Tommy Robinson Released On Bail

Tommy Robinson is free for now:

“LONDON — Tommy Robinson, the jailed British far-right activist backed by the former Trump aide Stephen K. Bannon but reviled by others who call him a violent purveyor of hate, was ordered to be freed on bail Wednesday, after challenging his conviction for contempt of court.

Mr. Robinson was arrested in May after he live-streamed a video from outside a criminal trial in Leeds, England, which had a news media blackout, revealing the defendants’ identities. He was sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court, provoking an international outcry in far-right circles.

On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal ordered his release, pending a new hearing in his case. The court questioned the speed with which he had been tried and convicted, noting that it took five hours from the time of his arrest to a conviction. …”

This is great news.

I know there are people who hate Tommy Robinson. I’m not interested in debating whether his incarceration was an Alt-Lite publicity stunt. It is part of a broader pattern of criminalizing dissent from multiculturalism and Islamization in the UK. Years ago, Americans like Matt Heimbach were being banned from the UK and now even milquetoast figures like Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern are being targeted. Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First were also thrown in prison. I’ve also seen kids on Twitter get raided by the British police for “hate speech.”

The UK is trying to get Facebook to impose even more censorship of “hate speech” because “the future of democracy” is being threatened by “fake news.” In this wonderful liberal democracy, you will be arrested and thrown in prison for expressing a political opinion that deviates from the BBC party line on immigration and changing racial and cultural demographics.

Note: This is the only “freedom” you are allowed to enjoy in the UK. Moral degenerates aren’t a threat to the establishment which is why they are cultivated.

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  1. Empires usually last a few hundred years before they collapse into rubble. That’s where ZOG Britain is right now and where ZOG USA shall be a few decades hence.

  2. F him… guy works for Isarel, many pics with rabbis etc.
    everyones screeches muh speech. These same ones screeching about speech, are silent in regards to Ursula Haverbeck, Paul Hickman etc etc… Tommy Robison who says he’d march with those who oppose “nazis”

  3. i often wonder if the protestors at these events, like those pictured above, are actually actors…especially that dude with his legs spread…looks like he came straight out of central casting

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