Review: Unite The Right 2

UTR 2 is officially in the books.

It went much like I expected it would too. I predicted it would be more like the small rally in Berkeley last weekend than UTR in Charlottesville. Jason Kessler held what was essentially a small Alt-Lite free speech rally in Washington, DC which was protected by a massive police presence. No one got hurt. There won’t be any fallout from this event for the movement.

We knew beforehand that no one was going to UTR 2. The question was whether the DC police would stand down, allow Kessler & Co. to be lynched and we would all be blamed for the violence. There has been a black cloud hanging over the movement since Charlottesville. No one wants to walk into another trap and have their lives ruined because police are prevented from doing their jobs by politicians. The country saw in DC the difference it makes when police are allowed to do their jobs.

In Charlottesville, Chief Al Thomas instructed the police, “Let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” The Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police stood behind barricades and were under strict orders to intervene only in the event of potentially lethal violence. There was no attempt to provide safe routes of entry and exit for rally attendees. The exact opposite of this happened in Washington, DC at UTR 2 and as a result there was no violence.

Imagine what would have happened at UTR 2 if the police had stood down and funneled the rally attendees directly into that mob of counter-protesters. In Pikeville, Shelbyville, Newnan, Portland, Berkeley and Washington, DC, the police separated the counter-protesters from the rally attendees. I thought Jason Kessler did a great job today explaining why there was violence in Charlottesville. I don’t think he could have done a better job given the level of support he got in DC.

Kessler was a Boy Scout compared to his enemies:

As for Antifa, they can be counted on to engage in violence, which will be predictably covered up by the media even when it is Antifa that routinely assaults reporters. There were no “fash” in Charlottesville and they still managed to engage in violence:

I would like to thank Jason Kessler for standing up for our First Amendment rights. If he hadn’t done this, the media narrative would be a choreographed Charlottesville hagiography all weekend. Instead, we all saw Antifa show their true colors. They are nothing more than a mob of violent criminals who are looking for an excuse to destroy property, engage in violence and unleash mayhem.

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  1. “Protesters chanting “No borders! No walls! No USA at all!”

    I bet if the Right said No “USA” at all, these Jew and Jewdazed bastards would suddenly become super Patriotic super Americans and start chanting “USA.”

    Start chanting “No borders! No walls! No Israel at all!” then plug you’re ears against all the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    No doubt, Antifa© would immediately come to Israel’s defense, right there on the spot.

    Doing this would expose the Jewish double standards, lies and hypocrisy behind all of this.

    • The antifa looked like bullies. Most of all they showed those of us who weren’t paying attention recently to these kinds of events, the ridiculousness, hate, and violence of their side. This was actually a smart move by Kessler (of whatever his name was). The very fact he managed to protest even with limited numbers of people, only helped highlight the antifa side. Lets say 300 or 500 nats had showed up (which is still far smaller than the number that showed up at the Charlotesville nighttime rally: 5,000-8,000) the media would have had a field day showing the one or two KKK or real neo-nazi members among them. Instead it was a smaller well dressed and really well mannered group of people that were not there trying to fight anyone. This small number compared to the antifa, allowed many on social media to highlight the antifa’s broad hatred and circus.

      This was a win for Kessler because his people didn’t even so much as scream or curse at their opponents. This showed people what they might not have been able to see during the Charlottesville riot and that was that the antifa are the ones who are violent and who show up to harass and shut down white people.

  2. The stratagem of disengagement seems to be working. Enough that an outsider has commented on it.


    Replying to @PerryStein

    Really underlines how badly Antifa needs the alt-right to show up to street fights. Without them, Antifa will default to attacking the police, which is very unpopular with Americans

  3. Looks like the stratagem of disengagement is working. Enough that an outsider has commented on it.


    Replying to @PerryStein

    Really underlines how badly Antifa needs the alt-right to show up to street fights. Without them, Antifa will default to attacking the police, which is very unpopular with Americans

    • In addition to attacking the pigs Pantyfa are also attacking ZOG reporters. I give them credit for those attacks. Pigs and reporters should be considered our enemies as well.

      • @spahnranch1969
        its not about them or the system are the “enemies” its about understanding the system and using it for our advantage, on this kessler did extremely well.

        • Did he do this well?

          Because all I can see is him providing another event for the media to work on legitimizing antifa.

  4. I can’t help but wonder if the DC Police only decided to do their job because Kessler has effectively established himself as AltLite. Kessler took very pro-active steps to purge his rally of more explictly AltRight types. Would the DC Police have done the same if people like Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch planned on appearing?

