White Woman Attacked By Black Man At Nashville Gas Station

Bailey Cantrell stopped at a gas station near her apartment in the West End of Nashville:

“NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Bailey Cantrell was sitting inside her car at a Nashville gas station parking lot early Saturday morning when a complete stranger violently attacked her.

According to a report from Metro Nashville Police, a man approached Cantrell while she was on the phone and asked for her phone number. Cantrell rebuffed his advances twice. The third time, she told the man she would not be interested in exchanging numbers because she identifies as a lesbian.

That’s when the man launched himself onto the hood of her car, kicked in her windshield and proceeded to drag her to the ground.

“I said I’m gay, so I’m just not interested, and that triggered him,” Cantrell said. “I do believe it was a hate crime.” …”

She claimed to be gay to get out of the uncomfortable situation. Does she look gay to you?

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  1. Wow, our people have been so brainwashed that they actually think it’s safe to stand around openly with several negros loitering nearby. White people actually have to be told “don’t get out of your car with negros congregating nearby, don’t stop your car for them, floor it and believe me they’ll move.” Unbelievable.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        “Tip: If you see several black males loitering outside a shady looking gas station late at night, it probably isn’t a good idea to stop!”

        I was taught from childhood to avoid Niggers and Niggertown. Even if I see just one, I avoid it.

        I can understand somebody being raised in Iowa or Minnesota, or in rural New England, not being taught about the dangers of Niggers. But this gal is supposedly from Tennessee. You’d think her parents would have taught her better, especially in Nashville.

        • James, I was born and raised in Nashville, and I can tell you that it used to be that White children were taught to avoid niggers back when I was a kid (70s)…, but now?, people in Nashville are so fucking “anti-racist” it’s mind-blowing. Even though black-on-White crime is worse than it has ever been. That’s one reason I moved away from Nashville in 1984. I only go back there, once every blue moon, to visit family who don’t have sense enough to leave.

          • @JimB

            I was a kid in the 70’s, too. I grew up 75 miles north of Dallas, by Lake Texoma, on the Red River. My parents had been born in 1930 and grew up with segregation. Older siblings of my classmates had made it nearly all the way through school without Niggers, who were roughly 23% of the population of the county, in a town with 35k people in it.

            When I started to school in 74′, they’d only had desegregation for a few years. They brought in just one bus load from across town. Although they were sparse in numbers in school, their behaviour was enough to convince me that my parents and teachers were right about them.

            I experienced a number of incidences from kindergarten to graduation, that caused me to laugh at what little pro-Nigger propaganda I did see. Even my teachers laughed at the propaganda films they were forced to show us.They told us under their breaths that it was all nonsense. We had one Wigger in school, and he was laughed at by everybody, even the Niggers.

            When I was little, I’d see nigglets jumping up and down, or bouncing off the walls and ceiling at the grocery store. I asked my dad why they did that. He said: “Because they’re Niggers.” It took me a little bit to understand and accept it, but interacting with animals helped me to.
            All creatures just have an innate nature that they’re born with. That’s why I can’t abide the Leftist’s constant denial of reality.

          • There is one left over from the Slavery Era we don’t talk about much on here and that is this sort of Soft Paternalism some people have for Negroes. You see it with the Southern types like Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson and countless others. They have this misplaced fondness for Negroes the average White Man cannot understand. Both LBJ and Carter KNEW they were sentencing thousands of whites in the South to be murdered by Negroids, but they cared as much for their people as they did for a bucket of spit

        • James one thing that can happen you are leaving out is that proximity can also at times breed familiarity. You see this with more well to do Southerners who have had Negro servants around them their entire lives, they begin to lose their perspective on the fact that they are dangerous animals. The common man, who has had to live close to the ground sees the reality. This is why there is some bad Black on White crime in places like Charleston SC, Savannah, etc. People in a sense can become too used to being around them.

          When I was young in the 1980’s we shopped at K Mart that was right on the edge of the ghetto, but we never purposely went into the ghetto. The rule was, one is there fine, but once it crosses a certain numeric threshhold, leave. The majority of people who have grown up outside a major city in the North will not venture down to Niggertown, unless they have to. The only ones who go down there often are those looking to score some dope, or worse. I grew up early enough that I remember if they raised any ruckus in public they got their black asses thrown in the back of a cruiser and taken to jail. Since Rodney King and Bill Clinton’s constant harping about racism, that has ended.

