band t-shirt. I was able to easily verify that he had lived in the 3rd precinct of the 4th ward in  York, PA. He was our overweight, middle aged White guy who had moved from Baltimore to York.

7.) Shantel’s Camera

Jack Corbin was able to easily find our favorite internet stalker in Charlottesville:

A weakness of the Mogwai is that they hate sunlight:


How did the cute little Mogwai become such a Gremlin who took sadistic pleasure in creeping through private social media profiles to torment strangers on the internet?

(Rblee22468 aka @don_chump)

The anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in people. I genuinely hope some sunlight will prompt Shawn Patrick Breen to show some grace in his interactions with others in the future.

Restoring the honor!

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  1. You seriously need a section for these types of articles. I’d probably put up a website and directory for you if I thought enough people would contribute and help research.

    • 100 % agree !!! A SITE dedicated to being a platform of exposings 🙂 Pieces of the lowest sh&t like this punk’s info plastered all over. This low life dirtbag self hating mentally disordered white traitor. Makes me think of the Jews who snitched out other Jews in the camps. He’s like that but against US ! Maggots like this are a cancer on society and should be deported to Africa.

  2. One of the sickest aspects of this entire thing is the fact that this Race Traitor FILTH moved from Negromore, MD, to PA.

    York is still bare majority White. Mestizos are the next demo, Negroes, in 3rd place:

    York is still a functional, albeit far from ideal, place to live.

    Negromore? 62% dindu.:

    Study every data bit,

    Breen the Degenerate and his female need be punished. The ideal punishment would be being forced back into Negromore.

  3. I don’t care if Shaun Patrick Breen is a race-traitor, because he’s fat, ugly and obnoxious. Our race is better off without him and his eyesore of a wife. Maybe they’ll adopt some nigglets and then the nigglets will eat them, or something.

  4. It would be the coup de grace to find out where this piece of chicken feces works and get him fired for his internet stalking. Make no mistake, I and countless others are extremely grateful that you unmasked this commie grease can. We would just like to see him lose his job like he caused countless of our side to lose theirs simply because of their beliefs. That would be justice.

  5. “How did the cute little Mogwai become such a Gremlin who took sadistic pleasure in creeping through private social media profiles to torment strangers on the internet?”

    Look at him. He got fed after midnight!

  6. You folks are far too gentle and kind. Scum needs to be bleached like sewage before being let into the soil.

  7. I relentlessly troll leftist sites attacking the alabaster apologist bootlickers,their vile schl0m0 bolshevik leaders & their primitive pathetic petulant perpetual victim pets until I’m banned. Does that make me a bad guy?? I guess we should expect the same from the fascist far left lobotomized looney lemmings indoctrinated w/ anti white cultural marxism.

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