House Speaker Paul Ryan Is 3% Jewish

Paul Ryan is boasting about his insignificant level of Jewish ancestry:

“A new fact about House Speaker Paul D. Ryan has emerged, one that until recently, he didn’t even know himself.

Ryan, a practicing Catholic, is 3 percent Jewish. More precisely, he’s 3 percent Ashkenazi Jewish, with eastern European roots.

His family history was revealed during the filming of an upcoming season of PBS’s “Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.,” a TV series in which famous guests learn about their ancestral histories. …”

So much for decrying “identity politics.”

We already hated him before this because of his policies. It is worth noting though that he finds a mere 3% level of Jewish ancestry something worth publicly celebrating.

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  1. The 3% of him that is Jewish seems to inform all of his policy decisions. It is not surprising for a follower of Autism School Neoliberalism. All of the major pro-Capitalist theorists like Rand, Mises, Friedman, Rothbard and so on were Jews. Other than Rothbard they were mostly fanatical Jews and Zionists as well. This contrasts sharply with Communism, which after the 1950s had only a tiny minority of anti-Zionist Jews supporting it, while Jews overwhelmingly thought the USSR was the worst thing on earth.

  2. 3% is not even within the margin of error for most tests yet almost all of these DNA companies will say you are a tiny percentage, which is unprovable. They do this so you feel sympathy with Jews and to get you more on their side, while never being a large enough percentage to get anything positive out of it like a University placement.

    DNA tests are fun and can tell you what you largely are but the smaller percentages are just too unreliable at this point of genetic studies. However I would have definitely guesssed Ryan would be at least 40% kike.

      • Trace amounts are very unreliable. Where the tech is at now it is just approximation. For those of us that pretty much know our ancestry the tests are near worthless. It is a much more meaningful test for an adoptee of unknown ancestry or someone looking to confirm paternity. At the present I’m not interested in giving any of these companies a hundred bucks or a sample of my dna.

    • @Deep South

      I wouldn’t trust DNA testing, given that the companies are Jew outfits. Lab techs have admitted to fudging the tests by falsely reporting to “obvious Nazis” that they had a certain amount of Nigger and Jew genes, even though that was a lie. They said they got a big kick out of it.

      There was a case of a man, who’s family had lived in Norway for centuries, being 25% Nigger, according to the test. The lab techs had a good laugh over that one. Jews are always amused by their lies and tricks.

  3. In the old Soviet Union©, Party bosses, Politburo members, Field Marshals, Kommissars and Politruks, etc, stayed alive by getting themselves a Jewish Life insurance policy. Which amounted to marrying a well connected Jewess. Which Stalin did, and his son Vasily did also, when he married Svetlana Molotov, the product of her father’s Life insurance policy. That’s also how Marshal Zhukov and all the others stayed alive, too. Stalin’s jealousy of Zhukov, notwithstanding.

    Apparently, in the Democratic Socialist Worker’s States of America®©, having some Jewish blood fulfils a similar requirement. Although we haven’t yet reached the point where those who offend or displease the Jews in any way, even in the slightest, are killed or given virtual death sentences in hellish prisons.

    Nonetheless, to loose one’s political career, is to loose everything, even Life itself, in what used to be America.

    Ryan© is simply taking out a political Life insurance policy. As well as conforming to the fashion, established in the mid 1990’s, of claiming some form of Jewishness.

      • Politically I believe he is finished. He will be a lobbiest and cash out on his donations to his election. Nielen has taken him on and he realizes that Nielen will destroy him.

  4. Like he wasn’t already saying L’Chaim?

    So he didn’t know he was a Jew but acted like a Jew since day 1 and couldn’t figure out the genetic link?

  5. Wow, 3%. Statistical noise.

    Of course out of the one side of his mouth he’ll boast about this, but out of the other side of peoples’ mouths, they’ll tell us not to think that Jews are powerful, to the point of people that are 3% Jewish boasting about their three percent.