          You also have to remember, something like half of Whites born after 1960 have grown up in broken homes without men to teach them the rules of life. Their normal survival instincts thus are blunted. Some things only a daddy can teach you

      • Hunter, you should do a piece on why in some areas in the South, and from what I have seen this tends to be the wealthy class, they tend to become so familiar with Negroes that horrible things happen. I have always believed there is a HUGE difference between the wealthier types who grew up with them in the house and the working class who did not.

        The Bourbons, the ex-planter class, were cited by Tillman in the 1880’s as being paternalistic and kind to the point that the Nigras were running wild, burning barns and stealing livestock in South Carolina. Worth noting the difference between the way the slaveholder saw the Negro and the common man. Tillman’s revolution in South Carolina was caused mostly by economics, but also because crime was so rampant in the Low Country and all over that it wasn’t safe for white people to go riding after dark. Notice what happened though the minute Tillman took over? Suddenly all the shenanigans ceased and peace reigned over the land. The Populists under Tillman took rope shotgun and axhandle in hand and TCB

        I have never quite understood that period of Southern History ca 1876-1890. As long as the Republican Carpetbaggers were in charge, you could goad the Bourbons to violence. However once redemption happened, suddenly they began to eschew violence.

    • What a dumb white girl. Pulls away … almost free … then gets out to “talk” with the spook !!! 🙂 Niggers belong in Africa. They’re a different species of, ( part ) human.

      • That’s what I was just thinking. Who the hell would get out of the car? This goes beyond Naive Prey Syndrome even.

    • The wealthier you were raised, the less Nigger survival skills you have. This was common in the Old South, even Scarlett O Hara in Gone With The Wind couldn’t understand why the Carpetbaggers wives would not employ Negroes in their homes nor have Negro nannies. To Scarlett the Negroes were as harmless as kittens. Well she soon found out otherwise when she was almost killed by one coming back from the sawmill. In the old South the Negroes were very adept at PUTTIN A SHINE ON OL MASSA.

      The Common Man saw through this.

  2. I’ve seen one girl that I thought was fairly attractive that I knew to be a practicing lesbian. She was the exception to the rule. Is this girl really a lesbo? Possibly, but she doesn’t look it.

  3. “That’s when the golliwog launched itself onto the hood of her car, kicked in her windshield and proceeded to drag her to the ground.”

    This shows you how strong, savage and dangerous these living fossils really are.

    Dang, I feel like I’m posting on Niggermania.

    • Straight whites can be attacked with impunity, but lesbians are considered a high status protected class by the (((elites))).


  4. Uhm, that’ll teach the bitch to lie to a nog. Give him your phone number. What could go wrong?

  5. It has never been a good idea for young White women anywhere at anytime in history to be out alone at night, not in ancient Rome, medieval London or modern day Nashville. But unlike those young women of the past the ones today foolishly believe they are in no danger because they live in a more “civilized” society. That might have been true, if it weren’t for all the niggers and greasers we allow to roam our streets at will. And we allow those subhuman savages to prey on our females because we are terrified of being called racists if we do anything to prevent it from happening.

    A choice has to be made….do we want to prevent thousands of robberies, assaults, rapes and murders every year or do we want to continue dealing with a fixable problem out of fear of displeasing our hostile alien Semite overlords?

    • @Spahn

      I believe white women in white countries should go wherever they want, when they want-they are our countries. Until the brown/black hordes are driven out, we can teach our women self defense and to always carry.
      My own treacherous government sees what goes on in America and South Africa-the evidence is there-yet still allows these subhuman muds in…..against our wishes.
      Whites the world over need to learn defense and weapons training so they can one day remove the government that betrayed them, and then remove the non-whites……before we all become white South Africans. Its now obvious that we must take care of ourselves-nobody else will.

  6. First off, why was she stopped in some ghetto food mart? Second, why was neither she nor her gay male friend armed against attacks from rape-ape murder-monkeys? Actually, these are rhetorical questions. It does my heart good to see white folk exposed to outbreaks of spontaneous vibrant diversity and cultural enrichment. Not that the dumb-asses will learn from it.

  7. What a stupid fool to even get out of her car.

    Wow, the speed at which those other blacks came to her aid was quite impressive. Americans are so blessed to have so many black good Samaritans. White people take note!

  8. White women, do not go to a car wash at 1:00 am alone unless you are prepared to kill blacks who are going to kill you if you don’t kill them first.

    A 43-year-old [white] woman had gone to the car wash early Nov. 1 [2015]. Surveillance video shows her vacuuming her vehicle at 1:14 a.m. At 1:51 a.m., the two suspects [black] are seen in the area.