    Either way, kudos to Kessler and his merry band for defying the antifa hordes. No matter how cucked those guys may be on certain issues, it took real courage to show up and proclaim to the world that they have a 1st Amendment right to express themselves. Stating the truth about Cville to the Lying Press on live camera was an even greater win.

    As for our movement, I guess we have no choice but to continue allowing the AltLite to take the spotlight with public rallies and events. The System doesn’t seem that interested in suing people like Cernovich or Milo or arresting Proud Boys for resisting antifa. We won’t get the same fair treatment. And I don’t want to see any more of our guys end up like our political prisoners in Cville.

    • I knew Charlottesville would be a disaster because every time the Alt-Right went out in public before it was a disaster. They are either hopelessly compromised by intelligence agencies, or they are led by fools who are out of touch with reality. I took one look at grinning Spencer and came to that opinion.

      I agree with you that Civic Nationalists/Integrationalists are going to get an easy time, because they support the establishment’s White Genocide goal. The Civic Nats just want to wave flags and sing patriotic songs while the Titanic goes down. The integrationalists just want rights for Whites so we are not pushed out of this rapidly browning society. Why would the state mind if they do that?

      • Yep, the civic nationalists, burger nationalists, whatever you want to call them, are satisfied to salute the flag while the destruction advances. So the gov’t will allow them to do that.

        Yet more evidence that this tragedy will have to play out to the last bitter drop. Foreign takeover, civil war, and Balkanization seems most likely.

        • Waving Old Gory, the flag of our enemy, makes no sense. The Stars and Bars and the glorious hakenkreuz should be the only acceptable flags.

  5. The opposition was not the face of America… not by a long shot. What everyone saw was a group of a few thousand people who you might find among certain circles, but who would not even be representative of the wider circles they come from. That includes: LGBT, antifa, etc. This wasn’t normal Democrats or even normal LGBT protesters. It was the extreme and the worse of both, which I can tell you, with the makeup and costumes is more of an embarrassment than anything worn or shown by the Kessler people.

    • did you see the man in a dress screaming “kkk, fascist” etc at blacks cops? i found it quite comical and am fully aware this is one of the greatest things to happen for our movement. watching antifa force red pills on just normal people

      • They are severely harming themselves and they do not even realize it. They are so full of hate and craziness that they have helped do two things in my short life: 1) Moderate the image of nationalists…. because nationalists used to be the crazy looking ones, but eventually some realized that trying to compete with crazy (antifa) was pointless, and instead they (at leas a some) started trying to present a normal image… and 2) They have become crazier than in the past… This is a normal outcome for a movement (antifa) who embrace every kind of weirdness. The best part about this is that there is no way of reversing this for them. Their leaders are just as crazy… some even call for us white people to be killed as was posted on Twitter today.. and participating activists, many who do not even care about the politics just want mayhem and violence no matter what.. and still other antifa activists just are plain weird.

        That crowd of antifa was not representative America. I’m going to tell you right now.. If they walked down any street with those “wonder bread” signs in middle-America they would have a truck pull upside next to them and run their exhaust. Another point to make besides their hateful signs was the outfits they wore and really the makeup of the counter protesters. Those a very narrow sample of America… and I mean that as a good thing, because their protest could have been larger, but lets be honest many regular Americans don’t want anything to do with them.

        Now someone could argue that Kesslers small showing also shows that many Americans don’t want anything to do with him either, but unlike the antifa who were undoubtedly better organized (possible by big money and politically connected groups) the Kessler group pretty much went there alone. It wasn’t even a “unite the right rally”, because no other groups joined like last time. The Kessler group organized that all by himself. Another thing is that the counter protesters were obviously supported much more by the media and politicians, with even Trump and his daughter attacking only the white groups, but not the antifa, thereby unofficially endorsing the counter protesters who are without a doubt made up of anti-white bigots and extreme antifa groups.

        • kesslers side and our side in general usually have jobs, family and even kids to take into consideration, i am in no way surprised that very few risked going out with kessler and certainly give props to them all even if i dislike their message (civnat) i certainly wont counter signal what they achieved not only today but i think UTR1 was a massive success from the torch march which was epic optics to the fact that the stand down order was given and the government/cops purposefully turned that into a massive shit show, the only down side was that some of our guys are now caught up in the legal system when they absolutely should never have been.

  6. A couple of points.

    1. Jason Kessler did a good job and behaved with courage and dignity. He’s not a pure WN, but he’s willing to fight for free speech and “white civil rights.” He’s to be commended for hanging in there and going forward in the face of tremendous personal attacks.