      • Krafty Wurker There are far more prods and jews in politics than there are Roman Catholics. And I don’t consider this moron to be any more Catholic than you must be.

      • @Krafty: You got that right. Many Irish and Italian Catholics from urban areas who want to pursue a career in law or politics are more than willing to be shabbos goyim for the Eternal Parasite.

  6. 3% is a LOT. I’ve been calling out Ryanberg as a Hebe for YEARS. He probably knew he’s a jew long ago. See how 3% of DNA has YUUUGE effects? 3% is a LOT of Jew genes.

    • Someone pointed out that his nose identical to Danny Kaye.

      And lo and behold…

      • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Dang, the root of his nose is almost flush even with his forehead. Most Jews have flush nose roots.

        • They have Semitc Noses, the profile is a hook. There is some difference how the hook is. The best explanation of noses is on DER STURMER ONLINE. Many Southern Italians have Jewish noses as well because Jews have been in Southern Italy since the Persian Empire. The Jewish skull shape nasal shape is identitcal with Armenians and is near the same with the Ancient Hittites and of course their Arab cousins

  7. If you look at him closely he has the same nose as Danny Kaye. Someone pointed this factor out a couple of years ago.

  8. Even if someone has only one grandparent who is a you-know-who that’s enough to make the unfortunate individual eligible for membership in the Tribe. He will therefore in most cases be raised to act and think as if he were a full-blooded you-know-who. That’s why one sees so many White-presenting kikes around these days. I suspect Ryan’s jew ancestry is far greater than a mere 3%. That wouldn’t be nearly enough of a genetic infection to explain his propensity for assholery, in my opinion.

  9. I’ve been looking at this guy all along, thinking he has Middle Eastern origins. However I wasn’t thinking jew, I was thinking Arab.

      • not quite. 90% of the Jews are ashkenaz, out of SW Asia via the c. 700 AD Khazar conversion. Whatever genetics they have in common with the semitic (North African/Middle Eastern) Jews is via subsequent intermarriage along the Mediterranean littoral.

        • That is not what the DNA Studies say. The Ashkenazi Jews originated in the Rhineland when they were brought there from Italy in the days of the Carolingian Empire. Charlemagne initiated Jewish re-settlement of the Rhineland, they were probably there in the days of the Roman Empire. The DNA studies both the Patrilinieal and Mitochondrial studies prove this very point. The Ashkenazi Jews originated with the Jewish slaves brought to Sicily and Italy by the Romans after the fall of the Temple in AD 70. They intermarried with Jews and mixed race Italian Jews/Sicilian Jews already in Sicily where Jews had been since 500 BCE. Yiddish is a Low German Language.

          From the Rhineland they migrated east and west and then after the expulsions in the 14th Century they were invited into Poland and Russia. That is how they got there.

          The Khazarian Hypothesis was discredited a long time ago Haxo, obviously you didn’t read the new studies. Turkmen Mongols and other Central Asians are hairless with Yellow Skin, Pure Jews are light to dark brown skinned with thick body hair from top to bottom. Armenians Jews and Arabs are all the same race. Y-DNA Studies prove this, Mitochondrial DNA Studies prove this. You are promoting Jewish Disinformation with Koetsler’s book. Well no one said Scandinavians were intelligent

      • @billyrayjenkins
        Its true about them being the same race. They play a convincing game of being against one another, but they are allied. Note the close relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

        I don’t need fake DNA companies or 3% statistical noise, when I can SEE this dude’s cloudy skin with my own eyes. He could play an extra in Lawrence of Arabia. If I was on the neighbourhood committee, I’d take one look at this hairy dude with cloudy skin, and steel wool for hair, and blackball him.

