The Truth About Tuskegee

After visiting Selma, I figured I would drive over to Tuskegee to see if anything has changed there. I last visited Tuskegee in 2012 after the release of the movie Red Tails.

Tuskegee is another fairy tale that was created by leftwing historians, the mainstream media and Hollywood. It is known throughout the world as the home of Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee University, the great black scientist George Washington Carver who invented peanut butter and the Tuskegee Airmen who singlehandedly defeated the Nazis in World War 2. Every American child who has had to sit through Black History Month has heard about this place.

If you have ever been exposed to the myth about Tuskegee, you’re likely to imagine it as being a small Southern university town filled with heroic black pilots, brilliant scientists and hard working entrepreneurs. Nothing could be further from the truth in the 21st century.

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Tuskegee 2012

Tuskegee 2012

Tuskegee 2018

Tuskegee 2018

Tuskegee is still mouldering away like Selma. Nothing has changed in the past six years. Moton Air Field is deserted. Washington Plaza where the Tuskegee Walmart went out of business decades ago is now anchored by a Dollar Tree. Blighted homes are slowly rotting away and being overtaken by trees. Downtown is still full of boarded up businesses. The liquor store, car wash, payday lending stores, Church’s Chicken and beauty supply stores have all survived though.

Tuskegee is now the most violent city in Alabama. When I last visited in 2012, Johnny Ford was the mayor of Tuskegee. He hung on until 2016. He was first elected mayor in 1972. With the exception of 1996 to 2004 and 2008 to 2012, Tuskegee had been reelecting the same mayor for nearly half a century who had presided over the disappearance of hospitals, grocery stores (Tuskegee is a food desert), a movie theater, car dealerships, downtown shopping and public swimming pools.

I chuckle when I hear bien-pensants blame all the problems of Selma and Tuskegee which played such a prominent role in the Civil Rights Movement on “racism” and “white supremacy.” The Voting Rights Act accomplished its objective of empowering the black majority. White Alabamians abandoned these cities decades ago to move to nearby cities like Prattville and Auburn.

Tuskegee and Selma are a microcosm of a worldwide phenomenon. The result of black empowerment all over the world isn’t Wakanda. It is White flight followed by rapidly sinking into a violent ghetto. It is true of Northern cities like Detroit. It is true of Haiti and Jamaica in the Caribbean. It is true of Ghana, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. In the United States, the federal government and the various state governments (aka “white supremacy”) have established a floor under cities like Selma and Tuskegee. If it wasn’t for that floor, these places would have fallen even further.

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  1. My father was a combat pilot in the European theater beginning in the fall of 1944 through the summer of 1945. He never heard of the “Red Tails” and most aviation units at least knew about all others in their immediate theater of operations. He considered their story to be bunk cooked up by Harry Truman, who was the president who integrated the whole of the military be eliminating jobs reserved for blacks.

    In other words the whole story of the “Tuskegee Airman” is communist bullshit, something Truman did a lot of.

    • I think it was FDR’s lesbian wife Eleanor who pressured the US Army Air Force into forming a Negro fighter pilot squadron, because she had a left-wing multicultural agenda. According to some bullshit PBS documentary I once saw on this subject these pilots were so good they were shooting down -get this- Me262 jet fighters. Funny how there haven’t been any other Negro fighter pilots of note in the US military since WWII – not in Korea, Vietnam or the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts.

      • The ME-262 was vulnerable during both take off and landing and Mustang pilots did kill a few of them but that it was Black Mustang pilots is a claim I have never heard of before reading this piece. The Swallow could only stay aloft for a few minutes, the Mustang pilots of course stalked the airfields looking for one heading down the runway and when they returned for landing but had to avoid them otherwise. I doubt very much that the relatively inexperienced Tuskegee Airmen who were deployed near to the end of the war in Europe had developed the acumen necessary to pull off downing a 262, the German pilots were not only fantastic airmen but they were well seasoned as they didn’t get rotated out the way U.S. pilots did. The Luftwaffe probably had their best pilots flying swallows and some German aces had hundreds of kills under their belts. In my opinion this claim about the Tuskegee Airmen is dubious but I can’t say for certain.

        • All aircraft are vulnerable in takeoff and landing mode. The ME-262, while certainly lacking the range and duration aloft of a mustang with escort drop tanks, could stay aloft quite a bit more than just a “a few minutes”. In fact all German fighters had less range than a P-51 in bomber escort mode.

          All that said, by mid-1944 the Luftwaffe was getting pretty decimated of experienced fighter aces and quite a few young rookies were flying ME-109s. The ME-262 jets were flown by remaining experienced combat pilots. Thus, it is plausible that Red Tails shot some of those down. Any ME-262 kills by ANY allied prop fighter jock in normal air to air combat mode would have been more a matter of chance that superior airmanship and marksmanship.

        • @Patrick

          “The ME-262 was vulnerable during both take off and landing”

          That’s why they assigned piston engined fighters to fly in the traffic pattern at Me-262 bases, during launch and recovery operations. They’d even go out few miles to escort the jets in on approach, or out during turbine spool up.

          The airfields had flak towers, too.

          The pilots that successfully attacked Me-262s were all aces of the first rank. All the gun camera film of strafing runs on Luftwaffe airfields came from experienced pilots, many of them aces, rather than from novices. For Allied pilots, it was a steep learning curve.