    In Missouri, there is a deeply unsettling crime involving two [black] boys, aged 13 and 14, where Tanya Chamberlain [white woman] , 43, was brutally stabbed in the face, neck, chest and hands. After killing her, the two teens went on a joyride with her dead body propped up in the front seat. The case again raises the question of when minors should be be tried as adults in our country.

    Chamberlain was vacuuming out her car when the boys attacked. A surveillance video shows the eighth-graders exiting Quick Clean Car Wash wearing distinct hoodies. However, due to the time change on November 1st, the culprits got a break. The change to daylight saving time resulted in the video re-booting and by that time the car was gone. However, the police insist that they caught the teenagers in the victim’s car and found her body propped up in the front seat with her feet on the dashboard. Police spotted the car swerving and thought it was a drunk driver. The boys then fled the car and the police lost them. They recovered the bloody pocket knife.

    The boys showed up for school the day in the eighth grade after Chamberlain’s death and a fellow classmate’s mother recognized the sweatshirts, which they wore at both the murder and the next day to school. Another mother told police that they had come by her house wearing the same sweatshirts.

    In perhaps the world’s most understated response, Scott Thomason (presumably a neighbor) was quoted as saying, “I thought it was very unfortunate. It’s kind of shocking how two eighth-graders could do something like that.” Unfortunate and “kind of shocking” does not quite capture the response of most people to two teenagers randomly stabbing a woman to death and then taking her dead body on a joy ride in her car.

    Not only do the police have the clothing and presumably of forensic evidence, but they say that the teens made incriminating statements during police interviews that only someone involved in the crime would know, according to reports.

  9. She doesn’t look gay to me. They’re usually manly, have short hair and are quite rolly polly.
    There’s one in my town. She looks like a dude…..and also looks like she’s eaten one, she’s that big.

  10. Slavery, colonization, Jim Crow, white privilege…yes us whites are pretty deplorable. Thats why blacks and other non-whites need to avoid us at all costs, and return to their own nations where no whites are so they are safe and have nothing to bitch about. We are terrible people and don’t deserve their enrichment. So when are they leaving?
    Truth is-its time to cure white guilt syndrome and stand our ground again.

  11. Precisely why I have access to a 9 within 3 seconds of such an encounter. I think I would have helped take out the windshield as I blasted several through it.

  12. “That’s when the man launched himself onto the hood of her car, kicked in her windshield and proceeded to drag her to the ground.”

    Notice they said “drag her to the ground,” rather than “pulled her out of the vehicle” like the tar monster that the Nigger was actually behaving like.

    Even when they can’t avoid the truth, they have to mitigate it with semantics and underhanded word play.

    What it should say is:

    That’s when the man launched himself onto the hood of her car, kicked in her windshield and proceeded to pull her out of the vehicle.

    Telling the whole truth would tend to scare people and make them more alert to the dangers of Niggers.

    “I said I’m gay, so I’m just not interested, and that triggered him,” Cantrell said. “I do believe it was a hate crime.” …”

    As some pundit on Niggermania pointed out, it’ll eventually be against the law for a White gal to refuse the advances of a Nigger.

    “I said I’m gay, so I’m just not interested, and that triggered him,” Cantrell said. “I do believe it was a hate crime.” …”

    “that triggered him”

    It doesn’t take much. Even completely illogical things set Niggers off. But you’d know that if your father had taught you right, and you’d have payed any attention in school to how they actually behave. Rather than thinking how cool they be.

    “I do believe it was a hate crime.” …”

    Only if the races were reversed. The spokesbergs and expertsteins up in New York© will tell you as much.

    Of course, if you were a Yenta, the coon would be disappeared and all of the investigations by the police quietly quashed.

    • In NYC the Negroes attack Jews all the time, but among the Jews there is of course a pecking order of who is an acceptable target and who is not. If her family was a member of the Russian Jewish Mafia, they would likely find the Nigger burned alive if they found him at all. If she was a Hasidic in Crown Heights, likely nothing would be done.

      • off the mark again. When NY Blacks mistake a NY Jew for a White and do the face-smash, the Jew media suddenly discovers the “Polar Bear” game and sternly lectures the local Blacks on the differences between Black and White. When a White is face-smashed by a nigger, the Jew media makes no remarks.