        • Your eyes can tell you they are the same race. Haxo is a Scandinavian and those people are not obviously the sharpest knives in the drawer. I go solely from skull shape, body shape, amount of body hair etc. A Jew is an Arab is an Armenoid. All the same people. If you need to look at this, this will show you. The Khazar Hypothesis is just more Jewish Disinformation put out by (((Arthur Koetsler))) and his book The Thirteenth Tribe. The genetics to support Koetsler simply have not been discovered. The Y-DNA which is the male DNA passed from father to son going back to the first real humans, says that most Jews are either J1 or J2 which are the Semitic Line. If they were Central Asian, they would likely be Haplogroup Q. Oddly enough American Indians are also Haplogroup Q. Even in Turkey Haplogroup Q is rare, most Turkish people are Greek Semite hybrids. The facial Reconstruction of Saint Nicholas from his skeleton in his tomb shows Nicholas looks almost the same as most people from Turkey today

  10. Look at his profile. The tip of his nose is below the bottom of his ears. Khazar. That’s why 23 & me and Ancestry DNA tests state “European Jewish”. It’s really Asiatic Turkic in origin.

    • Get off the Khazar Hypothesis, this ridiculousness has been discredited more than once. The Phenotype of Today’s Jews via the excavation of skeletons in the Holy Land is the same as their ancestors. They are Semites, hairy bodys long noses, the same as Arabs and Armenians. A Central Asian Person has slanted eyes and is next to hairless. If you cannot tell a Turkmen from a Semite you just need to sell pencils, you are officially blind. Most people of the nation of Turkey are Greek-Semitic Hybrids, the actual amount of Oriental DNA in Turkey is statistical noise

      • again, you are mistaken. A Zionist geneticist named “Al-Haik” or some such completed a large scale gene study a couple years back that conclusively proves the Khazar origins of Ashkenazic Jewry. PDF is on the net. Needless to say, this result did not endear him to his Zionist compatriots re their “right of return” crap.

        • I have read the genetic studies and going purely by Y-DNA haplogroup if the Khazar Hypothesis is true (WORTH NOTING ITS AN INVENTION OF A JEW, ARTHUR KOETSLER) then the DNA studies on European Jews would show their Y-DNA would be Haplogroup Q which is Central Asian. it is not it is Haplogroup J. 57.8% of all the Jewish male lines in Israel is Haplogroup J. The rest divide up among the other ones, R1b is also prominent.

          The Jews were already in the Rhineland during the Khazarian Empire. The Khazarian Empire existed from about 650 to 850 AD. Jews had already been in the Rhineland long before that time, Jews had been in the Rhineland during the Roman Empire, had fled south to France fleeing the Franks and Visigoths then trickled back. There were thousands of Jews in Southern France during this time as well, in fact they didn’t speak Yiddish they spoke Judeo Provence or Judeo Latin. There were thousands of them in Italy as well. DNA Studies show the original founders of most of European Jewry came from Italia, Jewish Men with Italian Women, which would make sense because PRE-TALMUD, descent was reckoned through the father not the mother. Khazaria is hundreds of miles to the east of the Rhineland. Yiddish is a Germanic Language.

          Haxo use your brain for a second. So these Jews over 1000 miles to the east are just suddenly going to get up, go to the Rhineland and learn German? Honestly you aren’t that stupid. Quit spreading Arthur Koetsler’s lies. Charlemagnes own records tell of the Jews in the Rhineland, he also brought many of them there from ITALY. That is what the most reputable DNA studies say

          • David Duke is the be all end all? Go listen to what Eustace Mullins said about him. I believe Mullins’ research over a narcissist womanizer and gambler like Duke. I bet Duke still has access to the Library of Congress, too.

            Starts at 2:30:


            The opposition did everything to destroy Mullins while Duke continues to lead the demented. And, did Khazaria ever exist?

      • Semites are a linguistics group.

        Discredited by who? Judaism is a cult and those people (Ashkenazi) have nothing to do with biblical Hebrews.