          The Tuskegee Airniggers mostly operated on the Italian front. G.I.s didn’t think much of their close sir support. They’d drop their bombs short and their firing passes with guns and rockets usually fell short, too. In some cases, they’d drop their bombs and head back as soon as they could. The Roosevelt’s were the only reason that they weren’t disbanded and sent home. They were a colossal failure, except as a propaganda coup.

          When my dad was in the Air force, they’d joke about Nigger navigators. Most of the Blacks were cooks or in supply, when he was in. There were almost no Black pilots, aircrew or mechanics, because very few of them could cut it in those jobs.

      • There’s really a very simple axiomatic test to apply to the whole Red Tails argument without even getting into the minutiae of WW II air combat tactics, strategies, aces, aircraft types etc.

        By the 1967 Hollywood release of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, it became abundantly clear to anyone with enough sense to wipe from front to back after taking a dump that Hollywood was heading towards full Negro worship. During the mid sixties, Hollywood was also cranking out all kinds of high budget WW II action films (aerial, ground and naval) and also the best air combat movie of all time (IMHO) The Blue Max of WW I.

        So why wasn’t a Hollywood production of Red Tails ever done before 1995. Could it be that Hollywood figured it would be a disaster to release such a production with so many still young peckerwood survivors of WW II aerial combat with clear memories of reality and first hand or close to first hand knowledge about the Red Tails?

        • @Flaxen-headed Strumpet

          “So why wasn’t a Hollywood production of Red Tails ever done before 1995. Could it be that Hollywood figured it would be a disaster to release such a production with so many still young peckerwood survivors of WW II aerial combat with clear memories of reality and first hand or close to first hand knowledge about the Red Tails?”

          I’d say that was definitely true. The few propaganda failures they’ve had, taught them the importance of timing. Also, there were still too many people around that knew the truth about Negroes in general, and refused to worship them. It was their children and grandchildren that were effectively indoctrinated by Communist lies. However, White children living around Negroes weren’t fooled at all, the way kids in places like Iowa or North Dakota were, where Negroes are necessarily still virtually nonexistent.

          I like The Blue Max, Zeppelin and The Red Baron. Because of The Blue Max, the Pfalz D IIIa became, after the Fokker DVII and Siemens-Schuckert DIII, my favourite WWI fighter.

    • I have a similar story. A good friend was the youngest American fighter pilot in the European Theater at the end of WW II. His squadron often flew missions in the same area as the Tuskegee outfit. He used to imitate their radio chatter. It was hilarious. He also told me that Eleanor Roosevelt made sure The Tuskegees were covered head to toe with decorations..

    • Tuskegee Airmen were losing 25 bombers a day, that they were escorting. None of the Tuskegee pilots were shot down.

      How do fighter squadrons go into combat without losing any fighters while the bombers they are escorting are being slaughtered?

      • How do fighter squadrons go into combat without losing any fighters while the bombers they are escorting are being slaughtered? Zimple, by being yellow turn-tails.

        What is really putrid is how modern Air Force squadrons have the “red tail” markings to commemorate these mythical characters. I have long said the military is the Jews’ first level Petri dish that allows them to test their social engineering theory under orders.

        What’s more, I am now finding white males are being shunted off from military service by women and other minority recruiters. One young man I know spent two months waiting while the military investigated every jot and tittle of his history to find a reason to reject him.

        First they tried saying he had an eye problem that stemmed from an inability to focus both eyes on the tip of his nose. Yet he had no problems reading or seeing.

        When that wasn’t sufficient, a white, woman psychologist began looking for psychological reasons to reject him. Finally, after weeks of digging they discovered a single visit he had with a psychologist for mild depression that was a product of his parent’s divorce. That provided sufficient reason to reject him for military service.

        During this time, he had made a number of trips to the testing center (some gobbledygook acronym I cannot remember) and while he waited, witnessed one minority after another get immediately sworn in. No tesing no investiagtion no diig reqfor the minoty

        Jews have royally fucked the white male. Thanks to the Jews’ evisceration of America’s industrial and manufacturing sectors, one of the only reliable jobs left open to an average young man is the military, but soon all there will be in the military is red-tailed baboons .

      • How do fighter squadrons go into combat without losing any fighters while the bombers they are escorting are being slaughtered? By being yellow turn-tails!

        What’s truly sickening s the last time I visited Randolph, I noted the Air Farce has now had some of its squadrons paint the red tail markings on their aircraft to commemorate these mythical creatures.

        The military has now begun finding various ways to exempt white males from military service. I recently had a young, white male friend that tried enlisting in the Air Farce. His recruiter was a Negress and the other recruiters in the office were minorities as well. He had to travel to an enlistment center in another city for testing. As he has no car, he had to rely on military transportation to the center. He was put up in a hotel overnight with a negro candidate that was sworn in the next day after the testing session, while he had to repeat the test because they said they suspected cheating due to his high scores. He made an even higher score on the second test.

        This kind of bullshit went on for two months with physicians trying to find every possible reason to keep him out of the service. The first was an East Indian doctor that discovered an “eye problem” stemming from the fact he could not focus both eyes on his finger when moving it to the tip of his nose. This condition did not effect his vision or reading capabilities. When he went to a civilian eye doctor about the problem, the doctor was confused as to why this might keep him out of the service, as he had other patients with this condition that had no problem enlisting.