        • Haxo are you even living in the USA? I take it by your name you’re a foreigner. Obviously if you do you’re not old enough to Remember Crown Heights in 1991. During the Crown Heights Riot the Jew Media made very little mention of the entire thing and why is that? Because the Jews have decided that occasional Negro outbursts are okay as long as the violence is confined to Hasidic Areas, but that it never gets near the tony Upper West Side. The Jew Media also made very little remarks against Al Sharpton during his campaign on Jewish businesses in Harlem or the firebombing he caused of Freddie’s Fashion Mart in 1995 where he gave his White Interlopers Speech. The owner was a Jew, but I believe that most of the employees that died were Puerto Rican.

          You have no clue how the Jews do things. They will occasionally allow some low level Jews to be murdered by Niggers, if that means pushing forward the bigger agenda. This is why Ron Goldman and his family got screwed over by Organized Jewry. The Jews invested Billions into rebuilding Los Angeles after the 1992 Riots and they were so scared that there would be a riot in 1995 they did everything to get OJ Simpson off. Even though his second victim was a Jew. The long term program ie Destroying Whites/Christians is much more important than one life.


          45 Then many of the Jews which came to Mary, and had seen the things which Jesus did, believed on him. 46 But some of them went their ways to the Pharisees, and told them what things Jesus had done.

          47 Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles. 48 If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation. 49 And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all, 50 Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not. 51 And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation; 52 And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad. 53 Then from that day forth they took counsel together for to put him to death

  13. Word to the wise. Avoid them at all times. Never relax around them. Never, ever let one into your home. Be alert. Just because one black is “nice” does not mean his friends and relatives are. Just shut them out of any contact with you and yours. If you are forced to be around them, remain on guard at all times. This is just common sense.

    • The odd part to me is in some areas of the South, not quite sure why, but you read it all the time in Black on White Crime stories. I think in some people, they become so used to Negroes, especially if they have them in their homes as workers or whatnot, they forget they are dealing with dangerous animals. You can read old stories from Slavery days about Negroes poisoning their Masters, yet the vast majority of middle class and upper class Southrons continued having them work for them. Only the COMMON WHITE MAN AND WOMAN carried a healthy understanding of the Negro capacity for violence and thievery.

      In the biography of Abraham Lincoln takes place on of the only Black on White Crimes that I would have actually approved of. In 1828, south of Baton Rogue, 19 yr old Lincoln and his friends on a flatboat for New Orleans were attacked by Negroes who evidently preyed upon travelers and stole their things. Even in slavery times this stuff occasionally happened. In Gone With The Wind book, Scarlett remarks about to her it was strange that Northerners did not want Negroes touching their children or in their house. Scarlett was so used to them, she thought of them like children that it was White people’s responsibility to look after. Wealthy Southerners have this idea to this day. Probably why Savannah and many places have such horrid Black On White crime

  14. This is why there is ALWAYS a 1911 within reach. I don’t fear crowds of these monkeys. I fear that I’d go “too far” and end up on the evening news for killing every one of em.

  15. In Atlanta GA ,Hate City, gas stations in the city offer service to cars instead of self service and this is for black people pulling in for gas as Atlanta is nothing but blacks. There is racist graffiti against Whites around the city. Some of the anti white graffiti did just make the local news. No national news of course on this.

  16. I’d avoid going to places like that after dark, especially if I was a woman. Even if well-lit and someone calls the police, a two minute response means a lot of damage could happen to you. Still, we have to get around.
    I’m a security guard, and I NEVER get gas or whatever when I’m in uniform, especially at night.
    One night several years ago, I did stop at a gas station near my apartment, and a car of three Mexicans were next to mine. One guy was especially cocky. ‘Hey, man,’ he smiled, I wanna buy you car. I wan’ buy it real bad. You got sell it to me.’
    I thought he might be drunk or on drugs. I noticed a white girl was in the back seat, and she was living it up, probably stoned. I shrugged, and when the guy got persistent, I gave him a phony telephone number. He took it. ‘Dis the right number? You no lyin’; to me?’
    I said no, and took off, making sure I wasn’t being followed, and I wasn’t.
    Cowardly? My feeling is to get AWAY from these types fast as you can. Same with road rage. If a driver is acting nasty, GET AWAY.
    The woman should have driven off, fast.
    Much like Massad Ayoob, in his writings on carrying guns in self-defense, states if you’re being harrassed by people, offer them some money to go away. If they won’t then, if you have to use your gun, you can state they did everything you could to keep them away from you, which will help in court. As he said, you can be entirely in the right, and still be ruined by a trial.

  17. And if she shot him she would be the one getting charged, along with the bonus hate crimes. We don’t live in a fucking country where it’s legal to defend yourself against brown or black people.

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