        • Genetic Studies, many are peer reviewed have proved it wrong. Adolf Hitler did not accept the Khazar Hypothesis and neither does David Duke today, who said he was led astray by it. Do you know that Jewish Communists were and are the ones pushing the Khazar Hypothesis? I want you all on this page to understand this. SEPHARDIC JEWS FROM SPAIN SET UP JEWISH FINANCE IN EUROPE. Period. The Bank of England, etc all set up by Sephardic Jews. Ashkenazi Jews began coming to England after George I of Germany took over the throne, there was free migration between Hanover in Germany and England. The Ashkenazi Jews came to England from Germany and slowly intermarried with the Sephardi Elite and displaced them by the early to mid 1800’s.

          The Yiddish Language is German. The words in Yiddish are almost the same as the words in German. The language evolved in the 9th and 10th Century AD. Before that most of the Jews in Europe spoke a derivative of a Romance language, early on it was called JUDEO-LATIN which was a mixture of Hebrew Aramaic and Latin, but as Latin devolved into the Romance Languages, you would have Judeo-French called the Zarphatic family of languages by scholars, in fact most Jews in Europe spoke Judeo-French Languages in the Rhineland during the Era of Charlemagne and up into the 1100’s. After Charlemagne died, France began losing its territory in Germany and those lands under German Dukes all became German Speaking, Yiddish developed around sometime in the 9th and 10th century AD,.

          If you want a list of Jewish European Languages i can furnish one. The list is very long and extensive. Morons often think all the Jews of Europe were either Yiddish Speakers, Ladino Speakers or Italian Speakers, but in fact they spoke many different languages. That alone proves the Khazar Hypothesis wrong

          • Jewish communists controlled by Jewish bankers.
            Most, if not all, certified rare document and rare book dealers are Jews.
            Most, if not all, big publishing houses are Jew owned or Jew controlled.
            Yiddish has German traits and/or influences. It is not Teutonic in its entirety.
            Why do DNA tests state European Jewish and not European Middle Eastern? Often Middle Eastern is not stated at all. What do they really mean by European Jewish? Why is European in there if they are not white or partially white?

            I lived in New York City for the first 37 years of my life. I lived Jews for more than three decades. I can assure you not everyone on this site is 100% correct about 100% of them.

            Unlike you, I also believe the Vatican is part of the NWO. Of course, that throws a wrench in that it is strictly a Jewish plot.

            When it comes down to it, the only things I believe 100% are those things I actually see, actually hear, or actually experience.

          • “If you want a list of Jewish European Languages i can furnish one.”

            What do you mean by European Jewish language? Yiddish but what else? A language or European origin that Jews speak or a Jewish origin language that Europeans speak? Ashkenazi generally do speak the official language of the countries or regions they reside in.

            I am solely arguing about the Ashkenazi.

          • Snowhitey, most of the Jews of Western Europe did not speak Yiddish, but that language came from Germany and existed in the 9th Century, simultaneously with the Khazar Empire. Now there was no record of any migration from the East to the West in this time period. When Charlemagne became Holy Roman Empire in AD 800, most Jews in Europe lived in West Francia (GAUL), Hispania and Italy. Jews during the Carolingian Age moved into East Francia or Germany.


            Indo-European languages

            Iranian languages
            Judeo-Bukharic (Bukhari, Bukhori, Judeo-Tajik)[4]
            Judeo-Golpaygani[4] (almost extinct)
            Judeo-Persian (Dzhidi, Jidi)[4]
            Judeo-Tat (Juhuri)

            Romance languages
            Judeo-Latin (extinct)
            Judeo-Aragonese (extinct)
            Judeo-Catalan (extinct)
            Judeo-French (Zarphatic)[1] (extinct)
            Judeo-Portuguese[1] (extinct)
            Judeo-Provençal (Shuadit)[1]
            Judeo-Spanish (Judezmo, Ladino)[1]
            Other Indo-European languages
            Judeo-Czech (Knaanic)[5][6] (extinct)
            Judeo-Greek (Romaniyot, Yevanic)[1]