        However, he had to submit a waver for the condition. While the waiver was being processed, he returned for more testing. Finally the doctors decided the eye problem was not really a problem and he was turned over to a psychologist for testing. A white woman psychologist told him he had “autistic tendencies” which was total bullshit as I am familiar with that condition and he has never shown the slightest tendencies towards autism.

        She then went on to “investigate” his background, demanding a statement from the college, from which he had recently graduated, for a statement that he had never used the college’s mental health facilities. After providing that document, they began s more in-depth witch hunt ~ er ~ investigation. This required multiple trips to the testing center. Each time he went to the testing center, he was loaded on a bus almost totally filled with minorities singing and slapping to the noise of loud “boom-boxes.” Most of these monkeys were sworn in with no problem while he continued to be tested.

        The psychologist finally uncovered a single, ten year old encounter (he had just turned twenty) with a civilian psychologist for mild depression after his parent’s divorced. He had to file another waiver for that. After another three weeks it was returned with a final rejection.

        The military has long been the Jews’ primary Petri-dish for testing their social engineering experiments on a captive audience serving under orders. The Jews’ evisceration of America’s manufacturing and industrial base has left few reliable jobs for the average young man and the affirmative actions hiring and immigrant work programs have left even fewer reliable job choices for the average white male. The military is one of the few remaining job opportunities for young men and now with the Jews’ minority staffing, the military is rapidly closing that door as well. Soon all that will remain in the military are red-tailed monkeys.

        Ten Hut!

    • We need to get off our butts and vote and HEAVILY campaign for … all conservative republicans because they are the least worst, and if we don’t all these plans and wants and meetings are for nothing. Buy time WHILE building up the white south ! This is THE most important midterms coming up !!!

  2. As as Australian, Hunter, I’ve gotta say-you’re not doing much to promote tourism to your state! Is there anywhere in Alabama that IS nice or IS worth seeing???

    • Gulf Shores, Dauphin Island and Orange Beach on the Alabama coast are quite nice and lily White. I’ve been quite a few times.

    • tell John that the State Capitol in Montgomery with its white facade and trump do eyes false paintings is spectacular. Pardon my French. Alabama is a state forested from top to bottom. Hunter is right however. Stay clear of the big cities. Have some sweet tea in some small rural town

  3. I never thought anything about Tuskegee, or anything about Negroes associated with it.

    In our studies of history in school, Negroes didn’t figure in it in anyway, except as slaves, or as African Bushmen.
    They tried showing propaganda films to us in school, but we just laughed at them. So did our teachers, who showed them only because they had to. From observation and experience, we knew better.

    In fact, young kids I know, don’t believe any of the pro-Nigger Judeo-Communist lies they’re taught in school. You can’t make them believe that the sky is green, or that rain falls up, either.

    The first time I saw pictures of the Tuskegee Airmen, I thought they looked ridiculous.

    To me, George Washington Carver was just another agricultural scientist, like all the others that were working to improve Southern agriculture. I never gave him a second thought.

    • The nice thing about attending an All-White School, was that mentions about Negroes or their place in American History were few and far between. I didn’t even know who the Tuskegee Airmen were till like the movie about them came out, and I didnt watch it, so sick of being told about Negroes and their Civil Rights. Until the 1990’s if you were outside of the major leftist cities, you seldom if ever heard anything about Negroes places in history. The Nigger Everything stuff was Bill Clinton’s baby

      • @billyrayjenkins

        I never heard of political correctness until the early 90’s. Even now, nobody brings it up in normal conversation. Never did, anyway.

        • Exactly it was Bill Clinton’s baby. I remember by about the end of 1993 a little bit less than a year into his Presidency, everything was HARDCORE ANTI-WHITE. I tell people the difference between Bill and Barack was this. Bill Clinton was in your face ANTI-WHITE and he was ANTI-WHITE at a time before the Internet and no one challenged him, except maybe talk radio and they didnt touch the race issue. Barack Obama was not in your face ANTI-WHITE, what he did was float those remarks to the media and had them make them, this way Obama came off smelling like a rose. Still overall the damage to White People was much greater under Clinton. Without Bill Clinton you wouldn’t have 9 yr old girls trying to do certain activities with boys on the school bus. THANK YOU BILL

    • Most pictures of the Tuskegee Airmen that you see make it obvious that they were mainly half or quarter-breeds, as well. I guess most full on blacks weren’t able to complete the training.

  4. Bemidji is surrounded by 3 Native American reservations and for the most part is a clean city. Certain “Natives” have enriched themselves but most Indians live in depressing ghettos. Drugs alchohol and crime are big problems. Leech Lake reservation is a beautiful location with perfect summers and harsh winters. The locations of Selma and Tuskegee are not as bad as tract 33 in Cass Lake.

  5. In the 1950’s my unkle told me that the black pilots told thw white English girls that they were night fighters. No historian would ever print such a thing nor commentator ever say any such thing courtesy of political correctness. Thak God for kin that were not afraid totell the truth.

    • I once heard that White American pilots would sometimes shoot at the Tuskegee planes rather than at the Luftwaffe planes. I hope it’s true!

    • @Russell Walker

      My dad was stationed in England in the early 1950’s. He said he heard that Negro troops told the English girls the same thing, but said that they claimed that they were Rangers and Airborne. He said that they also claimed that they had taken special pills that temporarily turned them black.