    2. This was a Public Relations victory for us and a Public Relations disaster for the left. The media propaganda attacks on Kessler et al were the same old stuff. Nothing more. People are becoming immunized to that. The ANTIFA people, on the other hand, came off like savages, attacking both citizens and police. This looks terrible to viewing audiences and will only alienate the police and the normal citizens.

    The disparity between WN’s and the LEFT is too glaring to ignore. It’s not lost on regular people that the left are the savages and the WN’s, for all the negative press, are the upright people.

    • hes not a white nationalist in the slightest, never was. he is well and truly a civ nat alt lighter who has counter signalled and punch right since before UTR1. i am also not sure how much of a win it is for us beyond showing how bad antifa was, which has been obvious for almost 2 years now?

      that being said, he did pull it off and certainly helped his cause and im happy for him and his movement

  7. Having to rely on protection from the pigs is disgraceful. Any self-respecting group would have had its own security detachment, or sturmabteilung. Now Kessler’s Klowns won’t be feared or respected by anyone, especially Pantyfa.

    • Keep in mind, the piglice stand for White Genocide and the destruction of White Nationalism. If they were protecting Kessler and Co, then its a pretty safe bet that Kessler is CIA.

      • @Jijcf
        cant tell if low energy troll or just really small brained… which is it?

        the whole purpose of having it there is because the cops had no choice but to protect it and ensue it ddint devolve because of its location and security risks

    • Kessler’s “clowns” never were. Neither were Richard Spencer’s people. They always were plain dressed, normal looking activists who really aren’t in the business of fighting. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a need for that anyway.

  8. Kessler’s rally did one very important thing and that was to say “we’re not going to hide, because we have done nothing wrong”… “we are here to peacefully protest for our rights”. That is why I believe this rally deserves skeptical praise.

    He is telling others not to be scared to protest or to rally… That it is their right to do so no matter what happened last year, no matter how much the media attacks them, or how many antifa showed up to silence them. This is way more important and also symbolic than even the first rally, and in someway also more legitimate than the approach Richard Spencer has taken, which was to essentially avoid all protests and thereby legitimize last year’s persecutions.

    As long as it stays peaceful…. no matter what else happens… they can’t do anything. A matter of fact, if some of Kellser’s people were hurt it only furthers his cause. So peaceful protest is always better than violence no matter what.

    • I think Kessler is a problem, but he’s sorta redeemed himself with the optics of a baying mob clustering around 20 average looking people.

      The images of the counter protest are comedy gold. Political dynamite…


    Today it was a typpycull White Nationalist Rally just like a hundred others previous WN rallies, if you have ever been to such foolishness before like I attended with Billy Roper showing Pastor Richard Butler (On the “See Pastor Butler Before He Croaks” Tour of 2003-2004) at Topeka in May 2004. I also met Alex Linder ( who didn’t look as jewwy back then ) and Craig “Corn” Cobb — who is much wierder in real life. Less than two-dozen rally-tards are bussed in, the main event speakers yawp theys’ yawp, the stage is opened to any tard wanting to yap, the police let the rabble move in closer, the attendees figure out it is time to scramble aboard the bus provided (from within a half-hour to an hour — never does it last for the three hours scheduled) and if ZOGbot Silly Roper is running things attendence means you get your turn at the keg of Milwaukee’s Best or some such swill at a buffet of hot dogs and potato chips, yum yum, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    I doubt that Jason Kessler or Jeff Schoep of the NSM runs thangs any different.

    Twenty or fewer whigger & anglo-mestizo tards — half of them ZOGbots — protected by several hundred piglice and surrounded by a thousand or so cuck-whiggers, sundry negroes and other muds, whipped up by jews.

    Jason Kessler “proved” that he is a typpycull bowel Movement “leader”. Of uncertain and dubious loyalties with a few other tards showing up. Jeff Poop-Scoop could have done better with 20 tards bussed in in four mini-vans with a camera-mamzer getting the proof. Or closer to my home, ZOGbot Silly Roper showing up with its pseudo-See-Eye Dentistry single-mother beard and UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie and four or five of his rent-a-tards. By now they gots it down to a science.

    The only reason that this crap was covered by the major lie-media was because of the major chimpout of last year. Carlottesville 2017 was a polorizing moment. jewnite-the-alt-kike 2.0 was a fizzle.

    Looking at the Rally footage, the Rally lasted about 30-40 minutes and Kessler had a based negro directing the jews-media.

    Probably not even a keg of Milwaukee’s Best or Schaefer (negro beer) like you would get if ZOGbot Silly Roper was running thangs.

    Movement Turd right now:

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  10. Kessler did an excellent job with his speech- I think he finally found his own person niche with white civil rights.

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