            As you see there was already a long history of Jews in Europe before Khazaria. Some of them spoke Yiddish, most of them did not. Most adopted Yiddish after the 14th Century expulsions from Western Europe as they went into Eastern Europe, where the Polish and the Tatars welcomed them. As for the DNA, the Y-DNA Test puts about 60% of Ashkenazi Jewish males in Haplogroup J which is the LEVANT either J1 or J2. Another portion puts them in E1b1b which is Egypt North Africa. These tests have been repeated multiple times and it constantly comes up the same thing. The genetics of Southern Russia is constantly R1a and the genetics of the Caucasus would be Haplogroup G and in the Balkans I. If Khazars were Central Asian, that would likely be Q or C. As it stands the vast majority of Y-DNA which is male line Haplogroups for Jews traces them to the Levant and Egypt. In fact another study says Ashkenazi Mizrahi and Sephardi are more related to one another than the people with whom they resided

        • I am not going to get into who the Biblical Hebrews are, that is a different subject altogether. Both the Edomites and remnant Israelites, called Jews went into exile together and were regarded as one people by the Romans. Over time they did become one people. Esau is a large portion of modern Jewry this is a fact.

          • Billy, I don’t mind having a debate with you but getting hostile will get neither of us anywhere. I really don’t care how much you’ve read about the Khazar theory, I believe Duke to be fraudulent and I don’t care if you like it or like me. He’s a con man. Most con men are good at their game. And, racially aware whites are desperate for representatives who speak properly, have a law degree, and are able to hang in there despite relentless personal attacks on them. It is guaranteed to lead some whites in the wrong direction on occasion.

            Despite reading many conflicting narratives on the Khazar Theory, I believe it is very likely the origins of most Ashkenazi, not necessarily the Sephardic and much less the Mizrahi. Even Anwar Sadat commented how amazing it was that the Jews left brown and returned white. This cult wanted Jerusalem and it got it through a ruse. PS: I also buy into the “theory” that the Nazi Holocaust is a lie. Although I admire many of the accomplishments of Adolph Hitler, especially his recovery after Weimar, I do not automatically support everything he did and said nor do I believe he said and did everything I have read or been told he said and did.

            The trouble with many on this site is that they get hostile if you don’t walk hand-in-hand with them on every issue. It’s very unfortunate and is part of the reason why the white populace is so fractured.

          • Snowhitey, I am not hostile. Do you want to know why the Ashkenazi Jews differ in skin color? Very simple. The first communities as DNA testing seems now to confirm during the Roman Empire were founded by Males taking local Female wives. At this time Before Christ the Mosaic reckoning of descent was used, placing Jewishness with the FATHER not the MOTHER. Talmudic obsession with the Jewish female came later. This pattern continued until the Jewish population was established and then they began to inbreed heavily amongst themselves.

            Another thing remember that even once the Talmudic reasoning took root, if a Jewish man was married to a Gentile woman and had children with her, as long as they were sons, all the sons had to do was marry a Jewish female. The daughters were screwed, they were cast off and driven out of the community. These cast off Jewish females is why many Europeans have Jewish DNA.

  11. And remember, Catholic bashers, that it was Catholic Edward I of England who kicked out the jews in the 12th Century, in part because they wanted to take away bows and swords from the populace, and it was protestant Oliver Cromwell, with jewish financial backing, who brought them back in and let them establish the Bank of England.

    • Roman Catholics bash themselves. LOL. As far as Cromwell goes, antique Roman Catholic propaganda aside, Cromwell granted NO legal rights, NO political rights, and NO citizenship to the Jews. That didn’t happen until Cromwell had been dead for 250 years, during the Reign of Queen Victoria.

  12. The small amount of Ashkenazi DNA in peoples reports is likely to be correct. Ashkenazi Jews have the most distinctive DNA signature because they are the most inbred. When DNA companies want to set their benchmark they do not go off to rural areas with small gene pools to calibrate their data- they just pop along to their local synagogue. Ashkenazi Jews are so inbred because they come from such a small population (during the crusades Jews were massacred by peasants in the Rhineland and it is from this small surviving population that most of them descend from) so they are almost all related to one another. Some studies say they are all 8th cousins but one recent one said that all Ashkenazi Jews are no less than 4th cousins! That said I have seen lab technicians boasting on Reddit that they put nonwhite DNA on right wing peoples reports and I well believe it. I would say Paul Ryan is underestimating his Ashkenazi DNA, he is either lying or has put the setting on the most conservative result (you can change the settings to get more speculative results). Also when you add family members to the databases it sometimes changes results. Either way I think he is more Ashkenazi than he lets on.