  6. Whenever I hear the ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL MANURE, I say yes Jefferson and his slaves were equal.

    • @Russell Walker

      As I was forced to sit thru ‘The Equalizer 2’ today, I now realize blacks are superior in every way-superior morality, intelligence and fighting ability…..even at age 64!

    • @Russell Walker

      Because it was self-evident at the Time, Jefferson didn’t feel the need to say All White Men or All Englishmen, which is what he meant.

      Since nations were understood at that time to be biological constructs, and Niggers were, as obvious biological aliens, excluded, it was simply taken for granted that whenever anything was written or spoken about any subject, it pertained to Whites and their Civilisation, and nobody else.

      Jefferson simply couldn’t conceive of Jews overturning the Republic and subverting its Constitution and Laws against it. Or employing hordes of Negroes and Mestizos as political weapons and Askaris against White America. Nor could he conceive of including biological aliens in the American body politic. Which was a White and European organism in the biological sense of nation. Natio= Latin, Birth, place of origin.

      • Jefferson’s daughter sold Monticello to a Jew on his death (or thereabouts) to cover his debts.

        Jefferson knew exactly what he was doing

    • Actually James is wrong on this. When Jefferson wrote those words, our understanding of Citizenship was the same as Subjectship under the British Empire. Slaves were noncitizens, but Free Negroes were counted as citizens in 11 of the 13 Colonies, Virginia and South Carolina being the only ones who counted them as Non-Citizens. That is because under the Common Law, a Free Man is defined as a citizen. In fact at the time 1776, there were thousands of Negroes living in London, England, afforded the same rights as White Men under British Common Law.

      When the Articles of Confederation was passed in 1781, states were treated as separate nations. States set their own naturalization requirements and own citizenship laws. In 1784 when Thomas Jefferson and his cabal forced Virginia to cede all her land in the West, Virginia ceded everything in the Northwest Territory which was above Ohio and by 1786 ceded everything above the Mason Dixon east of Longitute 80 degrees 31 west leaving only a tiny strip of land today known as the Northern Panhandle, a little slice of Dixie above the Mason Dixon everyone seems to forget about. Jefferson at the time of Virginia’s ceding all her western land said that the Federal Government had the right to Outlaw Slavery there, as in Jefferson’s understanding, slaves were Human beings of a sort. In fact he called them Persons as did Madison, This created a conundrum in the Common Law in that under the Common Law excluding foreign nationals, Personhood means citizenship. Jefferson and Madison couldn’t figure out whether Negroes were Persons or Property, knowing that legally they couldn’t be both. Still they refused to legally correct the matter. The Land Ordinance of 1785, 1787 and 1789 passed after the Constitution said that slavery was to be completely made illegal after 1800 in the Northwest, however slaves held by formerly French Citizens in the Wabash Valley would be made indentured servants for life. These were finally freed in Indiana by 1830 and Illinois by 1848.

      Free Negroes were counted as citizens in Georgia until 1777, Delaware until 1792, KENTUCKY until 1799, New Jersey in 1807, Maryland until 1809, Connecticut until 1818, Rhode Island until 1822 (Regained Vote in 1842 under first Rhode Island Constitution) North Carolina and TENNESSEE in 1835 and Pennsylvania until 1838. Only New Hampshire, Massachusetts, The Vermont Republic and MAINE (which was separated from Mass in 1820.) New York State only allowed Negroes wealthy enough to own land to have citizenship. Only in the Midwestern States, which were organized after the US Constitution, Alabama, Mississippi, and all of the states in the West was Whites-Only Citizenship law, those states and territories that were organized before the Constitution (KY and TN existed as counties of VA and NC in 1776). Federal Citizenship was Whites-Only but local State Citizenship could make nonwhites citizens. This meant that sometimes State Citizenship was at odds with Federal Citizenship. This is why Dred Scott Case was such a disaster. The US Supreme Court had no enforcement Power, it could not retroactively legalize slavery in the Northwest Territory or in new western states where it was banned like Iowa, California, Oregon. The area today known as Minnesota was a combined portion of the Northwest Territory and the Northernmost edge of the Louisiana Purchase and Congress counted it under the Northwest Ordinance. The issue was settled prior to the Constitution, our Constitution and our laws under the Common Law do not allow for Ex Post Facto Laws.

      John C. Calhoun and Alexander Stephens said alot of this better than I can

    • John C Calhoun on the Oregon Bill 1848. Calhoun repudiates his old friend Thomas Jefferson Hardcore

      Now, let me say, Senators, if our Union and system of government are doomed to perish, and we to share the fate of so many great people who have gone before us, the historian, who, in some future day, may record the events ending in so calamitous a result, will devote his first chapter to the ordinance of 1787, lauded as it and its authors have been, as the first of that series which led to it. His next chapter will be devoted to the Missouri compromise, and the next to the present agitation. Whether there will be another beyond, I know not. It will depend on what we may do.

      If he should possess a philosophical turn of mind, and be disposed to look to more remote and recondite causes, he will trace it to a proposition which originated in a hypothetical truism, but which, as now expressed and now understood, is the most false and dangerous of all political errors. The proposition to which I allude, has become an axiom in the minds of a vast majority on both sides of the Atlantic, and is repeated daily from tongue to tongue, as an established and incontrovertible truth; it is, that “all men are born free and equal.” I am not afraid to attack error, however deeply it may be intrenched, or however widely extended, whenever it becomes my duty to do so, as I believe it to be on this subject and occasion.

      Taking the proposition literally (it is in that sense it is understood), there is not a word of truth in it. It begins with “all men are born,” which is utterly untrue. Men are not born. Infants are born. They grow to be men. And concludes with asserting that they are born “free and equal,” which is not less false. They are not born free. While infants they are incapable of freedom, being destitute alike of the capacity of thinking and acting, without which there can be no freedom. Besides, they are necessarily born subject to their parents, and remain so among all people, savage and civilized, until the development of their intellect and physical capacity enables them to take care of themselves. They grow to all the freedom of which the condition in which they were born permits, by growing to be men. Nor is it less false that they are born “equal.” They are not so in any sense in which it can be regarded; and thus, as I have asserted, there is not a word of truth in the whole proposition, as expressed and generally understood.

      If we trace it back, we shall find the proposition differently expressed in the Declaration of Independence. That asserts that “all men are created equal.” The form of expression, though less dangerous, is not less erroneous. All men are not created. ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, ONLY TWO A MAN AND A WOMAN EVER WERE AND OF THESE ONE WAS PRONOUNCED SUBORDINATE TO THE OTHER.. All others have come into the world by being born, and in no sense, as I have shown, either free or equal. But this form of expression being less striking and popular, has given way to the present, and under the authority of a document put forth on so great an occasion, and leading to such important consequences, has spread far and wide, and fixed itself deeply in the public mind. It was inserted in our Declaration of Independence without any necessity. It made no necessary part of our justification in separating from the parent country, and declaring ourselves independent. Breach of our chartered privileges, and lawless encroachment on our acknowledged and well-established rights by the parent country, were the real causes, and of themselves sufficient, without resorting to any other, to justify the step. Nor had it any weight in constructing the governments which were substituted in the place of the colonial. They were formed of the old materials and on practical and well-established principles, borrowed for the most part from our own experience and that of the country from which we sprang.

      If the proposition be traced still further back, it will be found to have been adopted from certain writers on government who had attained much celebrity in the early settlement of these States, and with whose writings all the prominent actors in our revolution were familiar. Among these, Locke and Sydney were prominent. But they expressed it very differently. According to their expression, “all men in the state of nature were free and equal.” …

      But it is equally clear, that man cannot exist in such a state; that he is by nature social, and that society is necessary, not only to the proper development of all his faculties, moral and intellectual, but to the very existence of his race. Such being the case, the state is a purely hypothetical one; and when we say all men are free and equal in it, we announce a mere hypothetical truism; that is, a truism resting on a mere supposition that cannot exist, and of course one of little or no practical value.

      • Having given that speech a cursory read once or twice in the past, I’m pretty sure, Billy Ray, that Calhoun doesn’t mention that not a single Southern state voted against the Northwest Ordinance. Maybe he addressed that fact elsewhere, but it seems like something he should have addressed. Also, he doesn’t mention, I’m pretty sure, that abolition of slavery in the North was under way even before the Revolutionary War was over–even before the British began military operations in the South, I’m pretty sure. That, too, seems something he should have addressed.

    • Alexander Stephens on The Founding Fathers

      But not to be tedious in enumerating the numerous changes for the better, allow me to allude to one other-though last, not least: the new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions-African slavery as it exists among us-the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution. Jefferson, in his forecast, had anticipated this, as the “rock upon which the old Union would split.” He was right. What was conjecture with him, is now a realized fact. But whether he fully comprehended the great truth upon which that rock stood and stands, may be doubted. THE PREVAILING IDEAS ENTERTAINED BY HIM (jefferson) AND MOST OF THE LEADING STATESMEN (founders) AT THE TIME OF THE FORMATION OF THE OLD CONSTITUTION WERE THAT THE ENSLAVEMENT OF THE AFRICAN WAS IN VIOLATION OF THE LAWS OF NATURE THAT IT WAS WRONG IN PRINCIPLE SOCIALLY MORALLY AND POLITICALLY.. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with; but the general opinion of the men of that day was, that, somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away. This idea, though not incorporated in the Constitution, was the prevailing idea at the time. The Constitution, it is true, secured every essential guarantee to the institution while it should last, and hence no argument can be justly used against the constitutional guarantees thus secured, because of the common sentiment of the day. Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the idea of a Government built upon it-when the “storm came and the wind blew, it fell.”

      Preston Brooks once said that when the Constitution was framed, the Founding Fathers did not forsee Slavery surviving but that experience and the cotton gin had changed that. This is exactly what Alexander Stephens said.

    • Alexander Stephens, who had been friends with Abraham Lincoln in Congress and exchanged letters with him also pointed out that in 1860 the Democrats controlled the Congress and Courts and that there was no way possible the North could outlaw slavery if the South remained in the Union. The thing was as Stephens knew, the cult of equality would eventually free the slaves, likely by 1900 and until then the Republicans would see that slavery died from a death of 1000 cuts. First tariffs would make owning slaves financially a burden, second outlawing slavery in the territories would further curb Southern political power. Although had the South just knuckled under to Lincoln and gave him Free Territories and agreed to the Morrill Tariff, it in truth The South probably could have kept slavery until sometime in the 20th Century, the point was that the South would be subject to disgrace and second class citizenship. For this and this alone, this was enough justification for Secession.