    To the commenter that said he looks more middle eastern this is where it gets interesting. Although Ashkenazi Jews have a completely unique DNA signature so much so that even trace amounts can be detected Sephardic Jews (Ashkenazi Jews come from Germany, Sephardic Jews come from Spain) have no such unique signature as they never experienced one single population decimating event and therefore did not go through a population bottleneck. Because of this it is not possible to determine if a person has Sephardic Jewish ancestry though a DNA test (they can point you to haplogroups that are commonly found in Spain and Portugal but it is possible to have Sephardic DNA without having these haplogroups necessarily) . Now I caution I am talking about the Jews of Spain and Portugal and their descendants throughout the new world-not about middle eastern (Arab) Jews. Paul Ryan is what people would call in Ireland and the UK ‘black Irish’. This moniker comes from the colour of their hair. You also have ‘black Dutch’ and other similar names in other countries. I would bet that Paul Ryan has significant Sephardic DNA. He looks (and always has looked to me) very Jewish what with his widows peak and strange eyes and nose. Also the way his face moves (he and Ted Cruz both have the same facial movements) makes me think he is. Either way I think he is genuinely against populism of any kind and again this would mark him out as Jewish for me.

    • the “Rhineland hypothesis” has been entirely disproved by the genetic study I cite above above. Ashkenazic Jews are not White, not European. They are khazars, out of Asia. Which explains their typically-Asiatic combo of high IQ with savage collectivism.

      and @ 3%, Ryan is not a Jew. He’s something worse: a White shabbatz goy. If you persist in calling everyone you do not like a “Jew”, then the concept loses all discriminant power.

      incidentally,when the Jew who genetically proved out the Khazar hypothesis contacted Harry Ostrer and asked him to “show his work”, i.e. provide the data backing his Rhineland theory…he received no reply.

      • It is a fact that all Ashkenazi Jews are genetically very closely related regardless of where their population originates from. I pointed this out in contradistinction to the Sephardic Jews who have no such unique DNA signature so as to be able to posit that Paul Ryan (who I have no strong feelings about as such) who looks very Jewish may be part Sephardic Jew (Sephardic Jews were known to have gone to Ireland). I did not say that Ashkenazi Jews were White or European (I do not regard them as such). The Jews typical combo of high iq and collectivism could easily have come from their (well attested) diaspora in the middle east and the Khazar theory is problematic to say the least.

        ‘If you persist in calling everyone you do not like a “Jew”, then the concept loses all discriminant power’ I draw a distinction between Jews, mischlings and Whites (and even between different types of Jews) and have through many years of personal and online experience found that mischlings tend to identify with the Jewish side of thier heritage even when it is only a small amount. Indeed I have a close personal friend who despite probably being no more than 25 percent Jewish has internalised all of the irrational narratives about Jewish history (my freind is completely unable to see it from the perspective of the Europeans the Jews were living amongst just as a real 100% ethnic Jew would be) and unironically calls out German brewing ‘purity laws’ as being similar to the laws passed by the Nazis. My efforts to point out that Jews had racially discriminative ‘purity laws’ before the Germans came into existence would not be welcomed by him. By the way at other times he pretends to be Irish but will make irreverent jokes about some of the saddest moments in Irish history and will mock the Church (both Protestant and Catholic) while never allowing a word to be said against the Jews-even if it is just the mildest critique. I happen to believe that many of the big time players that are supposedly White Gentiles ‘shabbos goyim’ are actually genetically (part) Jewish and do alot of what they do to further the interests of thier tribe. If you are going to respond to somones comment in a dismissive tone I suggest you do so point by point so that it does not sound like you are being disingenuos.