      • The Knights of the Golden Circle actually debated whether Secession or a Coup De Etat would be better in the long run. Personally I believe had the Governors of Virginia and North Carolina had some BALLS, they would have sent the Virginia and North Carolina Militias together, captured Washington right after the 1860 election and begun stringing up Abolitionist Representatives and declared Breckinridge the new President. Then while holding the United States, with its LEGAL RECOGNITION IN THE WORLD, LEGAL TRADEMARKS, ETC, began the job of dismembering the nation. The North would have been forced to build its own army, its own navy etc and it would have failed. It was holding Washington and the international recognition as the USA that made the Union powerful.

        The Southern politicians of 1860 and the Southern Politicians of 2018 are basically Constitutional Cuckolds. They felt that a coup would be Constitutionally Illegal. They get caught up in the minutia of whether something is illegal or not, or something is gentlemanly or not. You see this same thing in the McConnell types today, they are too afraid to do what needs to be done, because it would mean standing up and doing nasty things and thats just ungentlemanly. The sickening devotion to the US Constitution by the Southern Democrats for years allowed these problems just to fester and grow. At any time, Virginia could have deployed her militia into Washington and begun stringing up her enemies, but she wouldn’t do that it was Unconstitutional.

        Unfortunately the Constitutional Cucks won out over the Fire Eaters and Radicals and took the South out of the Union and established the CSA. They managed to fritter away their advantage just because the other way was ILLEGAL. Sure there would have been problems with a coup. You would have had Generals like Lee and Jackson who may have regarded such action as being evil and actually fought to stop it, thus fighting against their own people. You would have had Southern Politicians condemning it as well. This is the truly surreal part of the entire thing. The idiotic Constitution Cucks sentenced the South to destruction simply because they didn’t want to do something ILLEGAL.

        Hopefully we remember this lesson.

    • The odd thing was Jefferson seemed just fine with the French Revolutionary Convention having Negroes sit in the Congress as legislators and he seemed just fine with the local states in the United States electing Negroes to office. A Negro passing as white was elected to multiple offices in New Hampshire starting in 1768, Wentworth Cheswell, an open Negro Alexander Twilight served in the Vermont Legislature from 1836-1857 and John Mercer Langston served as a town clerk in Brownhelm Township Ohio which is city of Lorain in the Connecticut Western Reserve in 1854, against Ohio Law forbidding Negroes to vote, but as there was no State Police in 1854 and the county refused to arrest him, nothing could be done. The Western Reserve is organized almost exactly like New England Towns were the only place in OH where township government is organized along the New England Model, the rest is organized along the model laid out by Jefferson.

      This was the big problem with the Jeffersonian State Citizenship and Federal Citizenship model. As states were supreme and sovereign, they could allow almost anything

      • Worth noting that Texas was the only State with it’s own State Police Force ie the Texas Rangers and during Reconstruction the Texas State Police. Every other state in the Union did not have a State Police, everything was handled at the County Level. This ended in 1905 when Pennsylvania established a State Police Force and by 1940 most states had some form of State Highway Patrol or State Police

  7. I’m surprised ZOG hasn’t turned Selma and Tuskegee into national “civil rights” musems to showcase all the “progress” America has made in the struggle for racial equality. But it seems not even the Empire can take its own bullshit seriously.

    • The struggle for equality resulted in dismal failure in Selma, Tuskegee, Baltimore, Memphis, Atlanta, Philthadelphia, Newark, DC, Ookland and every other black run city. Lies will turn to rage one day and woe unto those who did not prepare.

  8. Negroes and their enablers simply cannot handle the truth… While they complain about their surroundings, they simultaneously brag about their “progress…” Completely unwilling to admit that everything was fine until they took control, and that was when everything became unmanageable.

    I just read about a town in rural Pennsylvania. The NSM has their HQ in Ulysses, which, I learned is a small town in the Northcentral portion of the state. The online article headline declares, “White Supremacists Split a Quiet, Rust Belt Town”. Reading past the provocative headline, you find that the town (Pop: 650) is either largely indifferent, or (gasp!) supportive of the National Socialists. It seems that, about a year ago, a deputy sheriff was forced to apologize and make restitution after he took down a Nazi flag. The people in the county overwhelmingly supported the land owner and his right to do as he saw fit. The only explanation that the media can conjure up to explain this tolerance of freedom of expression is to lamely suggest that such attitudes stem from the Klan moving in from the South in the 1920’s.

    Proof that this isn’t even remotely true can be easily produced. Here is an example from 1847. “I have no squeamish sensitiveness upon the subject of slavery, no morbid sympathy for the slave. I plead the cause and rights of White freemen. I would preserve for free White labor a fair country… where the sons of toil, of my own race and own color, can live.” – David Wilmott, U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania and member of the Free Soil Party, Congressional Globe, 29th Congress, 2nd Session, February 8, 1847.

    In his book, “Pride and Prejudice: The Free Soil Party and the Negro,” Eric Foner states, “The leading organizers in the Free Soil Party, in 1848, were the Barn Burners, who emphasized that their opposition to the extension of slavery was motivated solely by concern for the interests of free White laborers, who would be ‘degraded’ by association with the black race.”

    • (((Eric Foner))) is a red diaper baby. His entire family was hardcore Bolshevik Jews and yet no one ever brings this up. Most of these powerful Jews, (((David Axlerod))) and possibly (((Jared Diamond))) were all from families active in the Communist Party USA.

      No one speaks a word about it

  9. There are some beautiful houses and buildings just sitting, waiting to rot… hoping for industrious people to come and create homes and businesses. Ugh…..

  10. OT (sort of):

    This is a response to a Yankee abolitionist calling us traitors. The South needs to keep their blood boiling about the illegal and unconstitutional invasion that took place 150+ years ago so that one day it will be avenged.

    No! There was no prohibition in the Constitution against slavery or secession and more importantly there is no prohibition against slavery or secession in the Bible. Two witnesses against you self-righteous rabid abolitionists who want to force your false secular religion of abolition (which has now morphed into white-supremacy-racism witch-hunts today) down the throats of everyone else and declare anyone who doesn’t agree with you as a racist heretic who has committed the unpardonable sin of slavery. You are terminating all Confederate and old South historical markers now and soon when you get enough non-whites pouring through our borders you will sic them on us to kill all of us remaining as well.

    Now, God does allow for slavery, even chattel slavery where you pass servants down to your children : “And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever.” Reparations need to go to the South whose property you invaders unconstitutionally stole from them 150 years ago. God’s law is the law of the land whether you acknowledge it or not and God will out live and out perform you no matter what you try to say or do. Your crooked man-made laws mean NOTHING!

    And God allows for secession. The twelve tribes of Israel separated and became two separate kingdoms: The House of Israel and the House of Judah.

    So slither back up North and keep your John Brown radical social engineering to yourselves … The South can take care of itself…

    • Abolitionism was not a secular religion it was much worse. Abolitionism came from the Quakers in Pennsylvania and infected formerly Calvinist New England by the 1820’s. The South was never Calvinist, it was Anglican/Episcopalian. The Baptists came down from Rhode Island and began establishing themselves in Virginia and the Carolinas before the Revolution, but it took until the 1860’s before they ever became a political force. The Aristocracy was still in 1860 for the most part traditionalists.

      Calvinism was replaced by Universalism and as the Universalists didn’t believe in simple ideas such as Heaven and Hell, they saw the world as Hell and their job was to create a heaven upon earth. This they did through the Gospel of Social Justice.

      Irregardless, the Old Fashioned Wasp Yankees are almost all dead and gone. The Jews have been running this Social Justice Game since the 1880’s at least. The war on Confederate Monuments is a pretext to take everything down. While I will not miss the Lincoln Memorial or any of them, I am not stupid enough to think that the Jews will stop with just a memorial to Davis or Lee. No its much more than that. They also want to blow up Mount Rushmore. While I wouldn’t miss that either, this is all part of a bigger game.The Jews wish to exterminate Whites to Exterminate Christianity so their Messiah their King will come and reign from inside the Holy of the Holies in the New Temple. This is what their Talmud says. the Religion of Christ must be wiped from the Earth

      • “The Jews wish to exterminate Whites to Exterminate Christianity so their Messiah their King will come and reign from inside the Holy of the Holies in the New Temple. This is what their Talmud says. the Religion of Christ must be wiped from the Earth”

        But as we know, they will be the ones “wiped from the Earth”…

        “But the fearful, and UNBELIEVING, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death…”

        “Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

      • If you are from the North and are not trying to stick it to the South, then peace. But you probably know that this “religion of abolition” gives people both in the North and South, whether they are Jews or not license to treat Southerners or any one else who defends the old South as racist monsters not fit to draw breath.

        But I discovered in reading the Bible from cover to cover dozens of times in the past 35+ years that God and Christ are definitely NOT abolitionists and they DO ALLOW for slavery for various reasons. I have the scriptures to challenge these John Brown abolitionists’ insults when they try to trash the South. I have been booted from at least 2 unCivil War forums and censored on another and told my posts would not be allowed on this topic, yet no one can really claim the moral high ground over me in a debate since I can cut their arguments out from under them and show that slavery it is not a sin but allowed and regulated in the Bible. They love this PC concept of race-based slavery which somehow sets the South’s form of slavery as the most diabolical of any other nation who allowed slavery — and I can chew their argument up. I love to explain to them that there is no such thing as affirmative action in slavery found in the Bible. You are not required to take a representative of each race in order to possess slaves. If you want all Indians as your slaves, fine. If you want all blacks as your slaves, fine. They usually get quiet or I get the boot … and then it more or less turns into an abolition only based unCivil War forum …

        And secession is not prohibited in the Bible as well. The 12 tribes of Israel separated into two separate northern and southern kingdoms. Lincoln betrayed the Constitution by invading the South who were trying to leave and not conquer the other states in the Union and I believe that Lincoln’s life was cut short by God removing His protection from him and allowing Booth an easy head shot for all the blood A Lincoln spilled in the death of both Union and Confederate soldiers.

        May God Save the South

        • John Wilkes Booth, a Sephardic Jew, was working for another Sephardic Jew, Judah P. Benjamin. The South had four long years to kill Lincoln and literally a million chances, but refused to take them. Only when the South is destroyed, when there is no possible way the Confederacy is going to rise again. Remember Richmond is destroyed, Davis is on the run, the Confederate Army is dispersed and headed home. The nearest Southern Army still together was Johnston’s in North Carolina and there is no possible way Johnston can take his starving army to Washington to save the South. The CSA is dead. So the question is, WHO BENEFITS? Well the answer is clear, the Jews do. The Jews are able to buy up the South for pennies on the dollar, establish company stores by the thousand, get everyone into debt slavery which didn’t end in the South till the 1950’s. Basically the South is used by Jewry as a cash cow, like a whore.