        ‘incidentally,when the Jew who genetically proved out the Khazar hypothesis contacted Harry Ostrer and asked him to “show his work”, i.e. provide the data backing his Rhineland theory…he received no reply.’

        Is this true? If so fascinating. Do you have a link for this? I am genuinely interested

          • A document from the National Institutes of Health? A government agency from the same government who continues to perpetuate the Holocaust lie?

            No thank you.

            They say Jews control everything… except the documents or sources they want to believe.

          • Snowhitey, these DNA studies are repeated again and again, but its not only that. If the Ashkenazi were imposters riddle me this. Why don’t they look racially different from the other Jews? They don’t the only variance is skin color. In fact if you compare depictions of the Jews from the Ancient World to today, they look 100% the same. Look up skull and bone shape as well, the Jews have the same Levantine Semitic skull and bone shape as bodies dug up in the Fertile Crescent and Anatolia.

            If you believe every single Y DNA test is fake more power to you. I believe what my eyes see and as someone who studies phenotype, I can tell a Jew just by looking.

      • The Rhineland Hypothesis has been disproven huh? Then Charlemagne’s own records were lies? The Jews were already in the Rhineland during the time of the Khazars. The Y DNA is the key here. If they were Central Asian, Q would dominate among other Central Asian male DNA lines. It does not, J1 dominates, that is the Semitic Line along with J2 and E1b1b.

        Haxo is spreading Koetsler’s disinformation again

        • I believe the Ashkenazi have a lot more to lose – than gain – with the Khazar theory. In fact, it blows a big freaking Nazi zyklon gas hole in the biggest whopper of all their gargantuan lies.

          How do you seize land from the Palestinians (who probably have more Hebrew blood than any Goldberg in Miami) if you have no ancestral claim to it? You fabricate a great big lie for the stupid goyim. Aren’t these the same people who wail at the wall of an old Roman fort? Oh, that’s right, it’s the sacred wall of an old Jewish temple.

          • The major groups pushing the Khazar Theory are Communist Jews like the late (((Arthur Koetsler))) and Shlomo Sand. Unless there are some secret genetic studies that I haven’t seen judging solely by my eyes and by the DNA tests at least the male line points to exactly where it should, the Levant and Egypt

  13. From how Ryan looks and acts, I daresay he is at lesst 25 percent Jewish. Many of the most murderous, raping sadistic Kikes who massscred millions of my Ukrainian ancestors were in fact half or quarter Jewish. At any rate, these testing labs I don’t trust because they are run by Jews. Who knows what is being done with your genetic profile, or who is getting a hold of it. Moreover, your genetic profiles are probably ending up in CIA and Mossad databases. Your DNA information could also be used to develop viruses designed to infect and kill only whites. Jews have been developing ethnic specific bioweapons for many years.

  14. To me he’s always looked 97% vampire. Bela Lugosi didn’t have that big a widows peak. He’s not only looked like blood sucker, he’s acted like one too.

  15. I thought of Ryan as a Wisconsin German for some reason. I also figured him for a Lutheran. But at any rate, he’s a system wonk. He works for and supports FEDZOGUSA. That’s reason enough to dislike and dismiss him and all the other worthless characters in Washington.

  16. One thing to consider is the possibility that Ryan is being scammed, like countless other ostensible White people have been by genetic testing.
    In this case, the Jews may be tightening the reigns and bending him further to their will.

    Ryan acts like a Jew because most people do. The biggest problem isn’t Jews, it’s ostensible White people thinking like them. Because they’ve been raised in a thoroughly Judaised society. Hitler proved that the Jews could be defeated once the people where made to stop thinking like Jews and start thinking like White people again.

    • The best word for Paul Ryan is a simple one. CUCK from the root word CUCKOLD meaning someone who literally gets off on knowing their wife is screwing other men, often while they watch. Call him a CUCK

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