          The Jewish Banksters, via Benjamin, had almost absolute control of the Confederate Government and Jeff Davis was clueless about it. According to some stories, Varina knew, but Jeff was blind. There was no doubt that justice was served at Fords Theatre but it was served too late to benefit anyone. At that point it could only benefit one group of people, (((THEM)))

        • Read the above quote from Vice President Alexander Stephens. As he said almost all the Founding Fathers of the United States were Abolitionists. Stephens took this partially from a speech by Preston Brooks who said the exact same thing before he died. The founders misapplied Enlightenment Beliefs to a question about the universality of human races in violation of Biblical Truth. This battle between Scripture and the Enlightenment Freemasonic Whore Constitution has waged since 1789.

          The Confederacy was DOOMED to failure and Stonewall Jackson said this privately Why? For one reason the Southern government was never righteous, the CSA was founded upon the evil intentions of Freemasons just like the Union. Efforts to save the South for Christ, such as insisting on the mention of Christ in the Confederate Constitution and a Christian Loyalty Oath were defeated. Judah the Christ Killer and his allies wouldn’t allow Jesus anywhere near Confederate Law. The Common Southern Solider was a Christian, his government was not.

          Jefferson Davis allowed Benjamin and the Jews to run wild, because Jeff Davis was a Freemason like most of the Confederate Government and Military Command. He was probably unknowingly glorifying Satan instead of God through Christ. Calling the Union Evil while the Confederacy was flooded with Masonic Satan Worshippers, is the height of stupidity. The vast majority of Southrons had no idea at all about the truth of Masonry, they saw it as meaningless rituals, a brotherhood.The point is most Confederates had a zeal for Christ, BUT they mixed Christ and Satanic Freemasonry.

          Had the South truly been the defenders of the Religion of Jesus Christ, instead of unwittingly supporting Satanic Freemasonry, it would have smashed the North

    • My favorite black astronaut is Loopy Louie Hayes followed by Suitcase Jefferson and Rocket Randall. It’s incredible that these great pioneers of NASSA, also known as The Old Negro Space Program, have never gotten the respect of having their faces on a postage stamp.

  11. Brad – i have got to say that your writing is simply spectacular. Not just subject matter but the prose. Your articles on Selma and Tuskege were enlightening and the information is no where else to be found. russ walker

  12. Damn, Tuskegee is a shithole. It looks worse than Selma. Could the higher percentage of negroids there be a factor? I live in Richmond, VA, a shithole in its own right. Petersburg is 25 miles south and it too is a wasteland. However, I believe Selma and Tuskegee have us beat badly. Poverty, crime, drugs, violence, blight-it’s a black thang. An’ sheeit.

  13. I finished reading last week Booker Washington’s ‘Up From Slavery’. He put a lot of effort into the institute. I think he would be ashamed of what his race has become.

  14. Billyray,

    I’m not promoting (((Foner))). I just thought that the quote was useful for the purpose of demonstrating that Free Soilers were not anti-slavery in the sense that they were concerned with the plight of the Negro slave; which is what every school teacher and PBS documentary would lead us to believe. It was merely my attempt to show that racial preferences in Pennsylvania were already well established long before the Klan allegedly showed up in the 1920’s.

    • I know you weren’t promoting (((Foner))) I was just making sure everyone knew who this guy was. You are exactly right. The North, not having the White Trash problem the South did, relied on a system of family that locked everyone else outside of it. The Negro in the North became a burden, because few would have anything to do with them, almost no one socialized with them. They were the outsider. Thus in the Northern society they were seen as unwelcome.

      This differed from the South where people had constant contact with them, had them in their homes as slaves and later paid servants and did have a form of Superior-Inferior socialization with them. The problem in the South was that the lowest White Trash, completely without morals, would if left to their own devices openly fornicate with Negroes. Under the law of Partus Sequitur Ventrem in Slavery days if a white girl gave birth to a black baby, that child was free under the law, thus this not only deprived a slaveowner of labor, it also added to the free people of color population and it created degeneracy. Thus there had to be strict laws against this behavior. These laws were kept after slavery to maintain order and to slow or stop the growth of populations of quadroons and octoroons who could pass as white, thus degrading the population. The former mayor of New Orleans Louisiana Mitch Landrieu who tore down the statues, the Landrieu family are NEGROES who passed as white and the 1900 census proves it

  15. Funny how that Tuskegee street plaque doesn’t mention that Rosa Parks was robbed inside her own home by an at-risk brotha of color in 1994…

    I decided to check out the Tuskegee News, which just happened to have been founded in April 1865, after seeing the photo of their palatial HQ in this photoessay. Here’s a typical opinion piece:

    But most of all, I’m intrigued by the concept that the brilliant pilots from this city may have been some sort of fabrication. Are there any in-depth articles on this possibility?

    P.S. The store signs in that strip mall are instantly recognizable to those who live in declining Southern towns. They’re almost like the first symptoms of ((cancer)).

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